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Design a Website With StudioPress (Part 1)
Step by step tutorial showing you how to design a beautiful website using a StudioPress theme for WordPress http://wpsites.net/go/studiopress/
Views: 8923 Brad Dalton
Add Schema Micro data to WordPress
Best Plugin review about how to add schema microdata rich snippets to your WordPress posts and pages http://wpsites.net/seo/schema-microdata-wordpress-plugin/
Views: 13874 Brad Dalton
Add Custom Header Image in Genesis
http://wpsites.net/web-design/add-header-image-logo-to-genesis-2-0-sample-theme/ tutorial shows you 2 ways to add a custom image in the header of any Genesis child theme. The 1st method involves modifying CSS and the 2nd method involves adding a few lines of PHP code.
Views: 4985 Brad Dalton
WordPress Tutorial on How To Fix Broken Links
http://wpsites.net/links/how-to-fix-broken-wordpress-links-wordpress-permalink-plugin/ How To Get Automatically Notified of New Broken Links Redirect Them Automatically Using Wordpress Plugins
Views: 3509 Brad Dalton
Add Slider to Twenty Sixteen Themes Header
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-themes/add-slider-to-header-in-twenty-sixteen-child-theme/ This video tutorial shows you how to add a slider to the header of the Twenty Sixteen theme for WordPress.
Views: 9037 Brad Dalton
Create Private Name Servers
http://wpsites.net/website-domain/how-to-create-private-nameservers/ Tutorial on How To Create Private Nameservers at Your Domain Registrar/Manager and how to add private name servers to your WHM Control Panel
Views: 6011 Brad Dalton
How To Download a Free FTP Client - Filezilla and Create a New FTP User Account
Simple step by step Tutorial on how to download and start using a free FTP Program-Filezilla. Also includes basic instructions on how to create a new FTP user account
Views: 8020 Brad Dalton
Remove Backstretch Fade in Effect
http://wpsites.net/web-design/remove-fade-backstretch-image-background/ This tutorial shows you how to get rid of the fade in effect by modifying the jquery code in backstretch-set.js file.
Views: 311 Brad Dalton
Change Name of Single Custom Post Type
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-admin/use-sql-query-in-phpmyadmin-to-change-custom-post-types/ Use a SQL Query in phpMyAdmin to change the name of single custom post types already published in your WordPress Database
Views: 1291 Brad Dalton
Add Image Slider In WordPress Header
https://wpsites.net/web-design/add-slider-in-header-of-cafe-pro-theme/ Learn how to display an image slider in any WordPress theme's header area. I show you using Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven & the Genesis theme framework. http://wpsites.net/web-design/image-slider-wordpress-header/
Views: 367290 Brad Dalton
Add Custom Fonts in a WordPress Child Theme
http://wpsites.net/web-design/fonts-wordpress/ This video tutorial shows you how to add custom fonts in any WordPress child theme.
Views: 7250 Brad Dalton
Altitude Pro Themes Front Page Template With Custom Fields
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-themes/custom-page-template-like-altitude-pro-themes-front-page/ video tutorial shows you how to use the Altitude Pro themes front page template as a custom page template for use on unlimited pages in Genesis The video specifically shows you how to setup the custom fields which replace the widget areas.
Views: 1262 Brad Dalton
Transfer WordPress To Web Server From Local Host
http://wpsites.net/go/bluehost/ Learn how to easily migrate your WordPress files and database from any server (Live or Local) to a new web server or hosting setup. Move your database without risk breaking any url links. http://wpsites.net/slides/move-wordpress-from-your-local-pc-to-a-web-server/
Views: 98972 Brad Dalton
Filterable Portfolio Grid
http://wpsites.net/web-design/filter-portfolio-in-genesis/ In 3 minutes, create a filterable portfolio in any Genesis child theme.
Views: 1020 Brad Dalton
Remove Showcase Pro Page Header Image Conditionally
https://wpsites.net/web-design/remove-showcase-pro-page-header-image-conditionally/ The code modification in this tutorial enables you to conditionally remove the page header image without removing any of the functionality or classes included within the function which you’ll find starts on line 320 of the showcase pro functions.php file.
Views: 317 Brad Dalton
Add Content After Category Page
https://wpsites.net/web-design/add-unique-content-after-each-category-archive-page/ You can use code to add content after each category archive page or install a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields commonly referred to as ACF.
Views: 164 Brad Dalton
How to auto resize images in wordpress
http://wpsites.net/ Wordpress Tutorial on How To Automatically Resize a Gallery of Images in Wordpress to the Same Width and/or Height http://screenr.com/pJb
Views: 10141 Brad Dalton
Restore WordPress Website Backup Locally (Part 1)
http://wordpresssites.net/?p=18338 Restore WordPress Website Backup On Your Local PC Using WAMP (1 of 2)
Views: 5239 Brad Dalton
Add Custom Fonts In WordPress
Best practice for installing and displaying custom web fonts in Wordpress using an online generator. http://wpsites.net/web-design/custom-fonts-wordpress-font-face-generator/
Views: 44368 Brad Dalton
Restore WordPress on WAMP
http://wordpresssites.net/?p=18338 Restore WordPress Locally on WAMP (Part 2 of 2)
Views: 2671 Brad Dalton
Altitude Pro After Header Images On Any Page
https://wp.me/p1lTu0-gVw The code addition and modification in this tutorial enables you to show the front page 1 widget on any page or post with a unique background image in the Altitude Pro child theme by StudioPress.
Views: 225 Brad Dalton
Edit Image Border WordPress
Simple trick which removes, changes and/or adds a border around your post and page images in WordPress. http://wpsites.net/wordpress-admin/advanced-image-settings-in-wordpress/
Views: 2466 Brad Dalton
Install WordPress Manually Using File Manager
http://wp.me/p1lTu0-5kf How To Install WordPress Manually Using File Manager in cPanel
Views: 5283 Brad Dalton
Change Header Image Size In Outreach Pro
Shows you how to change the PHP and CSS to match your logo size in Outreach Pro theme by StudioPress.
Views: 159 Brad Dalton
Content Boxes WordPress Theme
WordPress tutorial about how to easily create and add different colored content boxes to any WordPress theme. http://wpsites.net/go/colored-boxes-buttons/
Views: 3680 Brad Dalton
Genesis Featured Image Before or After Title
http://wpsites.net/web-design/display-featured-image-before-or-after-entry-title-on-single-posts-pages/ This video tutorial shows you how to add the featured image before or after the entry title on single posts. You can also use the code to change the size of the image and use conditional tags to determine where the image displays.
Views: 1655 Brad Dalton
Add Download Link To WordPress Audio Player
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-themes/add-download-link-to-audio-player-in-wordpress/ This theme includes a download link which displays before the WordPress audio player.
Views: 7068 Brad Dalton
Add Custom Field To Genesis CPT Loop
Shows you how to add custom fields to a custom post type loop in Genesis. Includes pagination support
Views: 409 Brad Dalton
Child Theme for WordPress
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-themes/how-to-make-your-own-child-theme-for-wordpress-beginners-guide/ Shows you how to create a very basic child theme for the Twenty Sixteen default theme for WordPress
Views: 4609 Brad Dalton
How To Wrap Text Around An Image and Embed Videos In WordPress
http://wpsites.net/how-to-wordpress/wrap-text-image-embed-videos-wordpress/ How To Wrap Text Around An Image and Embed Videos In WordPress
Views: 3073 Brad Dalton
Add Home Slider To Prose Theme StudioPress
http://wpsites.net/web-design/home-page-slider-prose-theme/ Simply copy and paste the PHP from the view raw link into the Prose theme lib/init.php file to add a home page widget
Views: 439 Brad Dalton
Restrict Content in WordPress Using Code
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-admin/members-shortcode-to-hide-content-from-logged-out-users/ This code enables you to restrict content simply by wrapping the content in a shortcode. No need for a membership plugin. The content will then be hidden for all logged out members and only readable by logged in users. You can display a customised message in replace of the restricted content or a link to a form to sign up new users.
Views: 1289 Brad Dalton
Add Custom Field To Genesis Category Archive Page Loop
https://wpsites.net/web-design/add-custom-field-to-genesis-loop/ The demo video shows how HTML for a image has been added to the value field for a custom field named key and printed within the demo category archive page loop
Views: 641 Brad Dalton
Move Title Before Image - Genesis Featured Posts Widget
http://wpsites.net/web-design/genesis-featured-posts-widget-entry-title-before-featured-image/ Code enables you to reposition the entry title before the featured image or move the featured image after the post title when using the genesis featured posts widget
Views: 661 Brad Dalton
How To Change Your PhpBB Forum Board Logo
http://wpsites.net/wordpressforum/ Tutorial on How To Change or edit Your PhpBB Forum Board Logo
Views: 20103 Brad Dalton
Install WordPress In a Sub Domain
http://bit.ly/wL8h94 WordPress tutorial on how to create a sub domain, new database and install WordPress in a Subdomain
Views: 45544 Brad Dalton
Archive Template Listing 3 Posts From Every Category
http://wp.me/p1lTu0-gIg This custom page template doe genesis displays 3 posts from every category on the 1 page. If the category contains less than 3 posts, the category is excluded. Only the featured image and posts entry title display.
Views: 140 Brad Dalton
Replace Featured Image With Slider On Archive Pages
https://wp.me/p1lTu0-hz2 These template files enables you to (1) Add a slider before the content on any single post & (2) replace the featured image with the slider on archive pages.
Views: 204 Brad Dalton
Install Fancybox in a WordPress Theme
http://wp.me/p1lTu0-eZK This tutorial shows you how to install the Fancybox jQuery plugin in a child theme so you can display gallery images in a popup slideshow created using the native WordPress gallery.
Views: 968 Brad Dalton
Twenty Eleven WordPress Default Theme - Download Here
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-themes-7/wordpress-default-theme-20-11-offers-more-custom-options-than-ever-before/ Twenty Eleven WordPress Default Theme Offers More Custom Options Than Ever Before
Views: 1614 Brad Dalton
Header Image Slider Home Page Only
Learn how to display an image slider in your header area on the home page ONLY using different WordPress themes. http://wpsites.net/web-design/image-slider-home-page-only/
Views: 33028 Brad Dalton
How to put a background image on one page in Genesis
This tutorial for beginners shows you how to add a background image to 1 specific page in Genesis. Tested on the Genesis Sample child theme by StudioPress
Views: 972 Brad Dalton
Infinity Pro Replace Front Page 1 Widget With Soliloquy Slider
https://wp.me/p1lTu0-hzD This tutorial enables you to replace the front page 1 widget area with a slider. The download folder includes code to add a responsive, unique title, description and button centered over each slider image.
Views: 91 Brad Dalton
How To Upload Your Full WordPress Site Backup To Your New Host or Domain
Simple way to upload your full wordpress site backup to your new host or domain using File Manager in Cpanel.http://wpsites.net/wordpress/site-move/backup-site-move-wordpress-host-wordpress-plugin/
Views: 6498 Brad Dalton
Remove Bad Links
How To disavow bad links using Google's new disavow links tool http://wpsites.net/seo/googles-disavow-bad-links-tool/
Views: 646 Brad Dalton
Responsive Widget & Background Image
http://wpsites.net/web-design/responsive-widget-background-image/ This code creates a new widget area and enables you to add a background image to the widget area via the WordPress customizer.
Views: 1698 Brad Dalton
Add Unique Alt Text To Existing Featured Images in Genesis
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-admin/add-unique-alt-text-to-each-featured-image/ This video tutorial shows you how to add unique alt text to any existing featured image in Genesis
Views: 164 Brad Dalton
How To Change Themes Without Losing Your Wordpress Seo Settings
http://wpsites.net/wordpress-seo/change-themes-save-seo-settings/ Simple Step by Step Wordpress Tutorial on How To Change Your WordpressTheme Without Losing Your Seo Settings
Views: 1709 Brad Dalton
Unique Header Images in Genesis
http://wpsites.net/web-design/add-unique-header-images-using-custom-fields/ This video tutorial shows you how to add unique images to your genesis site header on any single post or single page. If no unique image is added, the default image is displayed using the custom image you added via the customizer. You can use the native WordPress meta box to add your image i.d or install the ACF plugin.
Views: 541 Brad Dalton
How To Fix Broken WordPress Links
http://wpsites.net/wordpress/links/how-to-fix-broken-wordpress-links-wordpress-permalink-plugin/ Wordpress Tutorial on How To Easily Fix Broken WordPress Links Fast Using a Simple Free WordPress Permalink Plugin
Views: 2266 Brad Dalton

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