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How to install SQL server 2012 in windows 7
From this video tutorial we can learn how to install SQL server 2012 express version in windows 7 In addition we will know who to check the system requirements before installing. I have installed here SQL server 2012 Management Studio Express version for 64 bit
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SQL Server - Create  and Test Stored Procedure
This video tutorial will help how to Create and Test Stored Procedure in SQL server. Please make sure you have included following test scenario for your stored procedure before test execution and before execution make sure your test data is ready into the system or you need to insert data into the specific table. Verify Stored Procedure gives the correct result as expected Verify Stored Procedure updates the table fields as expected Verify Stored Procedure fires the required triggers if included any rules into the Stored Procedure. Verify Stored Procedures and Functions successfully executed into the database. Verify the Load count from source to target if necessary
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Software Testing - Smoke Test with example
This video have real-time example for smoke testing for a software component
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SQL Server - Insert or copy  data a table to another table.
Most of the time tester need real-time data to execute test scenario in different testing phases. In that case they need rea-time data or test data or bulk data. Sometime they are dependent to DBA team or other team member to move the data. If tester able to access to other database and table he can move the data from one environment to another environment to accomplish the testing activities.
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ETL Testing -Mapping , Data loading and Monitoring using informatica
How to load data from multiple source to target database. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz6FGxrVdto&list=PLmeZLGHK-Nk-DO8cKwisc0hwbrIxAJ4CS
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How to Create SQL DtabaseTrigger- SQL Server
SQL Triggers are programs, which are automatically executed or fired when some events occur in to the database.
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ETL - Sorter / Filter Transformation using informatica
The sorter transformation contains only input / outputs ports. Sorter Transformation allows us to sort data in ascending or descending order according to specified sort key. This video tutorial covers how to create a sorter and filter transformation using informatica. Steps taken as follows : - Extract data from Source - Design Mapping - Design Target Table - Create Workflow and Task - Monitor the Task - Verify data in oracle database. Check more videos : https://www.youtube.com/user/sandwipIsland
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SQL Server - How to fix SQL Server connection error
In this video tutorial we can see how to fix SQL server connection error. In addition how to start up SQL server instances using local services.
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Integration testing with realtime example
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Selenium WebDriver - Connect SQL Server 2012 Database  with JDBC
This video tutorial for to establish JDBC SQL server Database Connection using Selenium WebDriver. In addition how to configure JDBC DLL library using selenium Configure Database TCP/IP protocol Connecting SQL database without specifying User ID and Password
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How to uninstall SQL Server 2012 completely.
This video will help how to uninstall SQL server 2012 in windows 7
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ETL -  Informatica Powercenter- Mapping source from Flat File
This Video tutorial shows the step by step process for creating mapping with fixed width flat file data source. There is no transformation rules It’s an important technique thru entire ETL testing process. Every time tester need to collect real-time data dump from different sources in .Dat format. Tester need to extract convert into excel then fetch to database. Using informatica we can import and export data easily without any error. Informatica Powercenter tutorials for beginners provide self explanatory and easy to follow steps and complete the steps during developing the code or testing. To see more video please visit : https://www.youtube.com/user/sandwipIsland
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SQL Server - Auto increment & Compute column example.
In this video we will learn how to Define an Auto Increment Primary Key and compute a column in SQL Server. Auto-increment allows a unique number to be generated when a new record is inserted into a table. and A computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table. A computed column expression can use data from other columns to calculate a value for the column to which it belongs.
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How to create and update SQL Database using SQL Server
This video tutorial will help how to create database manually and using SQL script in addition you can learn how to rename data base and drop the database using SQL server management studio.
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How to insert and retrive data on a table  using oracle SQL
Error handling while inserting data into the table. Fix ERROR at line 1: ORA-00947: not enough values ERROR: ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated
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How to write test case with realtime example
This video tutorial will help how to cover the test cases for a component. In addition explained each and every component functionality what need to check. How to write test case coverage the scenario for each modules
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Realtime Testing Example - Application | Database | ETL
This video will help to beginner basic difference of application , database and ETL testing
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How to install Tableau in windows 7
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Selenium WebDriver - Web Elements Locator handling tips
This video tutorial will show how to locate web elements in a web page under test using different type of Selenium WebDriver Locator. How to identify and the element based on the locator and how to inspect the web element such as (Text Box , Button , Search Icon etc.) using firebug. • Type of Locator o Attributes –Based Locator( id , name , tagName) o Structure Based Locator (xpath , cssSelector , DOM) • Locating Technique • Locator Example
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Slow Changing Dimension using informatica.
How to implement and design Slowly Changing Dimension type 1 Type of SCD in data warehouse. How to monitor the data loading etc.
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Delete Cookies Password and Temp  File
How to delete cookies and password .
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ETL - Source Qualifier Transformation  using informatica
This video tutorial shows and explains how to create source qualifier transformation using informatica powercenter and how to create task using workflow designer. The Source Qualifier Transformation in Informatica is an active, connected transformation. It selects records from flat files and relational sources. Attributes or columns used in the Source Qualifier output connections are then passed to additional mapping transformations.
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Defect Life Cycle in Software Testing
Defect Life Cycle and its guideline
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Selenium webdriver - Perform Cross Browser Testing
From this video we will know how to work on different browser in Selenium web driver In order to perform cross browser testing its important to know how to use different type of browser in selenium web driver Selenium web driver supports different types of browser like. Firefox Chrome Internet explorer Safari Opera Android browser. Selenium web driver by default support Firefox browser but for other browser we need to download drivers from their seleniumhq.org website. Before working with IE make sure all under security tab all trusted zones are enable or disabled. If one is enabled and another is disabled it IE will not launch.
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