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S&W SIGMA Trigger Sear Spring Mod SW40VE SW9VE Smith & Wesson Swap Fix
Purchase Spring: LINK: https://www.ebay.com/itm/232784289226 Here is a step by step instructional video on installing a springs to reduce trigger stiffness in a SW40VE SW9VE. This is a how to reduce trigger pull. Easy, Do it yourself video. Works for SW40VE and SW9VE triggers WARNING: You are doing this at your own risk, I am not responsible nor liable for anything in this video. If you don't feel comfortable, DO NOT attempt this. I am not a gunsmith Purchases: I am not responsible nor Liable for anything in this video, services provided or parts sold. By purchasing or watching this your agree to this statement above. PURCHASE SPRING, EBAY LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/110831336402 BREAK DOWN FOR THE SMITH & WESSON TRIGGER PULL REPAIR. HERE WE'LL REMOVE THE PIGTAIL SPRING ENTIRELY, OUTER SPRING UPGRADE, AND THE SANDING PROCESSES, THIS WILL LIGHTEN YOUR TRIGGER PULL AND PROVIDE A SMOOTHER CONSISTENT PULL BACK. AMAZING RESULTS. HOPE YOU ENJOY
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Dell or ANY PC Memory Ram Upgrade Installation - Step by Step - EASY!
Great do it yourself video on how to install ram in a desktop computer. Upgrading ram or memory in a PC or computer can be intimidating but it shouldn't be. Here is a step by step instructional video on installing your new memory also known as ram. For my Pap He is upgrading his Dell Dimension 2400 from 384MB to 1280MB(1.28GB)
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NASTY TOUGH Stains! Clean Toilet  for ONLY $2 - NO SCRUBBING! DIY
This is how I removed my toilet stains. As you can see I had a nasty dark brown, rust, calcium, stains on the bottom of the bowl! These rust stains not only gross your guest out when they use the bathroom but these stains are also nasty to your eye! These are very hard, stubborn stains. I used a pumice stone at first and did nothing for the stubborn section. I picked up Lime-a-Away and Ajax at the nearest Dollar Tree. This is the ultimate budget clean! It was my last resort before tossing the entire toilet. Heres the results !
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Cricket Wireless Vs AT&T - Review Comparison Switch Hotspot
This is a comparison of Cricket Wireless and AT&T. I had Cricket wireless for over a year and have zero complaints. Great wireless service, fast speeds, and I use my phone more than the average person. ** HotSpot ** is now available for an additional $10! I have had Crciket for over a year, Absolutely have nothing bad to say about them. EXCELLENT SERVICE! Wanted to share my experience with the many that maybe considering switching to Cricket Wireless
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EASY! Cleaning Polishing Radar Dome or Open Array - COLLINITE NO. 920
How to easily to clean, remove stubborn dirt, and polish domes and arrays. RayMarine Furuno SimRad. Colinite no. 920 made simple work of dirty, sun damaged, faded, Domes and arrays. This solution will clean and polish the most difficult of Radar domes and open arrays.
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NES Nintendo Repair in 4 MINUTES! Less than $5 - Do this BEFORE 72 Pin connector FIX!
Links to tools: Tool: http://www.ebay.com/itm/301178674527 72 Pin: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161318155840 4 minutes fix! Had a ton of trouble getting this old NES to work. NES Nintendo System gave me the blinking red light button and fuzzy screen every TIME before I did this. To fix and repair my NES Nintendo I finally broke the game down and did a proper cleaning. Worked the first time! Tried multiple 72 connector Pin connectors and was about to call it quits. Fix this and repair is right the first time. Blinking light of death no more! Broken damaged NES system back to light. Clean those pins ! Red Eraser Clean your Pins on the Nes Nintendo games FIRST. Then do the 72 Pins swap after clean the mother board pins!
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LED RGB Lights W/ Controller - DIY Store Front Complete Setup - RED BLUE WHITE FLASH FADE
Visit our Website for Purchasing: eBay LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231560896568 Here is our new product. Our cool white lights are still available. These are easy to install, Double sided tape already installed or mount with hardware. This comes with everything you need to get started: Power Adapter, Controller Box, Remote, Lights with soldered connection. Please let us know if you have questions:
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Yanmar 6LPA STP Maxum 3200 SCR 1995
FOR SALE 1995 Maxum 3200SCR Yanmar 6LPA STP Ft. Lauderdale FL
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1984 Eagle Bus RV Motorhome 1999 Conversion Model 10 Camper
Here is a 1984 Eagle Model 10 Converted in 1999. Excellent example of a conversion and motor home For sale in Ft. Lauderdale FL 9/2012 - See Link http://www.ebay.com/itm/110949062855
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Saint the Pup, Hound Pointer Pit
Saint, New Addition 2-14-10
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2005 SLK55 AMG Mercedes
2005 AMG Mercedes. 19" HRE Wheels
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Mike and Amanda Cabin 5/2015 - Congratulations you two!
Mike proposed to Amanda at this very site. Congratulations Mikey and Mandy the new cabin! Exciting times! looking forward to many good times with family! Love you Both, Baby Bear (cabin name). Mike = "New York" or "Moth Man" LOL
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