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Top 7 Crazy Rich Asian Bachelors in Real Life - you won't believe.
Hot, Gentleman, & Worth $BILLIONS. YAAAS. Which one is your pick? or perhaps find one on #1 Asian dating app http://EastMeetEast.com/crasn9 #CrazyRichAsians
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Korean Mom vs. Chinese Mom (Asian Tiger Moms)
Korean mom vs. Chinese mom. Guess who wins the Tiger mommy game. Do you know any Tiger mom around you? --Brought to you by Helen Hong x #1 Premier Asian Dating www.eastmeeteast.com/f5
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Have you guys heard of this Asian dating app called EastMeetEast?
Saw on Fungbro’s video & looks legit. Check out http://eastmeeteast.com/fb
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Husband Hunting by Linda Dong
Linda searches for her prince! Funny enough, the guy she found on this episode tracked her down on twitter - so it ended up being more like "the Prince Found Me".
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No Dating Asian Policy - Acceptable?  (Fungbros)
Why do Asian women feel comfortable saying this publicly? Andrew from Fungbros interviews at UCLA.
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"Hotline Bling" (Cantonese Version) by PETER CHAO
We collaborated with the one and the only PETER CHAO @pyrobooby to deliver the Cantonese Version of "Hotline Bling". Enjoy!
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Asian Dating App.  Is it discriminatory?
Asian Dating app, EastMeetEast, has become popular of late. Some people are critical. What does Helen Lee, Asian dating expert, have to say? http://www.eastmeeteast.com/y1 #WhiteWashedOut #StarringJohnCho
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DAVID SO on Dating
Asian Dating App, EastMeetEast? Hear what DAVID SO COMEDY has to say about his online dating experience and why he is with his abusive gf. http://www.eastmeeteast.com/dsy
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Asian Dating App?  EastMeetEast
#Number One Asian Dating App-EastMeetEast: http://www.eastmeeteast.com/is Check out the videos by the Fungbros, David So, and Linda Dong on our channel.
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Crazy Korean Mom and Her Daughter
Crazy Korean Mom wants her daughter to date a "Nice Korean Boy" and she finds one finally. See what happens when the mom finds out what goes on behind the scene. Asian Dating App? http://www.eastmeeteast.com/y2
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Top 5 Crazy Rich & Hot Asian Ladies - 4 Reals
Hot, Sexy & Worth $BILLIONS. YAAAS. Which one is your pick? or perhaps find one on #1 Asian dating app http://EastMeetEast.com/crasn10 #CrazyRichAsians
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Promo Vid: EastMeetEast's Singles Ramen Eating Competition
EastMeetEast dating app will hold the first annual “EastMeetEast Singles Ramen Eating Competition” on Monday, April 23rd at 12:30pm ET at the world-famous Gotham West Market. Demonstrating how to gobble up Ramen noodles as quickly as possible and judging the competition is six-time Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champion and eight-time Guinness World Record holder, Takeru Kobayashi! Six competitors will face off to eat a great deal of ramen for a chance to win a dream date provided by EastMeetEast! Upon request, we will carefully handpick a dream date for the winner. Check out our Facebook page on April 23rd at 12:30pm for a Livestreaming of the event. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/East-Meet-East-565982140109779/?ref=br_rs Website: https://www.eastmeeteast.com/
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Asians in #WhiteWashedOUT Hollywood
Asians in ‪#‎WhiteWashedOut‬ Hollywood. How do actors react when they are asked to chink it up? ‪#‎StarringJohnCho, Ghost in the Shell, Scarlet Johansson. Brought to you by #1 premier Asian dating app: http://www.eastmeeteast.com/f4
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