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http://www.ebay.in/itm/KB9012-ZIG-FOR-RT809F/262811961248 KB9010/12/16/22 ZIG FOR RT809F WITH 4 RIBBON CABLE STRIP 1MM RIBBON CABLE 24,30,32 PIN 0.8MM RIBBON CABLE 30PIN
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Motherboard 32khz crystal test practical (HINDI)
How to work 32khz crystal in motherboard practical Learn online from videos "how to work motherboard" all videos in HINDI language . easy to learn & earn .. www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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Easy Intel Clean Me Region Tool
Now you doesn't need FITC,UEFI, Tool , Just 2 Click and get instant Clean me region bios file for intel platform motherboard Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oRWZ0oC7aPf1if-qIOlytUP6a75hop5Q/view?usp=sharing Intel ME Firmware Repository Pack download: https://www.win-raid.com/t832f39-Intel-Engine-Firmware-Repositories.html
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Laptop Repair with help of Freeze Spray
While Flat surface mosfet short then it was not heat but its spread heat to pcb layer (Pcb upper layer work as a flat surface mosfet heatsink ) so we can't judge it for short , but all area feel heat while surface smd mosfet short , you can see nearby mosfet so many components located, so we doubt tiny component for short because of tiny component absorve heat quickly from pcb layer..so hear with freeze spray help us for observation of first attempt heat destination
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Laptop Adapter Disassemble Trick
Any Make , Model Laptop adapter charger open it without damage plastic body cover.. (gasoline) www.arieslaptoptraining.com, www.arieslaptop.in, [email protected]
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How to work SMPS ? ( हिन्दी)
Web: www.arieslaptoptraining.com Mail : [email protected] A switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply, switch-mode power supply, SMPS, or switcher) is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. Like other power supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a source, like mains power, to a load, such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current characteristics. Unlike a linear power supply, the pass transistor of a switching-mode supply continually switches between low-dissipation, full-on and full-off states, and spends very little time in the high dissipation transitions, which minimizes wasted energy. Ideally, a switched-mode power supply dissipates no power. Voltage regulation is achieved by varying the ratio of on-to-off time. In contrast, a linear power supply regulates the output voltage by continually dissipating power in the pass transistor. This higher power conversion efficiency is an important advantage of a switched-mode power supply. Switched-mode power supplies may also be substantially smaller and lighter than a linear supply due to the smaller transformer size and weight.
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Thinkpad T61 Power on password reset
Click here for eeprom location http://www.ja.axxs.net/eeprom_location.htm Click here for Password.exe Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bych9QVOPhttUXVNWF8wV2tPaEE/view?usp=sharing
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How to check MOSFET with multimeter  (हिन्दी)
www.arieslaptop.in [email protected] MOSFET is a field-effect transistor in which there is a thin layer of silicon oxide between the gate and the channel. MOSFET used in Desktop and Laptop motherboards there are two different types of MOSFET N-Channel MOSFET. P-Channel MOSFET. N-Channel MOSFET Used in Desktop motherboards while in Laptops (motherboard) both N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFET are used. Ok! Enough talk about introducing MOSFET lets Do the testing Process and see which MOSFET is working one and which one is non-working. During testing I will show you which one is P-Channel and which one is N-Channel MOSFET. To test a MOSFET we will need a Multimeter and some working and non-working MOSFET. Mulitimeter-with-MOSFET Ok as we can see MOSFET consist of 3(three) pins 1) Gate 2) Drain 3) Source Gate-Drain-Source-MOSFET Now set your Multimeter to (Continuity Beeper) and Black Probe to Common Ground and Red Probe to Ohms(Everything but Ammeter). Touch Both Red Probe and Black Probe and if your hear a beep sound than you are ready for testing MOSFET. First we will check if this MOSFET is N-Channel or P-Channel. N-Channel MOSFET: Connect Black Probe to the Drain and Red Probe to the Source of MOSFET and if you get any Value on screen of Multimeter than this MOSFET is N-Channel MOSFET.If you did not get any value than better try second one. P-Channel MOSFET: Connect Red Probe to Drain and Black Probe to Source and if you get any Value than its P-Channel MOSFET. So now we know how to find P-Channel and N-Channel MOSFET so its time to test if its in working condition or not. N-channel Working MOSFET: Now Pick a N-channel MOSFET and connect Black Probe to Drain and Red Probe to Gate if you don’t see any value than its working MOSFET.If you see some Value than its a (short MOSFET, a leaked MOSFET or not a MOSFET at all). As its working MOSFET lets charge this MOSFET, connect Black Probe to Drain and touch Red Probe for few seconds to Gate and than Touch Red Probe To Source while Black Probe should stay Connected to Drain and you will here a beep which shows that your MOSFET is charged and in working condition.Remember to do the same test again you have to release to charge from MOSFET you can do this by Holding a MOSFET for few seconds between you fingers or just connect Black Probe to all three Pins at same time. P-Channel Working MOSFET: If you have a P-Channel MOSFET than connect Red Probe to Drain and Black Probe to Gate and if you don’t see any value than its a working P-Channel MOSFET but if you see some value than probably this MOSFET is Short or leaked MOSFET. To charge a working P-Channel MOSFET connect Red Probe to the Drain and touch Black Probe to Gate for few seconds and bring back the Black Probe to Source and you will hear a beep sound which means your P-Channel MOSFET is charged and good to go.
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Laptop Battery Test  (हिन्दी)
Laptop battery testing process... For more information please contact us at Mail : [email protected] Web: www.arieslaptop.in
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SR1YW Bay Trail - M Processor N3540 reballing process
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Tips to take care of your laptop: Laptop cleanliness: -Keep liquids away from your computer: Liquids can damage or short internal components, corrupt data and make keys stick or not function. -Keep food away from your computer: Crumbs can damage the keys preventing them from depressing totally, invite small bugs, damage circuitry and make the laptop look dirty. -Have clean hands: Dirt and oils from your fingers and wrists can eat away from the protective finish on the laptop, keyboard and track pad. -Use an old clean toothbrush to clean parts of your computer: Cleaning around the keys on the keyboard, exhaust fans and around the bezel of the screen will help promote airflow and reduce heat buildup inside the laptop. LCD Monitor: -Prevent damage to the monitor: Make sure there are no obstructions (paper clips, pens or pencils, cats, motorcycles, etc.) on your keyboard when you are shutting the lid. Items like these can dent, scratch or even crack the screen. -Close the lid properly: Close the lid gently and hold from the middle of the screen. Closing the lid using only one edge causes extra pressure on the hinges which over time will crack and break them. -Hold your laptop by the base: Lifting and holding the laptop by the display creates unneeded pressure on the hinges. This action may direct pressure to the LCD and deform or crack the screen itself. -Be aware of what you put on top of the laptop: Placing heavy items on the laptop (open or close) can cause serious damage to the LCD, hinges and chassis. Placing heavy items on your laptop can also squish the optical drive (CD-ROM) and if there is a disk in the drive, shatter that too. Transport: -Do not expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes: Large temperature fluctuations can cause major damage to your laptop. The metal platters inside the hard disk can expand and contract rapidly. If the metal platters are being accessed at the time, they may even crack causing partial, if not total, data loss. The temperature change can also form condensation within the laptop and short internal components. -Do not leave your laptop in your car: Leaving your laptop in the car will expose it too severe tempertures and possibly further damage. Even in a laptop bag, leaving a laptop in the car is an inviting target to a thief. -Use a laptop bag: Laptop bags reduce the chance of accidental drops or bumps to the laptop. If using another bag like a book bag, consider a laptop sleeve. A sleeve is not as protective as a bag but it will reduce damage and scratches too. -Use a laptop bag that fits: Make sure your bag is large enough to fit your laptop but still remain snug. A properly fitted bag will help prevent damage to your laptop during transport and is a good place to store the power adapter and other laptop accessories. Power: -Do not pull on the power cord: Pulling on the power cord can damage the cord, socket, and plug. Instead, grab the actual plug and disconnect from the wall socket. -Do not roll over the power cord with your chair: Rolling over the power cord with your chair can lead to a short and further damage to the power cord, power supply and laptop. -Power Conservation: If not using your laptop for more than two hours, shut it down. The power consumption of the laptop within those two hours is far greater than that required to power on the laptop. -Battery Maintenance: Leaving a laptop plugged in after the battery is fully charged will reduce the overall lifetime of the battery.
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Chip Level Desktop Motherboard Repair Training
Input/output controllers receive input and output requests from the central processor, and then send device-specific control signals to the device they control. They also manage the data flow to and from the device. This frees the central processor from involvment with the details of controlling each device. I/O controllers are needed only for those I/O devices that are part of the system. Website: www.arieslaptop.in Email : [email protected]
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This video is a based on universal theory flowchart ... viewers please watch it with understanding of the motherboard repair work.
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http://www.arieslaptop.in Please visit here for more video http://www.youtube.com/harshadpatel26 Hot sale,touch screen,easy operation ANGEL9501 lead-free bga welding machine. Specifications: Total power: 4800 W Top heater: 800 W Lower heater: 1200 W Bottom infrared pre-heater: 2700 W Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ Machine Dimension: L710mm * W680mm * H660mm PCB MIN size: 40 mm * 40 mm PCB MAX size: 410 mm * 370 mm
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+vcc core voltage case study , EC_VR ON Signal
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Laptop Power Button Ribbon Cable
Make your broken laptop Power button, Front panel , Mouse pad Ribbon cable.. www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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Laptop Short Circuit finder Part 1 (Hindi)
Find short circuit location for laptop, lcd , led tv , mobile device milliohm meter can be work with any model of the multimeter which have 2v DC range Part 2 : https://youtu.be/0doW61_RXLM
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Memory Power Supply Repair Practical (Hindi)
memory power supply repair practical video Learn online from videos "how to work desktop and laptop motherboard" all concept videos in HINDI language . easy to learn & earn .. www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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You can extract io controller (ec) file from main bios file with help of hxd editor tool download Freeware hxd editor tool : https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/
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DELL PASSWORD REMOVAL https://bios-pw.org/ http://biospassword.eu/dell-free-passwords
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Fix Missing Serial / Product Numbers for HP COMPAQ Laptops
How to Fix HP “System Board 00A” or “Missing System Information” or “Product Information Not Valid” After update the bios, I went to the HP download center and updated the bios for my Compaq Presario CQ42 The update seemed to go fine, but now the product number, Model#, and serial number are missing.. when i was google it found some links for solution http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=43958&highlight=NbDmiFit
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Software Download : http://www.ifix.net.cn/thread-325-1-1.html Led Lcd screen bios , Laptop bios , Motherboard bios , Led Lcd monitor bios, PEB1 extend board Features: 1) Read and write 8 pin and 16 pins chips those commonly used on computer motherboard, laptop, LCD, routers and home appliances. 2)Read and write memory SPD DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 Free demolition chip, especially support 34C02 and other special part numbers. 3)Support laptop 8 pin and 14 pin password chip and battery chip (especially 24RF08/6480AR/BR9080/9016 special part numbers 4)Support all series of 24,IIC EEPROM Memory.Besides, it can automatically identify chip model from 24C01 to 24C16,Automatic identify write protection level of the 24 series’ 7th pin. 5) Support all series of 25 and 26 SPI FLASH Memory,support identify the chips part number automaticly,the capacity is up to 256Mbit. 6) Support all series 93 MircroWire Memory, including Japanese special chips. 7) It is the only one programmer which have the function of supporting RTD2120 chip’s double bank read and write online. Including the BANK0 which the firmware in and BANK1 area, which menu in. It can read double BANK in only 6 seconds. Support RTD2122 ‘s three BANK read and write online. 8) Support reading and writing DDC-EDID data of LCD display and LCD TV online. Very easy to solve EDID data problems. 9) Support reading and writing laptop screen EDID data online, very easy to solve the problem of DELL and SONY laptop’s choose screen. Our store have screen wires sale. 10) Support Leroy, Ding Branch, Rainbow Star, Triumph, Kang Yue and Wang Jie general driver board. Write the driver board MCU by VGA port without taking the components out of the board. The programmer software has a new additional function, it can restore the chips. If the board has been damaged when programming, it can be work normally with this function. Reduce many matters. 11) Support to read and write firmware of LCD display and TV motherboard online and out off line. Support TPV, Proview, Samsung, LG, ACER, LENOVO, HP, IBM, BENQ, HKC, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, TCL , Haier, Prima and other major brands, support NOVATEK, MTK, the MST, Genesis, TSUM, SE, FT, REALTEK the Winbond WELTEND, MySoN, China and Asia micro and PIXELWORKS chipset solution, you can use the official ISP software or third-party software, take into account the functions’s integrity and the user’s ease of use. 12) Support Samsung, Philips, AOC, BENQ, NESO use NT68F63/NT68F632/NT68F633 series MCU and WT61P4 models. Can read and write programmer free disassemble. The Samsung LCD has a common problem of missing programmer, you can solve this problem free disassemble with it. It has a special function of reading MCU original programmer online. It can read and save original programmers from the good MCU.Besides, it supports latest SE1059 series’ reading and writing. Easy to solve samsung’s balck screen problems. 13) Support WINBOND series MCU’s programming online, such as W78E65P-40, it can replcace the MCU of M6759, SM5964, SM89516, P89C51RD and TP2804 which are very easy be damaged. 14) Support MTK series LCD and DVD program online. Such as MT2389, MT1379, MT8223 and 8226 etc. 15) Support SUNPLUS series DVD program online. Such as 8202D 8202S, 8202L, 8281 and 8200 etc. 16) Online support in nine series satellite receiver upgrade crack and the brick machine repair; including of Guoxin, Haier, China and Asia, NEC movement program online to read and write and demolition chip reader upgrade feature; 17) USB-powered, communication automatically detects the programmer self-test mode, the the original ISP online programming mode pin disconnection detection, target board power detection function, offline reading and writing pin-contact detection and other special features during the burning of various types of failures can be identified and prompt, effective solution to read and write errors; 18) Programming the internal high-speed MCU control to upgrade PC client software to complete the programmer’s own feature upgrades, more compatible models; using USB interface, power supply and control, eliminating the need for bulky power adapter, easier to use; locking seat of the programming interface, there are anti-static and port the IO protection measures to ensure the reliability of the programmer. 19) Recordable models constantly add, if there are special needs, you can contact with the company, part of the chip models can remotely add. 24,25,26,93 series chip and official ISP software, users can also customize the video tutorial to add, convenient to use. Gift 8G procedures and information, and provide long-term technical support, to welcome major brand service station order, such as over one hundred customization software LOGO and special features.
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The voltage available from a wall outlet is a poorly regulated AC ranged worldwide from 90V to 240V, while most electronic circuits require a well stabilized low-voltage DC. That's why all electronic equipment needs some form of power conversion. A PC power supply unit (PSU) is an internal device that converts an input AC to a set of regulated DC voltages needed by personal computer. In the process it also provides primary to secondary safety isolation. Since the introduction of IBM PC/XT, there have been about a dozen different PC types. They differ by their structure, form factors, connectors and volt/amp ratings. The output rating of a modern computer PSU ranges anywhere from 185 W to several kilowatt. The units over 400W are used mainly for servers, industrial PCs and to supply the desktops with high-end video applications Mail: [email protected] Web: www.arieslaptop.in
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HP Pavillon 15 - QUANTA R62
HP 15 Laptop Power off case study DA0R62MB6E0 REV E
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Nvidia Reball Process (http://www.arieslaptop.in/)
Learn Laptop & Desktop motherboard chip & bga level in 20 days course Please visit our website for more information www.arieslaptoptraining.com Mail: [email protected]
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www.arieslaptop.in mail: [email protected] Live class recording for Desktop & Laptop Motherboard basic architecture.
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Aries Aerial view laptop motherboard signal identification and test point
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Learn Laptop & Desktop motherboard chip & bga level in 20 days course Please visit our website for more information Http://www.arieslaptoptraining.com Mail: [email protected] A laptop inverter board provides power to the lamp that is used to light the LCD screen. It does this by converting the power used by the motherboard into higher voltage power.
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Download RT809F , RT809H Software http://www.ifix.org.cn/en/ RT809F BIOS PROGRAMMER TUTORIAL (Subtitle English) https://youtu.be/okWNwYbtzxA Description: · High programming speed. · ISP connector for in-circuit programming. · Advanced and powerful software functions. · Can support any flash and very easy to add new flash. · 48-pins powerful pindrivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices. · VGA port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly. · HDMI port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly. · Connection to PC: USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbit/s, high speed/full speed) and 1.1 compatible interface. · Comfortable and easy to use control program, works with all versions of MS Windows. · Provides very competitive price coupled with excellent hardware design for reliable programming. · These capabilities, supported by overcurrent protection and signature-byte check help prevent chip damage due to operator error. · The selftest capability allow to run diagnostic part of software to thoroughly check the health of the programmer. · Support Auto select for any series of flash including TSOP48-NAND-EMMC-PLCC,ETC however Programmer is driven by an easy-to-use control program with pull-down menu, hot keys and on-line help. Selecting of device is performed by its class, by manufacturer or simply by typing a fragment of vendor name and/or part number. · All known data formats are supported. Automatic file format detection and conversion during loading of file. · The software also provide a special information about programmed device. As a special, the drawings of all available packages are provided. · The software provide a full information for ISP implementation: Description of ISP connector pins for currently selected chip, recommended target design around in-circuit programmed chip and other necessary information. - Support UPTO 64GB NAND FLASH. - Support Read and Programming OTP area. - Full Support LCD TV FLASH drivers read and write unlimited capacity TSOP48 nand FLASH EMMC TSOP56 pin TOP8-16 pin Support CAR DVD, SMART TV. - The Only universal programmer which can automatically detect chip number for all Chips. - The only universal programmer which can put ic in any position and make intelligent sense. - The Only universal programmer Support Read and program Laptop I/O via keyboard line. - The Only universal programmer Support Read and Program LCD TV VIA VGA and HDMI PORT. - The Only universal programmer Support ADD new flash by yourself without wait for factory. - The Only universal programmer built in Most of repair applications TV,DVD,DVB,and many isp software. - The Only universal programmer make selftest for LCD TV itself and diagnostic fault. - The best programmer to read and programing flash on motherboard without removing out.
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POST DEBUG CARD (Hindi Part 4)
Learn Laptop & Desktop motherboard chip & bga level in 20 days course Please visit our website for more information www.arieslaptoptraining.com Mail: [email protected] What are Motherboard Diagnostic Cards? Motherboard diagnostic cards ( PCI POST cards) are electronic devices that fit into the PCI slots, can analyze hardware issues and BIOS faults. These troubleshooting tools can usually find problems with the BIOS, video, CPU, hard drive controllers among other components. A computer system has a number of failure points and while the cause of some issues will be quite obvious, at other times faults can be very difficult to find. Motherboard diagnostic cards can help technicians to quickly pinpoint the cause of system errors or hardware faults. This saves on time that would otherwise be spent in the trial and error process, and prevents waste of money purchasing the wrong solution.
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KB9012, KB9016, KB9022, ITE8586, ITE8580, ITE8585, MEC1609,Nuvoton npce288, npce388, PROGRAMMER
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Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Repair Service
Aries Group are dedicated to provide its clients with unique and affordable IT solutions along with an unrivaled customer service. With a continuous emphasis on professionalism, quality, reliability and technological enhancement, we have achieved a notable status of Best Laptop Repair Service Provider. Our area of specialization pertains to the repairing of almost all kinds of Laptops. Our services are rendered to small to large businesses as well as home users across the country. www.arieslaptop.in
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Basic Electronics Part1 (atom structure)
Laptop & Desktop motherboard repair tutorial video class series www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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Laptop Short Circuit finder Part 2 (Hindi)
Find short circuit location for laptop, lcd , led tv , mobile device milliohm meter can be work with any model of the multimeter which have 2v DC range Part 1 : https://youtu.be/rXEAdsKqvbg
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FADOS7F1 FAULT DETECTOR, CIRCUIT ANALYSER, VI TESTER, OSCILLOSCOPE Product Info: Determines the faults of all kinds of electronic cards; used to test electronic cards at time of production; attached to USB of any computer; includes oscilloscope feature; has a program CD. Usage Areas : Repairing and testing electronic cards, industrial cards, and computer cards. Users: Technical-repair services, electronic manufacturers, any company using machineries with electronic cards.
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Learn Laptop & Desktop motherboard chip & bga level in 20 days course Please visit our website for more information www.arieslaptoptraining.com Mail: [email protected] What are POST Codes? "POST" stands for Power On Self Test. When the BIOS starts to run, it does a Self Test of the components on the motherboard, and in some cases, boards that are plugged into the various slots. It goes through several steps of checking, testing and initializing the hardware components. Before entering each step, the BIOS writes a 2 digit identifying code to an external address. This code is commonly referred to as a POST code. The meaning of the codes varies widely. Most computer manufacturers use a BIOS supplied by a third party, the most common are Phoenix and AMI, but there are many others. The codes also vary depending on the motherboard and the manufacturer's requirements. These codes are useful during the manufacturing process to help identify problems. To the consumer, they are useful in cases where the system won't boot up and the video screen does not work, or if you are attempting to make modifications. If the BIOS detects a problem, it will stop on the problem, and the last code that was output will indicate what the failure is. In order to see the codes being generated by your BIOS, you will need a Post Code Master Display card, which plugs into your PC and displays these codes as the BIOS performs its tests. There are versions available for both ISA and PCI motherboard slots. The card displays HEX digits which consist of the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. The letters B and D are displayed as lower case (b & d).
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KB9010 , KB9012, KB9016, KB9022 ZIG WITH 4 CABLE SET http://www.ebay.in/itm/KB9012-ZIG-FOR-RT809F/262811961248
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How to extract ACER V5 - 452G  bios tutorial (हिन्दी)
LBE Version 1.3 Demonstration for Acer bios extract
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Laptop Body Fabrication
This is the metal bushing which is placed into insert on the plastic case of the laptop. It is almost impossible to glue it, because some laptop manufacturers use special plastic for the laptop case, a plastic which does not stick with most glues, also there are a lot of tension in the place where the insert is located and after several times you close and open the laptop lid, the hinge base will crack again.but "LAPPY BOND" can be fix it . LAPTOP BODY FABRICATION "LAPPY BOND" AVAILABLE ONLY IN INDIA . PLEASE CONTACT FOR BUY IT AT [email protected] 02692-268356 , Whatsapp : 9998042319 (office time: 10:00am to 7:00pm)
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Laptop LCD/LED Screen Problem and Solutions  (हिन्दी)
Learn online desktop and laptop motherboard with easy tutorial video class .with telegram messenger technical support and google drive data support. please visit our website www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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VRM: Voltage regulator module, this term refers to anything from a linear regulator to a synchronous multiphase buck converter, which is a switch mode power supply, which is what your motherboard’s CPU VRM is. People also call the VRM the PWM, which isn’t correct, PWM refers to a modulation scheme or a chip, not the entire circuit, however since PWM has a catchy ring to it people still refer to the VRM as the PWM. Some others may also call the VRM a VR or a VRC(voltage regulator circuit). PWM: Pulse Width Modulation or Modulator, this is a scheme where phases are turned on and off in a pulse like manner, it can also refer to the control chip of the VRM. The PWM control chip does everything from turn on phases to monitoring different characteristics of the VRM, the PWM is the only part of a VRM that could be considered digital in nature, however it is possible to design the PWM with analog mechanisms(which is quite easy and popular)
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This tutorial help you how to replace bulb from your scrap lcd panel
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Bridge rectifier working theory & practical (हिन्दी)
A bridge rectifier is an arrangement of four diodes in a bridge circuit configuration which provides the same output polarity for either input polarity. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output.A bridge rectifier is an arrangement of four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration which provides the same output polarity for either input polarity. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output.A bridge rectifier is an arrangement of four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration which provides the same output polarity for either input polarity. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output. is shown in the figure. The circuit has four diodes connected to form a bridge. The ac input voltage is applied to the diagonally opposite ends of the bridge. The load resistance is connected between the other two ends of the bridge.
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Static measurement: Let the board be suspended in a close-up mode, according to the logical principle of the circuit or chip output and input of the logical relationship between the use multimeter measuring the relevant points to analyze and judge the cause of troubles. Dynamic Measurement and Analysis of Law: the preparation of specific procedures or artificial assertion normal conditions, the machine is running, measured with the oscilloscope to observe the waveform components, and compared with the normal waveform in order to determine fault location. As the control logic on the motherboard increasingly integrated, so its logical correctness, has become very difficult to determine by measuring. Recommend that you first determine the relationship between the logic chip and a simple resistance-capacitance components, and then focused on the logical relationship failure is hard to determine the large-scale integrated circuit chips. www.arieslaptoptraining.com
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LBE VER1.2 Software Tutorial for 16mb Dell 6th generation laptop HDR to BIN bios file converter
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HP-COMPAQ bios bin file tool
HP - COMPAQ bios file utility for laptop repair technician Download insydeflash :: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Fc6ClJdIu3djBaMHUtRjBEalU/view?usp=sharing
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How To Fix PC Turns On Automatically When Plugged In (हिन्दी)
Most BIOS Setup Menu's have to option to boot the computer when power resumes. This is typically used for unattended (or remote) systems/servers so they can automatically boot up after a power outage. The default, however, is typically to not boot so I would wonder how that got changed, if that is the issue. You might consider a resetting the BIOS.
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