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Set up a Domain on the Vesta Control Panel with special name servers, DNS on Ubuntu 14.04
In this video we will create and configure both name servers and DNS for the vesta control panel. (Please note: I have two separate videos that cover creating domain names in the vestacp.com control panel: one where your VPS company provides DNS and the other where it does not. This is the one where it does not.) If your host/company from whom you purchased your VPS or server account does not provide DNS services you need to configure them yourself. This video will show you how to create name servers at your registrar, and hostnames, which you will then use inside your vestacp control panel to create the domain name.
(UPDATE: see comments, NO BITCOIN HERE!)2018 Hong Kong Bitcoin ATM, i found it quite straightforward
(UPDATE: On November 19th or 20th I tried to buy bitcoin as I had done here many times over the last three years, and to my surprise: THEY NO LONGER SELL BITCOIN! The machine is now only selling Litecoin, and ... as I remember Dogecoin or something like that. If you want Litecoin go here but .... for the life of me ... there is absolutely no way to purchase bitcoin here anymore!!!! sorry guys ... and sorry for me too!) I've used this particular ATM on numerous occasions. Here is the address: MongKok Shop, WPlaza, Shop 322, 3/F, President Commercial Centre, 608 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong, Open 24/7 (Hong Kong, China). 这就是在尖沙咀 "Nathan" 街608号。 If you want to know how to buy bitcoin in Hong Kong this video will show you how easy it is. Take some cash to the bitcoin ATM in the video. First select that you want to buy bitcoin. Then hold up your wallet's “receive" QR code for the ATM to scan. Then insert a 500 note. This particular ATM now accepts only a minimum of 500 Hong Kong dollars per transaction. That is, you can't buy less than $500 HKD per transaction. I used this ATM three years ago and you can watch a video I made at that time on a different youtube channel of mine which I don't use much anymore: https://youtu.be/W-DBRhDad3E Where to buy bitcoin in Hong Kong? You can bring cash to this ATM and get bitcoin in Hong Kong, it's that simple (although you will need to buy your bitcoin in Hong Kong dollars, this bitcoin ATM only accepts HKD as the currency). For a website design company Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
How to Install the Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu 16.04 at Digital Ocean
Here is a link to the installation script itself (or you can go to www.vestacp.com/install): https://pastebin.com/qqsrYME5 This is my second of two versions on how to set up the Vestacp.com control panel on Ubuntu: but this time it shows you how to do it when DNS services are automatically going to be provided by your VPS company, in this case I used Digital Ocean. In this situation your name servers will be provided by digital ocean (normally ns1.digitalocean.com etc.) and thus DNS service is being provided by DigitalOcean.com directly and there is no need to configure DNS, nameservers, or create name servers/hostnames at your domain name registrar.
Install a free SSL Certificate on a Domain in Webuzo (using Let's Encrypt) Centos 7
This video will show you how to install a free Let's Encrypt ssl certificate on a domain in the Webuzo control panel. The key is that you must purchase the license. I will also show you how to update and refresh your license key for the webuzo control panel.
13 - create a database and user in PhpMyAdmin, using MAMP
This video will show to create a database in PhpMyAdmin using MAMP. We will also create a user and grant that user all privileges to the database. Make sure to specify "localhost" and not the wildcard % character. This will help you solve the "mysqli::mysqli() Access denied for user" error when connecting to your database.
Vesta Control Panel - Install Wordpress on the Vestacp Control panel on Ubuntu 14.04
This video will show you how to install Wordpress in the Vesta control panel, using Ubuntu 14.04 (although it should work fine for Ubuntu 16.04 as well). Note also that you need to give permissions to the "admin" user as well otherwise you will not have "write" permissions on the wp-content directory. The script I show in this video will fix the permissions problem. You need to also create a database inside your vesta control panel and remember the username and password that your wordpress installation will use as it's MySQL database.
Install an SSL certificate on the Vesta Control Panel itself, both Ubuntu 14.04 & 16.04
Please see the PINNED post in the user comments below ... it is some help from one of the developers on the Vestacp team. See below "Dpeca". (first you need to login as root to your server, down below you need to replace yourdomain.com with yours, you can read more about the script below here: https://forum.vestacp.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12617) Here are the three (3) commands you need to execute in order: wget http://dl.mycity.tech/vesta/generate_ssl -O /usr/local/bin/generate_ssl chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/generate_ssl generate_ssl admin Yourdomain.com This video will show you how to install a free SSL certificate (using Letsencrypt) on the Vestacp control panel domain or subdomain itself. I will be using Ubuntu linux 14.04 as the operating system but it works the same on 16.04. This way you can access the control panel over https and not http.
Pay your Vultr.com hosting with Bitcoin, web hosts that accept bitcoin
For me I wanted a VPS service provider which accepts bitcoin. I've found a good one with https://www.vultr.com. If you are looking for a web host that accepts bitcoin: vultr. How to pay for a server, dedicated server or vps account with bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Vultr is a webhost which accepts bitcoin. They also accept payments using Alipay 支付宝 which is nice except for one thing: you can't use "international" Alipay accounts you need to be a local Chinese National ID holder. For a website hosting and development in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
Install the Sentora control panel at Digital Ocean on Ubuntu 14.04, 2017
This video will show you how to install the sentora control panel on ubuntu.
How to Login to PhpMyAdmin on the Webuzo Control panel 2018
The trick is locating the password for the root use on mysql. This video will show you the location of the root user password for mysql on the Webuzo control panel so that you can login to Php my admin. (phpmyadmin). Can't login to phpmyadmin on webuzo? Do you have login problems for phpmyadmin on webuzo? This video will help you solve those problems.
Brief Tour of a Computer Repair Shop in Hong Kong China
This video, shot in Hong Kong in April 2018 gives you an idea of just how limited space is in Hong Kong. Most computer repair shops in America have far more space to work on that in Hong Kong. What is the computer repair business like in Hong Kong.
Install an SSL certificate on individual domains within your Sentora Control panel
WARNING: YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE VIDEO THAT SHOWS YOU HOW TO INSTALL IT ON THE CONTROL PANEL ITSELF FIRST BECAUSE THERE ARE A FEW THINGS LIKE APACHE MODSSL THAT YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE ETC (follow the video below first): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xf1PZjGI0I&t=602s Here is the link to the text which I mentioned in the video, you can modify it with your own domain name, then copy/paste it into your control panel at the place indicated in the video: https://universityofphp.com/domainssl.txt How to install an ssl certificate using letsencrypt on one of your individual domains existing within your Sentora control panel.
systemctl reload sshd - command not found error
I discovered that Ubuntu 14.04 does not yet contain/possess the command systemct to reload the ssh daemon. In version 16.04 it is present but not by default in 14.04. So, if you're reluctant to change/upgrade your system you can use the command: service ssh restart Now, there are a few other commands that ostensibly will also do the job but a stackoverflow user with VERY SUBSTANTIAL reputation points (and a PhD in cryptography as well!) indicates that in certain situations the commands below in fact do not suffice to properly reload configurations: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart you can also use this: /etc/init.d/ssh reload For a web and app developer, designer in Shenzhen, China or Shanghai: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
How to Set up a Domain on the Webuzo Control panel (2018)
This video will show you how to set up and configure a domain name on the Webuzo control panel. This domain will not yet be encrypted with an ssl certificate. But you first need to add a domain inside the control panel before you can add an ssl certificate. I used Vultr (Vultr.com) as the VPS service provider. It is easy to configure DNS from within the Vultr hosting control panel.
1 of 3: Install PhpMyAdmin at Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 16.04, year 2017
How to install PhpMyAdmin at DigitalOcean.com? If you are using Ubuntu (regardless of whether it is Ubuntu 14 or 16.04) this video will show you how to set it up.
How to Install the Webuzo Control Panel on CentOS 7 (2018), using Vultr
This video will show you how to install the Webuzo control panel on CentOS 7 while using a VPS account with Vutr. (Vultr.com) I have installed the webuzo control panel at a number of different hosting and VPS account service providers. I really like Vultr as a Web host and hosting company. At any rate: enjoy! The webuzo control panel is very easy to use. For a website designer in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
5 - change css properties with jquery, change the border and background
You can change and modify the border and background CSS properties using jquery's ".css" method. This video will show you how to: a) change html element's appearance with jquery, b) make webpage objects move across the screen by adjusting the absolute positioning properties left, right, top, and bottom. You can then "animate" CSS properties to give the appearance of movement.
1 of 4 - Get Set up at Digitalocean.com
This shows you how to get initially configured at digital ocean. I'm a web designer and developer in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
how to create terminal (shell) shortcut command
You can create simple shortcut keys or commands that you have customized yourself to use in the shell/terminal. If you are on a Mac you need to edit your .bashrc file. You will find it in your main user directory. To get there enter this command at the command line: "cd ~". I'm a web designer and developer in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
Disable root password login via SSH
After installing your public and private keys so that you can login via that method without using a password, we need to disable the ability to login via ssh using a password. I'm a web designer and developer in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
Install an SSL certificate on the Sentora Control panel at Digital Ocean, on Ubuntu 14.04, 2017
Here is the link I mentioned in the video with the text you can copy/paste : https://pastebin.com/FrdXB4KV When you use Sentora the panel subdomain should have an SSL certificate installed on it.
Web Host that Accepts Bitcoin: Namecheap.com, Pay for Your Web Hosting with Bitcoin
In this video I quickly show you how to pay for your web hosting with bitcoin. You can also pay for domains at namecheap with bitcoin. I used Breadwallet in this transaction but I have also used the Airbitz bitcoin wallet in the past. I have played around with a number of different hosting companies which claim to allow you to use bitcoin to pay for your domains and VPS accounts, but I have found that Namecheap.com and Vultr.com are best for this (although Vultr does not sell domains). I have bought many domains through Namecheap using bitcoin. For a web host in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
1 of 2: Hosting in Hong Kong through Aliyun.com, Where to Host Your China Website
The fastest way to create a website for China (and/or Chinese customers) is to get set up in Hong Kong. There is no ICP license (Internet Content Provider) required to create a hosting account in Hong Kong, and with a cloud service provider such as Alibaba's Aliyun you get fast page load speeds for users in China. If you have a website designed for Chinese customers (users located in mainland China), you may be asking yourself: Should I get hosting in China or hosting in Hong Kong? I do website design and development for China, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com
14 - how to replace one part of a string with another in javascript
This video discusses the javascript string-related function: .replace(). How do you replace one part of a string with another string in javascript? How to manipulate strings in javascript? How can we substitute one string for another in javascript? This video answers those questions regarding javascript's string methods.
6 - Javascript & jQuery for Beginners: change images by modifying source src attribute
Here is the code used in this script (no download needed): https://pastebin.com/9f8J8suh And here is the CSS file: https://pastebin.com/C9paC6T0 This video will show you how to switch or change images by modifying the "img" tag's source attribute. The jQuery syntax for this is: .attr() and then place the attribute name and the new value for the attribute.
Change your nameservers at Godaddy.com; name server configuration at Godaddy
While this is primarily directed at my own clients, I thought others may be able to gain some benefit from it. One thing I thought of, though, in retrospect is: I should have shown how to get to the interface where the video starts, ie the domains interface. So, first click on the "my domains" tab or the "manage domains" tab. This video answers the questions: How do I change my nameservers at godaddy.com.
3 - Understanding the global POST array in PHP
How do you create and use arrays in PHP? What is the $_POST array? How do we use the isset() function in a PHP webpage? This video answers these questions.
Set up Air Drop with Bluetooth Sharing on Two Macs, Apple Mac sharing
Want to share files between two Macs? This video will show you how to configure bluetooth sharing between two Apple Macintosh computers using bluetooth pairing. You need to go into your system preferences and go to the SHARING icon/button. Then click on the bluetooth pairing check box. Air drop (or Airdrop) is a useful tool that will allow you to share files between two apple devices including using airdrop with your mac and iphone. It should not matter which kind of device you're using: a mac mini, a mac air, imac, or mac book pro. This also works with OS X Yosemite, Sierra and macOS.
Installing the ssh-copy-id command on a mac using Homebrew
PREQUISITE TO SETTING UP PUBLIC AND PRIVATE KEY ENCRYPTED LOGIN VIA SSH. Mac computers older than macOS Sierra often do NOT have this command installed. So, you need to get access to this command which will install your public key up on the server you want to login to. You can install it using the custom Macintosh package installer called "Homebrew". If you don't already have Homebrew installed you NEED it so you can get it now here: https://brew.sh/ After you have homebrew installed you can use this command to install the ssh-copy-id linux command on your Mac: "brew install ssh-copy-id". After finishing that you should go back to my video titled “SSH Login using public and private keys, encryption” and follow those steps outlined in that video. I'm a web designer and developer in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
ssh - creating two 2 public private key pairs for two computers
You might want to have two separate computers at home that you will use to log into your server, and you also want to use "passwordless" public-private key pairs on those two different home computers to login to your server. This video shows you how to do that. You should watch this video in conjunction with my previous 3-4 videos on the subject of using public private key encryption through ssh to login.
SSH login using public and private keys, encryption
One of the reasons one should use this method of logging into one's server is that you can set it up such that you don't need to enter your password every time. Another reason is security: this can prevent brute force attacks against your server as the root user. Here I show you how to set this up using a Mac (Macbook Air) as the client computer and I am logging into a DigitalOcean.com server/droplet. First you need to generate a key on your local client computer using this command "ssh-keygen -t rsa". Next you need to copy the key up to the server. There is a special command for that which SHOULD be available on your mac but if it is not just check back or leave a question on the comments. You do that by using the following command: ssh-copy-id [email protected] I'm a web designer and developer in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
13 - Basic CSS menu, Part A, floats and clearfix with li and ul elements
When learning how to do web design and development it is good to start by building things from scratch. Here I show you how to build a basic menu for a web page using css3. We also address the problem of "float" and the need to "clear" items that follow those which have been floated. Here we deal with the ul and li tags of the menu and use a "clearfix" - clear: both and the pseudo element :after
How to watermark an image in PHP
SOURCE CODE IS BELOW: (remember, the code below expects a .jpg image, not a .png or other ... you can modify it... just watch how in the video...full working code used in this video is here: https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com/imagehandling.txt ) We often want to add a copyright symbol or other information to an image so that either are rights are protected or we otherwise allow future viewers of the photo (including if it is copied/swiped and reposted elsewhere, or circulated among others) to know the origin/website. We can do this by using PHP's gd extension to add a watermark to an existing photo or image. Shenzhen, China and Shanghai web design company (app developer): https://www.anamericanwebdeveloper.com https://www.domingodev.com Shekou and Nanshan apartments in Shenzhen for rent: https://www.apartmentforrentinshenzhen.com
15 - multiple dropdowns; changing one dropdown menu based on change in another in Javascript
Here is the code used in this video: https://pastebin.com/n89uLDKu And here is the CSS file I used: https://pastebin.com/Su5uRU0S How do you change one dropdown menu based on selection in another dropdown menu? When we use multiple dropdown menus (or select menus, that have option tags) we can use two jquery events to handle changes: the .change() method or the .on('change' method. If you use a newer version of jQuery you may discover that the .change method is not working. Watch this video to find out how to fix this problem related to manipulating select menus in javascript, jquery and node.js.
6 of 6: Baidu Webmaster Account Setup
This video will introduce you to what this series on Baidu account series covers. SEO及网页设计在中国,国内,国外搜索引擎
1 - Basics of HTML5/CSS3: MAMP helps you get started
When you start out learning web development and design you are going to need to set up a local development environment. MAMP is an absolutely terrific choice to help you configure your local development environment. MAMP stands for Macintosh Apache MySQL and PHP.
How to Delete or Erase Part of an Image in Photoshop CC 2017/2015
This video will show you how to get rid of or delete part of an image. We will use the eraser tool to erase things you don't want in your graphic or image file. It can be a .jpg, .png or .gif or any kind of image with any file extension (well almost). This is a tip or trick for web devs or web designers or developers.
Install the Vesta control panel when you configure DNS on your server, on Ubuntu 14.04
Here is a link to the installation script itself (or you can go to www.vestacp.com/install): https://pastebin.com/qqsrYME5 I have two videos on this subject: this one deals with setting up the vestacp.com control panel on your server when you handle the DNS yourself. That is you will create nameservers and hostnames and configure that at both your domain registrar as well as inside your vesta control panel itself. My other video deals with the situation where you have DNS services provided for you, for example by your VPS provider such as Digital Ocean. This example sets up vestacp control panel on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.
Used Mac Pro tower from Taobao.com
This was $415 USD (2700 renminbi/yuan, which is Chinese currency) on Taobao.com. What do you guys think? It has two processors and 16gb of ram. I am really pleased with this used Mac Pro tower. Buying 2nd hand/used products on China's online shopping platform Taobao can yield some great results/deals! Tell me what you think. I regularly buy both new and used computer parts on Taobao (淘宝). 在淘宝买二手电脑零件。 https://www.DomingoDev.com
2 of 2: Hosting for China: Hong Kong Aliyun Server - Page load speed in Mainland china
In this video I show you how fast a video file loads in my browser while in Hong Kong. After setting up this website on my Aliyun.com server I turned off my VPN and browsed to the homepage of my website based in Hong Kong to test how fast a page with a video file would load in my browser. As you can see it loaded very quickly indeed. Where should I host my Chinese website? I you have a website that is designed for Chinese users you may wish to host it in Hong Kong. This video will help you when you make decisions about hosting in China and hosting in Hong Kong, China.
9 - Use PHP and jQuery's AJAX methods to upload an image, and submit a form
Here is the link to the main webpage code: https://pastebin.com/K0KtR8h6 And here is the link to the backend script: https://pastebin.com/k6VX42RW And here is the css I used: https://pastebin.com/GpCqstFw How do you use PHP, jQuery, and AJAX together to upload a picture or photo? This video will show you how to use jQuery's .ajax() method (function) to send form data from the browser back to your server side script or program.
8 - How to Create a sliding banner with javascript and jQuery
Here is the code for the slider: https://pastebin.com/tLQ7kefT And here is the code for the CSS used with the slider: https://pastebin.com/uHpCX0cP You will need to create an images folder and then add images 0.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and 4.jpg This video will show you how to use javascript and jquery to create a sliding banner at the top of your webpage that will change after a few seconds. That is the images will rotate after a certain period of time. In this video I use such javascript and jquery functions as: setInterval(), z-index (a css property which can be used to show and hide images in a banner), as well as the "addclass" and "removeclass" functions in jquery. You can use jquery's functions to add and remove css classes.
12 - find a character at a particular index in a string in javascript
This video discusses how to find a character within a string at a particular index in javascript. You may wish to discover what character exists at a certain index point within a string. The javascript .charat() function can help you manipulate strings in javascript.
Introduction to Baidu's Version of Google Analytics: Baidu "Statistics"
Here are the four characters I mentioned and which were shown in the video: 百度统计 在十五分钟以内注册一个新的百度统计的账户。我的视频也会教你应该把代码放在哪里。This video will show you how to register a Baidu “statistics” account (equivalent to a Google Analytics account) and where/how to insert Baidu.com’s javascript into your pages even when: a) you’re not a developer and just have a do-it-yourself website, and b) you can NOT read Chinese. I hope you enjoy the video! My video also shows you where to put Baidu.com's javascript code. You put it in the "head" section of each webpage you want to record statistics for. Needless to say, this will also lead to Baidu being more likely to index any such page that includes the code. Does Baidu.com have it's own version of "Google Analytics"? Yes, they do and this video will show you how to set up an account with "Baidu Analytics". 怎么注册一个百度统计的账户? 我帮你设置一个吧!百度统计类似于“Google Analytics".
2 of 2: PHP gd extension for image handling
Here are show you the functions for performing the following tasks in PHP: change the size of an image in php, get image type, get image width or height, convert an image from one format to another in PHP, get the MIME type of an image in PHP.
11 - use Javascript to create a "Loading" image to display to the user during upload
This video will show you how to create a kind of progress bar or temporary image to display to the user during a file upload which may take some time. Here I use javascript to modify the CSS properties of a Fontawesome spinner icon (using CSS animated icons by Fontawesome.io).
6 - Basics of HTML5/CSS3: using pseudo classes and multiple classes, mouse hover
You can give an element in your webpage multiple css classes. A pseudo class, such as the "hover" behavior when the mouse cursor is positioned over an element, often refers to an event or behavior that occurs in a webpage.
5 - if/elseif/else statement in php, conditional statements in php
This video shows you how to use the "if else if and else" statement in php. This is also called a "flow-control" statement. It will check for the truthfulness of a variable or set of variables.
How to Setup email on the Vesta control panel, including a web mail client
What if you want to create email boxes and setup email addresses with the Vestacp control panel? This video will show you how to configure email services and mailboxes using Roundcube on the Vesta control panel using Ubuntu 14.04, althouth Linux Ubuntu 16.04 works the same way.
3 of 6: Baidu Webmaster Account Setup
This six part series covers the set up (how to create) Baidu's version of Google's search console. To some extent I will compare SEO on google to SEO on Baidu.com. 网站优化,百度的索引。了解百度。

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