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Farnell is the leading multi-channel, high service distributor of electronic components, electrical parts, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products, supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals throughout Europe and Asia. Founded in 1939, Farnell now employ over 1200 people in more than 20 countries around the world and trade in over 100. With over 480,000 products in stock from over 3500 manufacturers and a further 700 products added online every week, our product portfolio continues to expand, offering our customers the very latest technologies. Farnell supply a comprehensive range of electronics, electrical components and electrical parts offering our customers the latest technologies. With a wide range of ordering options available to customers we aim to fulfil every customers needs. Ordering is available via a paper or electronic catalogue, web, eMail, phone, fax or post. Our role is to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us. We have 6 electronic components distribution centres worldwide including UK, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia. With flexible ordering and fast same day despatch plus a comprehensive range of value-added support services, Farnell aims to be one of the easiest and most approachable electronic components and electrical parts distributors to deal with. With access to over 800 leading brands, including Vishay, Tyco Electronics lighting, Molex, Microchip, National Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Epcos, Kemet, Altera, Omron Electronic Components, Bridgelux, Texas Instruments, Panasonic and more, Farnell stocks a wide range of electrical parts including capacitors, connectors, microcontrollers, transistors, resistors, diodes, semiconductors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors, amplifiers, displays, industrial connectors, leds, mosfet transistors, optocouplers, variable rotary, voltage regulators, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, switches and many more electrical items and components.
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Building the Future: The Planar Integrated Circuit
[Recorded: May 8, 2009] The solid circuits built originally by Jack Kilby established that all the components required to make general-purpose electronic circuits could be fabricated using a common semiconductor material. However, their hand-wired interconnections made them difficult and expensive to produce in high volume. Seeking to solve reliability problems with transistors at Fairchild Semiconductor, co-founder Jean Hoerni invented a new manufacturing approach: the planar process. Fairchilds Director of R & D, Robert Noyce, realized that the Hoernis process would allow interconnecting multiple transistors on one chip in a batch process that also made them more reliable and lower in cost. The planar integrated circuit, first created by Jay Lasts team at Fairchild, remains the basis of the modern semiconductor industry and ranks with the printing press, the steam engine, and wireless communications in terms of global social impact. In this lecture, four speakers describe the personal, technical, and business stories associated with bringing Fairchild Micrologic, the first planar integrated circuit family, to market: Christophe Lécuyer, author of Making Silicon Valley, on Jean Hoerni and his development of the planar process. Leslie Berlin, author of the biography of Robert Noyce The Man Behind the Microchip, on Noyce and his conception of the planar integrated circuit. Gordon E. Moore, Fairchild and Intel co-founder and director of R&D on the early days of the industry and the background to the contributions of Hoerni and Noyce. Jay T. Last, Fairchild co-founder and leader of the Micrologic team on the creative efforts required to turn Noyces concept into a working product. The lecture is moderated by David Brock, a Senior Research Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation Catalog Number: 102695009 Lot Number: X5315.2009
Component Identification Software Part 1
CAPACITORS ElectronicSGenius.com Design, prototype and troubleshoot faster by quickly decoding new and vintage discrete electronic component markings. Simply click on the colors or markings to match your component and its values are automatically decoded and displayed. Simultaneous values are displayed in Ohms, Kilo Ohms and Mega Ohms for resistors; Pico Farad, Nano Farad and Micro Farad (uF pF nF) for Capacitors; Micro Henrys, Milli Henrys and Henrys (uH)for inductors. Create the components you need from what you have at hand with series parallel calculators for capacitors, resistors and coils. The automated Ohms law wheel quickly converts amps to watts to current to resistance and vice versa. It also includes volt amps (VA). Over 85 decoder-calculators in one program, at the bench or in the field A MUST for any seasoned tech or student. Used by Schools, Universities, Military and Government. Electronics Genius© Electronic Component Reference Software is for Windows 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP and Vista ElectronicsGenius.com Electronic Repair Software
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