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Synth Magic Vector X prophet VS sample library
Collection of sounds taken from a Prophet VS with custom Kontakt user interface. Available from www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Vector X Volume 3
Following on from Vector X volume 1 and 2 is our new Prophet VS library of sounds. A totally new batch of custom sounds made on a real Prophet VS and then sampled. This collection provides many new VS textures, VS pads, twisting and shifting vectors, ambient drifts and atmospheres. 2.5GB of samples compressed using NI's lossless compression and placed under the control of the Vector X custom interface. Custom interface designed by saintjohnbaxter: Sampling/Kontakt scripting by Synth Magic. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic p8000  demo
http://www.synthmagic.co.uk/P8000.html Our latest release. Synth Magic P8000 - Korg Poly 800 and DW 8000 library for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher (Not the free player).
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Synth Magic Quadra for kontakt 5 Genesis Lead presets
The Ray Pitt Genesis presets performing the Quadra lead parts in the tracks made by a ARP Quadra. Kontakt 5.2.1 or higher. Full version of Kontakt is required (not compatible with the free kontakt player). www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Polycom 203a library.
New from Synth Magic: Polycom for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher(full version of Kontakt is required and not the free player). Library of Polymoog 203a (fully programmable version of the Polymoog) sounds and 280a (preset version of the Polymoog with Vox Humana).
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Sounds of the Trilogy from Synth Magic
Kontakt 5 instrument based on the Crumar Trilogy. Lots of great sounds made on a real Trilogy and placed under the control of a custom kontakt 5 user interface. 2GB of samples including the great Trilogy Organs and Ensemble sounds plus lots of raw analogue sounds fron the Trilogy synth section.
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Luceifer 2 by Synth Magic
Luceifer by Synthmagic / SPFX synthesisers DICONTINUED ( NO LONGER AVAILABLE ) VST based on two sounds from his real Polymoog keyboard for more information visit. watch the official video below and download http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW4yaOG-YfI http://www.synthmagic.co.uk/index.htm http://www.synth-pro.com/ youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/SPFXsynthesisers The downloads back in 2010 was for a limited time period only. Sorry Folks.
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Synth Magic OB - Oberheim Expander and Marion Systems MSR2 Kontakt 5 instrument
Synth Magic Oberheim Expander and Marion Systems MSR2 library. Over 2GB of samples, over 230 presets, custom interface, all samples easily selected via easy to use interface. New and improved version which includes K5 filters, sequencer and arpeggiator, retweaked samples, new samples and lots of really cool presets. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Zed 80 volume 2 banks 1 & 2
Just like Vol. 1 this Kontakt instrument uses sounds sampled from various 80s samplers and synthesizers. In creating this library I wanted to provide an instrument that will have a wide range of sounds, playable and useful in various studio situations. Some users of Volume 1 have stated it has come in very handy in studio sessions, and a sound from Zed 80 Vol. 1 has rescued a failing session. 1.0GB of samples compressed using Native Instruments’ compression system and over 300 presets ready for your musical productions or to tweak away with using the custiom graphical user interface designed by Anders Hedström (Flavours of Lime). The libraries of Zed80 Vol.1 and Vol.2 do have a lo-i vibe to them due to the nature of the older samplers some of the sounds have come from. I think it is true older samplers do have a certain magic to them and vibe. The output from the samplers was connected to a series of vintage valve pre-amps before sampling for use in Kontakt. The sounds in this collection will be suited to most styles of music from ambient/electronica to dance music. Lots of bass sounds, haunting pads, atmospheres, keys and MULTI Kontakt instruments are included with the download. All sounds are loaded into memory at the same time and then selected from the new sample select system, making sample banks selection quick, easy and fun. All audio demos use only the sounds and effects that come with Zed80 Vol 2. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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SOUNDS of the delta by Synth Magic
Sample library of the Korg Delta DL-50 analogue synth. Available for Kontakt 4 and 5. All the raw oscillators and strings have been sampled and a library of sounds made on a real Delta have been sampled. Over 200 presets included.
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Synth Magic Black Widow Quick sequencer demo
Black Widow Sequencer Demo
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Synth Magic Zed 80 volume 1 (Banks 1&2)
Zed 80 volume 1 is a Kontakt instrument with over 3000 samples comprising : Drums, bass, synths stabs, drones, analogue strings, fx,synths percussion etc all sampled from various vintage samplers (Mainly Casio FZ-1). This is a special collection of sounds from my personal collection of sounds made using a CAsio FZ-1 sampler and is suitable for all types of electronic music making. Do not expect pristine, clean hi-fi sounds with this....no. Instead expect lo-fi, grainy, fuzzy and warm sounds that all have that vintage sampler sound to them - Perfect for adding some grime and dirt to your productions. There are many types of sounds suitable for Dance music, experimental, ambient, Boards of Canada, TRS-80, FREESHA type tracks etc
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Cybereq - Synth Magic
FL Studio początki
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Synth Magic Siel Orchestra 2
Synth Magic Siel Orchestra 2 for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher. Sample base version of Siel orchestra 2 (ARP Quartet) with custom user interface. Graphics by saintjohnbaxter/Kontakt programming/sampling by Stephen Porter. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Elka Solist 505
Elka Solist 505 recreated for Kontakt 5. Every single key of every preset has been sampled clean and a second set of samples recorded through vintage valve pre-amps. Bot sets can be selected from the front panel. GUI designed by saintjohnbaxter. Availble at www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Sounds of the quadra arp quadra emulation for kontakt
Demo of some of disco/funk sounds from Sounds of the Quadra used to make tracks. Sounds of the Quadra from Synth Magic-Gui by Flavours of Lime. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic ZED80 Volume 2 for kontakt 4 and higher.
Quick intro to ZED80 volume 2. Lots of samples taken from various vintage hardware samplers and synths all under the control of a graphical user interface.
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Synth Magic logan Vocalist  for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher
New demo for the new and improved Logan Vocalist. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Mini Magic 001 (Eclectic Electric)
Mini Magic 001 Eclectic Electric is a new line of very affordable instruments from Synth Magic. Mini Magic 001 is a collection of rare and sought after analogue and digital synth sounds(just under 1 GB in wav format and compressed using NI's lossless compression) : Polymoog 203a synthesiser, farfisa Polychrome, Yamaha CS20, Ensoniq sq1. Making extensive use of the Polymoog external input to it's filter and resonator section we plugged Farfisa Polychrome, CS20, Ensoniq synths, into the raw electronics of the Polymoog and created hybrid sounds - Polymoog meets Polychrome meets CS20 etc, we also sampled our Polymoog 203a. We also made use of the Create harmonic waveform function of a Korg DSS-1 synth/sampler and fed its outputs into the resonator section of the Polymoog 203a and sampled the results. 19 waveforms to choose from for each Oscillator using our easy to use menu system for activating the samples - Easily combine the strange and wonderful textures to make new exciting and unique sounds. Mini Magic comes with our Magic Dial in center place and can be used to control a number of synth controls with just one turn of the Magic Dial. By simply activating the Green Led above each dial you can then move the dials and create offsets of dial movements, so one turn of the Magic dial will then move the active dials in varying degrees dependent upon the offset you have made for each dial. Mini Magic 001 can be used to create sounds in the vain of Gary Numan s, Boards of Canada, 80's New wave, Ambiant/chill out, Space disco/NU-Disco, Kraut Rock etc. Over 70 presets supplied which sound great and are ready to drop into your next production or roll your own sounds using the custom interface. User interface graphics by saintjohnbaxter/Kontakt programming Steve Porter.
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Synth Magic ARP Explorer 1
Quick overview of the Preset sample waveform selection system of the Exploration 1 Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher instrument. Playing just a small selection of the available waveforms.
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Synth Magic Polychrome basic demo of some of the sounds.
Instrument based on the Farfisa Polychrome-Lots of extra features added such as LFO's on all sections, full effects section,autopanners, velocity to vibrato,filter, tremolo etc. Available at www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Quadra Expansion pack
Bonus collection of samples and presets for the Synth Magic Quadra system. Video is just some random doodling to show off some of the Quadra samples. Owners of the new Quadra system should have received this bonus pack - If not send a mail to me. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Sounds of the Trilogy
Kontakt instrument based on the 1980's Crumar Trilogy analogue synth. Available from www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth magic Zom Zom performing Cars.
Synth Magic Zom Zom Polymoog 280a emulation peforms Gary Numans cars. Zom Zom available from www.synthmagic.co.uk Cars demo by Dave Polich.
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Latest version of jen sx3000
new version of jen sx3000 incorporating a new white gui to represent a jen sx1000 with it's preset overlays in place- All original jen presets have been sampled. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic Exploration 1 for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher
Instrument based on Arp Explorer: raw OSC's from a real Arp Explorer have been sampled as well as many presets made on the real synth and sampled(including presets made using original ARP patch sheets and owners manual patch sheets). Gui by saintjohnbaxter/programming/sampling by Stephen porter
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SM PE3000 demo
Synth Magic PE-3000 based on the KORG PE-2000 analogue synth. All the presets from the original machine have been sampled twice: one set of samples using a pure signal path and the other through a valve pre-amp. Both sets of samples can easily be selected via a switch on the GUI. Lots of extra features have been added and synth comes with loads of presets. All audio demos use only PE3000 and the fx that come supplied with it. Available from www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Review: Synthmagic Zed 80 Volume 2 - SoundsAndGear.com
http://SoundsAndGear.com: checking out Zed 80 Vol 2 from Synthmagic, a Kontakt instrument based on samples from various synthesizers and samplers from the 80s. Custom interface for quick tweaking and changing of waveforms, over 300 patches. Requires full version of Kontakt 5. Get the product here: http://www.synthmagic.co.uk/zed-80-vol.2.html Checkout my full review also: http://soundsandgear.com/review-synthmagic-zed-80-volume-2-for-kontakt-5 Learn Maschine: http://MaschineTutorials.com Social http://twitter.com/soundsandgear http://facebook.com/soundsandgear http://plus.google.com/+SoundsAndGear http://instagram.com/soundsandgear
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Synth Magic Wonky Noisy Tape Polymoog Test
A small test of this demo Kontakt Instrument with some magical and spacey melodies http://www.vstplanet.com/News/2016/free-synth-magic-wonky-tape-poly-moog.htm http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6381795 https://www.facebook.com/Synth-Magic-241344892569998/?fref=nf http://www.mediafire.com/download/t87q30vtza8jjo7/Wonky_Tapes_Polymoog.zip
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WORNG Electronics - Vector Space (3 in 17 out cv/audio wizardry!)
TIMING INDEX / LINKS BELOW! - Following on from my video with the lovely little LRMSMSLR from WORNG Electronics is the Vector Space. Vector Space is a 3 input 17 output CV and audio wizardry machine! Well ... cutting the wizard and magic references it takes 3 inputs and places them around cubes, spheres and on various planes giving us 17 related (but all different) versions of the 3 inputs. There's rectification, phase inversions, offsets, attenuation all playing into giving all these different signals. It's great with LFOs and envelopes, random or even audio. So here's a walkthrough and various patches to show what's going on. Check out the module and great manual here - https://www.worngelectronics.com TIMING INDEX 00:00 Hello and previews of what's to come 00:49 Walkthrough, manual, what is this thing!?! Spheres, planes and cube outputs 03:31 A new track from me! Here's a patch I'm working on as a new track (to be released later). Here the Vector Space controls percussion, modulation, sequencing ... LITERALLY EVERYTHING! Really nice letting 3 inputs on this influence a whole patch and piece of music. 05:13 Random Voltages - using 3 stepped random voltages into the inputs into quantisers to get 3 voice polyphonic modular. The advantage here is I can process these voltages differently by taking different outputs and also use other outputs for related modulation. 07:23 Ultimate LFO Logic - this is a patch from the manual. Using 3 LFOs to create lots of unique outputs. This serves as a demo as to what actually happens to the signals using different outputs to show the rectification (LFOs are twice as fast), the offsets, inversions etc. 10:20 3D Vector Synthesis Patch - again another patch from the manual that is a riff on the Sequential (thanks Chris Meyer!) Vector Synthesis. Using external VCAs with different sounds and letting the various outputs open and close these for Vector Synthesis and blends/morphs between various tones and sounds. 12:37 Timbral Garden - you guessed it ... another patch from the manual. Here I take 3 triangle oscillator waves into the inputs tuned to a root, third and fifth in a chord. I'm exploring using the different outputs for different tones. You can clearly here how different outputs emphasis different harmonics in the sounds and some give a nice clipped octave up like effect too. Subscribe for more DivKid videos: http://bit.ly/DivKidYTSub Be awesome! Support me on Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/divkid https://twitter.com/divkid https://www.facebook.com/DivKidmusic/ http://www.divkidmodular.com/
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Synth Magic ZOM ZOM performing NUMAN tracks
Synth Magics version of a Polymoog 280a. This is the definitive library of a Polymoog 280a. Every note has been sampled in every octave. Var Mode has also been sampled were applicable. The sounds coming from the main output has been sampled and Vox Humana has also been sapled through the direct out - This ensures you can easily create all the sounds a Polymoog 280a has to offer.
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Synth Magic  Free Synth Patches and Presets for You
http://goo.gl/7m2RFd Click Here to Download the FREE FLP and Track Stems
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Sounds of the Delta for Kontakt 5.2.1 (New version)
New version of Sounds of the Delta for Kontakt 5.2.1. Contains new sample sets, new features and presets. Existing presets have been recreated using the new sample sets. This update is free to existing owners of the original Sounds of the Delta.
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Synth Magic SH-M for Kontakt
Kontakt synth based on SH-1000 synthesiser. All the raw osc's have been samples as well as a collection of custom sounds made on a SH-1000 and then sampled. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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phobos video demo2
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Down in the park(GARY NUMAN) remix Synth Magic's ZOM ZOM polymoog emulation
Remix of Gary Numans Down in the park by Stephen Donohue using only Synth magics ZOM ZOM Polymoog emulation for Kontakt. ZOM ZOM available at www.synthmagic.co.uk
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JEN SX3000 quick demo
Jen sx3000 from Synth Magic. www.synthmagic.co.uk This is based on a real hardware synth called Jen sx1000. Programming by Stephen Porter at Synth Magic. Graphics/GUI design by renound GUI designer Anders Hedstrom aka Flavours of Lime.
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Synth Magic Exploration 1 Raw OSC section
Quick overview of the Raw oscillator section of Synth Magic Exploration 1. Please see vide of preset waveform section(also included) which includes 58 custom waveform's taken from the real ARP Explorer.
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Polychrome for kontakt 5.2.1 (or higher).avi
www.synthmagic.co.uk Polychrome for Kontakt 5.2.1(or higher) from Synth Magic. A sample based synth based on the Farfisa Polychrome.
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The Star Shepherd Synthesizer
Enter the STAR SHEPHERD a synth I Build/bent/hacked/modified from old guitar pedals FX and EQ boxes, a small AM radio and a 1981 Casio 403 keyboard. The oscillator section is made out of Pitchshifter/Harmonizers/Sub Octavers and a graphic EQ pedal to create complex harmonic tones – transmorphed from the simple keyboard sounds fed by the Casio. The sound then goes through a bunch of circuitbend Analog delays, reverbs, Tremolos & Vibratos (figuring as makeshift LFO sources) and Wahwah pedals as filters. The AM radio is figuring as a random noise source. There is also a very simple keyboard style ‘sequencer’ made from a looper pedal. The case is made out of cheap plywood and everything is held together with screws, glue and tape. There are also some LED strips pulsating from the inside for some extra intense magic. It is very noisey, crackley and sometimes starts doing its own thing like some sentient synthesizer being that is alive. This makes it quite an adventerous experience. More Sound Demos at http://www.legowelt.org
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Synth Magic Sounds of the Korg Delta Sequencer
Quick overview of some of the new features of the sequencer I have added. Will do final tests and then send it out to owners of Sounds of the Delta. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Siel px for Kontakt from synth magic
Quick demo of a very basic little Kontact instrument which is based on 5 of the presets from a Siel electric piano. The Siel has been hanging around my studio for years so I thought it would be fun to make a very basic kontakt instrument from it. All keyboard and bass sounds in the demo are from the Kontakt instrument(Except drums). Instrument has lots of custom impulse responses. Gui designed by Anders Hedstrom (Flavours of Lime).
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phobos update
If you own Phobos you will be receiving this update. Quick update video to show new user interface for Phobos. Interface has been designed by Anders Hedstrom (Flavours of Lime). Phobos has been totally re-written from the ground up and now has more features and waveforms to select from. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Exploring the ES-2 Synthesizer - Modulation - Vector (Part 7)
Overview of the ES-2 Synth in Logic Pro. This video goes over modulation using the vector control in ES2.
Views: 183 Rishabh Rajan
digital love child intro
New Kontakt instrument based on 1.8GB of samples taken from various digital and analogue synths. Comes with hundreds and hundreds of presets too. Lots of waveforms from various digital synths. Custom Gui by Flavours of Lime. www.synthmagic.co.uk
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Synth Magic
Its here! Its here!! Today my LED Artistry Synth hoop arrived :) I could barely contain my excitement at work! Mode 1: 0:50 Mode 2: 2:05 Mode 3: 3:05 Mode 4: 4:00 Mode 5: 4:40 Mode 6: 5:45 Mode 7: 6:27 I am so in love. Is this real life? This video is my first hoop with it so I am not entirely used to the size (32 O/D), but I go through the majority of Bank 1. ENJOY!! So much more to come! Music is a Bassnectar Mix !!! xoxo Love and Light! Rage Hoops
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Review: BLOQ Synth by Sample Magic - Audio Mentor
BLOQ synth & drum is an amazing sampler with tons of classic synths and drum machines sampled into to. In the video I explain a little few things that you should know about BLOQ and what it does, things I like about it and dislike about it. If you like to only hear how BLOQ sounds like, skip to 6:40 Check out the full produced music here: http://goo.gl/lxpafa I enjoyed the classic styled movie Turbo Kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh23-rQUi5U ----- Big thanks to Sample Magic for allowing me to give BLOQ a run! : http://snip.ly/o5Yx Read the full interview & find out the complete list of synths here: http://www.audiomentor.com/reviews/review-bloq-vintage-synth-by-sample-magic Give Audio Mentor some love: https://www.facebook.com/audiomentor
Views: 2599 Reuben Chng
Quick View of New Quadra
New Quadra for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher. Completely new version of the original Sounds of the Quadra that is now based on a 9GB library instead of the 550mb of the original Sounds of the Quadra.
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Logan Vocalist Video Demo
Some sounds and tracks made using Synth Magic Logan Vocalist with new Vocalist update which includes Cassette deck Vocalist.
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