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Live stream WhiteRa (P) vs FameToFlame (Z) Game 15 of 18 Funny match!!
Game 15, epic lulz on the shattered temple!! :D
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Dreamhack Valencia 2011 (LIVE!!) Thorzain (T) vs Dongraegu (Z) *Game4* Part1
Game 4 part 1 of thorzain vs Dongraegu! I missed game 1 and 2 and didn't even think to record game 3 =[ There is video lag which is not done on my end, but the live stream was at fault because there was around 60,000 people watching. So at times there is some video lag. Good match none the less! :]
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Lets play Aliens vs Predator 3 - Alien Part 1
Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting a lets play on aliens vs predator 3! HOw exciting!! :]
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DJ Tiesto Maximal Crazy - 10 hours
Praise be to Jesus.
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Dreamhack Valencia 2011 (LIVE!!) Thorzain (T) vs Dongraegu (Z) *Game4* Part2!
Part 2 of match 4! Epicocitiy ._.
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TOBUSCUS Christmas Adventures x2 Speed (200%)
Sped up at 200% speed! xD For lulz
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Fruitdealer interview
After game interview with fruit dealer!
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Soul Eater Excalibur funny scene
Soul eater funny scene when the Excalibur is reliving his random past. Episode 17.
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Braces update 2
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Minecraft - Insane TNT trail 12,008 tnt
12,008 TNT used. Took me a good while and a bazillion and one mouse clicks to make. Either the game couldn't keep up with so much terrain explosiveness and the world itself couldn't load, or my computer was just under to much stress to handle this ridonkulousness ha. No minecraft animals were harmed in the making of this video. :p
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DJ Tiesto - Maximal Crazy 10 hours long! - Video Edition
Tiesto's maximal crazy with the video looping over and over and over for 10 hours! :D This took umpteen million years to upload and process lollll.
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Resonance of fate; Farming Chunky gangsters!
Yet another random video I made! ah mah gah. Just showing the process and explaining stuff when farming chunky gangsters for their hex pieces and what not. Oh and btw my camera was so shaky because I had it resting on a tissue box on my bed, so thus my moving around made it jiggle a lot the whole time lol. sorry. could have used a tripod or something! lolz
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Dreamhack Valencia 2011 (LIVE!!) Thorzain (T) vs Dongraegu (Z) *Game1*
Game 1 of this epic grand final series! :D
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Acid Trip Nyan cat (Original)
Nyan cat..is that you?!?!? WTF T_T ._. nyan cat nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! (ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ °□°)ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ ︵ ┻━┻(ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ °□°)ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ ︵ ┻━┻ WARNING: This may cause seizures or epilepsy or sever aging of the brain or foaming of the mouth or one to be come rutard or disabled in some way, shape or form of any kind. ._. :[ Fly on wtf acid trip nyan cat, fly on! ____━━____┓━ ╭━━━━━╮ ____━━____┗┓|::::::^━━━^ :::::| ____━━____━┗|:::::|。◕‿‿­­­­◕。| ::::::| ____━━____━━╰O--O-O--O
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African grey coo-coo bird & the Shmoo
240p, we meet again.
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Backwards TOBUSCUS Christmas Adventures x2 Speed (200%)
Sped up backwards at 200% speed! For lulz
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Medjugorje Trip 2012 Experience 27May - 7June 2012
Explaining my absolutely wonderful trip to Medjugorje.
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The Last Remnant - The most impossible bullshit boss battle Jager and the Lob Omen
Explaining why the boss fight Jager and the Lob Omen is absolutely complete and utter bullshit of a fight. And how impossible it is!!! I cannot beat it for the life of me -.- I'm at battle rank 21.
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Lets PLay Aliens vs Predator 3 - Alien Part 2
Continuing on with the madness in Part 2!! @[email protected]
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The OMG Cat Diablo 3 Official Release Date
For lulz :) Credits to Original omg cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_S5cXbXe-4
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How to: Xfer ps2 saves from psp, to ps3, to ps2 mem. card.
How to: Download a ps2 save from gamefaqs.com (must be .psv for the method I used) Open you psp main folder, make a folder called ps3, then within that folder, make a folder called export, then make a folder within that one called psv. Within this psv folder, this is where you will put your ps2 saves into that you downloaded. Now connect your psp into the ps3 and same with your ps2 adaptor with the ps2 memory card in it. On the ps3, go to your memory card ultility ps/ps2, then select your psp. Your ps2 save or saves should show up. Now just hit triangle, then copy them to your ps2 internal memory card that is stored on your ps3 HDD. (If you don't have the ps2 internal memory card, then make one.) Now go into that ps2 internal memory card and highlight the save, just hit triangle, then copy, and then copy the save onto your ps2 memory card and viola! Good to go, simple as that :)
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25 man Heroic ToC Faction Champs Zerg Fail
25 man Heroic ToC Faction champs. we got a horrible raid comp given to us, so after many attempts, we tried to just zerg the fuckers. Haha.
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Minecraft 1.8.1 Exp bug
An exp bug that I encountered through my time of play on minecraft. For whatever reason every time I died, my exp balls that dropped doubled every time. I wasn't able to record the best moments of the insanity, but I recorded what I was able to. And let me tell you, there was like 9 billion exp balls stacked on one another! lol So my game gets really laggy.
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Lets play Aliens vs Predator 3 - Alien Part 4
And here we are continuing onto part 4 of the never ending nightmare difficulty that will even drive a kitty cat to it's limits!
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