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Coppel Thinner road trip at Club Ed
A tv commercial I shot for Mexican department store Coppel. Shot at Club Ed in California.
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DRONE REEL - Cancun Tourism Campaign
Some footage from a tourism advertising campaign I shot in Cancun Mexico shot with a 3DR Solo drone.
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Givenchy Ivan Sanchez Youtube
A tv commercial for Givenchy with actor Ivan Sanchez that I directed, shot and edited.
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CHRIS HUNT DIRECTOR Beauty Cosmetic Commercial Lips
A fun, cute and a little bit silly video test I did in the studio.
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Coppel Refill - Fashion Commercial - Chris Hunt
A back to school television commercial that i directed for Coppel department stores. I also did motion graphics, color and editing :)
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Commercial Director's Show Reel - Chris Hunt
The commercial director's show reel of Chris Hunt, specializing in lifestyle, fashion and beauty.
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Coppel Thinner Television Commercial
A fashion / lifestyle television commercial I directed for Coppel department stores. Shot on location near Los Angeles.
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BTS Fashion Shoot
A test of the Ricoh Theta S behind the scenes on an e-commerce fashion shoot in the studio.
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Coppel Thinner TV Commercial - Venice California
A California lifestyle television commercial for Coppel department stores film in Venice Beach, directed by Chris Hunt Studio ( www.chrishuntstudio.com)
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Chris Hunt Commercial Director Show Reel
Director's reel of Chris Hunt
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Maison Mohe Fashion Video
Fashion video for the brand Maison Mohe that I shot on location near Puerta Vallarta Mexico.
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alfa romeo 4c donuts filmed with 360 camera
Donuts with instruction from professional driver inside the Alfa Romeo 4C filmed with a 360 camera.
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alfa romeo 4C race lap from inside the car filmed with 360 camera
A race lap with instruction from professional driver inside the Alfa Romeo 4C filmed with a 360 camera.
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Coppel Thinner TV Commercial by director Chris Hunt
This is a TV commercial I directed for the Mexican department store, Coppel. We shot in Venice, California.
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Palacio de Hieroo - Dia de Mamas
Here is a commercial I shot for the Mexican department store Palacio de Hierro to celebrate Mother's Day.
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Chris Hunt Reel 26June2016
Commercial director showreel of Chris Hunt / chrishunt.com
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McDowell wedding
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Mark Murphy Sizzle FINAL
A "sizzle" for travel guru Mark Murphy in New York City.
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BEACH Trip Video HD
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Chris Hunt Maria Osintceva
A little video I made with Maria Osintceva in the Mexican countryside.
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PalacioDeHierro PhDm10sDiasAmarillosPh 10Wip1 HD
Here is another version of the commercial I directed for Palacio de Hierro's Mother's Day campaign.
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Chris Hunt Director commercial water csometic beauty eyes NoEffect
A cosmetic commercial I directed for a cosmetic brand to show off waterproof make up.
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Alfa Romeo Mexico - 2017 Giulia Launch Event
Alfa Romeo Mexico invited me to attend the launch of the spectacular new Giulia, one of the very fastest cars in the world. I made a little video to showcase the event and the beautiful new car.
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