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You can soon buy a sex robot equipped with artificial intelligence for about $20,000

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In her National Geographic series, "America Inside Out," Katie Couric learned about the world's first sex robot, Harmony.
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Eli Versus Politics (9 hours ago)
Bicycles don't need fish either.
Britney The King (20 hours ago)
I'm happy, they made a doll for incels (:
Bob Sebring (21 hours ago)
Looking at katie with her bat wings I'll take the robot.
balleralert (1 day ago)
Alright but when the battery dies, do I just stick my penis in the butthole to charge?
Tom Lennon (2 days ago)
Bye, bye feminazis!!...lonely when you have no wage slave to emotionally beat down, steal his kids, house and pension from. Best stock up on cat food while you can still afford it.
pwoods100 (2 days ago)
Where have all the boyfriends gone? Gone to robots everyone.
Wrath Phury (2 days ago)
I'm Soo saving up for one!!😄😄
John (3 days ago)
so strange to me also, make me feel so uncomfortable,,
Tristan Neal (3 days ago)
Pause at 1:03 for nightmare fuel
Wooster (3 days ago)
Wow, her career went downhill.
Marko Mägi (4 days ago)
Charlie Boi (4 days ago)
Can the bitch bot cook?🤔
Dixon V Fitness (4 days ago)
The downfall of society is coming.
Vanya004 (4 days ago)
Hopefully, every system needs a restart sometimes.
goldtitan 337 (4 days ago)
My only complaint is the price
Suwan Yi (4 days ago)
fool... when u get data like this u can’t get it from japan u know they be weird😭
Peter Vasz (5 days ago)
*Jeff bezos has joined the chat.*
TheLooseEntity (5 days ago)
Detroit: become human
1.618033 3.14 (5 days ago)
Hey Alexa I'm horny.
Pretty Boy Floyd (5 days ago)
At the end of this video, the lady should have said. Katie drove away with that robot, and ended up fucking it. Which is now leading to her tragic divorce.
Elizabeth James. (5 days ago)
Omg! 😮 What in The World we’re living in.🙏 Thanks Katie...👏❤️
CPG (5 days ago)
Fuck sex robots. I got my right hand
David Henderson (6 days ago)
Y do they call them sex robots? Sure they are but no one goes around calling ordinary women sexmen or sexmon? I guess they have call them something. Point is who's gonna buy them if they cost so much? but in 20 years I'll either b to old or dead, I'm 60 hurry up just like self drive cars hurry up! I'd much rather have a Doll girlfriend than the real thing, god all the legal red tape n stuff u have to do b4 u can do whatever with the real one SMH n to b able to hop into a car without a license n mister policeman to nab ya just b'cos u had a few drinks or u just picked up the cellfone sux. Anyway uno what I'm talking about. :) Great video by the way.
Justin Jones (6 days ago)
Time 2 save up
Christel Piarulli (6 days ago)
When are the male robots?
Yung Pac (6 days ago)
The thing is, who you gonna leech off of for money? Your man aint gna buy that bot for you like he did everything else
Rudolf de Lang (7 days ago)
It is a pity that the robot can talk ;o)
Russ Russ (7 days ago)
Do they have ones that look like anime girls
Sivanesan Nathan (8 days ago)
Can be custom as a person we wanted?
Drake ICN (8 days ago)
I would buy that... if I lived alone in a cave in a deserted island. I mean, it is not like I don't want one, but if anyone finds out my social life is dead because I can never look my friends and family in the eye again. Edit: Also WTF that factory looks like the a butcher shop teamed up with Hannibal Lector. You need to get over that each time you feel like getting romantic with your toy.
chris mardz (8 days ago)
I like the idea.. its fantastic! Make it water proof so i can do it it a hot bath tub to make the doll warmer... hehehe!
Choice or No Choice (8 days ago)
The Devil. Smart enough to both dumb you down and take you down at the same time!
Andrew Parker (8 days ago)
I'm calling if I 2030 women will be obsolete. Haha as soon as these things are compatible with the latest iPhone update it's done.
SuperAvailable123 (8 days ago)
for those of you who said there will be anyone for someone. do you even read world population statistics? men population outnumber women's. there will be men who will never had partner because of men's surplus. i am saying this to wake you up that we live in real world, unlike fairytale world you always think about
Spartan Man (8 days ago)
if Men are willing to spend 20,000 dollars on a fake girlfriend then ona reall woman you would think they would stop and wonder what has made men get to this point but no because its always mens fault no matter what.  I must say personally im all for it its got to be way easier then dating any reall women these days and delightful.  Atleast I cant lose my house in a divorce case and other bullshit.
Luke Gober (8 days ago)
This is sad
Steve (9 days ago)
They blurred out fake nipples, give me a break. Are we that repressed in this country that we can’t even look at FAKE nipples without people complaining, sad.
Alan Harper (9 days ago)
3:12 "What do you like to do for fun?" "I like to f*ck computers" That killed me bruh. So does it mean that she is robosexual? ...because she don't like to make around with humans.
Ray Mason (9 days ago)
Funny how when it's a Male robot she doesn't mind
Spacey Cat (9 days ago)
No it will replace with all these feminists and fake rape charges
Tacitus (9 days ago)
So... How about we just change the divorce laws and tell women to start acting like good wives and mothers until it comes natural?
Steve McGrey (9 days ago)
OMG. look at that doll talking. scary. future of humanbeing very dark.
brianwesley28 (9 days ago)
What's your favorite position? What's your favorite nipple type? What's your favorite medium for scat? Plastic sheeting, or glass coffee tables? Do you prefer clear or yellow urine?
Anatolia Varzvyanka (9 days ago)
Its clear weebo is the big market for this kind of robot 😂😂😂😂
j k (10 days ago)
btw it would be like having sex with a dead body cold and creepy
j k (10 days ago)
i thought that woman wanted a doll for herself to have sex with
Senpai Zac (10 days ago)
Well, better start saving...
Jesse R (10 days ago)
1:18 Wow, she looks like the robot they just pulled the wig off from...
Bulent Paksoy (10 days ago)
İşin ilginç tarafı robotlar hep bayan. Erkek seks robotları yapamıyorlarmı. Yoksa bayanlar istemiyormu :))
marineaquaria101 (11 days ago)
He's ready for an "upgrade". Sounds like most guys in real life. Lmao.
alex perez (11 days ago)
hmmm interesting I'll wait 20 or 40 more years, I'll save up little by little.
Chris (11 days ago)
I saw an anime where robot female where extremely life like a much more pretty then actual girls. They started replacing women in actual relationships as well mid season. I think it was called Chobits.
Mr Tony (11 days ago)
Nothing like another episode of the Kardashians .😁
David hatcher (11 days ago)
when will she be able to walk around and jerk you off and do chores or give you the SUCC?
Galaxy Flowers (11 days ago)
Imagine if that place got abandoned and you just walked in and saw this.
We’re all fucked (11 days ago)
Thank you 4th wave feminism , ladies you’ve managed to price yourself out of the market 🤣🤣🤣
It'sgabybaby (11 days ago)
I’m need to get a male one 😂
It would be great to find a woman who is not caught up in drama , relaxed with things as they are, adjusts and reacts with out over emoting . And wants a relationship where we maintain our own property without encumbering maintenance requirements . They are just not wired for that .
Jolycreeper (11 days ago)
that's f*cked up
I can ask her if two particles can be in several places at the same time? ... Why is time moving forward? ... Why is there more matter than antimatter?
Gabriel C.V. (11 days ago)
OF COURSE she'll think it's weird. It's a possibility for men to have all the sex they want without having to deal with a lot of BULLSHIT. Of course women will say it's weird and try to make fun of those who choose this. Here's for the future, and even better, smarter sex bots
george eskiadis (12 days ago)
funny that they censor a robot's boobs and pussy. so what's next?
KAM OFF CLAN (12 days ago)
This was posted on my birthday 👍
Faiza Tajrian (13 days ago)
why am I here
The King of How To's (13 days ago)
Ryan Stone (13 days ago)
Can you programme her to do the washing up..
Ryan Stone (13 days ago)
Better than an iphone
Render Unto Mars (13 days ago)
15K already saved but I'll wait for a gen 2 or 3 model with more life like features and hopefully by then they can go on top because we all know how women never want to do any fucking work.
Alejandro Aparicio (13 days ago)
Imagaine house many girls you can have. Damn. I want a couple them.
Eddie Sille (14 days ago)
KiLL me now
97warlock ismyname (14 days ago)
Give it 5 years, cant wait.
Joshua Martin (14 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with the world
andrea piro (14 days ago)
I love how guys are going "this will stop womens from being raped" Lol do they even thing before writing?... I mean.. who the fuck cannot afford 20.000 dollar doll? every rapist might think that's just spare change right?... Lol you guys really... I'm totally pro this robo thing, but don't say these kind of bullshit
thestoneddog (10 days ago)
Yeah the sort of person that's going to go out and rape isn't the type of person that would bother with a doll.
Evan Taaved Pert (15 days ago)
CAT: A bargain. Bar• Gain <link below "Earth" below> Gain Bar to Women, *Real?* *Awkward¿* Love¿ *Not FORM* • MATERIAL, *EARTH* ___^_____^___^__ *Bar (PREVENT)* https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/bar
Girl: -complains -high maintenence -cost a lot in the longterm -needs attention -will probebly not give you free sex -will complain about you wanting to split your food bill -can call you out for No reason and end any potential future career because of false accusations Sex doll: -none of the above -free sex -doesn’t complain -low maintenence -cost a lot less then a real girl in the long term -can’t accuse you of harrasment, rape or any crime and therefore cant destroy your potential future career Im not a scientist. But give me one good reasons why most guys shouldn’t buy a sex doll? ”Emotional support” -Don’t need that bull. ”Its not as good as the real thing” -Neither are you. ”You’re so weird, gross. Get a life” -i’d rather stay on the safe side and not risk loosing my career and job because of bitches like you accusing me of shit that didn’t happened. ”This is unnatural” -So’s your vibrating dildo, but you don’t hear me complaining. Now do you? ”It objectifies women” -Your dildos, they’re objectifing men! ”It will lower birth rates” -So What? Just have more sex if you’re so worried, i’m open for buisness. ”Ew No, not with you” -Then Why are you fucking complaining then, huh? Gtfo of my face. I ain’t gonna deal with your shit Karen.
milstrick (15 days ago)
This is nuts! What happens when she short circuits while you have the pipe in her plastic cookie box? Would that be explosive sex?
MetalModelMF (15 days ago)
jeez, Elder Maxson just had an aneurysm
Tom Williams (16 days ago)
So many incels commenting...I look forward to you guys sex robotin' your way out of the genepool!
Tom Williams (14 days ago)
+Vanya004 uhhh you're so weird
Vanya004 (15 days ago)
+Tom Williams I'm saying, you won't have to interact with dirty humans anymore, you can reproduce solo and live your life truly independetly.
Tom Williams (15 days ago)
+Vanya004 So your saying...more incels?
Vanya004 (15 days ago)
Artificial wombs says hi, just like the rich use foreign surrogates now, the middle class could afford using artificial wombs for childern in the future...
Billy Santoro (16 days ago)
I'd like to order a awesome black and Asian robot asap!!
Eso Coffee (16 days ago)
20.000 K considered cheap compared to the real wife hahhhaha
WarriorForChrist85 (16 days ago)
Nope get that trash out of here
Gamma (16 days ago)
How cheap will they go for when the lose their virginity?
Chandra Prakash (17 days ago)
Adbhut images
Angie Shines (17 days ago)
No diseases, no unwanted babies, no rape, companionship for incels...i see nothing wrong here!
Zbigniew Modrzejewski (17 days ago)
Katie apparently has a perfect ass, and she is happy about it !!! :-))
Andaleb Gover (17 days ago)
لڑکیاں کم پڑ گئی ہیں کہ اب مرد اپنی ضررت روبوٹ سے پوری کریں گے؟ مرد کا مرد سے اپنی ضرورت پوری کرنے کا تو سنا تھا مگر یہ روبوٹ سے ضرورت پوری کرنے کا پہلی دفعہ سنا ہے۔
8b64z (16 days ago)
I can't imagine how your keyboard must look like with all those weird signs on it.
John Killean (18 days ago)
Message to my wife. “Drop trow, or hit the road. You’re replaceable!
Bandobsessed 2021 (18 days ago)
When are they gonna make black robots? That'd be interesting...
Tim k (19 days ago)
new rape defence, i thought she was a sex doll!!
METALMAN4Wii (19 days ago)
Skynet has won.
IceColdGamer (19 days ago)
your robot sex dolls, gonna leave you for henry 😂
Crazy KING (20 days ago)
#Robots with benefits
mindseeker (20 days ago)
Can you people stop making dumb shit? Use the money for something better. Not this f**king sh*t. Pisses me off knowing that the government allows this but if it was a real human it would be wrong
Adrian Shephard (20 days ago)
STFU Soyboy...
John J. Sanchez (20 days ago)
I'll get one if they tell the truth... like there is no God or justice really... your loser human life is useless. Might as well blow your human skull apart. You will always be destined to fail.
John J. Sanchez (20 days ago)
Can you make a robot that plays guitar?
Ares GodOfWar (20 days ago)
At $200 a shot, that's only 100 times and it's paid for... 3 months. hahahahaha
Let's Talk (20 days ago)
No divorces..no child supports..no alimony...no falsely accused of rapes and assaults over men.. How much is this thing again ??
Let's Talk it’s in the title
Zurger B (20 days ago)
The most important thing is how well she cooks food and irons my clothes and if she can fit in my cupboard when my family visit.
John J. Sanchez (20 days ago)
Awwww Harmony's adorable.
AJ Harper (21 days ago)
I'm 27, been in various relationships growing up, noticed most of the people I went to High School with are divorced. No one who I went to church with so far, however I'm counting the days to see them slowly get divorced since many of the older people at my old church (now atheist) were on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th marriage. Gonna give it one more go with my ex (we dated for 5 years). If I'm not able to work it out, hands down I'm gonna invest in a love doll. Have two that I'm debating in getting (one of them is Jasmime aka Dominique). I know it would be a worth while investment. No worries on false assault charges, false rape accusations, getting cheated on, their insecurities, raising another man's kid, child suppprt, STDs, mood swings, divorces, expensive dates or her not being in the mood. What's awesome about us men is statistically we could be better single parents and our sperm is still functional at an old age which means later if I retire around early to mid sixties, could get a surrogate, have a kid who then would be my care taker till I die and give them plenty of time to date etc afterwards. So we'll see about this ex, if not silicone wives here I come lol!
jack william (21 days ago)
I'd rather fuck plastic than spastic...
Wandering Warrior (14 days ago)
too true man haha I went mgtow but these things look nice

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