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UFO-8-Dreaming Of Summer.
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Audio-Track from UFO's "WALK ON WATER".
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UFO- Dreaming Of Summer
Album Walk on Water Year 1995 Phil Mogg - vocals Michael Schenker - guitars Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar Pete Way - bass Andy Parker - drums Woke up on a Manchester morning No sun up on the sky Caught the train down to London So broke I could make you cry When you get right down to it There's really nothing in it I got a copy of the evening paper If there's a job I will apply The DHS says it's now or never This is a case of do or die When it comes right down to it I've got to struggle through it ** Put the lights way down low Come closer Tell me heroes don't fade away, they're forever Just a little bit of something Just a little bit of real Tell me heroes don't fade away, become a memory So come on darling now I still need to know Are we gonna fade away or stay forever Took a walk down to Soho I've got T.V. on my mind It says these days you have it easy Oh Lord, I must be blind When it comes right down to it I can see right on through it I really love my old lady Much more grief she can't take Wish I could take her somewhere fancy I still need that lucky break When it comes right down to it There's really nothing in it Repeat ** And I'm dreaming of summer Of just me and you now But a love with no money How long will it ring true One big city smells like another I get lost in this maze When I get home should I lie The bottle's gone I'm in a daze When it comes right down to it I've got to struggle through it Things look bleak out of this window Sometimes I wanna run away And the light fades down this tunnel It merges into another day
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UFO ~ Dreaming ~ Mechanix
These tracks are too good not to post! Enjoy!
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Dreaming of summer
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UFO - Dreaming
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Ufo - Dreaming.
Posiblemente la etapa de Michael en Ufo sea la más importante. Algunos incluso prefieren la de Michael Bolton, así cada cual define sus gusto ó preferencia: yo conocí primero los discos con Schenker, hasta que escuche los de Chapman. A partir de hay ,mis preferencias estaban claras.
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UFO • Dreaming (Full album)
Just kids dreaming© Tracks: 1- Word Up ft CK (00:00) 2- Promesas (4:33) 3- Las Nueve (7:12) 4- Amsterdam ft CK (10:40) 5- Limon y Sal ft Big scott (14:49) 6- Air Max (18:42) 7- Love of (21:25) twitter: https://twitter.com/Aleparoditsk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alejoparodi1/ Diseño grafico: Federico Bona
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UFO - Anyday
UFO - 'Anyday' from the album "No Place To Run" Lyrics: We seem to be so alone How it feels is nothing new We're only going through the motions Me and you I'll go back home again There's nothing left but empty rooms We're passing through and It can't end for us too soon * Anyday, Anyday I've got to get up and go I wanna tear all this down Breakaway, breakaway Everyday seems so damn slow I don't wanna be around Now my baby sits and stares The clock spins the hours away And there's nothing left For you or I to say Should be out having fun How comes we don't anymore But we been through this Too many times before Here comes my coat now Put it on my head Before I get to city prone I ain't no judge I ain't no diplomat I don't need no crystal ball (repeat*)
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UFO! - The Dream
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UFO - Pushed To The Limit
Ufo - Pushed to the limit
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UFO - Feel It
This is a very nice song ! But very few people know this song So, I uploaded for you guys who likes 80's hard rock (from cd Mechanix (1982)) Enjoy, don't forgett to leave a comment !
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Dreaming of Summer
Liv gets an early start in storytelling.
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UFO - Lonely Heart
One of UFO's finest moments
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UFO  -  Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love)  (1995)
ARTIST: UFO TITTLE: Walk On The Water – 1995 MUSIC: Stopped by a Bullet (of love) 1- A Self-Made Man 2- Venus 3- Pushrd to the Limit 4- Stopped by a Bullet (of love) 5- Darker Days 6- Running on Empty 7- Knock, Knock 8- Dreaming of Summer 9- Doctor, Doctor (new version) 10- Lights Out (new version) Phil Mogg - vocals Michael Schenker - guitar[2] Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar Pete Way - bass Andy Parker - drums Ron Nevison - producer, engineer, mixing Additional personnel Mark Philips - background vocals NOTA 1: Não tenho os direitos sobre esta música. NOTA 2: Esta publicação visa apenas a sua divulgação. NOTA 3: Caso haja alguma incompatibilidade agradeço que me contactem e o vídeo será retirado.
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UFO-8-Dream The Dream.
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UFO - Highway Lady
"No Heavy Petting" (1976) UFO Phil Mogg : Vocals Andy Parker : Drums Pete Way : Bass Michael Schenker : Guitar Danny Peyronel : Keyboards and Vocals
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Dreaming of Summer
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UFO - Dream The Dream
UFO - Dream The Dream
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Dreaming of Summer - Andrew Chai
New video for 2014 consisting of various clips through the last year, Many thanks to my sponsors Marino for his support over the last few years and also to Qualitybike who has offered support for components in the future. Music by Broke for free - Juparo www.Marinobike.com www.Qualitybike.net
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Dreaming of Summer
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Dreaming of Summer
ref: Dreaming of Summer (Chilled Trance).wmv
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UFO Project & Arkade - Dreaming (Original Mix)
Out now on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/dreaming/1420635 RELEASE DATE: 2014-12-15 LABELS: Ruff N Fresh CATALOG #: RNF012 Follow Ruff N Fresh on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ruff-n-fresh-records Like Ruff N Fresh on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruff-N-Fresh-Records/272955826059909
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UFO - Fools Gold
From: "Covenant" (2000)
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UFO- Mr. Freeze
from the band's 2004 release " You Are Here". Steamhammer Records. Phil Mogg vocals. Pete Way-bass. Paul Raymond-keyboards. Jason Bonham-drums, backing vocals. Vinnie Moore-guitars. I do not own the copyright to this.
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UFO - Silverbird
UFO - Silverbird
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UFO - Venus
Ufo - Venus
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Coucheron - UFO
Coucheron - UFO ✅ Spotify Playlist: http://cldkid.com/spotify ✖️ Instagram: http://cldkid.com/instagram ✖️ Snapchat: cldkid Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2yCfuBc 💬 Quote of the day "Always look up. You know know; you might see a UFO." - Unknown Share your quotes with me under #CloudQuote ❌ CloudKid Shop: http://cldkid.com/shop ▶️ Coucheron Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/coucheron Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoucheronMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoucheronMusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Coucheron/ ▶️ CloudKid ❌ Weekly giveaways: http://cldkid.com/win Instagram: https://instagram.com/cloudkid Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloudkidmusic Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cloudkid Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cldkid Snapchat: @cldkid Submit your music here: [email protected] CloudKid Spotify Playlists: 🎧 Main Playlist: http://cldkid.com/spotify 💪🏻 Workout Playlist: http://bit.ly/CKWorkout ☀️ Good Vibes Playlist: http://bit.ly/CKGoodVibes 👤 Artist Takeover Playlist: http://bit.ly/CKArtist ⛔️ The image used The artwork used in this video is an original piece created by CloudKid. All rights reserved. For more information please contact us here: [email protected]
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UFO~The Writer~Mechanix
The opening track of 1982's mechanix. Enjoy!
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UFO - Venus
UFO - Venus Phil Mogg - vocals Michael Schenker - guitar Pete Way - bass Paul Raymond - rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals Andy Parker - drums
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UFO Venus
Walk On Water
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YoungOnes dreaming of Summer
The dull and cold weather has got us dreaming of the amazing summer days we had in 2013. We cannot wait to launch our first summer range for 2014, and we will be touring around the UK having yet another crazy one! Follow the journey on twitter @YoungOnesInfo and Instagram @YoungOnesPics www.youngonesapparel.com
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UFO-8-Rise Again.
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UFO -  I'm A Loser
UFO - I'm A Loser ALBUM No Heavy Petting (1976)
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UFO - Back Into my Life
Views: 7208 Ural V
UFO - Let It Rain (1982)
A video clip from "MECHANIX" album in 1982
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Audio-Track from UFO "Obsession". Michael Schenker(Guitar) Phil Mogg(Vocals) Pete Way(Bass) Paul Raymond(Keyboards) Andy Parker(Drums)
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UFO ~ We Belong To The Night ~ Mechanix
From their 1982 album Mechanix, featuring the lovely and talented Paul Chapman! Enjoy!
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UFO - Self Made Man
Hope you like it, from album Walk On Water
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Dreaming of Summer
just some old video's requested by people
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UFO-9-Perfect View.
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UFO - Stopped by a bullet (0f love)
Ufo - stoped by a bullet(of love)
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UFO-6-Burnin' Fire.
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UFO-11-Message For Japan.
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SING Group #8 - Dreaming of Summer
Baylor Line Camp Session 2 SING Jordan's Group
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UFO - Too Young to Know
"Phenomenon" 1974
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UFO -  Doctor Doctor '95 Version
album: Walk on Water (1995) upload by dp MUSIC