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It Gets Better - Music Video (Todrick Hall)
My adaptation of Todrick Hall's beautiful song It Gets Better! I'm very pleased with the outcome, apart from the quality :) Hope you enjoy, and hope the message of this song inspires you to be YOU!
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Katy Perry- The One That Got Away (Gay Version)
Lemme know what you think :)
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Katy Perry "Firework" Music Video
No Copyright Infringement Intended. This is a homemade video, a project. I used the song that I bought myself off iTunes. All rights to Katy Perry and her record company. So, I am beyond excited! I have been planning on making this video since Christmas! I finally got it all put together, and I'm more than happy with the result. I think it looks great, so I hope you guys enjoy it and tell me what you think. My homemade music video for Firework.
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This is Halloween - Trick R Treat (Happy Halloween!)
Little music video I threw together.. I knew I wanted something for Halloween since it's coming up. Lemme know what you think? :) And gotta love the pic at the end right? xD
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Marry Me - Gay Love Story
READ DESCRIPTION This is not Train's music video to Marry Me. This is a montage i put together dedicated to me and my boyfriend. Idea inspired by www.youtube.com/Couver87 If you're homophobic, comment bad things all you want because I don't care ;) Enjoy
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Asian Candy Taste-Testing (Part 1) - お菓子
In which I eat candy. From Japan. Yum. Quality has to be shit so I could upload it. Damn.
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Obey The Giant Audition - Shepard Fairey
Phillip McFarland reading for the role of Shepard Fairey
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"Take It Off" - Dance Cover
This is the slutty dance I taught Journey xP Super fun to do! Enjoy.
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Speed Drawing Spongebob Characters
:) Sorry for the very annoying, repetitive music :p
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Phillip McFarland Actor Reel
"Honeysuckle Whiskey" by Lost Creek Media "Remote" by IUPUI "Trail's End" by Steady & Sage Pictures
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Three Calls to LOVE
This is my video response to Couver87 and zachariasgriffin. A wonderful message and a great idea. I call three people who I love very much, just to tell them that I love them. Make a video response with the same message! Finally got it uploaded after 4 trys, yay! Enjoy :)
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"Crazy For You" - Montage - 2012
Hey guys, here's a little montage I threw together from the Maxinkuckee Player's 2012 summer musical "Crazy For You." I love this video, and this song, because it really conveys the emotion I'm sure we all felt when the musical was over. It was an INCREDIBLE learning experience for me, not only in my growth as an actor, but an excellent bonding experience. I made many new friends, and met so many great people, and honestly got to work with some of the most talented performers in my area. It was a summer I definitely won't forget! Want to give special thanks to Lenore Jones and Kathy Overmyer, the directors. Also to everyone who was a part of Crazy For You. :)
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My Creation Box
Video response to thewhisperinstoryteller =] http://www.youtube.com/user/whisperinstoryteller
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MCT - Treasure Island - 2010 [Part 2]
The second part to the Missoula Children's Theatre play "Treasure Island"
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Disney's Friends For Change "Send it On" Music Video
THIS WAS A SCHOOL PROJECT for my Green Team Club. It's a club about recycling, and being green. This was homemade, and i think this is a very powerful song, with strong meaning, and i hope this informs everyone about how our actions can affect our life, and the life of the planet. Hope you enjoy! =) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED I do not own the song, i bought it off itunes, but therefore I do not own the song. :D
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Samhain Altar Update - Jamey Rodemeyer - (Halloween gifts!)
**I forgot to even mention Jamey in the video, but his name is one of the papers on my altar. Anyways, hey guys! This is just an update on me, and I show you my halloween/samhain gifts my lovely boyfriend bought me :) I also give a very short description of what samhain is to my non-pagan subscribers =P Enjoy, and thanks for following guys! So excited for halloween!
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My Samhain Altar
Here's just a quick video of my Samhain altar, and a little update, sorta.. xD
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Pagan. A Day in the Life
Follow me throughout my day. The daily life of a Pagan teenager.. This video was filmed weeks ago, but i just now got it uploaded xD Enjoy, and blessed be :)
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You Only Have One Life
**READ PLEASE** Hey everyone.. So I know this video turned out to be about 8 minutes long O.o I really didn't plan on that.. but yeah. I was inspired to make this video one day, because i realized how lucky I am in life, and how I should appreciate things more than I do. If the video is too long, or gets boring, I would suggest skipping the middle part. That's where I started to ramble a bit...because the beginning and the ending are my favorite, in my opinion :P or you could always just watch half of the video, then come back to it later. Also, I hope I don't sound too much like a hippie in this video.. If you think the quality is bad, that's because i had to compress it. The video was too long that i just would not upload, so i had to make the file size smaller, so the quality is a little blegh now.. Okay, hope you enjoyed it.. And hope this has inspired you a little bit to appreciate what you have :)
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Daniel Radcliffe Is My Hero.
He truly is inspiring :D STALK ME Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1026401222 Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Henriaddict Blog: http://imazombeh.blogspot.com/
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MCT - Treasure Island - 2010 [Part 3]
3rd part to Missoula Children's Theatre play "Treasure Island"
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EGoesin - Jamey Rodemeyer. My Response
My response to EGoesin, and the things he had to say about Jamey Rodemeyer's tragic death. Please note I am NOT racist in any way at all. I am just using facts to back up my opinions. Stand together and be PROUD of who you are!! The hate has got to stop.
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'Matched' Audition - Xander Carrow
This is my audition for the upcoming film "Matched" based on the book trilogy by Ally Condie. Thanks for watching! It would be a huge help if you tweeted this video to @adamshankman, the director of the film, and @AllyCondie, the author of the book! :) xxx
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I'm A Hufflepuff (tonks1989 contest!)
To my lovely subscribers: Apartment tour will be coming here shortly, so watch for it. To Tonks, (I picture Nymphadora Tonks every time I say your username) thanks for the wonderful contest! Very exciting :)
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Harry Potter Is Over "Tribute" (Day 9!)
My Tribute to the end of the greatest phenomenon in the world!! Harry Potter, we will dearly miss you, but you will be in our hearts forever. Also, this is day 9 of the countdown till the release of Deathly Hallows! :)
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British Accents vs. American Accents
The differences between the slang that americans and brit's use..
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Wizards of Waverly Place Battle Scene
This is the alternate ending to our wizards of waverly place movie. This one has alot of dramatic, emotional scenes, and turned out pretty good! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Disney Channel, Wizards of Waverly Place,and all other related logos and titles are trademarks. I do not own any of them, this is just for fun :D
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The Bridgestone Murder
So as I'm trying to become an actor, I wrote a script for this movie, and it's pretty cool. This is the unedited version though, and there will be alot more videos coming including: harry potter, chronicles of narnia, wizards of waverly place, and more! Credits: Xavier- Phillip McFarland Moxie- Bubbles Braxton- Justice Killer- Gage Meeker Camera Operator- Juniper
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Harry Potter Voice-Over Audition.
SORRY the video is so small o.o No clue why it did that, it was normal size when I edited it, but got miniscule when i published it. Anyways, here's my voice audition for StarGalGirl's audition video. I'm voicing Ron, thanks.
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I can't pronounce Strawberry -_-
Here is Javan's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jjlucash Thanks so much! :)
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Hey Guys! :)
My video response for RJ and Will :)
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Harry Potter Prank Call
So I decided to call Sirius Black, and see what he was doing.. Not a very nice man, I'll tell ya that. Haha, this is funny.. The quality was SOO much better before I uploaded this. Idk why youtube continues to make the quality bad :/ also, the first caller uses very discrete language, viewer discretion is advised!!
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Pagan Haul
Hey peeps! This is just a video giving you's an update on my life, and showing some new witchy stuff I bought!
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Feb.7 - Two Year Anniversary
Join me and Austin on our 2 year anniversary.. Not quite exciting, since i only filmed while in the car. you can forgive me right? xD
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Accent Tag! American/British
A little tag to compare the way different people say different words. :) try it out if you want. The Words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, Envelope The Questions: 1. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? 2. What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball? 3. What is the bubbly carbonated drink called? 4. What do you call gym shoes? 5. What do you say to address a group of people? 6. What do you call the kind of spider (or spider-like creature) that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs? 7. What do you call your grandparents? 8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? 9. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining? 10. What is the thing you change the TV channel with? 11. What do you call the sugary gelatin dessert that comes in a plastic cup/packet? 12. What do you call multiple-story housing residences usually located together? 13. Where do you go to watch movies newly released, on a large screen? 14. What do you call waiting in line? 15. What is rolled up tobacco in paper that you smoke? How do you ask someone for one? 16. What is the place called where you get gasoline?
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"The Homosexual Agenda" Book Burning
"LOL" is all i can say...
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Wizards of Wavery Place Movie
This is our third episode! Yay! This is a few episodes put together, along with our own reenactment of the wizards movie! Hope you enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Wizards of Waverly Place, Disney Channel, and other related logos and names are a copyright. I don't own, distribute, or authorize any of these titles. They're just for fun! :D
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GodIsLaw@ Depfox. What the Bible says.
My response to the re-tweet from Jay and Brian. Here's what the Bible has to say about it..
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"Dancing Samurai" - Dance Cover
So, this is what happens when you have a slumber party. Well, I should say some of what happens, because there's no drinking in this video. Or haunted cemeteries, or abandoned ghost hospitals. Haha, okay now I'm just ranting. In all seriousness, this dance is super fun to do! Also, stay tuned, because the next dance I am posting right after this one is a very slutty dance to Kesha's "Take It Off." Shazam.
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Feb.19 - FAIL / Question Answering.
Answers to your questions!
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Music: The Wasp and the Butcher and the Bird by Nick Rivera
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Harry Potter Contest Prizes! Anime Drawings
Congrats to the winners! Had fun drawing these :) AwesomeBoy278 sisterhoodlovers20 aoinokitsune xXEvangaleneXx
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Apartment Tour.
Finally get a look at our place. Oh, and also some updates. Note of the day: You're all beautiful.
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Jamey Rodemeyer - Goodbye - Tribute
Ugh... original audio was skycraper by Demi Lovato, but youtube is obviously racist against me using that song, so they blocked the audio again! So I'm stuck using whatever song this is now.. Anyways, that's not the point. Re-upload of my video for Jamey (which isn't the same now)
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I was an odd child..
Here's an old video I found of when I was like 12. Playing the penis game with some girls xD wow..
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Early Samhain/Halloween 2011 (my costume)
Just some early Samhain/Halloween shtuff.. My costume, decorations. Excited! :)
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Coming Back to YouTube Update + small apt tour
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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