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Ozzie Wright gets a really long barrel in Indo!

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Ozzie Wright goes to Indonesia and gets pitted for 18 seconds! - Music - Song: "VD" Artist: Goons of Doom Release: The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost iTunes: http://georiot.co/2HJK
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Text Comments (265)
Denis Claros (1 year ago)
myntyd (5 years ago)
where is this in indo?
shane brady (1 year ago)
Looks very much like "supersuck" in Sumbawa, Pretty sure about that, its quite distinctive!
Guilherme Seemann (5 years ago)
Can't wait to come Back to Indo with my new set of boards!
Chris Phillips (5 years ago)
Super sucks probably
slowbaotian (5 years ago)
what spot is this?
PatrickHetic (6 years ago)
What footage has a better and longer barrel than that? 100% perfection!
TheMANDOG (6 years ago)
Michael S (6 years ago)
yea well atleast i don't reply to a 1 year old comment. you fuck ass haha
TheMANDOG (6 years ago)
well now that was dumber!! Baaahahaha!
Michael S (6 years ago)
i'm dumb? look at your fucking username i can already tell your a stupid ass. the fuck is a man dog? your better off calling yourself man bear pig from south park..
TheMANDOG (6 years ago)
dumb ass thats water not a board!
TheMANDOG (6 years ago)
you're dumb!
FOSTA2036 (6 years ago)
you also see his board go over at 0:50
Jez Kimber (6 years ago)
fuck 23 seconds
Marcello Bravo (6 years ago)
look at his cool...
Harry Gascoigne (6 years ago)
at 0:46 recycler
Brendan Sidaway (6 years ago)
Joel Barker (6 years ago)
you see him in the wash at 0:59
gary bridgett (6 years ago)
If I could get a wave like that once in my life , I would die happy
Matt Mckinney (6 years ago)
Ozzie kills!
Michael S (6 years ago)
thats because your blind
Calvin Berry (6 years ago)
no one
kaYboi8o8 (6 years ago)
the guy at 47 doesn't look like he got sucked over at all...looks like he made it through clean so i dont know what your talking about
WildmanBorneo (6 years ago)
Rodneytyson Tycam (6 years ago)
That.s so cool
David Korst (6 years ago)
@808bayside He's too distracted by Ozzie's surfing
one38guitarist (6 years ago)
@BUTT3RYHD hahahaha i laughed my ass off
Buttery. (7 years ago)
@ 0:27 "JESUS!!!..." "Oh wait.. guy on a boat"
bayar3a (7 years ago)
JahminLerum (7 years ago)
Not fair...while I stare at flat, flat waves.
Damian Hirst (7 years ago)
how could you dislike that? those 4 people are tards. i thinnk i creamed my pants! :O
Sam Clarke (7 years ago)
i just jacked off over this... multiple times...
laki2nice (7 years ago)
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jb (7 years ago)
Pretty sure the guy 0:52 looses his board nearly hitting ozzie
Michael S (7 years ago)
haha @ 0:47 who saw the guy get sucked in on a failed duck dive? haha
9965445 (7 years ago)
yaa surf is up dudes
MrNumNums13 (7 years ago)
plane ticket booked. need i say more
Kolby Ah Sau (7 years ago)
Nice vid at super suck
Am I tripping or did both guys on that last barrel go over the falls?
Toby Mace (7 years ago)
CaliSurfer (7 years ago)
I'm riding that wave in my head right now. Imagination, anything is possible.
Edson Júnior (7 years ago)
you have time enought to eat a hamburguer while being barreled
TheZbeast (7 years ago)
so gnarly, just straight hanging out in there
Young Primate (7 years ago)
longest barrel ever
Joao Vidal (7 years ago)
wht is the name of the song? great barrel !
peckawoodd (7 years ago)
ENRIQUE ODZ (7 years ago)
Joey (7 years ago)
0:51 board getting taken over the falls??????
drumacat (7 years ago)
:50 seconds that guy get sucked over ha
Jairo Teixeira (7 years ago)
michielgrillet (7 years ago)
It's nice to see people have respect there :) 0:30 Where I go waves are smaller and kooks don't choose the white water there, they take the easy bit even if you're riding it.
Janik (7 years ago)
whats the name of the song? i dont know the title and i dont find it just under goons of dooms thx
juaobitor (7 years ago)
Haters always gonna hate... People who dislike this must have brain injury.
Blitzwolf44 (7 years ago)
@imalegendyo that was your wave bro, unlucky....
James Kelsall (7 years ago)
Super Suck
Ricardo Fernandes (7 years ago)
@flinttyy awesome, brother. congrats. :)
Hugo Davey (7 years ago)
its call super suck
inlike flint (7 years ago)
@ricfer2004 nokandui, indo
chubbaz1 (7 years ago)
chubbaz1 (7 years ago)
@ricfer2004 Kuts Reef? you fucking high?
malaihiboi (7 years ago)
Ricardo Fernandes (7 years ago)
Kuta Reef?
eian gosselin (7 years ago)
my cock is 2 inches long
Saladorentis (7 years ago)
What a beautilful water :D
@iJimi111 lucky!
Tomas Longo (7 years ago)
@iJimi111 actually i prefer doing tubes in bs. so i can grab the rail while doin it.
Gilgamesh (7 years ago)
awwww yeaaaaaaa
Meikan Dahl (7 years ago)
wow i really want to learn how to surf!
SeiNj (7 years ago)
Ivan Bittencourt (7 years ago)
what a wave man, the guy lived a life inside the barrel.
john smith (7 years ago)
@gorgino85 i probably would of seen it at least 200 times
Chris Clark (7 years ago)
@MRiSKATE407 what are you talking about he punches right though
Mateo Montoya (8 years ago)
OmegaPirate (8 years ago)
It's one awesome wave!
Levi Kidder (8 years ago)
I would like to nominate this for barrel of the century
Young Primate (8 years ago)
mi longest is 1 sec (barrel), and i take only 2 (barrel) =D with 11 (year old) =D
Young Primate (8 years ago)
mi longest is 1sec , =D and i take only 2 =D
Sam Macfarlane (8 years ago)
@wixnarara i live in bali sucked in haha
This breaks the promise of "no such thing as perfect"!!!!!!!!!
Fabio Lemme (8 years ago)
There´s a guy paddling out on 0:49, the water gives you the impression that he lost his board, it gets spinned on the bowl and almost hits Ozzy in the head... But it´s just an impression, right? Just some white foam probably.
Jack Wallner (8 years ago)
sickest wave ever so good
MutilateYOU (8 years ago)
Whenever I dissapear from society... This is where i'm heading...
Dominic Bakarich (8 years ago)
@wixnarara I agree although I kinda like Robs turns a little more than Ozzie's. Sick barrel, especially when he pumps through the faster section.
gorgino85 (8 years ago)
I dont get tired of watching this vid
surfzens (8 years ago)
The second barrel is epic, love the ments!
António Coiso (8 years ago)
he has the same style has rob machado, seems to control de wave
António Coiso (8 years ago)
Kahuku Kane (8 years ago)
AI had alonger one
Matt G (8 years ago)
If I came out of a wave like this I would be throwing down the biggest claim known to mankind!
Rene Siqueira (8 years ago)
that it's great !!!!!
Nick Figueras-Dotti (8 years ago)
wish i had this whole place to myself. last time i went to cloudbreak it was full.
Angus Young (8 years ago)
first wave, why is no one in it....
charlie donnelly (8 years ago)
@FatherTime09 its called super sucks , i think in sumbawa
marleySux (8 years ago)
angusrastas (8 years ago)
i guarantee this is a spot called one palm, although the palm has fallen over now. a guy on the boat with me called johnno caught one from out the back and rode through the next gnarly section past the boat pitted the whole way. i would like to hear if anybody else has managed this
charlie donnelly (8 years ago)
Mack Lack (8 years ago)
Balls of steel to pull back into that tube with as much juice as these waves have,,,
Marc Chapuis (8 years ago)
Fuck look the tube :o and the barrel !!!! énorme !!!
maalaea (8 years ago)
where in indo?
osocali777 (8 years ago)
@pyaldin i type in Fist full of barrels nice long righthander somewhere in Mexico

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