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Oracle SQL Developer: Query Builder Demo
How to build queries with your mouse versus the keyboard.
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Oracle SQL Developer Major Feature Demonstration
In a few minutes watch how SQL Developer can support you in your daily Oracle database tasks including: + writing, tuning, and debugging your SQL and PL/SQL + generate and publish rich reports + design new data models + manage your database objects and security + migrate your 3rd party database objects and data to Oracle RDBMS
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Real Time SQL Monitorin Demo in Oracle SQL Developer
See how to watch a query execute in real time using this Oracle Database Tuning Pack feature in Oracle SQL Developer.
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Formatting your Oracle Query Results Directly to CSV
How to get Oracle SQL Developer to automatically format your query results to CSV, HTML, JSON, Insert statements, and more.
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Oracle SQLcl Introduction and Getting Started
In 8 minutes see how to install and run Oracle SQL, Oracle's newest command-line interface for Oracle Database. Featuring an in-line editor, automatic output formatting, statement history/recall, Oracle SQLcl marries the best of Oracle SQL Developer and a modern CLI.
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Oracle SQL Developer: You're Doing it Wrong
15 minutes power tips and tricks session where the product manager will how you how you SHOULD be using Oracle's database IDE and GUI.
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Oracle SQL Developer Meets SQL*Plus
10 minute overview of Oracle's new command line interface, brought to you by the makers of Oracle SQL Developer.
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Oracle SQL Developer Tips and Tricks Series, Episode 1
Oracle Product Manager Jeff Smith shows you how to navigate and work with your PLSQL code with fewer clicks and much more efficiency.
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Oracle REST Data Services Development with Oracle SQL Developer
Version 4.2 of Oracle SQL Developer makes it very easy to develop and deploy your Oracle REST Data Services for your Oracle Database.
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Announcing Oracle SQL Developer Web!
Oracle SQL Developer is now available in your browser. Oracle Product Manager Jeff Smith gives an overview and a short demonstration of our newest database user interface.
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Quickly Navigating Between Objects in Oracle SQL Developer
A couple of tricks for navigating from an Oracle Database table to its related objects such as indexes and triggers, and back. Plus how to jump to an object from your PL/SQL code.
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Debugging PL/SQL with Oracle SQL Developer
Quick 2 minute video showing how to open a PL/SQL program in Oracle SQL Developer and debug it, line by line.
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Completion Insight in Oracle SQL Developer v4.0.2
Oracle SQL Developer can automatically suggest the columns, tables, and other object names as you type. This feature has been enhanced in the latest release, version 4.0.2
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Oracle SQL Developer 101: A Desktop Tour
A how-to video, showing you around the desktop panels in Oracle Database's IDE and GUI. See how to put stuff where you want, and how to fix the desktop when it becomes a 'mess.'
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Working with PL-SQL in Oracle SQL Developer v4.0
How to navigate your PL-SQL, a few options to consider, and working with execution results of your programs in Oracle SQL Developer version 4.0.
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First Things First - Configuring Oracle SQL Developer
Here are the things I always change when running a new copy of Oracle SQL Developer. It's all about the preferences.
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An Overview of Oracle SQL Developer Reports
10 minute video with live demo of the reporting feature inside of Oracle SQL Developer.
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DBA Features in Oracle SQL Developer v4.0
Brief 5 minute overview of database administration features in Oracle SQL Developer v4.0
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Finding Database Columns By Name in Oracle SQL Developer
How to find all columns in your Oracle Database by searching on the name.
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Slow SQL Query? Get the Plan in Oracle SQL Developer!
See how to get execution and explain plans, format and views those plans, use AutoTrace, and Real Time SQL Monitoring for your SQL queries in Oracle SQL Developer.
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Oracle SQL Developer: Product Demonstration
60 minute overview of the product including a demo. Bookmarks, as this is a LONG Video: 09:32 - Release History 12:38 - Feature List/Summary 17:25 - End of PPT Show, Live Demo The Worksheet 42:27 - Exploring your Schema with the GUI 48:15 - Working with PL/SQL 54:22 - Using the Debugger 59:30 - Reports 1:02:30 - How to find objects
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How to Import Excel Into Your Database
Step by step demonstration of taking an excel (or CSV) file and creating a new Oracle table and then loading the data using Oracle SQL Developer. Yes, it's a Wizard. Yes, you can do it. Yes, there are a few places where you want to be careful.
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Oracle REST Data Services Product Walk-through and Demonstration
A quick overview of REST, then an introduction of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and how it brings a RESTful access to your Oracle Database.
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Everything You Need to Know about the Data Grids in Oracle SQL Developer
15 minute overview of configuring the data grids in Oracle SQL Developer: manipulating columns, copy and paste tricks, and working with complex data types.
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Running Your Oracle Queries at the Command Line with Automatic Pretty Printing
A lot of folks love to live in the command line, and Oracle folks are no different. Here's how to do what you want in the command-line without learning how or spending time to properly format your query results.
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Oracle SQLcl Demonstration
Overview and product demonstration of Oracle SQLcl - a modern command line interface for Oracle Database. Features include command and object name tab completion, query history, automatic output formatting, and an in-line editor.
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Navigating Your Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Diagrams
How to navigate and find objects in your Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler diagrams.
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Oracle Database Development Web Series: PL/SQL Anti-Patterns with Steven Feuerstein
Oracle Database Development Web Series is a weeky 1 hour information session. During the session, Oracle Experts will introduce topics ranging from SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, Node, .NET and how to improve productivity by utilizing Development Tools like SQL Developer, Application Express and much more. Join us every Wednesday at Noon EST. PL/SQL Anti-Patterns We tend to write the same (kind of) code over and over again. Sometimes those patterns are good. Sometimes they are problematic - and then we call them an “anti-pattern”. In this weekly talk (OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT), Steven will offer up a few anti-patterns, invite attendees to identify the problem, and then shows how to get rid of the “anti”.
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Oracle SQL Developer - Code Formatting vs Changing the Code as You Type
Hate uppercase keywords in your SQL or PL/SQL? Love lower cased identifiers? Want the exact opposite? In this video, Oracle SQL Developer product manager Jeff Smith shows how to configure the tool to make your code look the way you want.
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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler: Search & Replace
How to quickly find your relational model table columns and changing their properties all in one fell swoop in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.
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Oracle SQL Developer Trick: Split Your Grids
How to see multiple areas of a table at once, by splitting the display of the data grid.
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A 5 Minute Tour of Oracle SQL Developer
Write queries and interact with results, click into objects and manage them, execute and debug your PL/SQL, write custom reports, model your objects, and migrate from 3rd party databases to Oracle - all with Oracle SQL Developer!
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Reverse Engineer your Database to a Data Model or How to Generate an ERD
If you want to create a new relational model based on an existing database, you can do so using the Data Dictionary Import in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.
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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler: How to Create a SubView
When dealing with very large designs, consisting of hundreds of tables or entities, a modeler can break the model up into smaller SubViews.
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Oracle SQLcl: Demonstrating all of the Keyboard Shortcuts
How to use the keyboard in Oracle SQLcl to move around the in-line editor, use tab completion, sql history, and even clear the screen.
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Oracle SQL Developer Web: CREATE and EDIT TABLEs
Demonstration of using Oracle SQL Developer Web's GUIs for creating a new table or editing an existing table - all in your browser.
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Copying Data With Column Headers in Oracle SQL Developer
How to copy data to the clipboard with the column headers or how to ONLY copy the column headers in Oracle SQL Developer
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Generating Swagger Doc for Your Oracle Database RESTful Services
Oracle REST Data Services allows you to REST enable your Oracle Database. Now version 17.3 of ORDS makes it easy to generate OpenAPI JSON for documenting those services using Swagger.
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Oracle SQL Developer Web: Demonstrating the Data Modeler
The Oracle product manager gives you a quick tour of how to use SQL Developer web to build relational diagrams for your existing objects, and generate DDL, SVGs, and data dictionary reports - all in your browser!
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Going from SELECT * To Just the Cols You Want in Oracle SQL Developer
A few different ways to get JUST the columns you want in your Oracle queries using Oracle SQL Developer
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Creating Multiple Displays of your Diagrams in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
You may want to have different versions of your diagrams in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. For example, you may want to use Bachman vs Barker notation. This video shows how to create additional displays for your diagrams.
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Resetting Your Oracle Database Password with Oracle SQL Developer
Resetting your Oracle Database user password just got a LOT easier in version 4.2 of SQL Developer. In this video, the product manager shows you JUST how much easier.
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Connect to Oracle in less than 5 minutes with SQL Developer
Oracle SQL Developer Product Manager Jeff Smith shows you how easy it is to get started with the database integrated development environment (IDE). Download, extract, start, and connect in under 5 minutes!
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Quickly Launch an Object Search in Oracle SQL Developer 4 from any selected text
My new favorite 'trick' for Oracle SQL Developer 4 - launch an object search from any highlighted text in an editor using Alt+G
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Dragging Files into Oracle SQL Developer
How to open one or more files from your OS by dragging and dropping them into Oracle SQL Developer
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Oracle SQLcl Starting Up with an A-10 Audio Clip
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Oracle SQL Developer Product Page Tour
Oracle SQL Developer's product page has a fresh new look! Watch how easy it is to find the information you need to download the tool, find video tutorials for DBAs, or get assistance for your next migration project.
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PABUG Webinar: Oracle SQL Developer Tips & Tricks
Pennsylvania Banner User Group (PABUG) Webinar - tips and tricks for Oracle SQL Developer with Product Manager Jeff Smith and Temple Assistant Director Helen Sanders
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Jeff Says Hi to the Sydney Oracle Users
Oracle SQL Developer Product Manager talks a bit about SQL Developer in 2012 and teases Oracle ACE Yury Velikanov
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SQLcl Repeat Command
run a command, over and over, refreshing the screen each iteration in our new take on SQL*Plus Created with TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ http://goo.gl/ySDBPJ
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