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FSX PMDG 737 | Madeira Airport | Approach and Landing
One of the most dangerous approaches in the world. The Visual 5 VOR to LPMA procedure. Please watch in HD! The video starts off with me approaching the Missed Approach Point (MAPt), you can see this point on the navigation display as MA05. From this point on I should have the runway in sight.At around 6 DME from FUN at around 900 feet I switch off the autopilot and start my base turn towards the runway, to cross the waypoint GELO at 850 feet. From then on I follow the approach lightning that brings me right in front of runway 05 of Funchal Airport. Thank you for watching. Please, subscribe rate and comment! Addons: PMDG 737 NGX ActiveSky Next REX Essential Plus Real Environment Xtreme Aerosoft Madeira X scenery EzDok Saitek X52 Tags: Funchal airport VOR/DME Portugal Transavia.com downwind base leg turn difficult dangerous landing CFM 56-7B Flightdeck Boeing 737-800 Precision Manuals
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50FPS Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner takeoff LHR
Virgin's newest Dreamliner G-VYUM taking off from London Heathrow Airport as flight VS 7 to LAX. Seat 51A Plane: G-VYUM (Ruby Murray) 2 months old at the time of recording Route: London Heathrow - Los Angeles Flight time: 11h30m Date of recording: 26th July 2015
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50FPS: Various planes landing Las Vegas McCarran Airport (A330)
A GREAT compilation of various planes landing on runway 25L at Las Vegas Aiport in mid-summer. Including a Thomas Cook A330, AA and Allegiant Maddogs and multiple Southwest 737's. Enjoy :)
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FSX PMDG Boeing 737-700 NGX LDA 26L PHNL Approach and Landing
Video of me landing at Honolulu airport, Hawaii (PHNL). It is a LDA runway 26L approach using a offset localizer. As you can see in the vid I continue to follow this offset approach till 2.2DME, where I break off the approach and make a turn of 45 degrees on final. Following is a smooth landing. In this vid I tried to represent the real approach as much as possible (as far as the simulater permits). Let me hear what you think about this approach. Flown on the very nice server of Hippy Happy Germany. Website: www.fsxtools.de Plane: PMDG 737-700 WestJet Origin: Seattle (KSEA)
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Vigin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner landing Los Angeles
New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner landing at Los Angeles (LAX) airport. REG: G-VYUM. Origin: London Heathrow (LHR) Flight: VS7 Seat: 52A
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FSX | Aerosoft A320 | landing | Helsinki Airport
A very nice landing at EFHK with the newest version of Aerosoft's Airbus A320. Do you agree? Leave a comment if you'd like.
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GO AROUND Delta Boeing 767-400 and low visibility Landing
Go around at KDTW, Detroit Airport. As you can hear in the video the ATC put us too close to a small aircraft and we had to go around. There was not a lot of extra power applied during the missed approach but you can see the plane turning and the flaps retracting. Flight originated from Amsterdam, Schiphol (EHAM).
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Madeira Airport Boeing 757 compilation - Landings and Takeoffs
Compilation of various British 757's landing and taking off from Funchal airport in Madeira. The airport is known for its difficult approaches. Featured planes: Thomson Airways B757-200 G-BYAT (old livery) Thomson Airways B757-200WL G-OOBD (new livery) Jet2.com B757-200 G-LSAH I like how the first two planes resemble two opposites: G-BYAT in an old shabby livery and G-OOBD in a brand-new shiny coat. Also note Jet2's lineup. Thanks for watching! Please rate, comment and subscribe. :) Tags: Thomson airways Jet2 airways boeing 757-200 winglets Rolls Royce RB211 new and old livery
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Airbus A340-313X Finnair landing Helsinki aiport - Heavy condensation and Quick Braking
Flight AY82 coming in to land in Helsinki creating huge wing condensation. After smooth touchdown it uses full brakes to come to a quick stop. This flight took over 12 hours from Singapore (SIN) operated by OH-LQC a 6 year old Airbus A340-300. The flight was quite uneventful. There were two meals served on this flight together with drinks throughout the flight. Legroom was above average and the seat and cabin very clean and modern. It is a pity, though, that they didn't take full advantage of the modern Panasonic entertainment system: there were only 18 movies and some tv series. Touch down at: 1:00 Filmed with BlackBerry Z10 Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe for more aviation: https://www.youtube.com/user/AviationChannel27?feature=watch
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Airbus A330 Air Europa Night landing Miami Airport
Beautiful night landing at Miami with Air Europa's A330-200 from Madrid. Aircraft registration: EC-LVL
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Funchal Airport spotting: Condor and Transavia takeoff
Two takeoffs from runway 05.
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British Airways 747 SMOOTH landing Las Vegas airport with beautiful views
BA 747-400 smooth landing Las Vegas McCarran Airport with beautiful views of the desert scenery and the Las Vegas strip. Route: London Heathrow (EGLL) (LHR) - Las Vegas (KLAS) (LAS)
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1963 Cessna 172 VFR around Fort Myers - Takeoff, Cruise and windy Landing
First time for me at the controls :) Feel free to subscribe, more video's coming up soon ! Flight was from Fort Myers Page field (KMFY) runway 23. Cessna 172 VFR Flight around Fort Myers - Takeoff cruise and windy landing
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Funny Flight attendant very smooth landing SWA 737-300
Awesome flight attendant on board Southwest Airlines doin his after landing talk. At 6:26 you can see some kind of dog?! Really weird! Other featured planes: Lufthansa Airbus A380, Virgin Atlantic 747-400. Plane: Southwest Airlines 737-300 Arizona One N383SW Flight: WN 1978 Las Vegas Mccarran (LAS) to San Francisco (SFO)
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British Airways Boeing 747 takeoff London Heathrow
British Airways 747 taking off from London Heathrow (EGLL) runway 27R to Las Vegas McCarranAirport (KLAS).
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TAP Portugal Airbus A319 - Cockpit Landing in Lisbon
A TAP Portugal A319-111 CS-TTF landing on runway 21 in Lisbon (LIS/LPPT) with a cockpit view! Thanks to the friendly pilots of TAP for making this possible! This flight originated from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS/EHAM). 1:15 Glideslope intersept 4:10 Gear down, Autopilot off, Autothrottle off 4:40 Landing Checklist 5:10 Finally cleared the clouds 5:35 Final Approach, without music! 5:53 Touchdown Thank you for watching and don't forget to sub!
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British Airways 747 taxiing into gate Las Vegas Airport
British Airways in Oneworld livery arriving at the gate in Las Vegas with the help of a marshaller after a long flight from London.
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FSX - Happy Germany Server Farewell Flight Flyby EDDF
Sorry for the lag.. it's really awful when using recording software. We say goodbye to Hippy Happy Germany and replace it by the FSCloud. BTW make sure to watch in 1080HD.
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Boeing 777 300ER take off with Awesome sound & Engine view
Boeing 777 300ER take off with awesome sound & engine view in Singapore Changi Airport. Airline is KLM Royal Dutch airlines and the destination is Denpasar, Bali. All filmed with a Blackberry Z10. Airline: KLM royal Dutch airlines Plane: Boeing 777-300ER Registration: PH-BVC Engines: massive GE90's Seat: 10K Economy Comfort Flight: 835 TAGS: airplanes planes airplane takeoff landing Singapore airport Singapore Changi Airport the Netherlands KLM Royal Dutch airlines Koninklijke luchtvaartmaatschappij Simulator Plane Airbus Jet engine General Electric jet engine Airlines
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Delta 767-300ER landing Memphis KMEM from Amsterdam Schiphol
Nice evening landing in a Delta 767-300ER with winglets. This was recorded back in 2011 when DL still operated the AMS service. It was the only European destination from MEM. In 2012/2013 DL terminated the AMS service, as a result of that no international services remain at MEM.
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Aerosoft Airbus A320 Landing - FSX
Landing 18R, polderbaan, at Schiphol, EHAM. Active sky next Aerosoft airbus X Extended Real environment xtreme ezdok
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Aerosoft Airbus A320 takeoff Miami American Airlines FSX
Taking off into the beautiful morning skies with my new Aerosoft plane. Takeoff at: 4:53 Add-ons: Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Active Sky Next REX FSCloud (ATC)
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Primera 737-700 landing Madeira Funchal Airport runway 05
Smooth landing on runway 05 in August 2014
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Air Europa A330 Landing at Madrid Barajas LEMD
Nice landing in Madrid on a sunny day. Flight UX 98 from Miami, KMIA. Flight was half empty, which made up for the lack of entertainment on board this aircraft.
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Final Martinair MD-11 Landing EVER at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
The last Martinair MD11 making its final landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and its final flight ever. A sad but historic moment. Martinair will be left with just 4 Boeing 747-400's now that all 7 MD-11's of the company have been retired. The flight originated from London Stansted and was operated by Martinair's first MD-11 the PH-MCP, the last MD-11CF in service. Aircraft: Mcdonnel Douglas MD-11 CF (Convertible Freighter) Aircraft registration: PH-MCP (21,5 years old) Flight number: MP 6172 Origin: London Stansted, Miami, Bogota Scheduled time of arrival ( STA): 16:50 Actual time of arrival (ATA): 16:50 Landing runway: 36R (Aalsmeerbaan)
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FSX - Aerosoft A320 Wizz Air Takeoff EHEH Eindhoven Airport
Takeoff from EHEH runway 22.
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UPPER DECK - Lufthansa Airbus A380 Landing at Hong Kong Airport
Airbus A380 Lufthansa landing Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok airport filmed from the upper deck. The biggest passenger jet in the world. Flight nr.: LH796 Seat: 97A Aircraft type: Airbus A380-800 Aircraft registration: D-AIMF Route: Frankfurt (EDDF) - Hong Kong (VHHH)
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FSX - PMDG 737 NGX CROSSWIND landing Amsterdam
A nice crosswind landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) in a KLM PMDG 737-800. This was a manual ILS landing on runway 06. Skip ahead to: Final approach: 5:40 Runway threshold: 6:45
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KLM 787-9 mood lighting demo from outside
Crew giving mood light demo on the first 787-9 delivered to KLM. The plane had just returned from a series of welcome flights and it was shutting down for the night. Reg: PH-BHC
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British Airways Airbus A320 - Landing Amsterdam Schiphol
British Airways A320 G-EUYI landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with nice views of the dutch coast line. Flight details: Destination: Amsterdam Schiphol airport. (EHAM) Origin: Heathrow (EGLL) Aircraft: G-EUYI Airbus A320 Flight number: BA430 Seat: 20A
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Airbus A340-600 Landing Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow 27L
Some nice views of London on approach and a smooth landing on runway 27L. LHR A340-600 G-VEIL VS24 from LAX.
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Aerosoft A320 Nice landing in rain at London Heathrow
Captured from my livestream on twitch hence the bad quality. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/martinair50
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British Airways Boeing 747-400 - Smooth landing London Heathrow LHR
A very smooth landing at London Heathrow Airport's runway 9L with this 18 year old 747-400 G-CIVT from Miami as BA 206. Seat: 42K
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Landing BA Airbus A321 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Bit of a firm landing not really needed i think: it's a very long runway and the weather was all right. Airline: British Airways Plane: Airbus A321-231 Plane reg.: G-EUXC Seat: 22F (Exit 3R)
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British Airways A320 takeoff at LHR - Airport overview
Taking off runway 09R from London Heathrow airport having great views of all the aircraft parked at terminal 5, 3 and 2. Destination: Amsterdam Schiphol airport. (EHAM) Origin: Heathrow (EGLL) Aircraft: G-EUYI Airbus A320 Flight number: BA430 Seat: 20A
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FSX Aerosoft A320 timelapse EGLL-EHRD including landing
Timelapse of a short British Airways a320 flight from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Rotterdam (EHRD). Includes a VOR/DME approach into Rotterdam the Hague airport. Skip ahead to the final approach at 4:58 if you like. BTW spoilers weren't deployed during landing this is a fault in the replay.
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FSX PMDG 737 NGX - Landing at Key West in Full HD
FSX PMDG 737 NGX landing at Key West (KEYW) where the most southern point of the United States is located. I was using the RNAV approach for runway 27 and flew it in LNAV/VNAV untill almost MDA which worked out perfectly. As you can see the runway is very short for a 738 at KEYW. Plane: PMDG 737-800 Delta Airlines Origin: Orlando (KMCO)
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FSX - Level D 767 Landing EBBR- Brussels Zaventem
Landing with some mist over the airport.
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Brand new BA Airbus A320 Amsterdam-London Full Flight Video
Flying a brand new British Airways A320 to London Heathrow from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Video includes Safety video, takeoff and landing. The picture at the end is the flightdeck of this one month old plane. There is a great view of the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus and the Thames on approach. Airline: British Airways Plane: A320-232 Plane reg.: G-EUYW Seat: 10F (overwing exit) Intro by a friend of mine.
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