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Compuserve 2000 running on Windows '98 in 2012
My 1999 Gateway (Model: TB3 Essential 500 running Windows 98) with Compuserve 2000. This video started while I was trying to figure out a local Bulletin Board dial-up number to demonstrate my Tandy 102's TELCOM software and modem. I got side-tracked. I remembered I had Compuserve software on this old computer. The 102 video will have to wait a few days.
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Teac Open Reel Cassette: Part II
In the first TEAC cassette video I uploaded the other day I had used a method of unscrewing the cassette case to load the spool in. A viewer pointed out that I didn't have to do that. I took another look at the hardware and came up with another solution. Part 1 video: http://youtu.be/tHJEIg9V5wQ Keep reading: If you would likt to see another odd type of cassette cartridge system check out my video of the Audio Craft CC1 loading system here: http://youtu.be/973m3JnXA7Y
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Seiko Sportura Honda F1 Chronograph SLQ023J
A quick look at a 2007 Seiko Sportura Honda F1 Chronograph and its Honda F1 gear ratio wheel.
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Tandy 102 Portable Computer
I fire up my late 1980's Tandy 102, do a little Basic and find it has a Y2K bug. See video part II about saving files to a TRS-80 cassette at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd0iqUp96Qo
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How To Load & Unload The Audio Craft CC-1 Cassette Cartridge
The Audio Craft CC-1 cassette cartridge system was an alternative to buying complete compact cassettes; just buy cassette cartridges and switch them in and out of a housing, saving space and money. Teac's Ocasse system I demonstrated in 2012 was similar but used a different method. I don't show it in this video, but you could continue to play all of one side, flip the cassette and play the other side (23 min./side), but you'll still need to remove the cartridge the way I demonstrate when you're finished if you want to switch cartridges.
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RCA "Mark 8" 8-Track Changer AM/FM Radio
Checking out an RCA 8-track changer, probably from the 1970s. It still works pretty well after all these years.
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ND filter on a Polaroid SX-70
Add a 2 stop neutral density filter to your SX-70 so it can expose 600 speed film correctly (or a 1 stop filter for the ISO 400 PX70 color film introduced June, 2011): Use the accessory holder instead of a permanent lens-mounted filter, pack filter or physical meter modification.
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Polaroid's ProCam & 1200FF Cameras (Spectras)
Checking out a couple of Polaroid cameras that use Spectra-type film but don't look much at all like a "normal" Spectra camera.
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RCA in Indianapolis: Dust to Dust
The Sherman Drive complex in Indianapolis was one of RCA's main consumer electronics manufacturing plants for decades, employing over 8,000 people at one time. The largest building on the site has recently been demolished with more to follow.
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Teac Open Reel Cassette System
Demonstrating my YouTube thumbnail image. A TEAC system of interchangeable cassette reels. UPDATE: After making this video a viewer pointed out that I didn't have to unscrew the cassette. I took another look at things and figured out an easier way that I show in a short Part II video here: http://youtu.be/v61yPIfbVJw
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1976 17" Sony Trinitron KV-1741R
A Sony Trinitron KV-1741R from 1976. It works fine after 37 years. At the end of this video there's a preview of the 1978 Panasonic PV-1100 VCR that I got with the Trinitron from an estate sale. It will get its own video soon. I've uploaded the Panasonic VCR video. Watch it here: http://youtu.be/vSBPBjCd8u0
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Nikon R10 & R8 Super 8 Film Cameras
Some of the features of two Nikon Super 8 film movie cameras from the mid-1970s.
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Edison Voicewriter Dictaphone: Part II
I wonder about those center holes in the Edison Voicewriter discs and try to record on one and play it on a turntable. Watch Part 1 (Jan/2012) here: http://youtu.be/Ic_JTliRAHU
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Mint Flash Bar for Polaroid SX-70
Trying out the new electronic flash bar by Mint from The Impossible Project for use on SX-70 cameras.
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Sony GV-D1000 Video Walkman
Looking at a 10 year old portable Sony MiniDV player/recorder
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Honda EU2000i Portable Generator
Doing my pre-winter "ice storm/power out" readiness check on my Honda generator.
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1950s Edison Voicewriter Dictaphone
I try out a 1950s Edison Voicewriter dictaphone I bought at an auction. Plus: see part II where I record onto a new disc and play it on a Technics turntable. http://youtu.be/ZplS5z-Zc2w
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Hamilton Electronics Classroom Phonograph, Model 910
A no-nonsense, functionally designed 4-speed phonograph that was used in many classrooms in the 1970's and 1980's.
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50th Anniversary of Compact Cassettes. My Norelco Carry-Corder 150 Kits & Accessories
I display my Carry-Corder 150 kits and accessories. Philips introduced the EL-3300 (The Pocket Recorder) and the tape cartridge it used which became known as the Compact Cassette on the first day of the Berlin Radio Fair which ran from August 30 - September 8, 1963, so today marks the 50th anniversary of what became known as the Compact Cassette. The upgraded EL-3301 was released by Philips/Norelco in the U.S. in October, 1964 as the Carry-Corder 150. Eventually a newer EL-3302 version was released and I believe it was sold until about 1974. These are the kits and accessories I have, there are probably others I'm sure. I also have some "single" 150s - no boxes, etc. like the odd Norelco EL-3300 I made a video of last year and several other later models. Eventually I'll get around to making videos of the complete kits and demonstrating the accessories too. If you would like to watch my video where I demonstrate my original Philips El-3300 Pocket Recorder follow this link: http://youtu.be/Nd0CkQA8ZrE
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Let's Redeem My 1967 Top Value Stamps
Before we got reward tags on our keychains scanned and got our credit card points, we filled small books with stamps we got from purchases at local stores and took the full books to a local redemption center or mailed them in after selecting from the catalog.
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1976 AT&T / ATC Deco•Tel Chestphone
One of AT&T's "Design Line" telephones from the mid-1970's. This was made by Western Electric in Indianapolis. It was sold by American Telecommunications Corp. too as Deco•Tel.
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1995 Radio Shack SCR-50 Radio Cassette Recorder
A mini-boombox-style unit from Radio Shack that cost $50 in 1995. All of my other radios are so old they don't have the extended AM frequencies allotted in the USA around 1993. The SCR-50 can receive up to 1710 kHz, even though I don't receive anything at that frequency. Stay tuned at the end for a very short preview of a future video.
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KOSS Cassette Tape Head Electronic Demagnetizer KED/1
KOSS's battery-operated tape head demagnetizer fixed into in a cassette shell for easy use. Demonstrating in a Yamaha KX-W900/U cassette deck.
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1974 Philips N2209 Cassette Recorder with AV Sync
Looking at a 1974 Philips Cassette recorder made in Austria, I think for the German market. Automatic record level control and capabilities for syncing tones with a slide projector.
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Philips & Norelco EL-3300 Cassette Recorders (1964)
Examining two early cassette machines made by Philips. One is a straight-up Philips machine (week 10, 1964), the other is badged as a Norelco (week 42, 1964), odd because the common understanding is that Norelco cassette machines started with the 2nd generation EL-3301.
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1970 Panasonic SD-84 Stereo
The SD-84 is a Panasonic SE-840 without the fancy "Sonisphere" speakers. It took me a while to figure that out and I still tend to call it an SE-840. I got it at an estate sale for $10 and am pretty happy with it.
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Shintom VP-5000 Portable VCR/TV
A portable VHS VCR and 5" color TV unit that weighs 30 pounds and I think is from 1987. It looks great works well for its age. A day after I made this video I figured out how to open the case and made a video of the inside: http://youtu.be/ZC1QRyJgAS0
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Speed Check: Ward's Airline Cassette Recorder
Using a MS8268 multimeter's Frequency Counter (Hz) with a Montomery Ward Airline Gen 3937A cassette recorder from 1980. When I made this video thought it was from 1974. I found it later in the 1980 Ward's Catalog. The test tape is from Electronix, 1994.
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1959 Hasselblad 500C: Music To My Eyes
A musical tour of my Hasselblad. A video response to pdexposures' Hasselblad 500C/M video "Dat Hass" at http://youtu.be/p5DOxJf4tE8 Royalty-free music "Orb of Envisage" from DanOSongs.com
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1949 Westinghouse Mobilaire Fan #16MA2
A nice vintage fan that you could have had Westinghouse demonstrate in your home "back in the day."
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1980 Sony Trinitron KV-9400 9" Color TV
I bought this 1980 Sony at an auction super cheap thinking if it didn't work I could use a couple of the channel numbers for a 17" 1976 Trinitron I have that's missing its "2" and "3". But now I might just leave them alone. It was made in Japan.
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Fujifilm Instax 500AF Instant Camera
Review of the Fujifilm Instax 500AF camera and some comparisons with the Fujifilm Instax 210 camera.
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Penncrest 20" Box Fan. Reversible/Thermostat. #9714
A great-looking Penney's fan model #9714 from 1966 that works well too. I didn't know when it was made or the model number when I uploaded this video years ago, but viewers have since let me know in the comments - greatly appreciated. It was an estate sale find for $6.
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DigitNow! Cassette/Radio 2 USB/SD Recorder
If you've ever wanted to see how these cheap little recorders selling everywhere perform, here's your chance.
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1978 Panasonic PV-1100 VHS VCR
A nice 35 year old VCR from Panasonic. I got it with a 1976 Sony Trinitron I made a video of here: http://youtu.be/qf2kcQWxY_g
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1982 Panasonic Travelvision TR-1020P 1.5" TV/Radio
I don't have a way to get a signal into the little crt so I improvise and use it as a slide viewer. The AM/FM radio works fine and the old Ni-Cad battery still can go for about 15 minutes on a charge.
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1990's Electro Brand 5" B+W TV Model 327K
Watch the video about a 5" TV that can operate on batteries and has AV inputs - a combination I can use. And save the ketchup for your fries.
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1982 Worldstar Multi-Band Receiver MG-6100
This is an analog radio with a digital display of the frequency. It has a signal strength and battery life meter. It receives AM, FM, CB, SW, TV, PSB, Weather and Air bands. It also has a PA function, two FM presets and a back-light. One of its two antennas is dedicated to the CB band. There are two prominent metal handles along with a strap. It can operate on batteries or AC. It was made in Hong Kong.
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Polaris Snowmobiling: 1978 Eagle River World Championship (Super 8 Film)
Demonstation of a Chinon SS-1200 Super 8 projector: A short film by Polaris on the 1978 World Championship and its 3 riders: Steve Thorsen, Jerry Bunke & Todd Elmer I'm not a snowmobiller, actually I don't think I've ever seen one up close, but after watching this movie I found this interesting web page about the Polaris 1978 snowmobile team. It doesn't mention Todd Elmer for some reason though. http://timebendergarage.com/rxl-history.htm
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5 all-new Columbia Radios for 1961
Looking at Columbia's 1961 radios. I spend more time on the C-605 AM portable made by Grundig because the others have already been on my channel (links to those earlier videos are below). The C-625 and C-611 table radios are from Matsushita. The Triumph III AM/FM/SW is a Nordmende, and the Transistor Convertible is another Grundig. Some of these radios came in alternate colors and were rebadged as other brands as well. Links to the earlier "complete" videos of these radios: The C-625 (largest radio) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqONDYhjaBo The Triumph III AM/FM/SW Portable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJWqGzVuW34 The Transistor Convertible (with dock) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YONWlsl54zU The C-611 AM/FM Table Radio It's video #4 in this 5 Videos in 5 Minutes Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak8ItGNF6BI
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1971 Fisher RC-80B Stereophonic Cassette Deck
The Fisher RC-80B is historically important as an example of a first "audiophile" cassette deck - one that had both chromium dioxide (type II cassette) and Dolby capabilities. The Advent 201 still gets that credit usually because of its more reliable Wollensak transport mechanism, even though it followed the Fisher to market. Here's a link an earlier more complete video about the Panasonic SE-840 stereo used in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmvoT7O4ycI
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Tandy Model 102 Computer and CCR-81 Cassette Recorder
Part two of my videos on my 1980's Tandy Model 102 computer. In this video I show the 102 connected to the Tandy CCR-81 cassette recorder. I show how to back up a file to a cassette, how to delete the file from the 102 and how to reload the file from the cassette back-up. See Part I video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq33oocHYEE
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1960 RCA Victor 1-Tube Record Player
This is RCA's 4-speed record player 1-EMP-2K from 1959/1960 I think. This example could use a couple of new filter capacitors and maybe an idler wheel refresh.
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1968 Voice of Music "Mobile-Corder" #762
This V-M cassette recorder uses a Philips EL-3302 chassis but doesn't have any of the usual Philips markings on it. Maybe V-M bought the chassis' and assembled them in the USA using PEMCO housings? V-M's Mobile-Corder was introduced in late 1967 early 1968, but this one might be from 1971. My eyes jumped to the wrong conclusions: It was going to Veronda's not Veronica's. Veronda's Music is still in business!!
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I Use Vinegar to Clean Alkaline Battery Corrosion
I get a lot of old items that run off alkaline batteries that people left the batteries in for years and they leaked badly. Rather than scrub off the corrosion with a brush, I use vinegar to just dissolve it off.
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1972 Numechron Clock #579034
This clock looks a little like a television. Had I been more observant when I bought it I would have noticed the very fine print on the label that pointed out a bulb wattage. You have to stick your fingers inside to set the flip-digits. The motor might be several years older than the clock itself since it has an older postal zone on it while the clock label has the modern zip code.
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1968 Philips Stereo Receiver 22RH786
A vintage Philips receiver made in Finland. I uploaded a video about a similar receiver, a Philips 22RH781, last year although it was badged as a Norelco 786. I compare them in this video.
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1966 Mercury TR 8000 Cassette Recorder (Philips EL-3301) Belt Replacement
I take a non-working 1966 cassette player/recorder by Mercury (Philips), clean out and replace the dissolved belts and test the unit. Specs: 3 pounds. Operates at 1⅞ i.p.s. Philips (Holland) was the parent company of Mercury and introduced the compact cassette format in Europe in August, 1963. Mercury introduced this recorder in 1966 (possibly also sold as The Recordamatic) for $90 ($575 today) and followed soon after with two "home console" stereo units. It became the first music label to release some of its catalog on the "compact cassette" format in the USA in July, 1966 when it released 49 prerecorded stereo titles including music from: Johnny Mathis, Roger Miller, The Smothers Brothers, The 4 Seasons, Leslie Gore, Nina Simone, The Platters, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Jerry Lee Lewis, Oscar Peterson (my personal favorite!) and many others along with a selection of classical works, movie soundtracks, and others. UPDATE: I shouldn't have been so quick in assuming the microphone wouldn't work and not trying te TR 8000 with batteries. It works fine with batteries which meant I could try out the complete microphone and remote. THEY WORK!! I don't know what that missing post on the microphone plug does, but whatever it does, it doesn't seem to effect anything. Both recording and remote use are excellent!
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My Weigh UltraShip 55 Scale
A quick look at My Weigh's "Ultra 55" scale I'm using to determine package shipping weights. Of course I weigh a vintage Bell & Howell cassette recorder and a Polaroid 600SE camera....just because.
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Sanyo Turbine Rotating Louver Fan EF-360
An interesting 3-speed Sanyo fan with both English and Japanese writing on it. The louvers rotate, the feet prop up and it looks like it can be wall-mounted. Not for use in windows. I'm not exactly sure when it was made but I found a Sanyo fan as from 1980 that showes and describes what appears to be the same fan, but with a different model number
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