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Wheezy75: Military ID Tags- an excellent medium of expression!
I decided to try and see what would happen if I made Hatsune Miku MID tags... it's possible... That's right folks, this is an Otaku channel now. Stick around for the fun!! The Guy- Adams Lot 1, Orange Coast College Swap Meet, Costa Mesa CA, He has a mannequin in from of his booth. Can't miss it! Sundays Only
Wheezy75: Helpful Hints for HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Los Angeles
Sorry for not posting very log... I haven't had much success uploading. Plus I'm taking summer classes. Not to mention the World Cup. But I did it, and I hope it's helpful and I'll see you later.
Wheezy75: Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas, happy Kwaanza, happy Hannukah, and for the freaky ones Happy birthday!!
Wheezy75: Happy 2013
hope all you had good nights, and hopefully we can reach 10,000 views
Wheezy75: Aussis pulled Off a Bad Prank
A response to the death of the Nurse for English Royals caused by a radio prank
Wheezy75:How did I get from Mexico vs. Japan[FIFA] to Hatsune Miku?
I made a drawing of Hatsune Miku wearing the Japanese FIFA jersey. It's pretty good if I say so myself. I made it because of the upcoming Soccer match. It also reminded me of an Animé I use to watch(Super Champions). I hope you enjoy. Leave a suggestion for future videos and get on with your life. Bye!
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Wheezy75's Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold
Watch Wheezy try to sing Avenged Sevenfold's "Carry On".
Wheezy75: Are Dogs Carnivore or Omnivore?
A new video Alelujah.See the truth behind the canine diet