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Монтажный видеоролик для блока "фэшн" на ТракторТВ. :) Съемки с Коллекшн Премьер Москоу. 3-4 часа живого видео были ужаты в 5 минут. :)
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Topman Design on Moscow Fashion Week
У Вас есть уникальная возможность увидеть результат совместной работы собственной дизайнерской команды Topman, возглавляемой Гордоном Ричардсоном, сразу после презентации новой коллекции в Лондоне
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M.Rimmer - RFW 2010 Runway fashion show Moscow fashion week
M.Rimmer - RFW 2010 Runway fashion show
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Fashion fever sweeps Moscow
Moscow's gearing up for the start of Russian Fashion Week time for the countrys top clothes designers to show their stuff to the rest of the world.
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Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow
some humors ....
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Fashion on  the street Moscow
photosession Shumilo & Elagina by photographer Alexander Korobov
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FASHION FROM TUSCANY. 25.02.09 / Moscow
Fashion show «Made in Italy»: Tre B, Gallarà, Linea Fontani, Yuko, Brooklyn, NipalFontanelli, Rossi Futuring. Rucon, Sicla-Agostoni, Giabs, Macri-Aquatempora, Foce, Landi-Zerosettanta
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CPM-Premiere Collection Moscow, Fashion Exibition 06.09.09
CPM-Premiere Collection Moscow, designed for www.riamoda.ru. Russian Fashion exibition in Moscow Expocenter 06.-09. september 2009
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Дефиле на выставке Kyiv Fashion 2009 (осень)
Дефиле украинских торговых марок на выставке Kyiv Fashion 2009 (осень)
Soviet exhibition in NYC + US exhibition in Moscow (1959)
Soviet exhibition in NYC and US exhibition in Moscow (1959) Sovietska výstava v New Yorku a Americká výstava v Moskve (1959)
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Сезонная коллекция осень-зима 2006, дизайнера Алексея Залевского.Zalevskiy, UFW, Sezony Mody, Z, Zalevski, Z-Zalevskiy, winter 07, Autumn-winter 07, Fashion, Ukrainian fashion, holiday fashion week, trend, defile, models, wear, collection, fashion video, design, designer, fashion video ukraine, Залевский, Залевский Алексей, Сезоны Моды, мода, видео показа, З, осень-зима 2007, Киев, дизайн, дизайнер, одежда, Украинская неделя моды, коллекция.
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Высокая Мода-Тони Уорд .Шоу и интервью.
Высокая Мода-Тони Уорд - дефиле и интервью с дизайнером. Сюжет снят программой Алгебра Моды, ведущая и автор программы -Наталья Байсвуд. Вебсайт www.natalyabythewood.com
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Kyiv Fashion 2008 - Viva Belle
Kyiv Fashion 2008 - Viva Belle 16-19 сентября 2008 года. www.kyivfashion.kiev.ua
CURVE Fashion Show
CURVE Fashion Show
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Interauto 2009 Crocus Expo Moscow 27.08.09
Kamaz Girls
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Pinkdreams. Kiev Fashion 2009.
Показ коллекции платьев на выставке Kiev Fashion-2009
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KIds Fashion Show
Kids fashion show at 2009 Madison Chinese new year celebration.
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Moscow river from expo centre
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alan-Heaths-History-Page/173472422695696 http://www.ceepackaging.com twitter : @ceepackaging https://www.facebook.com/pages/CEE-Packaging/135108923181666 On leaving the expo centre in Moscow we have some lovely views of the western part of the city centre as well as the Moscow river. The expo centre is the allegedly the largest in eastern Europe but to be quite honest it does not look so to me (unless a lot of it is hidden somewhere). My channel on you tube : http://www.youtube.com/alanheath is one of the most prolific from Poland. There are a number of films here on the packaging industry. This is because I am the publisher of Central and Eastern European Packaging -- http://www.ceepackaging.com - the international platform for the packaging industry in this region focusing on the latest innovations, trends, design, branding, legislation and environmental issues with in-depth profiles of major industry achievers. Most people may think packaging pretty boring but it possibly effects your life more than you really imagine! Central and Eastern European Packaging examines the packaging industry throughout this region, but in particular in the largest regional economies which are Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Austria. That is not to say that the other countries are forgotten, they are not, but obviously there is less going on. However the fact that there are so many travel related films here is not from holidays but from business trips attending trade fairs around the region. In 1997 I founded Polish Business News http://www.pbn.com.pl .There are a number of business related films here and I intend to do many more on CRM (customer relations management). My blog can be found via http://www.ceepackaging.com and http://www.pbn.com.pl and contains background information and more details of many of my films. This information is in English.
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Ursula Pelt. "Magnitka" на Неделе Моды в Москве
URSULA PELT (Урсула Пелт) - голландский дизайнер, сейчас живет и работает в Англии. В 2004 году окончила Amsterdam Fashion Institute. С тех пор Урсула создала множество незабываемых коллекций, последняя из которых - 'Magnitka' S/S 09
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Czechoslovak glass exhibition in Moscow (1959)
Czechoslovak glass exhibition in Moscow (1959) Výstava ČS skla v Moskve 1959
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MARKAM fashion shows 2009
fashion shows Germany , Moscow , Tokyo
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Vanity Rich Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo
VanityRich.com attended the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo Presented by DC50TV at the Grand Hyatt in DC. A fab event filled with fashion, makeovers and beauty.
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Club Moscow / Hollywood Fashion-Tattoo (Part 2)
All photos taken at Club Moscow by me. I used to work here - almost 2 years :)
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Mariya Rybalchenko - Moscow Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway Show Video
a Rybalchenko - Moscow Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway Show Video
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Ungaro Fuchsia fashion show . Унгаро -подиумная коллекция
Ungaro Fuchsia fashion show. The episode was shot by "Algebra of Fashion' TV show- host and producer Natalie Melnikova Bythewood. Унгаро -подиумная коллекция.Сюжет снят программой Алгебра Моды, ведущая и автор программы -Наталья Мельникова
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Bikini Fashion Show - Allure - La'Daska Mechelle -roof top
Roof Top Fashion Show/ Launch party. Tampa,Fl.
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Сезонная коллекция Весна-Лето 2009, дизайнера Алексея Залевского.Zalevskiy, UFW, Sezony Mody, Z, Zalevski, Z-Zalevskiy, summer 09, Spring-Summer 09, Fashion, Ukrainian fashion, holiday fashion week, trend, defile, models, wear, collection, fashion video, design, designer, fashion video ukraine, Залевский, Залевский Алексей, Сезоны Моды, мода, видео показа, З, весна-лето 2009, Киев, дизайн, дизайнер, одежда, Украинская неделя моды, коллекция.
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Holiday Fur Fashion Show
Holiday Fur Fashion Show
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milan fashion week 2006
milan fashion week 2006
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Coppelia LTC
NYU EXPO 2009 Fashion Show, April 25, 2009
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Babytime Expo 2009 - Children's Fashion Show
Ariel is 4 years old. This is her second fashion show. Without any previous training/class. She walked by herself, this is the first time she is on a stage by her self. Baby Time Expo 2009, Las Vegas
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Lil' Miss Diva Fashion Show
Lil' Miss Diva fashion show at the Fashion Designer's Expo 10/31/09
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fashion kids 2009
Fashion Kids 2009: Ouverture: défilé des gagnants de la saison 2008
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Lauras fashion part 2
This video is where I get my clothes from. I know there are loads of other places to find plus size clothes but these places are where I shop. Please feel free to leave coments to where you shop. I am always looking for new places to find clothes. Links are below of shops I mentioned. UK sites: www.evans.co.uk www.ullapopken.co.uk www.simplybe.co.uk ww.yoursclothing.co.uk USA sites: www.avenue.com www.fashionbug.com www.catherines.com also one I didn't mention www.lanebryant.com
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Doberman in Best in Show
Doberman CJ
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Crocus Expo
Конференц - зал в Крокус-Экспо www.crocus-expo.ru Зал №20, расположенный на втором уровне третьего павильона МВЦ Крокус Экспо, представляет собой трансформируемые конференц-залы различной конфигурации (площадью от 150 кв. м до 1 800 кв. м). Конференц-залы объединены в 3 блока по 12 залов площадью 150 кв. м каждый и разделены звуконепроницаемыми подвижными перегородками. Максимальное число объединенных залов - 36, минимальное - 3. Уникальная система трансформации пространства позволяет выстроить помещения различной конфигурации и размеров. Проведение выставок, банкетов, фуршетов и прочих мероприятий возможно с использованием всего уровня или одного блока. При любой конфигурации залов в них предусмотрены системы звукоусиления, видеопроекции, синхронного перевода.
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Высокая Мода Лоренцо Рива. Couture Fashion-Lorenzo Riva
Высокая Мода Лоренцо Рива- подиумная коллекция в Милане и интервью с дизайнером. Сюжет снят программой Алгебра Моды, ведущая и автор программы -Наталья Мельникова Couture Fashion Lorenzo Riva - runway ( catwalk) on Milano Fashion week and designer interview ( in Russian) The episode was shoot by "Algebra of Fashion' TV show- host and producer Natalia Melnikova.
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Vitas - The Star (Звезда) / 2009
19th September 2009 - Dalian International Fashion Festival, China source: Vitas' Official Site http://vitas.com.ru Polish Vitas Fan Site: http://vitas.com.pl
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TAL Ugadi 2009 Kids Fashion show
TAL Ugadi 2009 - Kids Fashion Show
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Дарья Разумихина. Килим. Часть 1.
Видео с показа коллекции "Килим" сезона осень-зима 2006-07 дизайнера Razumikhina. Russian Fashion Week.
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NRG2009 SM-flower girls
nina ricci geffe bridal couture fashion show at sm bacoor on may 24, 2009. Collection of gowns for flower girls.
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Ювелирная выставка, Москва. Jewelry Expo in  Moscow
Ювелирная выставка в Москве.
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Audigier kids fashion show magic tradeshow las vegas 2009
www.neonmag.com Las Vegas Fashion Show at Magic tradeshow fall September 2009 Neon City Magazine presents video footage of the Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Fashion show. Day 1. Break dancing down the catwalk with Chrisitan Audigier. Neon City Magazine, is your premier fashion, entertainment, and nightlife resource. Expansion happening in 2010. Visit www.neoncitymagazine.com for more exclusive and reliable coverage of Fashion in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
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