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(Old Video) Buying a JWH! #GoWild II StarStable II
Sorry the wild update was to laggy so here's an old video to make up for it!
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BUYING 3 NEW HORSES?!? || StarStable Online ||
I did only buy the horse breeds I didn't have which were those 3 so happy to have them now!! I did have a little lag that day like chat lag aswell I don't know why but it kinda affected the video a little like while buying the Hanoverian you can see the lag when I clicked "OK" for the name so but still hope you guys enjoyed see you next time!
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7 Hidden/Nice places in Mistfall || StarStable ||
Thanks for watching! Smash that Like & Subscribe button! :I don't own ANY music!: Nightcore Good Thing Nightcore Kings and Queens :Q&A: Server: Raspberry Valley :SSO Name: Frida HighHill :Recorder: Bandicam :Editor: Wondershare Filmora
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Trading (MESSED UP SOUNDS) || Animal Jam ||
Sorry for the messed up sounds I don't know what's wrong :P Hope you enjoyed see yeah next time Q&A: AJ User: autumn8877 Ever been member: Yes many MANY times :) Play anything else?: Animaljam, Roblox, StarStable. Music Outro: The Chainsmokers (T-Mass Remix) Recorder: Ice Cream Screen Recorder comes with everything I used That's all see yeah next time I plan to be active with roleplays and more for animal jam :D BYE *XOXO Smile*
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Maxing my Silver Fresian Sport horse? II StarStable Online II
Thanks for watching! I'm so happy for her to be maxed :D :I do not own music: Intro music: Nightcore All Falls Down Video msuci: Lucian - Forever (ft. Remmi) Outro music: Nightcore Ark
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11 Codes and A SECRET SHOP! || Animal Jam ||
Thanks for watching :D and if your lazy like me and don't wanna watch the video for the codes then here they are XD Codes: 1. powerbackpack 2. wildbackpack 3. heartstone 4. riddlethis 5. time2jam 6. ready2jam 7. jamaafun2day 8. aj4ever 9. getready2jam 10. paws4friends 11. ngkaj17 There you flippin go :P hope you enjoyed the video :D please like and subscribe :)
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Call Of The Alphas Pt. 2 || AnimalJam ||
Hope you enjoyed and I hope part 1 and part 2 helped sorry that I had to make a part 2 instead of it all being 1 :( Please like and subscribe Music: Avicii All You Need Is Love Outro: Alan Walker Tired
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Call Of The Alphas Pt  1 || AnimalJam ||
Thanks for watching it took me an hour to do most of this lol pt. 2 will be out very very soon so prepare lol
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Buying the newest Pintabian! || StarStableOnline ||
Thanks for watching sorry for the tiny freeze ups during the video! I do not own music :Music: Nightcore heroes
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