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USB Fan LED Clock Light - Different Views
Plug and play, Just plug the LED Clock Fan into USB Port (Any Device) And it will Glow as well as power the fan to produce bursts of cool... For More Details about the USB LED FAN CLOCK.... Visit " https://electricaltechnology.store/products/usb-led-light-clock-fan?Src=YTwk " ... Available now. Order yours Here: https://electricaltechnology.store/products/usb-led-light-clock-fan?Src=YT Adjustable USB Gadget Mini LED Light USB Fan Clock High Quality
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Magnet Levitation (Maglev Technology) Simple Project
For more detail and procedure. (Steep by Step) http://www.electricaltechnology.org/2012/01/simple-electrical-project-magnet.html For more electrical Information and interesting stuff. Join http://www.electricaltechnology.org/
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Mini Air Cooler System from 12V Fan Homemade form Trash)
Mini Air Cooler System from 12V Fan (Homemade form Trash) For More Detail & Step by Step Procedure : (Pictorial story) http://www.electricaltechnology.org/2013/05/mini-air-cooler-system-from-12v-fan.html For More Interesting things like this: Join Our Blog: http://www.electricaltechnology.org/
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Simple DC Motor (Electrical Project)
Complete Procedure ( Step by Step) http://www.electricaltechnology.org/2012/01/simple-dc-moter-electrical-project.html For more interesting stuff and Electrical/ Electronics Engineering information.. Join: http://www.electricaltechnology.org/ If you want to do the same project and want to help about the circuit, then leave a comment, i will guide you in detail. Thanks
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