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HD Kotaro Oshio- Brand New Wings PV
Brand New Wings from Kotaro Oshio's 2011 new album "Hand to Hand" Guitar: Greven D Herringbone Custom Tuning: C# G E F# B E
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings
Kotaro Oshio plays Brand New Wings from his album Hand To Hand
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(Kotaro Oshio) Brand New Wings - Jiho Kim [Fingerstyle Guitar]
●Jiho Kim's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JIHOKIMGUITAR ●Jiho Kim's Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/c/JihoKimGuitar ●Jiho Kim's Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/jihokimguitar
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(Kotaro Oshio) Brand New Wings - Gabriella Quevedo
Brand new wings by Kotaro Oshio Thank you all for your comments and for your support :)) Website http://www.gabriellaquevedo.com/ Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Gabriella-Quevedo-Fanpage/173273862715234 Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/GabyQuevedo
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Kotaro Oshio Brand New Wings Tutorial - Part 2: Intro and Tuning
This video goes over the intro section of Brand New Wings as well as the tuning. If you are watching this from a mobile device, you are missing annotation which is quite helpful.
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Kotaro Oshio   Wings you are the HERO PV
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【上級アレンジ】Brand New Wings 押尾コータロー Piano Cover
Twitter → https://twitter.com/hihumiro
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Brand New Wings - Kotaro Oshio Cover
Finally had the chance to travel around NZ in the past few days and managed to film some videos with my guitar around Lake Tekapo and Mt. Cook while searching for Smaug the Dragon(ite). Hope you'll enjoy the video. Thanks Tan Jian Wei for recording the videos =) Song: Brand New Wings (Kotaro Oshio)
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Kotaro Oshio- Brand New Wings
Music TV Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings
Brand new Wings (Kotaro Oshio cover) - Andri Guitara
I made this video at Mt Palintang. This is one of beautiful place in Indonesia. I used two camera's mic only for record it. Hope you enjoy it :D
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Brand New Wings - John Lee (Kotaro Oshio)
John Lee's performance of "Brand New Wings" by Kotaro Oshio
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings (Cover) 押尾コータロー 코타로 오시오
My first attempt at guitar recording!!. I can finally move onto practicing something else! Guitar: Martin D28 Acoustic Pick up: LR Baggs Lyric (Left Channel) Microphone: MXL Condenser Microphone 991 (Right Channel) PC Interface: Roland Quad Capture
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押尾コータロー / Brand New Wings 弾いてみました。
久しぶりにコピーをアップさせて頂きます!押尾コータロー / Brand New Wings 弾いてみました。荒くてごめんなさい。
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Kotaro Oshio | Brand New Wings | Fingerstyle cover by Rio Sun
Kotaro Oshio | Brand New Wings Composer: Kotaro Oshio Cover: Rio Sun ------------------------------------- Facebook cá nhân: https://www.facebook.com/riosun1997 Page Studio: https://www.facebook.com/riosun.finge... Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rio-sun-1 ------------------------------------------------------- - Nhận dạy lí thuyết âm nhạc, hòa thanh, kí xướng âm,cảm thụ âm nhạc cho trẻ nhỏ, đệm hát ukulele, đệm hát guitar cơ bản + nâng cao và tất nhiên là cả Fingerstyle nữa !!! :D Dạy theo hình thức: gia sư, online, theo lớp blaablaa mình nhận hết nhé ❤️ Cam kết giáo trình đầy đủ!!! - Nhận thu âm, phối khí chuyên nghiệp. Contact: 01666888543 (Đức) 0989999602 (Đan) hoặc Facebook ở trên.
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings
new angle added improvement on sound quality better sync.
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Kotaro Oshio Brand New Wings Tutorial - Part 1: Basic Technique
This tutorial describes the basic technique used in Kotaro Oshio's Brand New Wings. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll try to answer them as much as possible.
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Kotaro oshio - Brand New Wings -   PV
video uploaded from my mobile phone
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kotaro oshio - brand new wings
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Brand New Wings | Kotaro Oshio
Definitely isn't perfect but here's a few months of work, and a first try. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Guitar: PARKWOOD PW-570 Natural Acoustic Guitar Specifications: Top Wood - Spruce Body Wood - Rosewood Binding - Herringbone Fingerboard - Rosewood Neck Wood - Mahogany Pickup - Fishman Premium SOB Pickup ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Capo - D'Addario Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo, Silver Strings - Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light 80/20 Bronze ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Guitars : Yamaha APX500III
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Brand New Wings - Kotaro Oshio
Oshio Kotaro - Brand New Wings
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings(cover)
Kotaro Oshio, Hand to Hand(2011)
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Brand New Wings Tutorial - Part 3: Section A and B
This part starts right after the intro section.
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings / 押尾コータロー cover
GUITAR : MARTIN DM STRING : ELIXIR Phospher Bronze LIGHT 16052 TUNING : C# G# E F# B E RECORD : TASCAM DR-40 MIXER : Cakewalk SONAR X3 Producer CAMERA : Canon EOS8000D MOVIE : Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand new wings (cover)
My first finger style cover~~~ Thanks to Michael Lee I could play this song ~~ ^^
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Brand new wings - Kotaro Oshio (cover)
Sori, masih ngasal :p
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings (Cover by JK)
Best enjoyed with headphones & HD.. Many Thanks for passing by....
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Brand New Wings Tutorial: Part 5   Section D and E
Brand New Wings Tutorial: Part 5! The next one will be the final tutorial! Thanks for the wait! I'm sorry that I could not upload this sooner!
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Brand New Wings - Kotaro Oshio ( cover ) By Polwat
Brand New Wings arrange by kotaro oshio , Guitar : Composite Acoustics
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings (Cover)
From Kotaro Oshio's album in 2010, Hand to Hand. This is the very first song that led me to percussive fingerstyle playing. I made a few mistakes in this video because this is the first take and I didn't have much time to make more takes. Tuning: C#G#EF#BE
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings
This song copyright belongs to Kotaro Oshio
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Kotaro Oshio - Brand new wings
Covered by TK
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Kotaro Oshio-Brand New Wings
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Brand New Wings(Kotaro Oshio) -  Anthony Benedicto
Brand New Wings cover by Anthony Benedicto
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Kotaro Oshio plays Wings~you are the HERO
2009 Eternal Chain Concert Tour Guitar: Yamaha LL86FCKO Tuning: D A D G A D
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Kotaro Oshio-Brand New Wings(copy)
ニコニコの企画で弾いたものです Twitter: https://twitter.com/mononofu_hearts
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Brand New Wings Tutorial: Part 6   Section F, Ending, and 2nd guitar
This covers the last part of Brand New Wings tutorial
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Brand New Wings - Kotaro Oshio
i hope y'all enjoy it ;)
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