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Blake English ( After Romeo ) - Solo Parts
just made this video - Blake English Solo Parts
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Jayk Purdy and David Lei Brandt dancing To Maybe this is love
music : Varsity Fanclub - Maybe this is love ( they changed the band name to After Romeo last year and became 2 new members, for those you don't know it! :) check them out!!! http://twitter.com/afterromeomusic http://facebook.com/afterromeo http://youtube.com/afterromeo *it's not a new video!! :)
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Jayk Purdy ( After Romeo ) solo parts
Solo Part Video about Jayk Purdy singer and dancer in After Romeo hope y'all like it :) CHECK THEM OUT!!! http://twitter.com/jaykpurdy http://twitter.com/afterromeomusic http://facebook.com/afterromeo http://afterromeoworld.com http://instagram.com/afterromeo http://pheed.com/afterromeomusic http://youtube.com/afterromeo http://youtube.com/afterromeovevo
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beFour - How Do You Do .avi
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Magic Melody.live
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jeremy sumpter
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die wilden kerle-kinotour
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Jeremy Sumpter
Musik: Hey There Delilah video made by silvana..... hope you like it!:)
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beFour-Album Medley
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Anthony & Phil Evans ( School Boy Humor ) Birthday Video
Birthday Video for Anthony and Phil Evans from School Boy Humor @schoolboyhumor @anthonyevanssbh @philsbh FOLLOW them on twitter video made by Silvana twitter: @WantedGirl94 music: School Boy Humor - Sex& Rock´n roll
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Blake English ( After Romeo )
this video is for Blake English ( @blakeisenglish ) Follow him on twitter!!:) music: Miley Cyrus - When I look at you made by Silvana ( @WantedGirl94 ) Follow me on twitter:)
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Dan Arta
Musik: Lucas Prata - I need you tonight
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Tom Parker ( The Wanted ) - Birthday Video
Video made by Silvana Twitter: https://twitter.com/WantedGirl94 FOLLOW ME Music: Miley Cyrus- when I look at you I hope you like it :)
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Video for Jayk Purdy
this video is for Jayk Purdy :) follow him on twitter https://twitter.com/jaykpurdy and his band https://twitter.com/afterromeomusic thanks for watching! made by Silvana follow me on twitter: @wantedgirl94 @jayks_juliet
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All I Ever Wanted-live
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Ding a Dong.live
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Nathan Sykes - Heart Attack
This video is for Nathan Sykes http://twitter.com/nathanthewanted Happy early Birthday :)) Hope you enjoy the video! follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/wantedgirl94 @wantedgirl94 comment, like & subscribe :) * don't own any copyrights to this song. All copyrights are owned by publisher music: Heart Attack by Demi Lovato :)
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beFour-Live your Dream
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Jayk Purdy - Better than I know myself
just made this video! hope u like it :) follow him on twitter @jaykpurdy & his band @afterromeomusic check them out on youtube http://youtube.com/afterromeo & LIKE their facebook page http://facebook.com/afterromeo ...enjoy the video ;) * I don't own any copyrights to this song. All copyrights are owned by publisher. music: Adam Lambert - Better then I know myself
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Jay McGuiness ( The Wanted ) - Birthday Video
Music: Darin Zanyar - Drowning Birthday-Video for Jay(The Wanted) by Silvana Twitter : @WantedGirl94 hope you guys like it :)
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Friends For Ever.live
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Max George ( The Wanted ) Birthday Video
Video made by Silvana Music: Hideaway by Shane Harper Twitter : @WantedGirl94 @Silvana__94
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Siva ( The Wanted ) Birthday Video
Birthday Video for @SivaTheWanted music: Shane Harper - Jump made by Silvana hope you like it! :) follow me on twitter: @WantedGirl94
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No Limit.live
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Dan Arta
This Video is Just For You Dan:) music: Don´t Judge Me - Chris Brown video made by Silvana
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die wilden kerle-kinotour 2
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beFour-No Limit
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