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how to identify PNP and NPN transistor by using the digital multimeter
you can easily identify the PNP or NPN transistor by using of multimeter.by using the concept of the resistance ratio
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how to use digital multimeter
it will teach you how to use digital multimeter to measure DC, AC, Current, Voltage, Resistane, hfe of transistor.
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how to identify base, emitter and collector of PNP of NPN transistor
you can easily identify the comman, base and emitter of PNP or NPN transistor by using of multimeter.
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how to check positive and negitive of LED by using  multimeter..
you can check the positive or negitive terminal of the LED by using the multimeter.also you can check the functionalibility of LED.
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how to identify positive and negitive terminals of LED.AVI
you can identify positive and negitive terminal of LED without using multimeter.just by comparing the structure and the length of the terminals of the LED.
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how to determine the resistance of carbon resistance using colour coding of resistance
you can measure the resistance of the carbon resistor by using the above video..it is giving the complete information of the measuring the resistance.
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