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Tupperware Speedy Mando | +65 97321004
Tupperware Speedy Mando - World's Best Slicer What do you get when you combine SPEED with PRECISION? You'll get Tupperware's latest innovation - the all-new SpeedyMando of course! Introducing the fastest kitchen helper you’ll ever need to achieve thin, even slices in a blink of an eye. It's a new launch from Tupperware! Please sms +65 97321004 if you want to order now... FREE DELIVERY TO A SINGAPORE ADDRESS. Price is S$42.90. For members price is only $31.20 Available in the New Year! 1st Jan 2018! Please let me know how many you want. Cheers ! WhatsApp: +65 97321004
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Tupperware Sparkle Square Eco Bottle | +65 97321004
Tupperware Sparkle Square Eco Bottle Shine and be the star when you take a drink in the super sparkly and ultra glam Sparkle Square Eco Bottle! This sparkling baby fits perfectly in your handbag to gymbag, making it the perfect water buddy all day. * With flip top cap for easy opening. * Is stackable to save space. * With liquid tight cap to prevent spills. * With wide opening for easy pouring and cleaning. SPARKLING AND GLAM HYDRATION! Visit our kiosk at: Tupperware Brands 23 Serangoon Central #04-K8 nex Singapore 556083 Call: +65 97321004
Tupperware Brands Singapore Catalog Vol 7 2017 Highlights
Tupperware Brands Singapore Catalog Vol 7 2017 Highlights Promotion runs from 1st October to 12 November 2017 Contact Vincent Siew at 9732 1004
Modular Mate + Garlic N All Keeper | +65 9732 1004
Modular Mate + Garlic N All Keeper | +65 9732 1004 It's the perfect line-up for organization, freshness and long-lasting food when your pantry is stacked with Modular Mates! Garlic-N-All-Keeper is the perfect solution because it is stackable, saves lots of counter-top space and its special lid allows air to circulate, keeping these foods fresh. For more info contact Vincent Siew @ +65 9732 1004
Tupperware NanoNature Water Filtration System | 97321004 | 91680047
TupperWare NanoNature Water Filtration System GOOD HEALTH BEGINS WITH CLEAN WATER On average, an adult can survive for 5 to 7 weeks without food, but cannot last more than 5 days without water! Our body needs 2 litres of water a day, that's 6 to 8 glasses, to keep it functioning. WHAT'S IN YOUR WATER? Mother Nature provides fresh water at the source. This flows into rivers and waterways that channel the water to dams and treatment plants, before being piped into our homes. Throughout the entire journey, our drinking water risks contamination. WHEN YOU DRINK POLLUTED WATER... Your body has to work harder to excrete unwanted solids. Your intestines become a toxic dump! Your kidneys have to work harder to filter toxic excesses. * (Singapore has the fifth largest incidence of kidney failure in the world. Every year, about 750 people are diagnosed with kidney failure in Singapore). * Source: National Kidney Foundation, Singapore - www.nkfs.org CLEAN, CLEAR, QUALITY WATER STRAIGHT FROM THE TAP Nano Nature Water Filtration System FILTERS, PURIFIES and ENHANCES your water with beneficial minerials. Using the breakthrough Nano Technology in its Nano-Ceram wrap this 3-stage filtration gives you quality water that is the basis of good health. Not just for drinking, you can use it for washing, rinsing, soaking or cooking as the NanoNature filtered water will enhance the process, making it a must-have in every home! EVERYDAY USE WITH NANONATURE FILTERED WATER! FOR BEVERAGES Beverages taste better when using NanoNature filtered water. For example, when brewing tea, NanoNature filtered water allows the tea to infuse completely, creating a rich and flavorful taste. The water is able to extract the flavor of tea much faster, bringing out the superior taste of the beverage. FOR CLEANING MEATS Soak meat in NanoNature filtered water for 10 - 15 minutes before cooking. You will find that the water turns cloudy much faster, thus cleaning the meat and maximizing the flavor. Also, the unpleasant odor is eliminated. FOR RINSING RICE The oxidised portion of the rice will be rinsed out when rice is soaked with NanoNature filtered water. You will notice that the water appears more milky and cloudy. * Experiments are conducted using NanoNature Filtered Water and normal tap water. * Results of experiments may vary depending on the water source. THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR. TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. 10 REASONS WHY EVERY HOME NEEDS THE NANO NATURE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM 1. Patented nano-technology effectively removes 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. 2. Dense activated pressed carbon filtration block effectively removes VOC, heavy metals, chlorine, waterborne parasites, organic and inorganic chemicals. 3. One of the highest flow rates in the market.* 4. Natural beneficial minerals in water are maintained. 5. Increased mineral content and pH levels 0 for optimum health. 6. Great value: $0.0816 per litre for your family’s consumption of clean, safe and mineral-enhanced water. [$408.00 for 5000L] 7. NO electricity needed. 8. Compact yet complete filtration. 9. Maintenance-free. No periodic cleaning is needed. 10. Materials and performance fully tested and certified by NSF & WQA.. * Testing conducted on flow rate amongst key competitors Visit our kiosk at: Tupperware Brands 23 Serangoon Central #04-K8 nex Singapore 556083 Call: +65 97321004
Tupperchef Inspire | 9732 1004 | 9168 0047
Tupperchef Inspire Easy, everyday cooking the water-less way. The Chef Series from Tupperware has impeccable design and unmatched functionality. It's all poised to be every homemaker's delight. The range comprises of the Casserole, the Wok, and the Fry pan and is an amalgamation of beauty with utility. The Chef Series range has Tri-ply construction which imparts superior heat conduction, durability and a lifetime of enjoyment. It can be used on a variety of cooking surfaces (gas, electric, ceramic & induction). We wish you a nice culinary experience and many enjoyable meals. COOKING HEALTHIER WAS NEVER EASIER TupperChef Inspire ensures, you cook using less time, less energy, less water and less oil. This means food prepared is more nutritious and infused with natural flavors. Water-less cooking Water-less cooking essentially means cooking with less water. Conventional cooking that uses water, results in nutrients from food leaching out into the water during the cooking process. This loss of nutrients results in less healthy meals. With water-less cooking, foods use their own juices to cook thereby preserving most of its naturally present nutrients. What more, you get tastier meals as natural flavors are not diluted by added water. Grease-less cooking Imagine the joy of cooking meat in its own natural fat. By adding little or absolutely no oil to the pan, you can still stir-fry, sear or grill any meat to perfection. What a delightful way to enjoy healthier, more flavorful and nutritious meals. Visit our kiosk at: Tupperware Brands 23 Serangoon Central #04-K8 nex Singapore 556083 Call: +65 97321004
Polka Dot One Touch Set | +65 97321004
Polka Dot One Touch Set Make snack time pop with non-stop crunchy goodness and dots when they're kept in the One Touch Polka Dot Set! Pop your favorite snacks and treats in your mouth with the easy to open One Touch that is liquid-tight and air-tight. * One Touch Seal * Virtually Air Tight * Liquid Tight * Stackable FRESH IN POLKA DOT CUTENESS Visit our kiosk at: Tupperware Brands 23 Serangoon Central #04-K8 nex Singapore 556083 Call: +65 97321004
2018 Nano Nature Water Filtration System
2018 Nano Nature Water Filtration System - Call 97321004 Through a 3-stage naturalisation process, NNWF not only filters away 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, it also works hard to remove impurities, VOCs and chlorine, while enhancing water with several natural minerals from the bakuhan-seki rocks, certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health for it’s therapeutic healing properties. http://is.gd/isgd88