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New song "When is enough"
Have you ever been around a person who makes really stupid choices? I usually have patience for people like that, but I have been around so many people who seriously never learn from their mistakes. So of course I decided to write a song about people acting dumb! This is really fun to sing you should try. Whens a situation where someone around you was just acting dumb? Would you confront the person or sing a song about it? thanks for watching YOU ALL ARE AWESOME :)
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New song "angel" written about Ben Breedlove
Check out my photography http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmALzbEy19M When you watch a video like the one Ben made, it will touch your heart even if you don't know him. I know he is loved by all his close friends and I think this song will remind them that he still lives on and he will always be remembered and loved. If you have not seen the videos then go watch Part 1 & part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmlTHfVaU9o&feature=channel_video_title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4LSEXsvRAI&feature=relmfu On the side Note if you are making a video about Ben Breedlove and would like to use my song in it, your more then welcome to as long as you link my youtube channel.
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Hat Of The Day (FLATCAPS) Haberdasher style
Over at HATBOX we like to have fun. For our haberdashers it's not just about selling a hat it's about helping you build the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. We want your experience with us to be unique and fun and something you will look forward to doing again. We welcome comments and suggestions for videos and photo-shoot ideas. I hope your ready AUSTIN! Cause we KEEP HATBOX WEIRD.
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I set fire to the rain by Adele "cover"
This is not my song It is just a cover. I know it's kind of different but the truth is I really love singing more then I do playing guitar. When I write songs it just sounds better with something behind the vocals but I would more then anything Love a guitarist so that I could focus on my vocals. This song is amazing and Adele kills it every time she sings it. If you have never heard the song before I would go look it up right now. Thanks for watching and I hope you liked it.
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Walk away "original song"
My brother came home crying from school because people were bullying him. He has autism and doesn't see things the same way as everyone else, but he is my little brother and it broke my heart seeing him so upset. So i told him writing a song with me would be a good way to get his frustration off of his mind. So here is a recording of the song.
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My latest photography projects
the first song is about someone abandoning you and being able to grow up so you can protect the ones you love who are to little to protect them self's. The second song is about me be tired of boys never knowing what they want. These songs are pretty old but i think the styles of both show what kind of performer i'd like to be. These pictures are mostly from this month so i hope you enjoy.
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Original song "Fallen"
This song is about the different stages of bliss and happiness in a new relationship. Currently I am recovering from a heart break with someone i really cared about and at times i'll see couples and feel lonely but deep down inside seeing others love remind me of the love i shared when i was in that position. So my inspiration came from people watching and feeling as if it's possible to develop these feelings again. thanks for listening. my original song i also had a good friend help out.
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Gravity by Sara Bareilles (Cover)
Every time I sing this song It's like I am singing it to someone. So I always get emotional and sad looking. I think I might start using my nikon to shoot videos. Also If you are from austin and are looking for a vocalist please message me. I'm really looking forward to performing around the city. When I am singing this song I am singing it about a past relationship. Even though i know the person doesn't care for me like that. It's nice to be able to express your emotions through music. I think Sara is an amazing musician and her music has allowed me to sing things that I can't speak. thanks for watching. THIS IS A COVER.
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An original song
Me and my best friend falcon wrote this song hope you guys like it
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Rehab (cover) MIX
Neither of the songs are ours we just took two covers and combined them. My good friends Jack and Falcon are the other two voices. Hope you like it :)
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Skyscraper by Demi Lovato "cover"
This song is amazing and I love the way that Demi sings it. The lyrics mean something so I hope you like the 2 verses that I sing.
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Sneak preview of My new original songs and recording sessions.
I have been so busy with my new job that I haven't had time to upload a video of everything I have been doing regarding music. So here's a couple minutes explaining what i've been up to. I just landed a gig for every Tuesday night so I'm super excited about performing more often.
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New Song "Drowning" by Joanna Mccray
This song is about me being stuck in the same place. I sit and complain about my dreams not happening because I just expect life to be so easy. The truth is we are all drowning in times of our lives and when other people look at what we struggle with it doesn't effect them as much as it effects our self's. Sometimes you need other people to remind you of how precious your life is. In a huge way Ben Breedlove did that for me he reminded me how we take life for granted and that we should cherish what we have when we have it. What I have learned from these past weeks is anything is possible, you have to believe in your self an have faith and once you do than others will too. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
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Cover snippit (Rivers and Roads)
I haven't posted any covers in a while cause I've been so busy with work. I am about to move into my new place so I promise I'll get back into it. This is not my song. I don't own any rights. I just simply covered a little bit of it.
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Original song (flow)/New photography projects
You can follow me on facebook or instagram to see more pictures. Instagram: jojobear823 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JoAnna-McCray-photography/138415152900942
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