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Tupperware Speedy Mando
What do you get when you combine SPEED with PRECISION? You'll get Tupperware's latest innovation - the all-new SpeedyMando of course! Introducing the fastest kitchen helper you’ll ever need to achieve thin, even slices in a blink of an eye.
Tupperware FreezerMates - Fresh as First Frozen
Meat frozen in FreezerMates stay fresh and juicy. It provides the perfect solution as it seals in the freshness and reduces contamination - all while keeping food fresh as the day it was bought.
Cookies made easy with Tupperware Fusion Master
If you’ve been using your Tupperware Fusion Master to mince meat and fish for your family, now you can make cookies using with the cookie insert attachment. Watch this video to learn how.
An innovative mincer from our contemporary Tupperware collection that is a must have essential in any modern kitchen. The FusionMaster™ Mincer is the first step to creating simple, healthier, more enjoyable meals in your home. Featuring an easy to use, turn-handle design that takes the effort out of mincing, the FusionMaster™ Mincer not only makes mincing a variety of ingredients easy, but also infuses them with fresh, unique flavours with the additional function of the ability to also mince herbs, fruits and vegetables into bespoke meat dishes you create. You can mince, cook and bake a variety of customised dishes from sausages, pastas, pastries and more, the sky is the limit with the FusionMaster™ Mincer in your kitchen and is a cooks best friend in creating unique, delicious food.
Tupperware JUIST
Splash into delish! Eliminate added sugar and preservatives by making your own juice with Tupperware JUIST. Boost immunity and improve vitality with wholesome foods. Discover new-found wellness— drink to your good health! Quickly and easily extract pure juice from fruit.
Grains of Love by Tupperware Brands
Cherish your mom’s enduring love and sacrifices with the perfect gift, the #TupperwareRiceSmart A must-have for every home, the RiceSmart preserves the freshness of rice with the first-in-first-out rotation method to nourish families at every meal. Stylish and compact, it complements any kitchen and is the best choice for any family! SAVES SPACE: Slim and compact design. Fits 10kg rice. SEE-THROUGH WALLS: Always know how much rice you have left. ALWAYS FRESH: First-in-first-out freshness ensures old rice is used before new. ONE SLIDE = 1 CUP: Dispenses exactly 1 cup (150g) of rice with every slide. PERFECTLY SIZED: Fits easily even in narrow spaces. Now, you can dispense fresh rice without spill and contamination.
Basic Bread Making Recipe
Fast & Easy Recipe featuring Tupperware® Season Serve Marinades make food taste great, but what a mess they can be. No more, thanks to Tupperware innovation! Put meat or vegetables in the container, pour over the marinade and close with top cover. Special grills on top and bottom not only ensure marinade flows, they also give the extra push to help knead your dough. A long-time favorite! Basic Bread Making Recipe 1st Pack Ingredients 125g Bread Flour 8g Active Dry Yeast 45g Caster Sugar 2nd Pack Ingredients 100g Water 10g Whip Cream 50g Egg 3rd Pack Ingredients 125g Bread Flour 4th Pack Ingredients 35g Butter 3g Salt Method 1. Place 1st Pack Ingredients into Tupperware® Season Serve. Using a spatula, mix the dry ingredients well. 2. Add 2nd Pack Ingredients, mix and blend well into a smooth paste. 3. Once paste is formed, add in 3rd Pack Ingredient to form into dough. Hand knead continuously without stopping for the first 5-7 minutes. Continue to knead until dough is smooth. 4. Once smooth dough is ready, add in 4th Pack Ingredients to combine into dough, knead to form non-stick dough. 5. Proof dough for 45 minutes. 6. Decorate dough with Sausages, Ham, Mayo, Cheese, Nutella, Chocolate or whatever that you can find in the fridge! 7. Pre-heat oven. 8. Gently brush the dough with Egg Wash before sending it into the oven to bake for 23 minutes on 170°C heat. 9. Enjoy your freshly baked, homemade bread from the oven! 
TupperChef Black Series Cookware
Tupperware's Black Series Cookware dramatically improves the most important aspects of your cooking experience. It features the longest-lasting non-stick coating in the market, so your cooking and cleaning will be such a breeze. So versatile you can use it on any stovetop and even the oven. Whether you're looking to fry, sear or roast, you can rely on the best of our series - the Black Series Cookware. Visit: http://my.tupperwarebrands.com.my/blackseries
Yummy berries ice cream with Tupperware FreezerMate and Turbo Chopper
Making ice cream is as easy as ABC with the Turbo Chopper and FreezerMate. Simply freeze fruits in the FreezerMate overnight and then chop the frozen fruits in the Turbo Chopper. Add condense milk or milk powder to taste. Viola! Moms approved. Kids love! #healthyrecipe
Tupperware Mini Thermal Flask
Meet these colorful and cute Mini Thermal Flasks that lets you keep beverages hot or cold up to 6 hours! What's a great drink to keep in it? Of course it's no other than our favourite morning cuppa coffee! Americano, Ice Latte: you name it. Use these flasks to keep it chilled all day long.
Nuttilicious Lava Cake
Whip up your very own molten lava cake using our Speedy Chef. It is unbelievably easy and yummy!
2018 Nano Nature Water Filtration System
Through a 3-stage naturalisation process, NNWF not only filters away 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, it also works hard to remove impurities, VOCs and chlorine, while enhancing water with several natural minerals from the bakuhan-seki rocks, certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health for it’s therapeutic healing properties.
Tupperware FoodieBuddy
Never leave home without your trusty FoodieBuddy. Now you can bring your fave lovingly cooked, home made meals and eat well, anytime, anywhere.
JUIST to Great Health with Pomegranate Juice!
CAT 2, 2017 Promotion (13 Feb - 31 Mar 2017) Featuring: 1. JUIST - processes all kinds of fruits with soft & juicy texture 2. INSULATED STRAW TUMBLER - double-walled design keeps drinks cold for hours 3. CLEANING BRUSH - ergonomic & helps remove fruit fiber easily
Make Oreo Ice cream using the Speedy Chef and FreezerMate
Now you can DIY yummy, healthy Oreo ice cream at home. Moms approved, kids love it!
Tupperware Twinkle Tup
The Tupperware Twinkle Tup is designed with your kids in mind. Ergonomic, food-grade and color-safe, you can have peace of mind knowing you're providing your kids with the best eating and drinking containers.
Tupperware Snowflake Set-of-8
The Tupperware Snowflake Set-of-8 comes in multiple sizes for your to store and enjoy a cool feast anytime.
Tupperware Speedy Chef
The Speedy Chef is the complete whipping and whisking kitchen aid. It beats, whips and whisks cream, egg whites, pancakes, omelettes and mayonnaise faster and much quicker and quieter than an electrical beater. Prepare whipped cream for decorating cakes and desserts. Add flavourings such as vanilla essence through the funnel. Prepare light pancake batters, omelettes, mousses and other whisked desserts. Prepare light mayonnaise or dips. Remove the cover and whisk in your favourite freshly chopped herbs and flavourings. Prepare wonderfully light sponge cakes, pavlovas and meringues by beating up egg whites in the Speedy Chef.
Steam It
Check out Tupperware's revolutionary steamer.
The Juist is the go-anywhere, personal juicer. Can be used to juice fruits for one person or make fruity-licious ice tups. There are 2 ways to juice – the collar with the juicer side facing up can be used to juice citrus type fruits, or the reamer component can juice chunks of fruit by flipping the collar. The 120 degree function/key allows you to close, open/pour and strain for extra convenience. Dimensions: 500ml fill capacity (300ml juicing capacity) D 11.5 H 19.4 ~ Learn more ~ Malaysia: http://tupperware.ipapercms.dk/Tupperware/Malaysia/2017/campaign-5-2017-1-jul-13-aug/?page=18&ref=yt Singapore: http://tupperware.ipapercms.dk/Tupperware/Malaysia/Singapore/singaporejulaug2017/?page=19&ref=yt
Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen supported by Tupperware Brands
Ah Boys to Men: Frogmen brings Singapore’s favourite recruits back to the days before enlistment in ABTM1. Instead of reporting to Pualu Tekong, the Ah Boys are posted to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU). Returning to active duty are familiar characters – Ken Chow, the spoilt, rich kid, who tries to 'keng' his way out of NS. Wayang King, the officer wannabe, whose over-enthusiasm creates more problems for his section mates. Lobang King, the street-smart wheeler dealer, out to make a quick buck off his section mates. Joining them is new face Hei Long, an aggressive gang leader, who prefers to talk with his fists instead of his mouth. Together, these ragtag band of misfits must somehow survive 40 weeks of hell. Do they have what it takes to become one of Singapore’s most fearsome military units – the frogmen? Visit www.tupperwarebrands.com.sg or www.facebook.com/TupperwareBrandsSingapore or call 800 601 1345 for more information.
New Catalog | 1 - 31 Jan 2019 | Malaysia
Spring into the new year with our brand new catalog that's guaranteed to preserve freshness, joy, and traditions.
Chocolate Mousse made easy with Tupperware Magic Towers
Impress and wow your guests with this simple chocolate mousse recipe. Here's how you can cook like a chef!
TupperChef Inspire Fryer & Celebrity Chef Eric Teo
Recipe: Pan Seared Cajun Marinated Bonesless Chicken Leg with Assorted Capsicum & Red Onions
Tupperware Thermal Flask recipe : Easy ABC Porridge
ABC porridge without cooking? It's possible with the brand new Tupperware Thermal Flask. Simply put in ingredients and boiling water and leave overnight. Next morning.... yummy ABC porridge! Watch and try!
Easy 10 Minutes Butter Cake
Fast & Easy Recipe featuring Tupperware® UltraPro™ Loaf Pan - Made with Exclusive Lightweight Material - Suited for Temperatures between -25°C to 250°C - Saves Time & Energy through “Stack & Tandem Cooking” - Optimized Cooking, Heat distribution & Humidity Regulation for Oven & Microwave - Neat & Compact Storage Home cooking is the way to go! Preparing most of your meals at home helps train your diet towards a healthier flare of low fat, salt and sugar level intake. It is also an obvious way to help you save money! More importantly, cooking isn’t rocket science; with the right combination of cookware and recipes, you’ll get to create delicious meals effortlessly. Tupperware® UltraPro™ will change the way you cook! Start preparing and cooking your meals using the Tupperware® UltraPro™, the new revolutionary workhorse in the kitchen that is made to cook, freeze, store and serve up deliciously healthy food. The Tupperware® UltraPro™ allows you to experience the “Tandem Cooking” technique, which comprises of starting the cooking process in the microwave and finishing it in the oven to get a lovely crispy golden brown layer. The technique helps retain nutrients and moisture of the food as cooking time is reduced. Cleaning up now is fuss-free as the cookware is versatile for storing, cooking and serving thus heavy washing is not required.
2018 November Treats | Tupperware Brands Malaysia
November just got more fun as we are rolling out more treats! Get started early on year-end gift ideas cause we have everything you need. You can start your shopping right here: http://tupperwa.re/mynovtreats18
Tupperware® Croissant Party - Asian Pastry Skin
Tupperware® Croissant Party - Asian Pastry Skin Ingredients : 500g Plain Flour 1 tbsp Sugar 50g Rice Flour 1 tsp Salt 50g Tapioca Flour 48g Cooking Oil 4 tbsp Margarine / Planta 12 tbsp Ice Cold Water Equipment : Croissant Party Method : Mix Plain Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Sugar, Salt together in a bowl. Add in Margarine, cooking oil and mix until margarine has broken into rough pieces. Add 6 tbsp Ice Cold Water, mix until the water has been absorbed by the dough, and add the remaining 6 tbsp Ice Cold Water. Pour the dough on cool working top. Combine the crumbs together and form them into a dough. Wrap the dough with cling wrap and refrigerate it for 1 hour Roll the pastry skin into a flat piece. Place Croissant Party (16 cuts) at the bottom of the pastry. Roll out individual triangle shape. Deep fry the triangle pastry skin until golden brown. Serve with spiced tomato dips.
Orange Zest Ogura Cake
A Happy Wife, A Happy Life
So, when you have a big house and a big kitchen, what do you do with all those space? How do you keep your kitchen clutter-free? Actor/tv host Nazrudin Rahman shares about what makes his wife happy, which makes him a happy man. So what's the secret? Click to watch
Tupperware Blushing Pink Collection
The Blushing Pink Collection is just perfect for you to store your festive treats fresh and crisp! Plus impress and serve your guests in these lovely printed mugs.
Coffee Ice Cream
Fast & Easy Recipe featuring Tupperware® Speedy Chef Whisk and whip egg whites, cream, pancakes, mayonnaise and batters 5 times faster than an electric beater. This highly efficient food preparation tool operates quietly and has a large 1L capacity. It has a transparent base so you can observe and monitor its contents during the whipping process. It's anti-skid base ensures stability on your counter top. It has no blades, so it's a great one for the kids to use and is compact for easy storage in the pantry or fridge.
Tupperware Brands Malaysia Campaign 8 | 13 Nov - 31 Dec 2017
Tis' the season to be gifting and why not give your favorite people the best gift of all? Perfect for holiday entertaining and gifting, our plethora of products have you covered. There’s a gift for everyone.
Make Delicious Homemade Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) by Tupperware Brands
Recipe Video featuring TupperChef™ Inspire Fryer & Tupperware® Extra Chef! Seasoning: 1 tbsp Corn Flour 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 15ml Hua Tiao Chew 15ml Sesame Oil 15ml Light Soy Sauce Ingredients: 1 Piece Chicken Breast, cut into chunks 12 Pieces Prawns, medium-sized 1 Snack Cup Spring onions 1 Snack Cup Black Fungus, thinly sliced 28 Pieces / 100g White Dumpling Skin 3 tbsp Oil ½ Snack Cup Water Preparation Method: 1. Add in chicken breast, prawns, spring onions, black fungus, corn flour and oyster sauce into Tupperware® Extra Chef. 2. Using the measuring funnel, add in light soy sauce, sesame oil and hua tiao chew. 3. Start mincing the ingredients by pulling the cord horizontally. 4. Wrap fillings with white dumpling skin. Cooking Method: 1. Pre-heat TupperChef™ Inspire Fryer on medium heat for 1 minute. 2. Grease the fryer with oil and wait for 1 minute before adding the Gyozas into the Fryer. 3. Cover lid with an open valve for 5 minutes then pour in water. 5. Cover lid with closed valve and turn the heat off for 5 minutes before removing lid. 6. Gyozas are ready to be served.
CNY Good Neighbours Video
It's always nice to foster good relations with your neighbours. You never know what awesome tips they will share with you! Check out the hilarious advice Mary gives Suzie this lunar new year season! Visit www.tupperwarebrands.com.sg or www.facebook.com/TupperwareBrandsSingapore or call 800 601 1345 for more information.
Tupperware Limited Release Snowflake Square Round Set
Seal in the freshness of your home-cooked meals, and enjoy it on-the-go with the dual function Snowflake Square Round Set. Snowflake Square Round Set consist of: Square Round (4) 400ml Medium Square Round (2) 800ml Shallow Double Square Round (1) 600ml Double Square Round (2) 1.3L Gift Box
Presidential Director Norlia Sobori & Mohd Farid Nazmi Mansor
Untuk menampung kos sara hidup yang semakin meningkat, pasangan muda ini telah mencuba pelbagai bisnes untuk menambahkan pendapatan. Tetapi tiada yang berhasil sehingga mereka menyertai bisnes Tupperware Brands. Bermulanya sebagai suri rumah yang tiada apa-apa sehingga suami turut terjebak serta sanggup berhenti kerja sebagain kakitangan kerajaan. Mereka berjaya mencapai tahap Presidential Director dalam masa 6 tahun sahaja. Tumpuan 100% kepada perniagaan Tupperware Brands telah merubah kehidupan mereka sekeluarga 360 darjah serta mengembalikan Farid kembali ke tempat kelahiran asal selepas hampir 30 tahun merantau.
Orchid Elegance One Touch Set
Nothing beats the taste of freshly baked treats. With the Orchid Elegance One Touch Set, you can be sure that your goodies stay fresher longer in just one touch this Ramadhan. Seal in for the freshest flavor today! Promotion valid from 1 - 31 May 2017 Find out what’s new in Tupperware Brands @ http://tupperwa.re/whatsnew

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