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Is Wazzub A Scam
Welcome to the WAZZUB Family -- Let's activate the Power of "We"! Join wazzub before 1st of April 2012. Have you heard of Wazzub? Join Here: http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=1a0ca930 1. What is Wazzub?? http://www.wa-zzub.com/ Wazzub claims to be a global community which pays us i.e. the users to transform our existing searching engines like Google and Yahoo to Wazzub. This is a known phenomenon that companies like Google, Yahoo and Ask earn billions of dollars just because average people like us use their services. 2. What is this review all about? Within this review, I want to clarify that Wazzub is not a multi level marketing (MLM) or even a Matrix program. It is a company which is being funded by high quality investors since 2007 and they have a vision to dominate Google in the future. The new search engine has agreed to share 50% profit with all their FREE members who join and remain as FREE members as there is no obligation to pay for any fees or upgrade your account. It truly is 100% free for anybody who joins before 1st of April 2012. 3. Is this some kind of a joke or a scam? Not likely, Wazzub is really a multi billion dollar project in the making. It is fairly unique from Google as it will share 50% of their profit with the FREE members who join before 1st of April,2012. Unlike similar programs which has been launched earlier like homepagepays.com and viradyne.com, joining this search engine will not include any upfront, admin or monthly fees. You won't require to buy or sell anything to make money with Wazzub. 4. If we please don't buy or sell, how does this new search engine make money? Good question! Let us take Yahoo or google as a example. These two search engines has 1 billion unique users per month who use their services without having to pay for it. These popular search engines make millions of dollars by simply displaying ads on their site which implies with an average they earn about $1 per every unique user per month. Wazzub uses a similar technology as Google and Yahoo however it also has some additional stream of income. 5. How can Wazzub distribute 50% profit with FREE members? http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=6a75d Wazzub is making money from advertisement. 50% of the profit is distributed to the shareholders and investors who already have invested in their project, the remaining 50% will be given to all the FREE members who use their search engine as homepage.
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شرح كامل عن Wazzub 2012
موقع تواصل جديد مثل الفيس بوك سارع في الاشتراك قبل نيسان 2012 واحصىل على نقاط وارباح تفضيليه للاشتراك ادخل الى الرابط التالي http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=1a0ca930
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