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For The Men Part 2
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How To Get That $70,000 (DOLLARS)
Ladies please Stop DEVALUING ur Vagina...!!! Give it to the ONLY ONE WHO IS TRULY DESERVING AND WORTHY of such a precious place....!!! AND STOP GIVING EVERY TOM DICK AND HARRY HEAD (ORAL SEX) in the car....!!!!! UR WORTH MORE THAN THAT PLEASE!!!!!!
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Sex Things... (Be like Fanta Not Kunu Akamu) Kayan Mata Intro...
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Men Turn Us To Monsters!!!!
For all the young girls that watch my vlogs, ( i did not see this coming when i started vlogging......) Im just realising that alot of young girls are interested in all i say and all i do..... Please girls take it EASY AND BE CAREFUL..... Enjoy ur youth now..... GROWING UP IS A TRAP FOR PAYING BILLS!!! HOUSE, WATER, GAS, ELECTRIC, RENT & MEDICAL BILLS!!!!!
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#LagosBigGirl Inspired by @joroolumofin
Disclaimer: All beauty Entrepreneurs mentioned in this Vlog are loved dearly. Women Supporting Women!!! With NO ulterior motives, Vlog made for Entertainment Purposes Only..........
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For The Men....Part 3
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Please watch
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Stella Dimoko vs Linda Ikeji vs Bellanaija
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Onion nipples, Bad Breath And Body Odor........
Our natural body Sweat contains sulfur compound which when mixed with bacteria from the mouth creates THIOL. This THIOL is what makes it taste like Onions........ Dont stop eating ur onions, garlic or coffee..... It has nothing to do with what we eat.......
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Dry V? Kayan Mata 1
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Finally Dropping This GOSSIP  (Tea Anyone????)
Dear ***** Your a really nice kind guy but since u think i snitched u, I MIGHT AS WELL JUST TELL THE WORLD THAT "YES" I SAW U CHEAT ON UR WIFE WITH 2 DIFFERENT LATIN AMERICAN GIRLS......!!!!!! Sorry........
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Virgin hair, the highest quality of Human Hair!!!! NOT MIXED WITH SYNTHETIC
Virgin hair extensions are 100% real human hair that has never been altered by a chemical process. Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair available on the market. This hair is expensive, yet it does last for a longer time than remy hair, making it worth the investment. Virgin human hair extensions means that when the hair is collected, it is collected from virgin hair donors. This means that the hair has never been chemically processed (no perms, hair color etc), never chemically treated, and comes from hair donors with long healthy hair. Email: [email protected] IG: @jaaruma_empire Twitter: @Jaaruma_Empire
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Why Spend Over 50 Million Naira In Dubai? When we have Yankari In Bauchi State Nigeria
Come And Explore Yankari Resort And Safari In Bauchi State Nigeria....!!!!!! cc @yankariGReserve Yankari Game Reserve.......!!!!!!
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If ur father is a nobody, NO ONE WILL MARRY U!
Just drink fura da nono, calm down, relax & really think deep and hard about it! Nowadays the RICH & INFLUENTIAL ONLY MARRY THE RICH & INFLUENTIAL! What will he or she gain from u? what are the benefits of marrying you? If ur father is a nobody, JUST TURN TO GOD &PRAY ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT FOR A MIRACLE!
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To all those who have so much RUBBISH to say about u!!! Use ur time WISELY!!!
So many people say alot of bad things about Mufti Menk so WHO ARE YOU???? Dont ever let them distract you by using your precious time and resourses on the them.
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J Elite for The Rich & Famous
To join, simply download the Jaaruma Empire App & Register
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Giving Back To Society
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The Power And Influence Of Jaaruma...!!!!
I single handedly did in 1 day what advocacy groups have been trying to do in ONE YEAR!!!!!! How J aaruma convinced Nigerians to get their PVC permanent voter card!!!!!
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Hypocrites, Paedophiles And Religion
Let us stop being so shallow minded, stop living in a box and see things the way they truly are with NO BIAS AND NO PARTIALITY!!!!!! Twitter and IG: @jaaruma_empire
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Im sorry guys i just had to do this ish for all those vlog lovers nagging me about video quality and light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tiwa Savage 1week Latest Update.......
Still on the matter.............
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The Latest Technique!!! No one can tell its not REAL!!!
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