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Tire Stickers: Install Permanent Tire Letters: Michelin Tire Lettering
Installation, cleaning, and removal guide for DIY Permanent Tire Lettering. Looking for the most durable tire decals on the market? Our Permanent Tire Stickers® are designed for the most demanding conditions and to last the lifetime of the tire! Our raised rubber lettering style Tire Stickers® are ideal for maintaining a high quality look and lasting bond under daily driving conditions. All kits include decals, instructions and FleXement application adhesive. Virtually any logo or font can be converted in order to match the desired look for the vehicle. Get your very own tire lettering kit here: https://www.tirestickers.com/product-category/tire-lettering/
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Tire Stickers About Us
Official overview video of Tire Stickers, the world's first and only official global provider of unique branding solutions engineered for simple, steadfast application to tire sidewalls and rubber surfaces. Our short term and permanent raised rubber tire lettering kits are used exclusively by tire and automobile manufacturers globally and industry leaders like West Coast Customs, Ken Block, Gas Monkey Garage, Kindig It and more!
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2012 Supercross Crashes -  HD - FULL COMMENTARY EDIT
All of the bad crashes throughout the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross series spliced together with the "crash breakdown" commentary included for your enjoyment. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tire-Stickers/190026147685251 2012 Justin Barcia Crash http://www.geicohonda.com/ 2012 Trey Canard Crash http://treycanard.com/ http://powersports.honda.com/racing/motocross/mxsx1_2012_honda_team.aspx Ricky Carmichael https://www.facebook.com/RickyCarmichael Twitter - @RickyCarmichael Jeff Emig Twitter - @emig47 2012 Taylor Futrell Crash http://www.supercross.com/taylor-futrell 2012 Josh Grant Crash L&M/Wardy Racing Kawasaki http://joshgrant.com/ 2012 Davi Millsaps Crash http://www.davimx.com/ http://jgrmx.com/community/home.htm 2012 Chad Reed Crash two two motorsports https://www.facebook.com/TwoTwoMotorsports bel-ray http://www.belray.com/ 2012 Shawn Rife Crash UtterMotorsport 2012 Cole Seely Crash http://www.coleseely.com/ http://www.troyleedesigns.com/videos.php?v=1290 2012 Andrew Short Crash Chapparrell.com 2012 James Stewart Supercross Crash http://www.js7.com Bubbas World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8j-wJ5OPkQ 2012 Malcom Stewart Crash http://www.jdrmotorsports.com.au/index.php 2012 Dean Wilson Crash https://www.facebook.com/DeanWilsonMX Pro Circut Kawasaki http://www.procircuit.com/ 2012 Kevin Windham Crash Team Geico Powersportshttp://powersports.honda.com/racing/motocross/mxsx2_2012_honda_team/kevin_windham_profiles.aspx
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Permanent Tire Lettering -  INSTALLATION VIDEO
Thank you for watching our video on how to install the Tire Stickers Permanent Tire Lettering Kits. This video will show you how to install our tire letters the right way and minimize the errors that can occur during installation. In this video, we will be installing the goldRush Rally design, but any tire lettering design can be ordered through our website. For more information on our Permanent products as well as our other products, please visit our website or social media pages. Tire Stickers has been providing tire sidewall branding products since 2007, and is a global leader in tire sidewall branding. Instagram - https://instagram.com/tirestickers/ Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/tirestickers Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/b/117458624840203066736/+Tirestickers/posts
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2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept With Tire Stickers
Check out this insanely awesome 2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept! It's like a childhood dream come true. Plus, it sports some gorgeous Tire Stickers. This thing is an absolute MONSTER. What do you think of it? Give us a shout. And if you're liking the tire decals, you know where to get some: https://www.tirestickers.com/shop/text-on-tires/
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Porsche GT3 Departs Shop After Onsite Tire Lettering Installation
Here is a short clip of a beautiful Porsche GT3 leaving the Tire Stickers garage after receiving a fresh set of permanent white Michelin tire lettering decals. Our customer wanted a perfect letter match for his Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, so we matched the lettering that was already on the tire. The installation came out perfect, and another customer drives away happy with his purchase. You can visit our website for more information regarding our permanent tire letters. This installation was done at our Southern California location, you can find more information here: www.tirestickers.com Or Call our office at 424-272=0321
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TIRE LETTERS: Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Lettering  Kits From Tire Stickers
Tire letters are available in multiple colors and fonts from Tire Stickers. This is a short application video of our Permanent Raised Rubber Lettering Kit, which we hope you enjoy. Licensed tire brands and custom tire decals are available at our shop: https://www.tirestickers.com/product-category/tire-lettering/ This is a DIY product for any vehicle tire sidewall! Tire letters were first introduced in 2007 by Tire Stickers primarily for professional motorsport teams and tire companies for aftermarket brand enhancement. Shortly after, TS developed do-it-yourself application products for consumers including these permanent raised rubber tire letters. This product is designed to last the lifetime of the tire. Follow Us On Social Media! Instagram - https://instagram.com/tirestickers/ Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/tirestickers Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/b/117458624840203066736/+Tirestickers/posts
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Temporary Tire Lettering: How To Install Peel & Stick Tire Decals: Tire Stickers
Learn how to install tire letters. This is a short application video of our temporary Peel & Stick tire decals. They are perfect for car shows, race events, or any scenario where short-term durability is needed. We also make long-term, permanent Tire Stickers designed to last. To get your very own set of Tire Stickers, take a look at our shop: https://www.tirestickers.com/shop
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Tire Stickers: How To Install Temporary Tire Letters
Easy-to-apply tire letters that are durable enough for a weekend track day. Peel & Stick Tire Stickers are available in more than 12 colors as well as custom color matching: perfect for creating virtually any look. These tire decals are available for any type of vehicle tire (Car, Truck, Motorcycles, ATV's, Bicycles, Karts, etc.). These decals are a great addition for race teams or individuals seeking to create a unique look while the vehicle is static or in motion. This product can withstand all riding/driving conditions including wind forces exceeding 150 MPH and extreme tire deformation. This short-term product is quick and easy to apply and ideal for short to medium term durability, specifically under 1,000 miles of driving. Looking for a more durable product? We recommend our Permanent Tire Stickers®. Get your very own set of Tire Stickers by checking out our shop: https://www.tirestickers.com/shop
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How To Install Tire Stickers - (Iron-On Version - Heat Applied)
UPDATE: This tire lettering product has been discontinued. Permanent Raised Lettering Tire Stickers -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3zairQusxI To see our newest products now available, please visit www.TireStickers.com
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What Size Tire Stickers Do I Get? Meet Our Decal Size Calculator
One of the most common questions we get is, "What size Tire Stickers do I get?" We've put a calculator on every product page to make it easy to get that answer. You just punch in your tire size, and the calculator tells you what sizes would be best for your tires based on your personal preferences. https://www.tirestickers.com/product-category/tire-lettering/
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Toyo Tires Peel & Stick Tire Stickers - DIY Application Guide
Here's how to install Toyo Tires white letters Tire Stickers. This is for our Peel & Stick tire letters. The video covers a 4-step process to install your tire letters, beginning with the preparation of the tire to placing the tire lettering then removing the protective transfer film. + Step 1: Clean the tire with Acetone to remove oil and dirt completely. + Step 2: Peel off backing paper, place on tire, and press down firmly. + Step 3: Push firmly near an edge to release transfer film. + Step 4: Peel clear transfer film slowly then press down on tire decal. Designs are licensed by Toyo Tires. To order, please visit Tire Stickers shop at https://www.tirestickers.com/shop/toyo-tires-peel-n-stick/
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Part 1 - Installation Complete! A Few Unique Rides Leave Tire Stickers HQ
A short video showing some new designs and interesting vehicles leaving our shop located in Los Angeles, CA. Want to bring your vehicle to us? Give us a call. Ever want your ride to be 100% decked out with one-of-a-kind Tire Stickers? Now you can create custom designs and truly transform the look of your vehicle with our Permanent DIY tire lettering kits. Order online - www.tirestickers.com Check our website for additional information. Buy USA made, buy genuine, buy Tire Stickers®
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REDLINE TIRE DECALS KIT - DIY Installation Video From Tire Stickers  [HOW TO INSTALL]
This is an installation video of the Permanent Redline Kit available from Tire Stickers. This DIY kit will make any black wall tire a red line tire. The red stripe can be seen installed here on the tires of a Dodge Charger, but this kit is available for all tire sizes. Redline tires are commonly unavailable in particular tire sizes or are simply too expensive for the average enthusiast, especially when they already have perfectly good tires! Redlines can be seen on many classic car tires, like corvettes, and this kit can be used to restore that vintage look! Now you can have the red line look without the high price tag. These kits are available in whitewalls, yellowlines and other colors as well! Available for motorcycles too! The red line in this video is ~1/4" thick, but any size thickness is available. More information can be found here: https://www.tirestickers.com/shop/vintage-red-line-walls/ Thank you.
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Best of Tire Stickers Compilation
Check out the best exotics, motorcycles, muscle cars, trucks and more in our Tire Stickers compilation video. This video demonstrates just how amazing your vehicle can look with our easy to apply, DIY Tire Lettering Kits!
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Supercharged Camaro Leaving Tire Stickers HQ with Good Year Eagle F1 Tires
A customers 45th Anniversary Camaro departing Tire Stickers HQ, Los Angeles, CA. Tire Lettering Installations and car customization work can be made by appointment. This customer chose to incorporate the same colors, red black and white, into his design of the tires using Tire Stickers. Since the car was running GoodYear Eagle F1 tires, they chose to make the lettering in white with red accents including the GoodYear boot and Chevy "SS" badge. Customize your own raised tire lettering at www.tirestickers.com !
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Amazing Porsche Cruising Around Orange County
Incredible BRxMedia Porsche with custom wrap and Tire Stickers Permanent Tire Lettering Kit cruising around Orange County California rocking BBS Wheels.
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[exhaust revs] BMW M2 in the shop - Tire Stickers, California
At our California location, a 2017 BMW M2 stops over for some fresh white tire lettering. Michelin Tire Stickers were applied and in the meantime, we had a look at the car. We were pleasantly surprised to find a manual transmission even! Start the engine and we've got sound.... The carbon fiber accented exhaust system was loud, and what you'd expect from m power. Thanks for watching our short video. Tire Stickers, Los Angeles CA www.TIRESTICKERS.com
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2011 Supercross Crashes 2011 - HD - AMA
This is a video of all of the worst 2011 AMA supercross crashes throughout the year. Thank you, enjoy :) http://www.tirestickers.com
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Evolution 8 rolling down the road with white Tire Decals
Tire Decals on a Mitsubishi Evolution 8, rolling down the road. Check us out on facebook. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tire-Stickers/190026147685251 Tire Stickers http://www.tirestickers.com
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Green Tire Decals on Porsche 911 turbo
A video of neon green Tire Decals applied to a Porsche 911 turbo. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tire-Stickers/190026147685251 Visit our site to learn the differences between tire sticker technology and tire printing technology.Thank You! www.tirestickers.com
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Dirt roads in a Mitsubishi Evolution 8
Tire Stickers testing Tire Decals in a rally simulated condition with a Mitsubishi Evolution 8. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tire-Stickers/190026147685251 This video was shot in the Colorado mountains on a DSLR camera. Tire Stickers Tire Decals http://www.tirestickers.com
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Izod IndyCar Pit Lane Perspective
A video from the point of view of an IndyCar race team in pit lane. The cars are entering the track for practice.
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Tire Stickers Motorcycle Stunts
Tire Stickers are the perfect edition to any vehicle, including motorcycles! Our short term and permanent tire lettering kits will withstand any driving conditions even extreme stunt riding. Thanks to Cinemotive LA, Capone and #theusualsuspects for their support with this video!
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Tire Stickers goldRush Rally 2015 - Launch
the goldRush Rally is a automotive lifestyle rally which starts in San Diego, CA and ends in Miami, FL. More information on the rally can be found on the goldRush website: www.goldrushrally.com The tire letters in the video are Permanent Tire Stickers available from www.TireStickers.com Don't forget to follow us on social media! Instagram - https://instagram.com/tirestickers/ Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/tirestickers Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/b/117458624840203066736/+Tirestickers/posts
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Buffis 101 practicing with Tire Decals™
A short video of the KB 101 practicing with new yellow Tire Decals™ on his tires. Tire Stickers offers premium quality stickers, decals, and labels for tire sidewalls. Tire Decals http://www.tirestickers.com
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Konnor Buffis - Pro AMA Motocross Rider Hits 100 f/t Jump
AMA Pro Motocross rider Konnor Buffis riding at his private sand track having some fun. Tire Stickers http://www.tirestickers.com
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2011 Motocross Crashes - HD - AMA
A video of the 2011 AMA motocross crases throughout the season. Watch these crashes happen in both the 250 and 450 classes. Motocross crashes of the 2011 season, enjoy :) http://www.tirestickers.com TAGS: 2011 Motocross Crashes HD Villopoto crash Reed crash Dungey crash Supercross worst motocross crashes 2011 video Tire Stickers
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Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner Review
Thanks to Dean from Tire Stickers Australia for this quick review of our Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner for permanent raised rubber lettering. This is the only approved product on the market to ensure your tire lettering will stay clean for the lifetime of the tire!
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