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IZUMINKA - East Euro Fashion Expo Preview 11.08.14
Izuminka is a charity fashion expo featuring the beauty, talent and skills of the Russian speaking community in Central Florida. The 3 hour show includes an art gallery, vendor exhibits and live performances. 50 models will bring clothing, jewelry and shoe collections to life on the runway. Join us on November 8, 2014 at Westgate Vacation Villas for Izuminka! About the Cast The cast of Izuminka is made up of volunteers from the United States and many East European countries including: Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. About the Charity The Russian-American community center of Florida (RACCF), is a non profit 501(c)3 serving Russian speakers throughout the state of Florida. The center, formed in 2010, is comprised of offices and community leaders in multiple cities with the headquarters in Winter Park, FL.
IZUMINKA: Fall Fashion Expo
Izuminka is a charity benefit fashion expo that features international designers, stylists and models hailing from European countries. These talented artists and performers will share their inspired skills during a 3 hours show taking place in Orlando on 8 November 2014.
Izuminka 2018 Fashion Expo at IPFF
Izuminka is a fashion expo that features international designers, stylists and models from countries around the world. These talented artists and performers will share their inspired skills during the awards ceremony of the 2018 International Peace & Film Festival. The show includes local design collections and a national costume walk on the runway to commemorate the countries participating in the film festival. Admission is free to the general public, but seating is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis. VIP reservations are possible by contacting the festival office at PeaceFestival.us or visit Izuminka.us for complete details and opportunities to participate in the show as a #model #stylist #designer #volunteer or #vendor Izuminka Fashion Expo | Date: Jan 20, 2018 | Place: 5500 Grandview Pkwy, Davenport, FL | Time: 8:00 – 10:00 PM #ipff #fashionshow #izuminka
Inna Rudenko  | Inna's Designs
About store founder, Inna Rudenko · InnasDesigns.com Her designs are influenced from her hometown Chisinau, Moldova, which is where she mastered her passion for European styling. At age 13 she already knew her ambition for clothing design would develop into a rewarding career. Shortly after graduating from Art and design school in Russia with honors, she starting working at a prestigious wedding salon, where she would produce and design unique wedding dresses. As result she gained an array of techniques which fed her passion for clothing design. Innas Designs studio has been open since 2012, serving clients from all over the world. Her skills are ranging from children's custom clothing all the way to suites for Men and Bridal Dresses. ~In Fashion, Nothing is Impossible. ~ Inna Rudenko REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION: +1 (407) 716 7416 [email protected]
Izumina - 2014 East European Fall Fashion Expo
Izuminka features the beauty, talent and skills of the Russian-American community in central Florida. The event comprises designers, stylists and 50 models from post soviet countries, all living in the Orlando area. It was held on November 8, 2014 with all proceeds of the show going to support the Russian-American community center of Florida. Izuminka is a trademark of Aurous Publishing, all rights reserved.
Izuminka: Fashion Expo of the International Peace and Film Festival
ABOUT IZUMINKA 2018 This is much more than the previous event held in November 2014. Izuminka has been incorporated into the International Peace & Film Festival (IPFF) as part of the filmmaker's award ceremony. IPFF began in 2015 and has grown tremendously as a global festival for independent filmmakers. Each year we receive hundreds of films, then hold screenings for the public and present awards at the end of the event. http://izuminka.us
IPFF 2018 Official Selection: Wu Wei Non Action, Trailer
Wu Wei (Non Action): The film combines an original jazz score with the poetry of Lao Tsu and bird imagery from the Texas coast to illustrate the ancient Taoist concept of Wu Wei or Non Action. Director: Bill Sandidge Country: USA Category: Short Documentary Runtime: 00:02:33 The music score was composed especially for the film by the Larry Natwick Trio, with George Prado on bass and Roger Hogan playing flute. The translation of Lao Tsu was used by permission from Jane English. The film was photographed and edited by Bill Sandidge Bill Sandidge is a Texas based sculptor and filmmaker. Film credits include screenings at Hyper Hybrid (Munich , Germany), the Austin Indie Fest, the Awareness Film Festival (Los Angeles), and a Remmington Award from the Houston International Film Festival. Sandidge is an environmental activist and was part of the coalition which established the 12,000 acre Government Canyon State park near San Antonio. His aerial photographs of the Recharge Zone in San Antonio were widely exhibited and were the subject of several public meetings. This film will compete among a total of 125 films at the International Peace and Film Festival on January 18-20, 2018, in Orlando, FL. Attendance at the festival is free to the public, look for screening locations and times on PeaceFestival.us #ipff #izuminka #filmfestival #fashionshow #orlando