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HUNK STUD *Intro* The  Art of Being A Gentleman: Blondes Prefer Gentlemen by Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks launches a new series, "The Art of Being a Gentleman in the 21st Century" inspired by a free ebook someone brought to my attention. Get your own copy http://artofmanliness.com/wp-content/free_ebook.PDF For manly style tips from other men: http://www.gqrules.com/ We're going to have fun. Send me your concerns and your questions, guys. Ladies, pass this along and let's spread the love! Also, be sure to share with me what YOU love in a gentleman.
A Tribute To A Gentleman: Mr. Hollick
Mr. Hollick is a remarkable man and I wanted to send out a ZING to him because I caught him being extraordinary not once, but over and over again. Thank you for leading us by example. "Keep On Filming". Subscribe for FREE to Mr. Hollick's channel: http://www.youtube.com/MrHollick
UP Disney/Pixar 3-D Movie Review One Woman's Opinion
WOW I would nominate this for a CAMIE Award if I could, it's replete with a wondrous look and deals with thoughtful life themes like true love, the elderly, pursuing one's dreams, the fatherless, loyalty, death, and single motherhood in a beautiful way. A masterpiece by Disney/Pixar.
Fiddler On The Roof  Review & Tribute To Topol-- OUT & ABOUT:  One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
My blog: http://diannehanks.com This performance of Fiddler On The Roof was electrifying and moved me to tears several times. "Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears" . ~Edgar Allan Poe My special "Tresses For Topol" rollerset and top ten signs you need a hair makeover: http://diannehanks.com/2009/08/26/tresses-for-topol-ten-signs-you-need-a-hair-makeover/
Movie Review My Sister's Keeper by Dianne: One Woman's Opinion OUT And ABOUT
Dianne's review of: http://www.mysisterskeepermovie.com/
Steak Corral Restaurant Review -- One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Out & About
Dianne's Blog: http://diannehanks.com Dianne reviews Steak Corral, the last remaining one! 11605 E. Washington Blvd. (562) 692-7129 Open Daily from 11 am - 9 pm, Fri and Sat until 10 pm.
"Extraordinary Measures" Movie Review-- One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Out & About in Downey, CA
Dianne's Blog: http://diannehanks.com Dianne reviews "Extraordinary Measures". Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUCXtdTlUrk Based on the true story of John and Aileen Crowley, who finance a cure for a rare disease that is killing two of their children. The REAL John Crowley story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDaG53ajp5c
MAN SMELLS: Another Law of Attraction *Lesson23* Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Dianne discusses the importance of being mindful of man smells--Another LAW OF ATTRACTION; colognes, aftershaves and testosterone to express your personality and increase your attractiveness. Choose clean smelling scents that enhance your clean cut grooming. Man alive this is one unseen element of attractiveness that is off the charts magnetizing if one smells yummy and off the charts repelling if one smells icky. Don't pick something overpowering. Manly Winning Scents: Domain a cologne by Mary Kay Acqua Di Gio by Armani Mens Fragrance: How To, Where To, How Much http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr-TQiaDDoM&feature=related http://www.fragrancetalk.com/ This guy is so great with this.
Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Lesson 10 Addictions: Alcohol Pornography Smoking Gambling Addictions strip a man from living his highest, happiest life by ensnaring his self-mastery. It's a lie that addictions can help you escape your problems, because it just compounds them. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous: http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/steps.html To Quit Smoking http://whyquit.com/ Gamblers Anonymous Questions http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/20questions.html SONG: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqv-2emERFw
Coco Palm Restaurant Review--OUT & ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
Dianne's blog: http://diannehanks.com Coco Palm in Pomona, CA http://www.cocopalmrestaurant.com/
First Date Taboos *Lesson17* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Taboos on a First Date: All are directly about respect. 1) Never talk on your cell phone or text. Never. Ever. EVER! 2) Keep your wheels clean, fit for royalty, for indeed, that is what your date is. 3) Eat healthy food when dining out. Can't believe I forgot to mention these! 4) Never talk about your EX. 5) Never talk about SEX.
Once, Twice, Three Times a Gentleman
A real gentleman is a gentleman when no one is watching and defends a woman's honour no matter what. Thanks to Bob Burg for sharing the story about his dad. You'll LOVE it! http://www.burg.com/blog/ On Facebook and Twitter as Dianne Hanks and on BlogTV as Sunshine Dianne On Twitter
Claim Your Royal Birthright -- Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring for the Art of Manliness
http://diannehanks.com Dianne, the Blonde, has another mini-lesson in the Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Series. This one is an inside job.
North Woods Inn of Covina, CA Restaurant Review by Dianne One Woman's Opinion OUT And ABOUT
Beyond fabulous, enjoy a succulent steak and potato meal, complete with tasty salads and cheese bread that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! http://www.clearmansrestaurants.com/northwoods/
BJ's Restaurant Review:-- OUT & ABOUT:  One Woman's Opinion
Enjoy my review of BJ's Restaurant*: http://www.bjsrestaurants.com *UPDATE:From a viewer: did you know the pizookies raise money for cystic fibrosis? Its a disease that has no cure. You can read all about it at cff.org. Its what my nephew has, and what i have a tattoo on my back fornot the best decision (tattoo) but the disease is something people need to know more about. If you go to the bathroom [in BJ's] it explains the CF disease right Read More outside the bathroom [at BJ's] and explains that all the Black and White pics on the walls are taken by CF kids. I love BJs Restaurant for giving proceeds to it and supporting the cause for the cure! Benj and i go there A LOT to get a pizookie!!! Sad, that most people still dont know that BJs gives so much to CF. They cater every event too.. YUMMY! DOWNEY, CA Location: 251 Stonewood Street Downey , CA 90241 562-231-0820 562-231-0825 FAX Stonewood Center Chicken Lettuce Wraps Santa Fe Spring Rolls Tuscan Tomato Bisque Pizookie for Dessert! Wedge Salad
P.F. Chang's China Bistro Review -- OUT and ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks offers one woman's opinion about her dining experience at P.F. Chang's in Chino Hills, CA, address and link below: What was ordered: Chang's For Two Menu Upgraded the soup to wonton soup from the choice of soups on the menu and added a side of lo mein noodles with firecracker sauce (not on the menu). At first the waitress said that was not a dish, but checked and brought it. Appetizer we chose: Eggrolls, fresh and delicious. The sauce for dipping was tangy and sour and sweet, very tasty. Main Courses we chose: Orange Peel Chicken and Honey Chicken Dessert Shots we sampled: Strawberry Cheesecake - Delicious Chocolate Cake Our hostess was darling as was our server. The decor was appropriate for a China Bistro, immaculate floors, etc. Makeover Recommendations? Fresh flowers at the tables http://www.pfchangs.com/ Chino Hills 3445 Grand Avenue Chino Hills, CA 91709 Phone: (909) 590-8250 More with Dianne: On facebook "Dianne Hanks" http://www.makeoversession.com http://www.youtube.com/makeoversessions http://www.youtube.com/5awesomeoptimists http://www.youtube.com/BlondesPrfrGentlemen http://www.youtube.com/BookofMormonReader
YIELD YOUR SEAT A Manly Art *LESSON 6* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Thanks to Zefanius, we have a scope on being a gentleman, regardless of whether a woman behaves like a lady or not. Yielding one's seat, for example on public transportation. The Legend of Johnny Lingo, part 1: watch for the difference in how Mahana's father treats her vs. Johnny Lingo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-PLyy0XM3Y You never know, but for abuse, neglect, poverty, or ignorance why a woman does not behave like a lady. Your treating her like one just might be the spark that ignites the desire in her to behave like the lady you ache inside for her to be.
Donna Summer Concert Review: OUT & ABOUT:  One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
http://diannehanks.com 09/25/09 Los Angeles County Fair
Hip Kitty Jazz Club and Fondue Fabuloso: OUT & ABOUT:  One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
View pics on Dianne's blog: http://budurl.com/gfnd Enjoy my review of a cool cat of a place, Hip Kitty in Claremont, CA http://www.hipkittyjazz.com/ The band we saw: http://profile.myspace.com/swinginsophisticats Oh, the fabulous fondue menu: http://www.hipkittyjazz.com/hkmenu1.pdf
"The Proposal" Movie Review TWO Women's Opinion OUT AND ABOUT
Two thumbs UP, way up! Go see it again and again and plan on adding it to your collection!!! Directed by: Anne Fletcher Starring: Sandra Bullock Ryan Reynolds Mary Steenburgen Craig T. Nelson Betty White Denis O'Hare Malin Akerman Oscar Nuñez Official Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPgZcW8MCaA Internet Movie Database Profile: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1041829/
El Ranchito Restaurant--OUT & ABOUT:  One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
Avila's El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Review by Dianne --Out and About: One Woman's Opinion Check out more info on my blog: http://bit.ly/3CrRhk Phone: 949.644.TACO http://www.avilaselranchito.net/locations2.htm Address: 2744 E. Coast Hwy Corona Del Mar, Ca 949.644.TACO
The Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch Review-- (Cal Poly, Pomona) OUT&ABOUT:One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
My blog: http://diannehanks.com The Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch at Cal Poly Pomona http://www.csupomona.edu/~farmstore/
Bed and Bath LINENS *Lesson22* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen-Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Quality bed and bath linens are one earmark of a true gentleman. http://www.josephwinans.com/photos/furniture/Stickley_PrairieKingBed_5020.jpg Indulge in the luxury of sleeping and bathing well with quality linens. A high thread count indicates the softness when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets. Launder them once a week, perhaps the pillow cases more.
GROOMING HEAD TO TOE A Manly Art *LESSON 7* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
From lickable teeth to suckable toes: Head-to-toe grooming for gentlemen; The Art of Manliness in the 21st century with Dianne Hanks For some more tips on trimming unwanted hair: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip_150/184b_fashion_advice.html For another style of the same message: This cracked me up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0t53ycwZ9c&feature=channel
INTELLIGENCE & PROFANITY *Lesson 5*Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring w Dianne
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks shares another lesson in her Blondes Prefer Gentlemen series, "The Art of Manliness" Intelligence and Profanity. A provoking expose' on bad words, cussing, and profanity: ENJOY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJC6-LMN4KU
CLOTHES THAT FIT *Lesson27* Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Gentlemen are mindful that their clothes fit well...
T.I.P. = To Insure Promptness  Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Mailbag
Ever wonder where the word TIP came from? http://budurl.com/ltlp plus other great dining out TIPS. TIP = To Insure Promptness From my mailbag: Hi Dianne, I wanted to share this........ TIP...if I may In the 70's I became much more involved with the tremendous influence of positive thinking, motivational speakers( Best in this country), and personal development. One of these men was Mr. Jim Rohn. He taught me that the word Tip meant......" To Insure Promptness " In essence one should pay a generous Tip before the meal, to make sure your server was aware of the level of service expected. He said a gentleman would NEVER take a chance of inferior service on his date. It is advice that has not let me down. Most the arrangements can be handled beforehand, and not necessarily at the table. Also, I added my own touches to this great advice. As I will order flowers to have at my table, with a card, and small gift to set the ambiance that I want around my personal table. It is always fun to see the expectation in the eyes of the staff, as to who is this special lady that deserves( having so much fun making a fuss over), so much preparation, and attention to detail. Just my two cents........ Best Regards, Mike
ADDICTIONS ; P*rn*gr*phy Alcoholism *LESSON 10 +* Pt 2 of 2 Blondes Prefer Gentlemen by Dianne Hanks
Get your own copy http://artofmanliness.com/wp-content/free_ebook.PDF Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Lesson 10 with Dianne Hanks Addictions: Alcohol Pornography Smoking Gambling You're not alone if you suffer from addictions,that's why there are such 12-step programs for your assistance in overcoming. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge http://www.amazon.com/Wild-Heart-Discovering-Secret-Mans/dp/0785268839 HELP FOR SEXUAL ADDICTION RECOVERY http://lifestarsocal.com/get_help_now/get_help_now.htm MOVIE: FIREPROOF http://www.fireproofmymarriage.com/ GREAT SONG from Rascal Flatts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwQhOpWcf4A&feature=related
For Better or Worse [Part 2]
My Grandma and "silly" Grandpa share some of their secrets to a long-lasting happy marriage. Since 1941! Filmed June 28, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCj0T5zxwAM
Salt Creek Grille Review--Out and About: One Woman's Opinion by Dianne Hanks
Dianne's review of a darling one-of-a-kind restaurant http://www.saltcreekgrille.com in Dana Point, CA on the corner of Crown Valley Parkway and Pacific Coast Highway. Delicious, beautifully presented, healthy food and good service. Stop by if you're in the area and let them know I sent you.
Relationship Readiness: Becoming "The ONE" vs. Looking for "THE ONE" *Lesson31*
My blog: http://diannehanks.com Lots of nuggets in this one! Enjoy. (5:30) "Do your future person in your life the honour of preparing your life in such a way that when she comes, you're ready for her -- you're ready to scoop her up and run off into the sunset."
COMPLIMENTS The Art of Manliness *LESSON 8* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Dianne Hanks shares a lesson on how to give a compliment in the Blondes Prefer Gentlemen series, The Art of Manliness. A compliment is supposed to make its recipient feel good, right? Give one that is sincere, specific, and that won't embarrass the person if said in front of others.
Philadelphia Lawyer Play Review: One Woman's Opinion OUT & ABOUT with Dianne
Go SEE THIS Play If You are Local To Southern California! You won't be disappointed. Playing Friday, Saturday, Sundays through Auust 9, 2009. STAGEStheatre presents: Philadelphia Lawyer by Arthur Kraft A time when taking the stand meant life or death Directed by: Rayanne Thorn 400 E. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 525-4484 Reserve your tickets online at: http://www.stagesoc.org
Flung Into Princehood: Lessons from "The Frog Prince" for Real Men from a Real Woman
http://diannehanks.com Get the love you want FINALLY. Don't take any crap, it doesn't do either of you any favors.
A Gentleman I Know--Dave Hennessey (Part 3/3)
My friend Dave is a gentleman in so many ways. I am so glad he could share his spirit with me and with you, along with his willingness to continue learning and growing.
First Time Visiting the HOLLYWOOD Sign: One Woman/One Man's Opinion OUT And ABOUT, Dianne and Dave
The HOLLYWOOD SIGN is an icon to all who live outside the USA, funny how we who live right here don't go to see it, so I thought I would accompany my friend Dave who wanted to bring pictures of him there to his new Chinese students abroad in China. DIRECTIONS TO: Hollywood Reservoir: Take US 101 to the Barham Blvd exit. Follow Barham to Lake Hollywood Drive. Turn right and follow the street around the reservoir. Turn left at Tahoe, right on Canyon Lake and go up the hill past the dog park. This is the closest you can get by car. Our photo shoot: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=94524&id=511572837&l=a666697919
Powell's Sweet Shoppe--OUT & ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion by Dianne
My blog: http://diannehanks.com Powell's Sweet Shoppe http://www.powellsss.com/go/index.cfm watch the video!!! Remember yesterday in a cloud of sweeeet nostalgia as you step back into time as you experience the fond memories of candies of your childhood.
Mothers and Gentlemen
http://diannehanks.com Gentlemen know how to honour their mothers.
BE ing vs DO ing*Lesson25* Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Who you ARE is so much more than what you DO. Don't just LOOK amazing, BE amazing.
LITTERING & THE LAW  *LESSON 9* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Dianne Hanks shares another Gentlemen Lesson on leaving a place and/or a person better than when you found it/them.
Disneynature"Earth" Movie Review  -- OUT and ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks shares her experience just having watched Disneynature's "Earth". Totally spectacular and I recommend it wholeheartedly. The awe of creation and nature was just breathtaking. The music was appropriate and the sound was delicious. Taking us from season to season month to month continent to continent was awe-inspiring. Watching the comedy and drama of nature was enough to make one feel how NOTHING they are compared to the vast universe of creation. What a treat!
MUSCLES *Lesson26* Personal Tutoring with Dianne
A manly man is mindful of his muscles for many reasons....
CARRY TISSUES  *Lesson28* Personal Tutoring on The Art of Manliness  with Dianne
This one's pretty simple guys, carry tissues for yourself and women to dab runny noses or watery eyes. Handkerchief days may be passe or even not sanitary, but tissues, thumbs up on that.
FLOWERS A Manly Art *LESSON 3* Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Personal Tutoring with Dianne
Get your own Manly Guide FREE: http://artofmanliness.com/wp-content/free_ebook.PDF Every Gentleman understands and appreciates the value of communicating with flowers, along with the power of communicating and giving life around you beauty and power of flowers to communicate and give life. It's appropriate to bring flowers to ANY occasion. For hints on what flowers mean, there are resources online to teach you. For manly style tips from other men: http://www.gqrules.com/ For a fun flowers personality quiz: http://www.blogthings.com/whatdothefl... For exquisite floral couture, my favorite floral artiste: http://www.youtube.com/user/brassavolas
Easter Sunrise Service Review -- OUT and ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks offers one woman's opinion about her experience at Easter Sunrise Service in Forest Lawn - Cypress, CA, address and link below: http://forestlawn.com/About-Forest-Lawn/Locations-and-Directions-Cypress.asp Look at the mosaic and the fountain in the front. Kudos to the event coordinator, a man who has been in charge for 42 consecutive years. He did a remarkable job of being thoughtful of all the details; Parking attendants in the dark, amazing sound, flowers for the choir, heavenly doves to accompany, and a little paper towel to wipe the damp seats. Bravo bravo bravo. It's worth getting up for once a year! Southern California Mormon Choir http://www.socalmormonchoir.org/ Makeover Recommendations: fix the fountain in the front, everything else was stellar!
"Knowing" Movie Review  -- OUT and ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks offers one woman's opinion about her experience at the movie "Knowing" http://knowing-themovie.com/ More with Dianne: On facebook "Dianne Hanks" http://www.makeoversession.com http://www.youtube.com/makeoversessions http://www.youtube.com/5awesomeoptimists http://www.youtube.com/BlondesPrfrGentlemen http://www.youtube.com/BookofMormonReader
"Fast and Furious" Movie Review Pt  2 -- OUT and ABOUT: One Woman's Opinion with Dianne Hanks
Queen of makeovers Dianne Hanks offers one woman's opinion about her experience at the movie "Fast and Furious" http://www.fastandfuriousmovie.net/ This is a PS and a laugh at what happened AFTER the movie...enjoy. Despite amazing sound, cinematography, hot women, fast pimped out cars, and a rock hard body from Vin Diesel, the gratuitous inappropriate scenes and the F word were enough to disqualify receiving an endorsement from Dianne. They detracted from the movie and made me not able to recommend it to my kids or my parents. Come on guys, stop wrecking a movie with that stuff! One scoop of poop ruins a whole batch of brownies. More with Dianne: On facebook "Dianne Hanks" http://www.makeoversession.com http://www.youtube.com/makeoversessions http://www.youtube.com/5awesomeoptimists http://www.youtube.com/BlondesPrfrGentlemen http://www.youtube.com/BookofMormonReader
Carrying Books *Lesson30* Personal Tutoring on The Art of Manliness with Dianne
Partial Lyrics from Franki Valli's "My Eyes Adored You" ...My eyes adored you Though I never laid a hand on you, My eyes adored you Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see How I adored you: So close, so close and yet so far away... I have to tell you this story, because I know you will appreciate it My daughter Emily is turning 15 in October. She always says that boys arn't polite. Although she does have a few friends (of course from church) that are. Well yesterday was her first day of high school. She didn't have all of her books in her locker yet. One of her freinds (a boy) she hasn't seen in a while asked her if he could help carry her books. When I picked her up from school yesterday, she said she was "nervous all day, didn't know where all her classes were and Mom, my friend I havn't seen in a long time saw me. He asked me if he could carry my books. Mom that was so nice. So I gave him my books and we walked to my next class together. He was so nice mom. I wish more guys were like that." Someone taught him right :) I wish I knew who he was. I would like to thank him for being polite. Carried your books from school, Playing make-believe you're married to me: You were fifth grade, I was sixth When we came to be Walking home every day over Barnegat Bridge and Bay, Till we grew into the me and you Who went our separate ways
Blondes Prefer Gentlemen - Personal Tutoring For the Art of Manliness by Dianne
http://diannehanks.com for more FREE tutorials on being a man REAL women want.
Pumping Gas *Lesson29* Personal Tutoring on The Art of Manliness with Dianne
Nothing sexier than a man pumping and paying for a woman's gas, is there? Such a thoughtful gesture is really really appreciated.