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Java - Triangle Object class and Triangle Tester class
2 java files interacting with each other. 1 class represents a triangle OBJECT with attributes and methods. 1 class represents a tester class that creates OBJECT REFERENCE VARIABLES that use the dot operator to access the triangle OBJECT's attributes and method.
Views: 2341 Lisa Woodson
scrollbar css
Views: 1302 Lisa Woodson
Find And Replace - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
User inputs some text. If user types Burger King, the source code removes it and replaces it with Taco Bell. This code just shows you how to remove certain targeted text and replace it with different text, while keeping all other text before it and after it unaffected.
Views: 357 Lisa Woodson
XAMPP PHP mail works now
I went through a lot of this and that and FINALLY got the PHP email tutorial to work on my end! ( It's a process... )
Views: 1141 Lisa Woodson
Key : Value Pairs for localStorage WebStorage
Another demo showing localStorage in Firefox and Chrome browsers. A table is used for this example and the css styles and javascript functions are all internally coded inside of the html file.
Views: 132 Lisa Woodson
JavaScript array to HTML table-- 2018 calendar Local Storage V2
I wanted to find better code to replace my redundant thousands of lines of code for a table. This looks like what I want. Next I just need to mesh his code with my code to improve my local storage calendar code.
Views: 219 Lisa Woodson
Simple Image Rollover
Views: 19 Lisa Woodson
GuessingGameOne - Head First Java example
Java - 3 files that communicate with each other to run a number guessing game. The notes are initially shown in a webpage html document that has divs and textareas. Then after discussing the java code, the actual .java files are created and ran in the command prompt window to show the output.
Views: 409 Lisa Woodson
Local Storage Student Registration Example
html, css, javascript, array, object, browser localstorage
Views: 326 Lisa Woodson
Multi Iframe Link Audio And Image
Open 2 iframes with only 1 link. 1 iframe opens an audio file. The other iframe opens a webpage with an image in it.
Views: 251 Lisa Woodson
Encapsulation - Head First Java college book Ch4
Verbal flub-ups: I said GoodDog method when I should have said GoodDog object or class.
Views: 156 Lisa Woodson
2018 Bill Calendar Created By JavaScript
Create a bill calendar using JavaScript
Views: 279 Lisa Woodson
Webpage example of video navigation links using a table and iframe.
Webpage practice using a fieldset, legend, table, and iframe dedicated to Robin Williams and YouTube videos of him. Brief html code and css introduction.
Views: 208 Lisa Woodson
Javascript function displays window width and height
Here I try to make 2 different webpages having 2 different widths pull an external CSS stylesheet as close to simultaneously as possible, based on their own widths. This is not a perfect world, but the javascript that reads window width brings them a little closer together.
Views: 180 Lisa Woodson
PoolMagnetsExplained - Head First Java  Ch.2
I show html code with css style. Then I go over a college puzzle example at the end of chapter 2, showing how the value of 2 objects of a class changes as the program code flows through a while loop.
Views: 42 Lisa Woodson
Head First Java - Ch 2 TapeDeck and TapeDeckTest An Introduction to JAVA programming.
I show how to make text in the command prompt window larger, and I show how 2 java files, when created correctly will compile and create their own corresponding class files. Then I show how mistakes will show up as errors in the command prompt display window, and how to fix those errors which will then give the correct java output. This is an introduction to my college class book that I took in the past. I give credit to that book entirely.
Views: 259 Lisa Woodson
mp4 vs avi size
mp4 vs avi size
Views: 55 Lisa Woodson
Make Audio Play In Many Browsers
mp3 audio files and cross-browser compatibility
Views: 17 Lisa Woodson
HTML5 video tag.... video needs to be .mp4 file
Convert a video .avi file to a video .mp4 file so you can use the video tag in the HTML5 webpage to watch the video
Views: 74 Lisa Woodson
One Button Many Functions
One button calls a function which uses if...else if conditions to call other mini functions depending on how many clicks you made of a single button.
Views: 123 Lisa Woodson
HTML page showing Java Code Magnet puzzle snippets
HTML page showing Java code snippets from Head First Java College Book. I use a webpage with division that hold textareas and a book image. I show how to make a class and a test class to achieve a given output in a command prompt window using my book as my guide.
Views: 74 Lisa Woodson
zCalendar - checkbox localStorage
HTML table puts iframes in each td. Those iframes link to individual HTML pages for each month. Each monthly HTML page has a script that saves to-do bill checkbox selections in a browsers's localStorage for viewing at a later time or day. This is the 1st iteration of this project.
Views: 159 Lisa Woodson
html, css, javascript, anchor tags
I created a digital notebook of a library book.
Views: 21 Lisa Woodson
Practice 4 external css styles in 5 browsers
I revisited and slightly restyled some css to make my skeleton webpage more browser compatible across the 5 major browsers: chrome, firefox, opera, internet explorer, and safari for windows
Views: 27 Lisa Woodson
TheHeap - Java - Array Elements as Object Reference Variables
I corrected mistakes made on my previous video discussing objects and object reference variables on the heap.
Views: 74 Lisa Woodson
Command Line Java Output for the  Head First Java Ch 5 example
This shows the actual java files and command line output that my digital notebook video went over previous to this.
Views: 49 Lisa Woodson
pizza specials
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, form elements (checkbox, radio)
Views: 67 Lisa Woodson
Custom Audio Player - JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
A compilation from 4 of Adam Khoury's videos on making a Custom Audio Player
Views: 643 Lisa Woodson
Local Storage Capacity
Comparing and contrasting same localStorage code with Firefox vs Chrome browsers.
Views: 33 Lisa Woodson
Audio Player With 3 Tracks
Views: 32 Lisa Woodson
MealTimeTimer setTimeout clearTimeout
JavaScript setTimeout and clearTimeout
Views: 12 Lisa Woodson

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