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SQL, How to insert date data type, lesson 14

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14th video of the series, learning structured Query Language. How to insert date data type into a column. Using oracle platform.
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auder muhammad (1 year ago)
hello ,, can you help me for sum data between two date in database using java neatbeans. thank you for answer
Teh Lai Peng (3 years ago)
hi,can you teach how to add day to date?
Kiran ch (3 years ago)
Hi can you please tell me which software you have used to create videos.
hammadshams (3 years ago)
+Kiran chikhale Camtasia Studio 8
avinash kolachalam (3 years ago)
good explanation :)
AshimHybrid07 (7 years ago)
Nice Video thank you!=)

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