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Issue 58 of Guitar Interactive Magazine is online! | Read it now for free
Issue 58 is now online - Read it right now for free at: GuitarInteractiveMagazine.com Featuring exclusive interviews with Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates, Bullet for My Valentine and British blues/rock rising star, Kris Barras Band. Nick Jennison returns with a fantastic Tech Session on one of the most vital and exciting rock bands in the world right now, Rival Sons. If that’s not enough, the Guitar Interactive Magazine team were once again on site (as well as the 100,000 fans in attendance) to capture all the action and backstage interviews from Download Festival 2018. We also have exclusive columns from Tom Quayle, Nick Jennison, Chris Buck and Giorgio Serci. Don't forget, we have a ton of the latest gear reviews with new products from PRS Guitars, Line 6, Orange Amplifiers, MOOER, Takamine Guitars and much more, Read it right now for free at - GuitarInteractiveMagazine.com
Taylor Swift - Blank Space
No animals, trees, automobiles or actors were harmed in the making of this video. Listen to 1989 from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/1989dlxID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch http://www.vevo.com/watch/USCJY1431509?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=ytd
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Issue 57 of Guitar Interactive Magazine is online! | Read it now for free
Issue 57 is now online - http://bit.ly/GuitarInteractiveIssue57 Featuring exclusive interviews with Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti, Tommy Emmanuel and British blues guitarist, Danny Bryant. Jamie Humphries pays tribute to Soundgarden in this issue's not to be missed Tech Session. Also in this issue, Guitar Interactive Magazine is proud to have the legendary "toneologist," Seymour Duncan graces our pages for next instalment in a series of exclusive videos from inside 'Seymour’s Studio.' We also have exclusive columns from Tom Quayle, Sam Bell, Danny Gill, Giorgio Serci and Joe Pesce Don't forget, we have a ton of the latest gear reviews with new products from PRS Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, Fender, Laney Amplification, JHS Pedals and much more, Read it right now at - http://bit.ly/GuitarInteractiveIssue57
Speaking English Practice Conversation | Questions and Answers English Conversation With Subtitle
Speaking English conversation practice, Questions and answers english conversation, English speaking lessons with subtitle. ▶ Link download file text: https://goo.gl/p1Z3DI -=TOPICS=- 1. At Home (1) - 00:07 2. At Home (2) - 00:51 3. My Favorite Photographs (1) - 01:41 4. Location (1) - 02:21 5. Location (2) - 03:17 6. Color (1) - 03:53 7. Color (2) - 04:39 8. No Questions - 05:07 9. Short Answer - 05:59 10. Telephone Call (2) - 06:51 11. What's A Grant? - 07:37 12. I'm Busy On Friday - 08:23 13. Bless You - 08:58 14. I Don't Feel Well - 09:38 15. Can You Help Me? - 10:20 16. Taking a Cab - 11:00 17. I Hate to Get Up - 11:41 18. A Hot Day - 12:17 19. Phone Out of Order (1) - 13:05 20. Phone Out of Order (2) - 13:53 21. Getting A Visa - 14:48 22. Employing a new member - 15:21 23. A Date (1) - 16:17 24. What did you do yesterday? - 17:35 25. Travelling by Air - 18:38 26. At the Customs - 19:49 27. A New Baby - 21:07 28. Is English Difficult? - 21:55 29. Washing His Car - 22:45 30. At the Restaurant - 23:25 31. When's the Baby Due? - 24:07 32. Bus Stop - 24:47 33. Gardening - 26:12 34. A Lazy Boy - 26:57 35. Can I Drive There? - 27:55 36. A New Dress - 28:40 37. A Picnic - 29:20 38. I'm Going Skiing - 29:58 39. Traffic Rules (1) - 30:34 40. Housework - 31:12 41. Oral Exams - 32:40 42. Would You Call me? - 34:28 43. Can I Let You Know? - 35:29 44. On the Phone-A Less Formal Call - 36:53 45. A Cup of Coffee - 37:36 46. How About a Drink? - 38:32 47. I Have a Sore Throat - 39:10 48. On Sale - 39:58 49. Not a Cloud in the Sky - 40:48 50. Cold and Windy - 41:34 51. It's Beginning to Snow. - 42:24 52. A House at the Shore - 43:23 53. A Soccer Game - 44:03 54. Not So Young - 44:47 55. Is She Single? - 45:37 56. To Buy a Birthday Present - 46:27 57. Telephone - 47:15 58. A Light Eater - 47:49 59. A Nice Flat (1) - 48:35 60. A Nice Flat (2) - 49:22 61. Afraid of Flying - 50:18 62. A Plane Reservation - 51:00 63. Getting Together - 51:38 64. How's Your New Job Going? - 52:30 65. We Eat a Lot - 53:26 66. I'll Take You - 54:20 67. We Must be Out of Them - 55:08 68. Doctor's Appointment - 56:18 69. Traffic Rules (2) - 57:10 70. Eating out - 58:15 71. To Buy a Bus Ticket - 58:59 72. On the Phone - 59:41 73. Operating Room - 1:00:51 74. A Car Loan - 1:01:43 75. A Cashier - 1:02:31 76. Settling Down - 1:03:19 77. Will You Get Some Bread For Me? - 1:04:14 78. Buying a Present - In a Jeweller's shop - 1:05:00 79. Buying a Present - In a Toy Shop - 1:06:06 80. Making a Reservation - 1:07:21 81. Ready to Go - 1:08:43 82. An Interesting Movie - 1:09:35 83. In the Bus - 1:10:27 84. A New Job - 1:11:21 85. A Date (2) - 1:12:53 86. Smoking - 1:14:10 87. A Death - 1:15:14 88. A Birth - 1:16:18 89. A Coincidence - 1:17:10 90. How have you been? - 1:18:34 ☞ Thanks for watching! ☞ Please share and like if you enjoyed the video :) thanks so much ♥ ─────────────────── ▶ Please subscribe to update new videos. Subscribe To Update New Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV1h_cBE0Drdx19qkTM0WNw?sub_confirmation=1
Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018]
🎼ChilledCow's Spotify playlist → http://bit.ly/spotifychilledcow 👕 ChilledCow shop → https://chilledcow-merch.com Full tracklist [00:00:00] idealism - last time [00:02:50] Philanthrope X Kupla - Cycles [00:05:25] bloopr - mondayloop [no friends, no worries] [00:06:50] leavv - within [00:09:30] leavv & misc.inc - Pictures (unreleased) [00:11:35] fortnight - 2000 [00:13:03] Soho - At Peace [00:14:58] blnkspc_ - Sticky [00:18:30] j'san - in time (unreleased) [00:20:43] Dweeb -'72 Audi Coupe [00:21:45] sumwun - men cry [00:23:37] ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ - over it [00:25:33] saiko - untitled (unreleased) [00:26:48] Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Glare (w/ otesla) [00:29:00] Philanthrope - Leavin' [00:31:08] hm SURF - Flunked This Semester [00:32:44] leavv - park walk [00:34:12] Kaizen 92´- lost n´ found [00:36:20] fortnight - 5AM [00:37:55] fortnight - the keys [00:39:41] Aeson - a l l u r e [00:42:15] Yaken & Nymano - Untitled (Unreleased) [00:44:26] Fortnight - Balcony settings [00:46:05] prima - Jin [00:47:25] Aeson - dreamin' [00:49:10] Leavv - Tomorrow (Chillhop Spring 2018) [00:51:52] asbeluxt - calming tea [00:53:07] BLVK. - affection (unreleased) [00:54:44] hm surf - Take Care [00:56:47] Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are (Chillhop Spring 2018) [00:58:47] Omaure - Honeypot [01:00:58] Joe Corfield - Wildflower (Chillhop Spring 2018) [01:03:18] ihaveaface - rainy/forest [01:05:13] hm surf - didn't get a switch for christmas [01:06:35] Orca Vibes - Intuition [01:08:20] Kaizen 92 - Magenta [01:09:45] Juan RIOS - Otoño [01:13:19] j'san - the voice inside my head (beat) [01:15:22] Peter Bark - L'aldilà [01:16:30] Philanthrope - Dromeda [01:18:41] charlie toØ human - moonlight love [01:21:58] saiko - bruh [01:23:45] chief - i am nobody [01:25:14] charlie toØ human - Autumn Daze [01:27:45] philanthrope - Blue w∕ drwn. [01:29:38] Aeson - smile [01:33:33] Omaure - Bunte Hunde (beat) [01:36:15] COMODO - 303 [01:37:33] hm surf - 6am [01:39:17] mt. fujitive - trees [01:41:30] chief - tired [01:42:50] dweeb & too ugly - how you think (beat) [01:45:10] Clouds x HM Surf - Cloudsurfing [01:46:48] saiko - offtherecord [01:49:39] knowmadic - empty [01:52:13] sensi sye - no sleep [01:54:12] chief - stay [01:55:58] oatmello - inside (w/chief) [01:57:50] hm surf - corolla cruising (unreleased) 🎶 Support the beatmakers https://soundcloud.com/idealismus (idealism) https://soundcloud.com/philanthrope1 (Philanthrope) https://soundcloud.com/kuplasound (Kupla) https://soundcloud.com/bloopr420 (b l o o p r) https://soundcloud.com/leavv (leavv.) https://soundcloud.com/miscinc (misc.inc) https://soundcloud.com/fortnight1 (fortnight) https://soundcloud.com/soundsbysoho (soho) https://soundcloud.com/b-side-production (B-side) https://soundcloud.com/tesk (TESK) https://soundcloud.com/iamjsan (j'san) https://soundcloud.com/beet_farmer (Dweeb) https://soundcloud.com/smwun (sumwun) https://soundcloud.com/countbazzy-2 (ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ) https://soundcloud.com/saikotropic (saiko) https://soundcloud.com/bscsaito (Saito) https://soundcloud.com/arturofratini (Lester, Nowhere) https://soundcloud.com/tesla77 (OTESLA) https://soundcloud.com/hmsurf (hm SURF) https://soundcloud.com/bess-one (Kaizen 92´) https://soundcloud.com/a-e-s-t-r-o (Aeson) https://soundcloud.com/nymano (nymano) https://soundcloud.com/primabeats (prima) https://soundcloud.com/asbeluxt (asbeluxt) https://soundcloud.com/yungmai (BLVK.) https://soundcloud.com/psalm-trees (Psalm//Trees) https://soundcloud.com/omaure-1 (Omaure) https://soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1 (Joe Corfield) https://soundcloud.com/ihaveaface (ihaveaface) https://soundcloud.com/orcavibes (Orca Vibes) https://soundcloud.com/juan-rios-beats (Juan RIOS) https://soundcloud.com/peterbark (PETER BARK) https://soundcloud.com/charlietoohuman (charlie toØ human) https://soundcloud.com/chieffrombmb (chief.) https://soundcloud.com/drwn_dot (drwn.) https://soundcloud.com/willgregory (COMODO) https://soundcloud.com/mt_fujitive (mt. fujitive) https://soundcloud.com/toouglyboi (too ugly) https://soundcloud.com/knowmadicbeats (knowmadic) https://soundcloud.com/sensisye (Sensi Sye) https://soundcloud.com/oatmello (oatmello) 🎨 Artwork by Juan Pablo Machado → https://www.facebook.com/machadoillustrator/ → http://machado.portfoliobox.io/ → http://jpmachado.art 🎧 ChilledCow → http://bit.ly/chilledcowfacebook → http://bit.ly/chilledcowspotify → http://bit.ly/chilledcowtwitter → http://bit.ly/chilledcowsoundcloud ✔️ Copyright Free Playlist → https://goo.gl/QtsxQG 📝 Submissions → Artwork : [email protected] → Music : https://soundcloud.com/chilledcow ❌ Please, do not use these songs without artist's permissions
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▶️ SMOOTH EVENING JAZZ - 24/7 Music Radio - Relaxing Chill Out Music Live Stream
Playing NOW: Smooth Evening JAZZ This live stream radio airs 24/7 and is the home of gentle people and tranquil music. Just let the smooth vibes take over and enjoy! Sorry for the 2nd camera - it's not needed but I didn't want to interrupt the stream and edit after it started :) ► SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR NEW MUSIC ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWbiI3uYSqZZ8abZjYQZQA?sub_confirmation=1 Other LIVE STREAMS here 🎧 LIVE NOW MORNING COFFEE JAZZ Music Radio [ 247 Live Stream ] Uplifting Jazz & More For A Perfect Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aAUP3JoBB4 🎧 LIVE NOW Jazz Hip Hop Live Radio 24/7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H07RJ_BzI5Q And make sure to check out the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWbiI3uYSqZZ8abZjYQZQA for more jazz, bossa nova, flamenco and more. New videos are out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWbiI3uYSqZZ8abZjYQZQA/videos More Coffee Jazz here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8uD7K7sJzU More Piano Jazz here: https://youtu.be/upu1-jc1Ezc More Spanish Flamenco here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NVwMeD5q8 Like what you hear? Don't forget to LIKE and ► SUBSCRIBE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWbiI3uYSqZZ8abZjYQZQA?sub_confirmation=1 On this channel you will find the best cozy music, jazz music, bossa nova music, romantic music, chillout music, retro music, flamenco music, morning music, piano and guitar music, coffee music, tea music, music for cooking, music for reading, cafe bar music, piano bar music, healing music, holiday music, stress relief music, ambient music, new age music, guitar music, Spanish music, Italian music, French accordion music, instrumental music, inspirational music, relaxing music, meditation music, bedtime music, sleep music, calming music, soothing music, background music, yoga music, spa music, piano music, classical music, study music, brain power music, work music, dinner music & breakfast music. ❤ Luke Pirvan #Evening #Smooth #Music #Radio #Jazz #BossaNova #ChillOut #Ambient #Flamenco #Acoustic #Relax #Piano #Guitar
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Beautiful Relaxing Music: Romantic Music, Piano Music, Guitar Music, Instrumental Music ★73
Romantic music and relaxing music (called "Feelings") featuring piano and guitar, composed by Peder B. Helland. Piano music and guitar music is in my opinion a beautiful combination and I hope you enjoy this track. Download this music (30 minutes long version) ► https://soothingrelaxation.bandcamp.com/track/relaxing-romantic-music-73 Soothing Relaxation is a music channel and I share sleep music, meditation music, study music, background music, spa music, beautiful instrumental music and more. Listen to more calm music composed by Peder B. Helland ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFLyhzlG8FQ&index=39&list=PLQ_PIlf6OzqKdBTuABBCzazB4i732pNTa Download my music ►https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peder-b.-helland/id670633352 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it. Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening! ~Peder B. Helland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~Places to download my music~ Itunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peder-b.-helland/id670633352 Bandcamp ► http://musicloveroriginals.bandcamp.com Amazon ► http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B00FGLK06C?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Peder%20B.%20Helland&index=digital-music&search-type=ss Google Play ►https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Peder_B_Helland?id=Aknsdtud7aeouew6ny2zv5d3xhq ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to listen to all of my music (in other genres as well), feel free to check out my other channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/MusicLoverOriginals My personal Facebook page ► https://www.facebook.com/PederBHelland
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Free downloading & reading bangla books - Top 6 websites / download any bangla books in free
How you can download & read free bangla books. know top 6 websites where you can download & read free all bangla books. You can also download pdf.All bangla books in website. Thanks for watching... Join fb group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1986330824979833/ Previous tutorial : https://youtu.be/wfgamNpGyDM ঃ:::::::::::::::::::::;; For any help join : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please like / Comment / Share / don't forget to subscribe my channel.
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Learn German For Beginners 🇩🇪 The Complete Course (Level A.1) | Get Germanized
Learn German in no time with this easy course for beginners and ► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubToGetGermanized ►If this course was helpful to you consider supporting: ► BECOME A PATRON: http://www.patreon.com/GetGermanized ► DONATE ON PAYPAL: http://bit.ly/DONATEGG ----------------------------------------­- ► MY VLOG CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/LTWCHANNEL ► MY GAMING CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/GetGermanizedGaming ► TWITCH CHANNEL: https://www.twitch.tv/getgermanized The German Alphabet (0:27) Introductions - Hello And Goodbye (4:39) Questions - Age, where are you from, occupation (9:23) German numbers - Counting, pronunciation, differences (19:25) Common miscommunications - I don't understand, Can you repeat that please, ... (24:02) German months, days, seasons, holidays (27:48) Expressing moods, feelings and emotions (31:22) German fruit vocabulary (33:44) Telling time in German (35:24) Telling someone where you're going (37:56) Common places in cities and towns - vocabulary lesson (41:08) Giving directions in German (46:06) Common questions in German (48:57) Room names (51:01) Expressing possession (55:27) German "lazy" speech (58:56) Common German abbreviations - vocabulary lesson (1:01:34) German organ names (1:05:08) The German states (1:09:13) Mathematics in German - part 1 (1:11:24) Mathematics in German - part 2 (1:15:31) Course outro (1:20:41) ----------------------------------------­- SOCIAL NETWORKS ----------------------------------------­- ► SNAPCHAT: GetGermanized ► FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GetGermanized ► INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/meisterlehnsherr ► TWITTER: http://twitter.com/Vuko ► STEAM: http://bit.ly/1BoIZku ► TUMBLR: http://meisterlehnsherr.tumblr.com ► VK: http://vk.com/id189410330 ----------------------------------------­- GRAB SOME MERCH: ► http://bit.ly/GGMERCH ► http://www.society6.com/GetGermanized ----------------------------------------­- SUPPORT ME ----------------------------------------­- ► BECOME A PATRON: http://www.patreon.com/GetGermanized ► DONATE ON PAYPAL: http://bit.ly/DONATEGG ► SHOP ON AMAZON: http://bit.ly/GGAmazonSupport ----------------------------------------­- NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY AND SUNDAY! ----------------------------------------­- SEND ME STUFF: Dominik Hannekum 48827313 Packstation 109 Weher Straße 38-42 32369 Rahden Germany LETTER/POSTCARD ADDRESS: Postfach 01 49452 Rehden Germany ----------------------------------------­- For a more interactive approach check out my lessons on: https://curious.com/learngerman ----------------------------------------­- Shot on Sony RX100 Mark IV & Canon 600D ----------------------------------------­- Background music by Josh Woodward: http://www.joshwoodward.com/?yt#/
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College Music · 24/7 Live Radio · Study Music · Chill Music · Calming Music
Welcome to our 24/7 Radio station. A never ending stream of your favourite tracks whenever, wherever. All day, everyday. Any donation, however big or small will thoroughly help us keep the stream running. ✅ Follow our Spotify playlist here: http://spotify.collegemusic.co.uk 💕 Donate here via Paypal: https://goo.gl/ySwmf7 💬Join our Discord (5k+ members!): http://discord.collegemusic.co.uk ↪ Artist and song name displayed in the top left corner of the video. ↪ Sharing, liking and commenting on the stream really helps others discover so please help us out by doing so. If you enjoy the live radio, feel free to subscribe to show your appreciation: http://goo.gl/xDvcNk Keep enjoying the music, CM x 🙏 College Music · 24/7 Live Radio · Study Music · Chill Music · Calming Music ● Spotify ▸http://spotify.collegemusic.co.uk ● Instagram ▸http://instagram.collegemusic.co.uk ● Facebook ▸http://facebook.collegemusic.co.uk ● Twitter ▸http://twitter.collegemusic.co.uk ● Soundcloud ▸http://soundcloud.collegemusic.co.uk ● Snapchat ▸http://snapchat.collegemusic.co.uk College Music - Discover the undiscovered » Don't Forget To Subscribe: http://goo.gl/xDvcNk ▬ Bot Commands ▬ ​!talk "Whatever you wanna say" » Nightbot will talk back to you! !love » Show some love for the Radio! !donate » Help us keep the stream going! !weather enterlocation » Tells you the weather at the location specified !shareit » Generates a Twitter link to share !social » Shows College Music social media links !subscribe » Gives you a link to subscribe to our channel !contact » Send us a private message !rules » Help familiarize yourself with our chat rules !hug » Feeling lonely? !hug entername » Send a hug to a certain someone !funny » Our bot's funniest quote of the day
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18: Free Online Psychic Reading
You can psychic oracle readings with me at https://dumspirospero.world/shop/Ruby-Romina/ For this free online psychic reading sample video I'm using Psy Cards. These cards look rather like traditional Tarot cards but they work in a slightly different way, in as much as they are based on our shadow aspects, which if you're @ all familiar with Jungian psychology, you will already know that we have compartments within our personalities that are shaped by mass consciousness. Anyway the two cards that the universe sees fit to bring forth are "the body" and "peace". So first of all it's important to ask yourself is have you been taking care of yourself enough lately? or have if you been neglecting your body lately? Have you been nourishing yourself? have you been eating the right kind of foods? and drinking enough water? replenishing yourself? getting enough exercise? etc ... Obviously to be "peaceful" and to have a settled mind and for everything to be tickety boo with our bodies and for our bodies to work correctly, we do have to take utmost care of our bodies, we can't put our physical health on the back burner, our health has to take centre stage. The Bible tells us that "the body is the temple of the soul" so it's imperative that we take care of our bodily temples! The "peace" Psycard echos this sentiment, as it has a church or temple depicted on it, so in this online psychic reading it helps to remind that our bodies are divinely important. If we feel rather unsettled emotionally in our minds and if we're not feeling very peaceful sometimes it's a good idea to see if you've been eating too much junk food lately ... The gift of "peace" and serenity is a gift that can be helped along via bodily and emotional meditation, sit in the lotus position, clear your mind and inhale peace and exhale peace, inhale, exhale ... I hope that these beautiful Psycards and my interpretation of them have helped you remember to take care of YOU !!!
24/7 lofi hip hop radio - beats to study/chill/relax
Welcome to our stream 👋 We hope you have a good time and enjoy the music :) Music playing → lofi hip hop / beats 환영합니다! 여기에서 즐거운 시간을 보내시고, 감미로운 비트를 즐겨주시기 바랍니다! Subscribing (with notifications 🔔 turned on) & liking the stream helps so much 💙 + if the stream goes down you'll get notified the new link immediately! 🔈Got Spotify? Get the playlist here (재생 목록) 🎶 http://lofi.collegemusic.co.uk Help us keep this stream running 🔌 - Paypal: https://goo.gl/ySwmf7 Discord ✅ - https://discord.gg/dhthj5V ▶️ YouTube Lofi Playlist - http://bit.ly/YouTubeLofiPlaylist ↪︎ Twitter » http://twitter.collegemusic.co.uk ↪︎ Soundcloud » http://soundcloud.collegemusic.co.uk ↪︎ Spotify » http://spotify.collegemusic.co.uk ↪︎ Snapchat » http://snapchat.collegemusic.co.uk ↪︎ Facebook » http://facebook.collegemusic.co.uk - USEFUL NIGHTBOT COMMANDS (봇 명령어) - ​!talk "Whatever you wanna say" » Nightbot will talk back to you! !song » Displays the current song playing !prev » Displays the previous song name !donate » Help us keep the stream going! !weather enterlocation » Tells you the weather at the location specified !share » Generates a Twitter link to share !social » Shows College Music social media links !subscribe » Gives you a link to subscribe to our channel !contact » Stream not working? Let us know !rules » Help familiarize yourself with our chat rules !hug » Feeling lonely? !funny » Our bot's funniest quote of the day ---- FAQs ---- ➤ Genres? Lofi Hiphop - JazzHop - Chillhop - Ambient - Electronic ➤ How long have you been streaming? We were one of the first music channels to stream on YouTube + have the best uptime of any streamer. ➤ How long will this be online? All day, everyday. -------- We are currently experimenting with our backgrounds! Each day (or every other day) we aim to show Ede drawing realtime on the stream. The current background being displayed on stream is from day 1 (08/04/18) of this project. If you had something in mind that you think would make a great drawing, feel free to comment in the chat or in our #ideas channel in Discord. Show some love & appreciation for Ede below! ✖ Background © Alena Aenami Image link: http://bit.ly/lofi-bg ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/aenamiart Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/aenamiart Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/aenamiart  Print Shop - https://society6.com/aenami/prints Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/aenamiart
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Zinio - Checking Out and Reading Free Digital Magazines Through Your Library
How to check out and download digital magazines from the library. Revised July 2013.
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Music for reading - Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Liszt, Schumann
Subscribe for more classical music: http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic Listen to our playlist "Peaceful Piano" on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2ncUFIm Listen to our playlist "Classical Relax": http://spoti.fi/2APw28T Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/halidonmusic/ ▶ BUY the full MP3 album from the Official Halidon Music Store: http://bit.ly/1v9n1na ♫♫♫ Special Price ♫♫♫ MUSIC FOR READING 01 Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 in E-Flat Major 02 Schubert - Serenade "Leise Flehen Meine Lieder" 4:40 03 Chopin - Piano Prelude No. 15 "Raindrop" 9:12 04 Beethoven - Piano Sonata Op. 13 (II: Adagio) 14:47 05 Chopin - Waltz Op. 69 No. 1 in A Flat major 19:57 06 Bach - Violin concerto in E Major (II: Adagio) 24:47 07 Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 31:46 08 Chopin - Prelude, Op. 28 No. 17 in A major 37:25 09 Debussy - Clair de Lune 40:23 10 Schubert - Moment Musical Op. 94 D.780 N. 1 in C Major 42:56 11 Liszt - Liebesträume (Love Dream) in A-Flat Major 45:58 12 Chopin - Prelude, Op. 28 No. 6 in B minor 50:26 13 Bach - Solo Cello Suite No 6: Prelude 52:32 14 Chopin - Nocturne Op. 15 No. 2 57:09 15 Bach - Suite for Orchestra No. 3 "Air on the G String" 1:00:32 16 Chopin - Nocturne, Op. 27 No. 2 in D Flat major 1:05:01 17 Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (II: Andante) 1:09:36 18 Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 in B Flat minor 1:14:39 19 Beethoven - Fur Elise 1:20:04 20 Schumann - Kinderszenen Op. 15 (I: Von fremden Laendern und Menschen) 1:22:42 21 Beethoven - "Moonlight" Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27 (I: Adagio sostenuto) 1:24:38 Thank you so much for watching this video by Halidon Music channel, we hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to share it and subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic All the best classical music ever on Halidon Music Youtube Channel: The Best Classical Music Playlist Mix, The Best Classical Music For Studying, Classical Music For Reading, Classical Music For Concentration, Classical Music for Sleeping and Relaxation, Instrumental Music, Background Music, Opera Music, Piano, Violin & Orchestral Masterpieces by the greatest composers of all time. The very best of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Schubert, Handel, Liszt, Haydn, Strauss, Verdi, Brahms, Wagner, Mahler, Rossini, Ravel, Grieg, Ravel, Dvorák…
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Downloading e-magazines
How to borrow digital magazines from Zinio.com to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, or phone.
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ASMR Relaxing Beach Day! 🌊👙🌞 (Sunscreen Application, Sand & Shells, Ocean Waves, Reading...)
In today’s video, you meet up with me at the Toronto Beach! We sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine and sound of the waves. I put some sunscreen on you, play with sand and seashells, read to you, eat cheese on crackers, and more :) Really sorry about the hum in this video, it’s my darn fridge! Life goal is to have a studio so I can make really good videos for you guys haha, but anyways hope you enjoy! x 🌈✨ Follow me on Insta! @gwengwiz https://www.instagram.com/gwengwiz -------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING! ♥ New video every Wednesday and Sunday! I also post every Monday on my second channel : http://www.youtube.com/gwengwizetc ♥ Tip jar : https://www.paypal.me/gswinarton ♥ ASMR triggers in this video : whispers, soft speaking, lotion sounds, sand sounds, shells, tapping, ocean waves, reading to you, page turning sounds, -------------------- 💖✨ TRY ONLINE THERAPY : http://influencelogic.go2cloud.org/SH8i If you're looking for affordable and convenient therapy, I've partnered with BetterHelp, so please check them out! -------------------- WHERE TO FIND ME ☛ Second Channel (vegan, beauty and fashion videos) : http://www.youtube.com/gwengwizetc ☛ Instagram : @gwengwiz https://www.instagram.com/gwengwiz/ ☛ Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/gwengwiz ☛ Blog : https://www.gwengwiz.ca ☛ Spotify : gwengwiz https://open.spotify.com/album/7nhM3egQeBpdLKGofdZfpH ☛ Business Contact : [email protected] ☛ Tingles : https://tingles.app.link/GwenGwiz-ASMR -------------------- FUN STUFF ☛ Get $45 off your vacation with Air Bnb : https://www.airbnb.ca/c/gwens300 ☛ Get your first set of lingerie from Adore Me for $25 : https://my.adore.me/x/kxS64o ☛ Use my Uber code for a free ride : gwens77 ☛ Sign up for Ebates to get cash back at your favourite stores! It’s free and easy to use : https://www.ebates.com/r/GWENIX?eeid=28187 ☛ Get 10% off your purchase at Glossier : http://bff.glossier.com/hGGTP ☛ Get $5 off your first order from UberEATS with code : eats-gwens77 -------------------- WHAT I’M WEARING ⇢ Eyelash Extensions by Winks Boutique Yorkville : http://winksboutique.com/ ⇢ *Necklaces : http://bit.ly/2rdMI6M http://bit.ly/2IFi8h9 http://bit.ly/2IM2zEj ⇢ *Primer : http://bit.ly/2GZ4YeO ⇢ *Concealer : http://bit.ly/2rcgJ74 ⇢ *Foundation : http://bit.ly/2FqTMSC ⇢ *Powder : http://bit.ly/2FoQC1G ⇢ *Blush : http://bit.ly/2r9U0ck ⇢ *Highlight : http://bit.ly/2FqTMSC ⇢ *Lips : http://bit.ly/2vTwLYZ in shade "Like" (Get 10% off your purchase at Glossier : http://bff.glossier.com/hGGTP) ⇢ *Brows : http://bit.ly/2r8aZuJ and http://bit.ly/2HzdYHM ⇢ *Mascara : http://bit.ly/2r3T7lJ TECH USED ⇢ *Vlog Camera : https://amzn.to/2I8xhak ⇢ *DSLR Camera : https://amzn.to/2rdJ6CE ⇢ *Microphone : https://amzn.to/2jnHFgl ⇢ *Green Screen : https://amzn.to/2JLYIUw -------------------- This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Links marked with "*" are affiliate links - which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link.
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Happy Summer Cafe Music Radio - Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin & Soul Music For Study, Work - 24/7 Live
Please Subscribe Cafe Music BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/cafemusicbgmchannel BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/bgmchannelbgm Music For Business「Cafe Music BGM Station」 JAPANEASE / https://bgm-station.com English / https://bgm-station.com/en 繁體中文 / https://bgm-station.com/tc/ Español / https://bgm-station.com/es/ 한국어 / https://bgm-station.com/ko/ You can use this music at your restaurants,shops,hospitals,offices,part­ies etc.. 〜New Release〜 Buy Music & Streaming service ・Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/cafe-music-bgm-channel/1028904635 ・Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/3yKoHgjtyenCOIRaD2Gghu ・Google Play Music https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Cafe_Music_BGM_channel?id=A43eibfchwdcpxzlm2xwdca63fa&hl=ja Our Music for relaxation, for work, for study etc. All music in this video & in this channel is original music by me. We are playing all the songs. ~Official web site~ http://www.bgmchannel.com/ ~Contact ~ For business inquiries (live music&creating music for your business), contact us via contact form in website facebook https://www.facebook.com/bgmchannelbgm/?ref=hl Music is Copyrighted. #MusicRadio #JazzSaxophone #BossaNova
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Screencast - Updating an existing online magazine
Create online magazines for free. Sign up now: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Yumpu users with an adFree account or higher can simply update existing documents with their new versions. Thus, no likes, links or followers will be lost! If you are looking for a digital publishing specialist, look no further - because you have found what you need - at Yumpu! Welcome to the screencast: "Making changes to an existing online magazine". Let's take a look at our sample magazine. Let's say that we want to retroactively edit the image and text of the cover without losing any other part of the magazine e.g. hotspots like videos, audios, or links. With Yumpu this can easily be done. After logging into our account, we select "my magazines" from the menu in the document manager and click the "edit magazine" button next to the desired publication. If you have already created hotspots like videos or other multimedia elements, then save those first so they can be used 1:1 in the new version. To do so, we activate the hotspot editor under "add page element to your magazine". Now, we click on the "CSV" button in the toolbar on the left. In the pop-up window, we select "export". After selecting the desired format the download of the file starts. In our case, we will select the CSV format. Now, we close the window and return via the button on the top left to the settings screen where we continue in the editing mode of the selected magazine. We scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the button "upload a new revision". Now, we select and upload the new version of our magazine. In the following query, we can define whether language and elements can be recognized automatically. In our case, we choose "Yes". Clicking the blue button on the bottom-right will start the upload. Immediately, Yumpu publishes the new version. However, we can always revert back to the older version. This is how version management is done with Yumpu. It's that simple. In the last step, we will import the hotspots back into our document. To do so, we access the hotspot editor once again, click on the CSV symbol in the toolbar on the left, and select the previously downloaded CSV file for import. In the upper right-hand corner, we will close the window. Now, we go back to our WEBKiosk. The old cover is still visible and after briefly browsing the magazine, the video is visible as well. But once we refresh the page, our new cover will be displayed as well as the Video, which we had added to one of the pages further back. See how easy it is to update your magazines with Yumpu?! Try now for free: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Why choose Yumpu.com? Yumpu.com is the number 1 in the global digital e-publishing market. Our service allows users to easily turn their PDF´s into online magazines. More than 40 million magazines have already been created with Yumpu.com and over 500 million magazines have been read on the Yumpu.com website so far. (July 2016) Our customers trust is most important for us, we are proud that over 900,000 publishers worldwide use the Yumpu service. Welcome to the world of Yumpu, visit our website and learn more about us: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Yumpu. We change the way people read content! -
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Download Digital Magazines from the Free Library Using Zinio
Step by step instructions on how to use our new service, Zinio, to download current issues of your favorite magazines to read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Daily Free Live Online Horoscope Reading & Consultation on Youtube 30 Oct 2017
Chetan Sud an unconventional name in Astrology World is a world famous best astrologer based in Ludhiana having knowledge of Lal Kitab (Red Book Astrology), KP Horary, Vedic Astrology & Palmistry with real life practical experiences. Here you will learn the true secrets about your horoscope. This is the place where you'll know about all the practical astrology techniques. I also teach Lal Kitab Astrology through my video tutorials. I give you the real insights of your horoscope. I talk about planetary placements in each individual chart of the person. I have made videos on planets through houses, planets through signs and talking about each astrological ascendant. If you need your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly forecast, you need to go to 1 on 1 consultation with me because the general description will not apply to you based on your individual horoscope. This site is passion for people who love occult science and spirituality. I strongly believe in that "Professional advice is nothing unless paid for, so please dont ask for free consultation." I have done "Vedic, KP & Lal Kitab Astrology" from All India Federation of Astrologers Society, Ludhiana Chapter (2004) and practicing the same since then. I was awarded most prestigious titles Jyotish Ratan, Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Prabhakar, Jyotish Maharishi (Master Level in Astrology) in India by A.I.F.A.S. My Area of Expertise are Stock Share Market, Health, Finance, Career, Job, Marriage, Love, Relationship, Children, Court Cases, Litigation, Winning/Loosing, Buying/Selling & all the major aspects of Life, having more than 12 long years experience of Teaching, Debating, Blog Writing, Practicing Astrology on different platforms and social media and networking sites. Mastered in to KP Horary Astrology the most advanced and accurate stellar theory in Astrology with Lal Kitab the most popular Remedial Astrology in North India. Would request you to please be specific and ask precise question to get 100% satisfactory results. Thanks and Welcome. Chetan Sud Website: www.skyspeaks.in Contact: +91-9888364014 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyspeaks.in/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ChetanSud Disclaimer: The information and astrological interpretations in this video and channel “Sky Speaks” are for entertainment purposes only. By viewing, utilizing and accessing this video or my channel sky speaks and / or by requesting and/or receiving astrological interpretations and/or advice either through this video or channel, you agree to release “sky speaks” and it’s owner Pankaj Sood alias Chetan from any and all liability with regard to the contents of this video and channel and/or advice received. By requesting services, products, advice or any information from this video or channel, you agree that sky speaks is to be considered a curio and entertainment on your behalf. Advice or content may or may not influence your decisions and/or behaviour. You agree that by accessing viewing sky speaks you take full responsibility for any and all consequences acted upon in utilizing the information provided within our video’s and channel. Best Astrologer in Ludhiana Google: https://chetan-sud-astrologer.business.site/?m=true
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Free Responsive digital magazine software - PUB HTML5
Free Responsive digital magazine software - PUB HTML5 - digital magazine software to create html5 digital magazine more see: http://www.pubhtml5.com/
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create  book app with thunkable
Short Links share and earn JOIN- https://clickfly.net/ref/sankha http://newswatan.com/ref/sankha Aia file - https://bit.ly/2MnKLBV create ebook app with thunkable more income by making ebook app in thunkable Some Devices to Buy JioFi M2S 150Mbps Wireless- http://amzn.to/2BmOWZe SanDisk Ultra Dual 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive-http://amzn.to/2DgZeYm Some Popular Mobile Phones To Buy Nokia 3 (Matte Black)-http://amzn.to/2z4Sg5p Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL (Black, 16GB)-http://amzn.to/2z4DnQl Vivo Y53 (Crown Gold) with Offers-http://amzn.to/2ksjxtX OPPO A37 (Gold)- http://amzn.to/2kt7FYW Micromax Canvas Infinity- http://amzn.to/2B6SeeY Redmi 4 (Black, 32 GB)-http://amzn.to/2kt078p Like our fb page-https://www.facebook.com/Sanminds-den-206993719710274/ instragram-https://www.instagram.com/sanmind_/ Thanks-sanmindiii567
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CHECK OUT THE BOOKS I'VE PURCHASED ON BOOKOUTLET! http://bookoutlet.com/Feature/Vloggers/whitneys-reads?rid=whitney --LINKS-- --I HAVE A PO BOX!!-- Whitney Atkinson PO Box 465 Argyle TX 76226 -- LET'S CHAT! goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/warnette tumblr- http://whittynovels.tumblr.com/ instagram- @whittynovels twitter- @whittynovels snapchat- whittynovels
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How to read The Hindu newspaper for UPSC 2019 - Explained by Dr Gaurav Garg
#Eid_Sale. Get 50% Discount on Various Govt. Exams Pendrive Courses. Offer valid till 22nd August. Learn More - https://goo.gl/aTFK6Q
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Social Media: Twitter - https://twitter.com/kelseygcox Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kelseygcox/?hl=en Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kelsgrace/ Snapchat - kelsgrace5 ETSY SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PiedrasDeLaPotosina Contact: [email protected] Render - Prism: youtu.be/WAg8iCoH07w
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Zinio magazine service available through Free Library of Philadelphia
Zinio magazine service is now available through Free Library of Philadelphia's Digital Media Portal, accessible for FREE with your library card!
Screencast - How do I arrange and manage my  magazines on Yumpu.com?
Create your online magazine easily with Yumpu. Start now for free: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Learn how to organize your online magazines with the help of collections and sections. Welcome to the screencast: "How do I arrange and manage my magazines on Yumpu.com?" Organize your online magazines with the help of collections and sections. First, we select the item "my magazines" from the top left menu. All our magazines appear in the upper overview; their order can be changed freely at any time and they can be assigned to the collections and sections in "my collections" in the lower section. How you utilize this structure is totally up to you. For example, you may create a collection for each year and then, based on content, add separate sections for e.g. manuals, magazines, folders, or catalogs. In the WEBKiosk our current structure would look like this.The years – our collections – below one another. And within these years the different structured sections. In 2014 e.g. "Demo Magazines" and "Brochures". In order to create a new collection, click on the button "create a collection" below the magazine summary. Even users with a FREE account are able to create unlimited collections and sections ensuring constant control over their documents. After creating a new collection with a section, we can adjust the settings. Probably the most important feature is the naming feature for this section. By clicking on the "edit" button on the top right­ hand side we reach the setting "menu" for the entire collection. Selecting "rename collection" will open a window in which we can name or rename our collection. We click "rename collection" to save our changes and then start editing our section or create new sections. To create a new section, we open the menu of the collection and select "create section". Another section appears in our collection. To edit these sections, click "edit" below the desired section and select the desired option. You can edit, copy, or simply delete the sections. By clicking "edit section settings" we can adjust various settings: the name, description, as well as the type of sorting within the section. Manual sorting is selected by default. However, sorting by date or title is also possible. After saving our settings, we can assign magazines to the new collections and sections. As usual this process is very easy on Yumpu using drag and drop. Simply click on one of the magazines at the top and drag it to the desired section. See how easy it is to manage your documents with Yumpu? Try Yumpu now for free: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Why choose Yumpu.com? Yumpu.com is the number 1 in the global digital e-publishing market. Our service allows users to easily turn their PDF´s into online magazines. More than 40 million magazines have already been created with Yumpu.com and over 500 million magazines have been read on the Yumpu.com website so far. (July 2016) Our customers trust is most important for us, we are proud that over 900,000 publishers worldwide use the Yumpu service. Welcome to the world of Yumpu, visit our website and learn more about us: https://en.yumpu.com/r/magazine Yumpu. We change the way people read content! -
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Advantages of FlipHTML5 in Publishing Online Digital Magazines
From: http://fliphtml5.com/online-digital-magazine-publishing-software-reviews.php As it is known, compared with the printed publication, the online one is more convenient and less expensive. Aware of these advantages of the online publication, people prefer to read online. Therefore publishing a digital magazine online is an excellent way to promote engagement with audiences and inspire those potential ones. So having a software for online magazine publishing is important and necessary. FlipHTML5 is a powerful online digital magazine publishing software. The publication generated by it is appealing and attractive. And its simplicity to create a magazine makes it more popular with people.
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Rattapallax Magazine APP
A short documentary & commercial to present the new Rattapallax magazine APP. For the past 10 years, Rattapallax magazine has been on the forefront of introducing readers with compelling literature, poetry, films and ideas from around the world. Timeout magazine has called the literary journal "the visceral, multimedia hit of poetry." Rattapallax (issue 21), edited by Flávia Rocha, is now launching its first FREE APP issue for iPad — the natural path to a magazine that has been always committed to literature in various forms, medias and languages. Please download the app at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rattapallax21/id623482251?mt=8 More info on the issue at http://www.rattapallax.com Video shot on Panasonic GH3 with Leica 25 mm. Edited on Final Cut X. Filmed in Portland, Brooklyn & Helsinki. Produced, Edited & Directed by Ram Devineni. Featuring: Flávia Rocha, Haale Gafori, Natalia Fedorova & Jason Porath. Music by Matt Kilmer & Colter Harper.
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Leo June 2018 Tarot Reading: Breaking Free From Anxiety & Finding Soul Connection
I am celebrating three years posting readings on YouTube! Thank you for watching! 💖 To order a personal reading, please visit my online store @http://rainamoonastrology.com/shop
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Reading samples and call to actions in your Yumpu flipbook
Create online flipbooks with Yumpu. Sign up now for free: https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook When it comes to sharing flipbooks of any kind for free, Yumpu is your platform. But Yumpu offers more than just that. If you wish to limit the access to some contents, Yumpu offers the option to make available only certain extracts as reading samples. This way you can choose the content you would like to offer your readers for free – everything else will be shown blurry. Take advantage of the opportunities Yumpu can offer you as a digital publishing specialist! Increase the reach of your publications on social media - with digital flipbooks from Yumpu! Sign up now for free: https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook Along with the extracts, you may also add image call to action links to any website for advertising purposes: - Create a direct link to your online shop to boost sales - Promote your app in Google Play or the iTunes Store - Attract new subscribers to your newsletter or readers for your blog - Sell your content through online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. The possibilities are endless! Start adding reading samples and call to action buttons today and get more out of your flipbook! Why choose Yumpu.com? Yumpu.com is the number 1 in the global digital e-publishing market. Our service allows users to easily turn their PDF´s into online flipbooks. More than 40 million flipbooks have already been created with Yumpu.com and over 500 million flipbooks have been read on the Yumpu.com website so far. (July 2016) Our customers trust is most important for us, we are proud that over 900,000 publishers worldwide use the Yumpu service. Visit our website and learn more about us: https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook Yumpu. We change the way people read content! -
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The Week Magazine for iPad - subscription video, get 4 issues Free
http://goo.gl/n0Iy6 The Week magazine for iPad brings you the best British and international news from the last seven days, from politics to people, property, sport, the arts and much more. Read only the very best of the world's media - and get your first 4 issues FREE.
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AppTV 109: Reading, News and Magazine Apps
In this episode of AppTV, our hosts showcase the best ways to use your smartphone or tablet is for reading news, magazines and browsing information on the web. The mobile revolution is making it easier than ever to read and learn interesting new things wherever you go. We look at reading books with Kindle, Kobo and iBooks, reading websites and newspapers with Flipboard and PressReader for iPad, fun apps for learning and how comics are going digital on tablets with apps like Comixology.
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Free Download of PUB HTML5 for PDF to HTML5 iPad Magazine
http://pubhtml5.com/blog/3-plus-interactive-digital-flipbook-software-free-download-suggestions/ Since a digital magazine is more portable and can be viewed anywhere at any time, big enterprises prefer to display their product in a iPad magazine.
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Embed flip book or online magazine into Typo3 website - Tutorial
Create your own flipbook for free. Sign up now: https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook Take advantage of the opportunities Yumpu can offer you as a digital publishing specialist! More coverage - more customers with online flipbooks from Yumpu! That's why it is also really easy to embed the digital flipbook in your website using the TYPO3 CMS. Just follow the instruction in this video guide and you are good to go. Start creating online flipbooks now, on https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook Why choose Yumpu.com? Yumpu.com is the number 1 in the global digital e-publishing market. Our service allows users to easily turn their PDF´s into a new online flipbook. More than 40 million flipbooks have already been created with Yumpu.com and over 500 million flipbooks have been read on the Yumpu.com website so far. (July 2016) Our customers trust is most important for us, we are proud that over 900,000 publishers worldwide use the Yumpu service. Welcome to the world of Yumpu, visit our website and learn more about us: https://en.yumpu.com/r/flipbook Yumpu. We change the way people read content! -
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weekly free Angel reading for 11/21/16 Free angel readings, how to recognize messages from angels
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Flip HTML5 Magazine Maker Online for Kids to Create Gorgeous Digital Magazine
From: http://fliphtml5.com/magazine-maker-online-for-kids.php Thanks to FlipHtml5, all these are utterly possible. FlipHtml5 is a powerful digital magazine maker online for kids. It enables you to easily create digital magazine from existing documents including PDF, MS Office, Open Office and images. You can add multimedia contents like music player, video player, flash and image slideshow etc. What’s more, you are allowed to share your attractive magazine online.
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Why Members Read Business Officer Magazine
Business Officer magazine is NACUBO's award-winning, monthly magazine that is free to members. Each issue features content on a number of topics relevant to the higher education business office. Access content online at https://businessofficermagazine.org/ and subscribe to get your print copy here: https://businessofficermagazine.org/subscribe/.
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Tarot Card Reading | January 2017 (Free Onlne Tarot Card Reading)
We get a free tarot card reading online from Lotus Tarot! We don't know anything about Tarot Cards, but thought this would be fun to try. Perhaps we'll learn the tarot card meanings and buy a set to try out with some people! What do you think of tarot cards and arcana of the like? Webiste: http://www.free-tarot-reading.net/ ♥ Subscribe! http://goo.gl/TC5lEk ♥ ►Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/thebooreview/ ►Sign up for 1 Up Box!: http://1upbox.co/2d6zDJb Save $3 Off the first month with code: AWESOME ►https://www.patreon.com/TheBooReview Suggested: Top 10 Creepiest Videos On YouTube - https://youtu.be/uezlO_j7WjA ***Social Media*** ►https://www.instagram.com/thebooreview ►https://twitter.com/TheBooReview4U ►https://www.facebook.com/TheBooReview ►https://www.google.com/+TheBooReviewForYou ***Other Videos From The Boo Review*** ►https://youtu.be/H4UxE8-lbO8 - Nathan On Ghosts | Nathan By Nathan ►https://youtu.be/XUFq2qw9pFw - Ghost Caught On Xbxon One Kinect Camera!? ►https://youtu.be/2luiMrcFtYc | Joe Weller's Haunted Mental Asylum ►https://youtu.be/Ld2J3ETgGA0 - 5 Ouija Board Gone Wrong Experiences ►https://youtu.be/WIyFkL7sjMI - Creepy Figure Dropping Meat Explained
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Analyze your digital magazine reader statistics in Pub HTML5
Pub HTML5 is a powerful digital magazine maker that will not only help you publish online digital magazines, but also enable you to embed Google Analytics account in the magazines to track and analyze the visit statistics of your online magazines. For more info: http://pubhtml5.com/product-feature/analyze-your-digital-magazine-reader-statistics.php
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Timeless Energy Reading 🌟 The Event Horizon
Timeless Energy Reading 🌟 The Event Horizon August 18, 2018 by Bora Yun facebook.com/bora.yuniverse Bora's Original Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9wfwtEak-o Bora's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bora.yuniverse For private readings - These readings WILL be delivered to you in divine timing. Please be mindful this means they cannot be rushed! https://www.etsy.com/shop/StarseedTarotGuide You Can Contact Bora Here: [email protected] ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Subscribe to the Higher Self YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HigherSelf1111 Visit the Higher Self Portal website and mingle with like-minded Co-Creators, build a profile, blog, chat, read articles, watch videos, and more! https://higherselfportal.com/ PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BXEJ5KFMFJALW Support my work on Patreon: (in progress) http://patreon.com/HigherSelf Social Media: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1111HigherSelf Twitter @1111HigherSelf ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you have articles or channelings that you have recorded in your own voice and would like them to be on the Higher Self Channel, you can submit them via email to: [email protected] for consideration. If there is an article online that includes the text from the recording, please include the link to it with your submission. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Please join us on our Friday evening PST live "Lights of the Round Table" talk sessions. If you want to join, send an eMail to [email protected] and I will send you an invite to the next one. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Free Personalized Video Numerology Report https://tinyurl.com/yczdw9qp ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals http://amzn.to/2DhZnKP ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Shop at the Higher Self Amazon Store for spiritual goodies! https://www.amazon.com/shop/HigherSelf ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you are a gamer, my sons' channels are here: Naolum - Deja https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTwYjLAfjvbt2ediNHc0ZWg Venadict - Jazz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEO5-fFNqxMYHOsh0Wu8Rw My other son has a Military / Drummer / Hobbies Channel - Dustin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC2cW434mNGeFl6j7-gmTqQ
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120+ Best Premium & Free Digital Magazine Maker - PUB HTML5
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So you're going on a Disney World vacation!? Do you ever wonder what to do on your Disney arrival day if you don't have a park ticket? Today I'm going to share how to make the most of your Disney arrival day, even without park admission. These Disney tips are free or cheap but will still be lots of fun, outside the park! What do you like to do on your Disney arrival day? Check out my ENTIRE Disney playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2ViP1vFsZenjYNI11FFQ8BjWGp_cDcy7 OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT ENJOY: HOMESCHOOL DAY IN THE LIFE: HOMESCHOOL WITH ME | Routine of a Stay-at-Home/Homeschooling Mom: https://youtu.be/wnHt5rIO_Mg 8 ROOKIE MISTAKES NOT TO MAKE AT DISNEY! | What NOT to Do at Disney World! | Mistakes to Avoid in Disney World: https://youtu.be/oOuU8AVh6f8 HOMESCHOOL DAY IN THE LIFE | FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2018! | Homeschool Mom Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cHq2PNk1J8 HOW TO BE A HAPPY MOM! 😊How to Deal With Mommy Guilt & Mom Shaming!: https://youtu.be/mVrwzzy6LlQ BATHROOM DEEP CLEANING ROUTINE! | How to Deep Clean a Bathroom | Clean With Me! https://youtu.be/nrZDlT_aLVE What You SHOULD DO at Disney!: Disney To-Do List | Disney Vacation Planning https://youtu.be/035R_aaj-FM OVERWHELMED WITH A MESS?! | What to Do When Your House is a MESS | How to Clean a Messy House/Room: https://youtu.be/QfUZLvV92Do HOW I AFFORD TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM! | The ONE THING You Need to Do to Be a Stay at Home Mom! https://youtu.be/C8j5b50z6CQ HOMESCHOOL ROOM TOUR & ORGANIZATION! https://youtu.be/kakS-SxezAw MUST-HAVES FOR KIDS! ESSENTIALS THAT EVERY KID SHOULD HAVE! | My Kids Most Used Products! https://youtu.be/B5ddVKWrByk AM I GIVING UP DISNEY? | Universal vs. Disney...Which is Better? https://youtu.be/nwmH0PHvYHo AMUSEMENT PARKS WITH KIDS! | How to Keep Kids Calm on Theme Park Rides https://youtu.be/z0V8-DGEheo OPT OUT OF DISNEY HOUSEKEEPING, GET A DISNEY GIFT CARD! | How No Housekeeping Went on My Disney Trip https://youtu.be/Ao-1_mxx1l8 HOW TO MEET DISNEY CHARACTERS! | Tips for Meeting Characters at Disney with Kids! https://youtu.be/euLLKH02GAk Shopping Links: Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=apltone-20 EBATES: You shouldn't be doing any shopping without using Ebates to get FREE cash back when you shop online and in select stores! Sign up here and get $10 bonus cash!: https://www.ebates.com/r/SCARLE418 IBOTTA: Another easy & FREE way to get FREE MONEY BACK: Sign up and after your first use of the app, you'll get a $10 bonus in your account: https://ibotta.com/r/xrkeww Our Favorite Reading Curriculum-All About Reading: http://allaboutlearningpress.net/go.php?id=1240 My Favorite Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant!: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=978757&u=1091051&m=70522&urllink=&afftrack= Educents: Thousands of educational items, in one website!: https://www.educents.com#aplacetonest Crystal Wash Laundry Balls: Natural, chemical free laundry detergent alternative: http://www.crystalwash.com/vlg/Aplacetonest Zoya-My Favorite Nail Polish (plus, it's free of the 5 most toxic nail polish chemicals!) https://www.artofbeauty.com/rd/02A62650 Some Favorite Teachers Pay Teachers Stores: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Miss-Giraffe https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Moffatt-Girls https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Pink-Cat-Studio SOME OF MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS! Dyson Animal Upright Vacuum: http://amzn.to/2fVbWPr Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop: http://amzn.to/2fR47PJ Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells: Replaces 8 Sets of Dumbbells: http://amzn.to/2h4b7Jl NeeBoo Fit Resistance Bands: http://amzn.to/2gN16w6 Acure Seriously Glowing Facial Serum: http://amzn.to/2gx4ePM Derma E DMAE Firming Moisturizer: http://amzn.to/2gXccyt CONTACT ME! I LOVE MAIL and I would love to hear from you: Becky Aplacetonest P. O. Box 45 Nicholasville, KY 40340 [email protected] www.facebook.com/aplacetonest Instagram: aplacetonestbecky FTC: This video is not sponsored. I do not and will not ever work with a company if it isn't a product or experience that is relevant to me or my viewers. Sometimes companies do send me products in hopes that I will review them but my opinions are always my own! Some links are referral/affiliate links. PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU #disneyplanning #disneyvacationtips #disneyworld #disneyplanning #disneyworldvacation
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PUB HTML5 100% Free Flipbook Creator
Free FlipBook Creator - Create online html5 flipbooks from PDF free html5 flipbook creator to create custom, Interactive & Rich media Digital html5 book for Mobile and Tablet reading. http://pubhtml5.com/free-flipbook-creator
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The Container Store Shop With Me + Haul || Back To School Apartment Organizing || BeautyChickee
HURRY! Check out The Container Store & get 20% off by visiting this link until August 20th: https://bit.ly/2nDaSWQ ~ Hey Chickee! In this video I will be doing a little vlog style shop with me video at The Container Store as well as a mini haul at the end! Make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it & let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! I upload a new video every Wednesday & Friday, so don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated: http://bit.ly/1GPSBFQ ~ I do weekly vlogs, so make sure to subscribe to my vlog channel (ChickeeVlogs) to stay updated: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChickeeVlogs ~ Products/Items/Services Mentioned: Check out The Container Store & get 20% off by visiting this link until August 20th: https://bit.ly/2nDaSWQ Pants Hanger: https://bit.ly/2MsOyNy Hangers: https://bit.ly/2Men3Ig Bar Soap Holder: https://bit.ly/2nDhtAv Black Storage Bins: https://bit.ly/2P9I5Wh Glass Milk Bottles: https://bit.ly/2PaCGyf Mesh Bins: https://bit.ly/2MMmhyB Large Garbage Bin: https://bit.ly/2vJhc3z Large Clear Container: https://bit.ly/2OvKCsI Medium Clear Container: https://bit.ly/2KPhfj2 Step Stool: https://bit.ly/2MehoSC Large Black Storage Trunk: https://bit.ly/2PaIUhR Small White Bins: https://bit.ly/2Pa5vLh Large Wood Bin: https://bit.ly/2BjUzYS Plastic Tupperware: https://bit.ly/2BdzC1q Dish Drying Rack: https://bit.ly/2wagmMq Command Hooks: https://bit.ly/2Bn7o4H Dish Drying Mat: https://bit.ly/2nDw6nm Receipt Holder: https://bit.ly/2KV8gwV Glass Water Bottle: https://bit.ly/2nF7haU Toothbrush & Soap Holder: https://bit.ly/2nKwHnD Bathroom Garbage Bin: https://bit.ly/2MpfKgq Toilet Paper Holder: https://bit.ly/2B7Xbsu Bedroom Garbage Bin: https://bit.ly/2vL6DwW Clear Makeup Storage: https://bit.ly/2nFv8aw Handbag Hanger: https://bit.ly/2vL72zs Hamper: https://bit.ly/2Mjwpmp White Pail: https://bit.ly/2MJD7hC Over Door Shoe Rack: https://bit.ly/2vEgtAH C-Table: https://bit.ly/2KT4ion Over Door Mirror/Jewelry Organizer: https://bit.ly/2Bc3xXV ~ If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check these videos out: Ask Chickee: https://youtu.be/ZDF5K_nHHfE Reading & Reacting To Stories: https://youtu.be/Yt5Wtm_hi88 Chit Chat GRWM: https://youtu.be/8rHf8XI8XKg ~ Here are some cool links you should check out: Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChickeeVlogs Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BeautyChickee Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeautyChickee YouNow: http://www.younow.com/BeautyChickee Snapchat: BeautyChickee Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BeautyChickee ~ For business inquiries, please contact [email protected] AND [email protected] with “BeautyChickee” in the subject line. ~ My Camera Equipment: CAMERA: Canon 70D: https://goo.gl/HNLWy7 LENS: Sigma 30mm F1.4 Art Lens: https://goo.gl/7XPZqp MICROPHONE: Rode VideoMic Pro: https://goo.gl/oi484f TRIPOD: Sunpak Tripod: https://goo.gl/9Eb2Ud LIGHTING: Diva Ring Light: https://goo.gl/cejHFE LIGHTING: LimoStudio Umbrella Light Kit: https://goo.gl/6aVm2T LIGHTING: Diva Ring Light Stand: https://goo.gl/VuWnG6 VLOG CAMERA: Canon g7x Mark II: https://goo.gl/kGqCXQ VLOG TRIPOD: Joby Gorillapod: https://goo.gl/ZTtuJC ~ Music in this video: Music by Chillhop: https://www.youtube.com/chillhopdotcom Background: Joakin Karud - Canals https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/canals-chilihop-essentials-summer-2016 (I made my own mix of this song for my background music) Shop W/ Me Intro: Summer Vibe - Epidemic Sound (I got this song from a royalty free library given to me by my MCN). ~ FTC: This video is sponsored by The Container Store. It was so lovely being able to work with a company who i’ve known and loved since forever!
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Get Digital at Mentor Public Library: How to Use Zinio
Having a library card for Mentor Public Library essentially gives you a free online subscription to National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Horse & Rider, Popular Science, Newsweek and more than 70 other magazines via Zinio. Find out how you can use your library card to read these magazines on your computer, tablet, eReader and smartphone. For information on more digital services at Mentor Public Library, visit www.mentorpl.org.
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OPEN ME Oh hey! How is everybody doing? I was very pleased to have read as much as I did during this 24 h readathon within Magical NEWTS readathon, but can;'t say I've read much since! I need to fix that hopefully today or tomorrow. How's your reading doing? if you also filmed the 24 h readathon, feel free to link the vlog in the comments! BOOK IN A JAR (Book Club open for eeeeveryone )Good Reads Group: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/215888-book-in-a-jar If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health illness, consider BetterHelp professional and affordable online therapy http://tryonlinetherapy.com/bookroast By using my BetterHelp referral link, you support my channel WANT TO BUY BOOKS WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPING? Use this link and I will receive a small commission and you will receive awesome books: http://www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=bookroast DISCLAIMER: -------- SUBSCRIPTION BOX LINKS: LootCrate box you can get a $5 off with the link below http://looted.by/gjTy_ Book Box Club, use code BOOKROAST 5 for 5% off http://www.bookboxclub.com/ Gobstone Alley use BOOKROAST10 for 10% off! https://www.gobstonealley.com/ Geek Gear boxes: https://geekgearbox.cratejoy.com/refer/Ginta-BNSNQFYE Whimsify, use code BOOKROAST10 for 10% off! https://whimsifybox.com/ Fairyloot, use code BookRoast for 5% off 3 or 6 month subscriptions http://www.fairyloot.com/ Owlcrate, code BOOKROAST for 10% off your first order! https://owlcrate.com/ LitJoyCrate: https://litjoycrate.com/ Use ROAST15 for 15% off! ------- You can also find me on: Bookstagram: https://www.instagram.com/book_roast/ Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/58496095-book-roast Twitter: https://twitter.com/book_roast?lang=en My candle shop: https://www.burningfiction.com/ Instagram for the candle shop (restock alerts) https://www.instagram.com/burning_fiction/?hl=en Contact email: [email protected] Mail Box (PO box equivalent) Suite 222 12 South Bridge EDINBURGH EH1 1DD Scotland -- Music used in Intro & Outro: Valesco - Cloud 9 https://soundcloud.com/valesco_official https://www.facebook.com/ValescoOfficial/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRa-eGzpT6o Jerry Folk - To My Soul https://soundcloud.com/jerryfolkmusic https://www.facebook.com/jerryfolkmusic https://twitter.com/JerryFolk I appreciate every single one of you so much that it hurts. Can you feel all the love? I know I can. Thank You for being amazing!
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FREE NOOK Reading Apps - Android
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Library How To: Zinio
Create an account to read digital magazines from the Library for free! www.CincinnatiLibrary.org
3 a.m. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Study/Sleep/Relax music)
▬★Subscribe and click the bell icon for more chill hip hop beats ♫♪★▬ ☯DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/N3f5Nwc MERCH: https://represent.com/store/feardog ►Hey guys it is Feardog here and welcome to another mix! This one is a little longer because I wanted to thank you all for the continuous support :). This mix consists of a lot of lofi hip hop, jazzhop and some vapowave! I compiled songs from chilledcow, axian and anything I could find on soundcloud really :). Lofi/lo-fi hiphop, jazzhop and vaporwave are very good for studying and relaxing to be honest haha! This is a very chill mix with relaxing beats which will help you study and concentrate on your work. I hope you guys liked this mix, if you did be sure to like the video and subscribe to me because it really helps my channel a lot :) I hope you guys have a fantastic day/night. :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▬★TRACKLIST★▬ 0:00 H.1 - Pray 3:02 Mingu5 - Out for a walk 5:40 Tomppabeats - You're Cute 11:29 nymano - ill never know _ green tea 15:20 The Deli - 5-32PM 17:37 Mingu5 - Return 19:44 Sweetbn _ - Row Flip 20:54 elijah who - im not as lonely anymore 23:29 Matt Quentin - Waves 26:51 H.1 - Stay 28:59 harren - midnight in asakusa 31:36 peatu - its still raining ( i dont mind ) 35:09 luv.ly - in luv 37:00 Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy 41:14 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place 45:14 Joakim Karud - Dreams ▬★FOLLOW THE ARTISTS★▬ H.1: https://soundcloud.com/111h111 Mingu5 : https://soundcloud.com/user-412641036 tomppabeats: https://soundcloud.com/tomppabeats nymano: https://soundcloud.com/nymano The Deli: https://soundcloud.com/the-deli sweetbn _: https://soundcloud.com/sweetbunmusic harren: https://soundcloud.com/harren-yip elijah who: https://soundcloud.com/elijahwho Matt Quentin: https://soundcloud.com/matthewsteinlauf peatu: https://soundcloud.com/peatu luv.ly: https://soundcloud.com/lv-ly Joey Pecoraro: https://soundcloud.com/joeypecoraro Joakim Karud: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud ►The tool I use to GROW my channel: https://www.tubebuddy.com/feardog ►Get amazing games for CHEAP prices: http://bit.ly/2unWLFO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▬★ Social Media ★▬ ►DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/N3f5Nwc ►TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FeardogYT ►CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/FeardogMusic ►SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/feardogmusic ►INSTAGRAM: @feardog_music https://www.instagram.com/feardoggo/ ►SUPPORT ME BY DONATING TO MY PATREON PAGE: https://www.patreon.com/Feardog ►BUSINESS E-MAIL: [email protected] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▬MY CHANNEL INFO▬ My Channel Is All About Lofi Hip Hop/Jazzhop/Vaporwave/Simpsonwave Songs And Mixes. Feedback is always appreciated! Consider Subscribing to my Channel, you won't regret it! ▬★HELP ME OUT★▬ YOU can help by... ● Putting my channel in your youtube channel sub box ● Remember to rate my videos as you watch them as it helps greatly ● Share a video you enjoyed on your Facebook wall or your Twitter account ● Help my channel get discovered via word of mouth by telling friends & family - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you enjoyed this video be sure to THUMBS UP & FAVOURITE! I also LOVE your COMMENTS! You keep watching my videos and I will keep making them :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ►3 A.M. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music ►3 A.M. [lo fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music ►3 A.M. [lofi hiphop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music ►ARTWORK: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Night-Room-550309563 ♦♦♦ #Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
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