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bellyache (Cover) - Billie Eilish
As you can see I'm kinda obsessed with Billie Eilish at the moment... Also, I recorded this in the middle of the night (oooOooo ooOooo OOooo) so sorry if you barely hear anything. I also realized now that I look kinda dead heh twitter - lesminnerables instagram - minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/bthQu9ZMlJo
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Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (Cover) - Adele
I was going to add harmonies but then I realized that that acapella app had a time limit of 1 min so that kinda went down the drain... So, sorry if it sounds kinda dead. twitter - lesminnerables instagram - minnaevas Karaoke: https://youtu.be/bzBIHHBpjV4
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you should see me in a crown (Cover) - Billie Eilish
Lovee this song, Billie is awesome. I love singing these kinda songs so I'll probably cover more of em soooooon. Thanks for watchinggg x twitter - lesminnerables ig - minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/8lrta2QLSfc
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In My Blood (Cover) - Shawn Mendes
Thanks for watchinggg!! twitter: lesminnerables instagram: minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/h00jr2EaG1Y
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Pretty Girl (Cover) - Maggie Lindemann
Had this song in my head for ages. Don’t know who’s supposed to watch this but I sure had fun making it! Karaoke: https://youtu.be/1JPujd2PKHE (edit) twitter - lesminnerables instagram - minnaevas
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Chasing Pavements (Cover) - Adele
If you wonder why I constantly look so worried it's because the cat was attempting to sit on the keyboard... Also, I actually didn't consciously decide that a plant was supposed to be in this video too, it just ended up there. Fate ships me and plants. (I'm not too happy with this so I'll prob delete it/make it private latuuuur) twitter: lesminnerables ig: minnaevas Karaoke: https://youtu.be/xnRBD2dhkDA
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Dance with Me Tonight (Cover) - Olly Murs
I have never pronounced gracias this bad before. I'm thiiiinking of getting a real mic since the phone mic makes the ooo notes seem false //: twitter: lesminnerables instagram: minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/ObbFx0WPOU4
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goodnight n go (Cover) - Ariana Grande
okay first, I freestyled everything from 1.25 so don’t judge me too much amigos. I really am too spontaneous sometimes AM I NOT. also the video cut short at the end cause I had no storage oops twitter: lesminnerables ig: minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/CWPfRKvZAdI
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god is a woman (Cover) - Ariana Grande
The beginning is a little mehh but stick in there. Also, I wanna thank the 3 people who actually watch my vids from the bottom of my heart. :’) thank you twitter: lesminnerables instagram: minnaevas karaoke: https://youtu.be/wuhbuzGqBYQ
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Lay Me Down (Cover) - Sam Smith
Messed up a few times and dissed the piano a bit at the end but ohhh well :) twitter - lesminnerables instagram - minnaevas
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In Case (Cover) - Demi Lovato
(I actually DO accomplish to reach the high note at 3.28 if you would care to check that out.) I recorded this super spontaneously but since I'm supposed to be all tolerant of me fucking up every once in a while I decided to post this anyway. Ahhhh I love Demi so much. Gracias for watching!! twitter: lesminnerables instagram: minnaevas
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