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5.1 TOSHIBA FET Amplifier - 1800 watts

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* 1800 Watts power amplifier * TOSHIBA 2SC5200, 2SA1943 based * 12 no's of NPN Triple diffused Transistors * Each channel having 300 Watts output * 36-0-36V 5A HT Transformer * Separate 0-18V 1A output for cooler fan * Separate 12-0-12V 2A output for decoder * SHAN prologic decoder based * This decoder having inbuilt Subwoofer preamp(LPF), 5.1 decoder, 2CH-5.1CH switching board and 6 channel gainer also * USB board having Pendrive, TF card, AUX, Bluetooth supported * Subwoofer frequency adjustable control available * CD, DVD input available Amplifier weight - 7 Kg Price : ₹7,500 Courier charge : ₹60 per 1 KG(Tamil nadu) Courier charge : ₹70 per 1 KG ( south india) Courier charge : ₹120 per 1 KG ( North india) Courier through post office surface service: ₹ 50 per 1 KG( applied only for north India) For more details : M.RAJASEKAR RHYTHAM digital sound system Dharapuram 9786765903 Email : [email protected]
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Text Comments (137)
Ra j (4 days ago)
Song name . Wich movie.
Sunil Sunil (23 days ago)
Bala Raji (24 days ago)
Free pord ku ethana volt anna
Balaram Barman (1 month ago)
Your sell no plz
john jase (1 month ago)
Rameshbhai Modhera (2 months ago)
Mo. No do
wasim patel (3 months ago)
i need optical input in this amly
Pratap Biswas (3 months ago)
Please this amplifier interesting 7000 please send u mobile number
Ekrem Yartaşı (4 months ago)
even if you have a transformer with enough power, what about these "tiny" capacitors, 2x10000uf :)
MP-tronics audios (4 months ago)
What is triple diffused transistor?
Suraj Kumar (4 months ago)
Price kya hai
Sony King (4 months ago)
Hello brother can you make car amplifier 4 channel maximum watts
vimal nice (4 months ago)
Brother so mee speaker plz
MD Hossen (4 months ago)
Your price rate
Bathu Praveen (4 months ago)
brother iwant sub woofer amp its new products from u pl send the invoice
Jaya Prakash (4 months ago)
What price the amplifier
Tarun Das (5 months ago)
1800 watt - RMS or PMPO?
truth is always painful (5 months ago)
This AMP is not more thn 600 watt with only 12 mosfet .. How can you say 1800 watt ?????????????????
Arun raj Audio's (5 months ago)
36× 5= 180 w only how to get 1800w from this power source?
ashok kumar (5 months ago)
Sir enna size enna watts woofer podanum
Santhosh C (6 months ago)
Price ? amplifier with speakers 🔊
manish natuskar (6 months ago)
With speakers 7500rs ..ya only amplifier
AADHI TECH (5 months ago)
AADHI TECH (6 months ago)
Bro really 1800watts how much cost and RMS tell
please your product price how much
how much bro
Nagaraj Raj (6 months ago)
Price sollunga
Waqar Aslam 22 (7 months ago)
Hi ap kisa ha
Rakesh Kumar (7 months ago)
nice disign
Ahsan Akhtar (7 months ago)
upload subwoofer filter circuit diagram
manoj sah (7 months ago)
Great Integration......Sir.
Ganeshan. Tv (7 months ago)
Praveen Sahu (7 months ago)
how much price 9453137837
Dominic Fernandes (7 months ago)
wh satuts (7 months ago)
Rate Enna?
arun kumar (8 months ago)
Technical Rahul (8 months ago)
Kiss cost ka hai ye
dj Vinay karimnagar (9 months ago)
i need only tranisister kit
THIRU ARASU (9 months ago)
shan decoder board engakidikum bro
THIRU ARASU (8 months ago)
tre mor (9 months ago)
r u in chennai
tre mor (9 months ago)
sir please tell me if any one know the meaning for Dolby atoms and how much speakes it wants
Tech HK Malayalam (9 months ago)
tre mor .... Dolby atmos is highly advanced object based sound system with 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 Configuration: Atmos is coming from only Blueray players:
tre mor (9 months ago)
sir please mention the correct name you used is transistor 5200 but u given title as mosfet
goldan jubli (9 months ago)
Is par kon se ispiar bjege please reply
THIRU ARASU (9 months ago)
decoder border board enga kidikum
YASEEN BALOCH (9 months ago)
Aulia Ariyanto (9 months ago)
ini yg saya tnggu
Skbulu Skbulu (9 months ago)
Call Me 8016686863
Staszek Nowak (9 months ago)
1800watts? hahahah
Mohan Raj (10 months ago)
Hai Amp yeppadi Asampul panrathu video poduga
Tech HK Malayalam (10 months ago)
Stupidity ...4 nos of 6 amps diodes and a small classic transformer gives 1800 watts....! New physics theory ...!
Tech HK Malayalam (8 months ago)
Madhan J ....yes... Good quality product of 2000 watts power Amp is worth above 30000 Indian Rupees....!
Madhan J (8 months ago)
you r right.sir.1800 watts .ah it is used in professional outdoor only.
tre mor (9 months ago)
+Hari K Nair sir I sell 2 channel amplifer but no one buy because I tell the truth so only 6 to 8 pcs per year ha ha ha....
Tech HK Malayalam (9 months ago)
tre mor :...ok ... then that amplifier board is waste due to small power supply
tre mor (9 months ago)
hi hari please explain to him or live it sir because we are doing very small work on this
Awanda Taufiqur (10 months ago)
Ampere and voltage please.
Sivanesan nagarajan (10 months ago)
This amp assembly video please 8122414857 that's my WhatsApp number please
ashu kr (10 months ago)
600watt not 1800watt
Awanda Taufiqur (10 months ago)
P=v.i ampere and voltage from trafo?
How can u find this Watts? Can u proof this is 600 Watts....and have u any real proof?
Mr. oblo (10 months ago)
dlifer nya kok tipis kakak
Awanda Taufiqur (10 months ago)
1800watt ??
Aniket Sharma (9 months ago)
Read and learn more about electronics, no way it can do 1800w in total Maybe 60-70w per channel depending on the load impedance and supply rails I respect your hard work but stop fooling people. Otherwise this thing is a piece of crap
Awanda Taufiqur (10 months ago)
RHYTHAM digital sound system 2sc5200 200watt. Voltage and ampere?
S sir....have any doubt? Just go to Google search type "2SC5200, 2SA1943 output Watts"....it will show automatically
Pataal Minz (10 months ago)
can it give clear sound as branded amps
Semalai Vnr (3 months ago)
Your contact no please
Pataal Minz (10 months ago)
where is buying link
santosh kumar ponnada (10 months ago)
Hi sir very nice
sami chami (10 months ago)
wery good sir for modi fi
Dimple Dimple Kumar (10 months ago)
sami chami ttgyy
deepu kumar (10 months ago)
Number please
Fakru Ddin (10 months ago)
ktne ka mile jayga amplifier ye bhi
Ji....can u send sms in English language
Rahul Kumar (10 months ago)
Hello Sir, I need to know that what is is the payment method and which courier service you preferred of you shipped with bluedart then what will be the price plz tell. And what about warranty of the product.
This Amplifier cost is ₹7,200 sir....U can transfer money through net banking, imps, deposit anyone.... transportation through ST Courier service...I can provide 1 year service warranty only....not a replacement or onsite warranty....under warranty period Transportation up and down charges is yours
Rahul Kumar (10 months ago)
RHYTHAM digital sound system No sir But I need an amplifier which should future proof. For now I have one subwoofer and speaker sub is 100watt and speaker are 50w respectively. I think 1000watt will be good. I need everything in that like bluetooth remote multiple connectivity. Plz suggest me and quote me what will be the price and amps image if possible. Thanks and regards.
No problem sir....I can provide u custom Amplifier as your requirement..... may I know ur room size? Have any subwoofer?
Rahul Kumar (10 months ago)
RHYTHAM digital sound system Thanq sir. So how can I place the order for specific amplifier. And if I want custom amplifier for home use. Then what I have to do. Plz reply asap.
Sir....I can not able to provide COD...
LOCAL PORIYALAN (10 months ago)
bro one doubt.... 36 X 5 = 180 so each channel have 180 watts output.. but u say 1800 watts output. how??????
Selva Selva (10 days ago)
It is based on internet project simply saying the kit is copycat it also has worst distortion levels than tda 7294 ic
MP-tronics audios (4 months ago)
Its called "oodayipp"
Manoj Kumar (4 months ago)
Madhan J (8 months ago)
transformer wattage is dc 35+35=70volt .multiply 5 amperage current.that is 350 watts.so this is the maximum power the transformer gives.al the mosfet have only 25 watt rms.50 watt is peak.
Mr gm (8 months ago)
it's only a matter of marketing strategy
Md Robin (10 months ago)
plz give song name
Rahul Ranjan (10 months ago)
Mrp kya hai bhai
Rahul singh (10 months ago)
Muhammad umair Umair (10 months ago)
AADHI TECH (5 months ago)
Cost bro
Thank U
Surya esr (10 months ago)
Amplifier audio home theater aalabuku clear ah irukkuma
very nice video sir thanks
Thank U very much sir
sir ji amplifier ka price Kitna hoga
₹7,200 sir
TECHS OF V.C (10 months ago)
RHYTHAM digital sound system price in this amplifer
Sir....Can u send me the sms in English language?
Vaithy M (11 months ago)
sir thosiba fit equal for stopping 4191 on serial I am using this
I can't understand sir....what u saying?
me love (11 months ago)
I want supper bass Does this provide me super bass How can I get this bord plz tell me on my what's app number 8811022836
Just one day wait sir....I am going to introduced a new model amplifier...600 Watts subwoofer and another Surround having 50 Watts....I am providing very high Bass for subwoofer
me love (11 months ago)
RHYTHAM digital sound system Thanks bro but I want ur some Faber plz tell me I want deep bass which amplifier and subwoofer may be required. Reply me either here or whatsapp Thanks
I m providing amplifier only sir....if u want to buy separate spares, I can provide bulk order only
jatashankar sah (11 months ago)
I wants to buy this amp
Sir....call me at 9786765903
Sorry for delayed sir.....i u want to buy call me at 9786765903
Takla Saddam (11 months ago)
Hi Iski per chanel output ketni h aur ismein transformer kitne volt aur amp ki h plz batayein
Sorry sir...I couldn't understand your language....each channel having 300 Watts output....total 1800 Watts....for more details call me at 9786765903
Abdulla Khan (11 months ago)
Sir dgital sound better ya dolby atmks better sir
Tech HK Malayalam (10 months ago)
We cannot assemble dolby atmos...!
Currently Dolby digital prologic ll version board available sir....this is comfortable for our assembled Amplifier
Abdulla Khan (11 months ago)
Supperb sound sir mind blowing
Thank U...
Thank you sir....Thank you very much
Abdulla Khan (11 months ago)
Sir maqbool name midha kurnnol ki delivery chesinedhi idhe naa sir
Bala Bala (11 months ago)
HAPPY HAPPY (1 month ago)
Bro 1400 watss supwoofer and 8 inch speaker 5 use pandra mathiri 5.1 surrounding home therater amplifier venum evalavu agum.nalla effect ya irukanum.rate solluga unga no send me
Sir 100 watt ka kitane tak mileaga Toshiba company ka
Bala Bala (11 months ago)
Bro 1number board mattum coriyar panividunga bro
Bro...I can't provide any individual board....I am a amplifier assembler....not a supplier....but I can provide material, when will u give me a bulk order
Bala Bala (11 months ago)
5.1 remote kit optical & coaxial input venum ₹-? Board and remote set only

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