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Ran Over Keke Do You Love Me Challenge Gone Wrong
Ran over girl doing the Keke challenge even tho it's probably fake no one's posted it yet so here ya go I found this video on instagram @lofi3d Mine is @jsmzf if y'all wanna follow
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Macarena Through The Anxiety
This is what we sometimes gotta do to realease all that stress we got inside ourselves Hope y'all enjoyed and have a good day
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Pewdiepie Vs Tseries Stats in Social Blade (WARNING VERY EMOTIONAL)
Although we all love pewdiepie and his army of nine year olds I really do believe there's nothing we can do.. to stop this tragedy from happening . Sad to see that the number one channel in youtube isn't going to be a YOU tuber, instead it's going to be a company that makes Hindu music . Author:Chunnibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Song:Surechigau Kokoro to Kokoro Hope y'all had a good day
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Elon Musk Smokes Weed (OC MEME)
Hopefully y'all find this funny elon musk is a god amongst men Hope y'all have a good day today
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Christopher Hope Threat (Deleted) In Lil Tay's Account
I think this is half fake half real idk but it got deleted
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