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Godfrey: Sammy Sosa Looks Like an "Albino Gorilla" After Skin Lightening (Part 1)

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In this clip, Godfrey reacted to Glokknine's comments about his complexion that went viral a few weeks back. Godfrey discussed the depths of colorism within African-American culture and how he's had to deal with feeling "less-than" based on their complexion. Godfrey went on to explain how his confidence was boosted by white women despite feeling like he wasn't enough in the eyes of Black women. Godfrey, who says he prefers Black women, said white girls thought he was just "handsome", not "handsome for a dark-skinned guy."
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Text Comments (719)
glocknine a bitch lol.... he got haters.... main one being himself.... he don't even wanna be him
VEGAS BEAST (53 minutes ago)
I'm Samoan but love me sum chocolate ...
VEGAS BEAST (54 minutes ago)
Godfrey be on sum Benjamin button shit .ageing backwards n shit
pedro gates (4 hours ago)
Man I love 🍫 woman all shapes and sizes !!
J R (6 hours ago)
What he said about Latinos is true
They swear up and down light-skin guys went out of style in the 90's because of Nino Brown and Biggie. That's funny because they were two of the biggest tricks for light-skin women (so was Shaq and Kobe. They started snitching on each other on camera and that's why they fell out. Even "super head" wrote a book about what she did to them. Yeah I know you reading this dark-skin guy but you don't have to take my word for it, go google it. Google the "Doll Test" why you at it. LMAO). Nino Brown's famous quotes; "I never liked you anyway, you pretty m-fer." and "Cancel that B*tch I'll BUY another one." Notice the emphasis on the word "buy." LMAO Biggie famous quote, "Black and ugly as ever, HOWEVER I stay Coogi down to the socks, rings and watch filled with rocks." So, dark-skin guy, are these "your guys" who supposedly took us out of style? SMH, yeah...ok....whatever you say. Biggie knew he couldn't get no light-skin chick unless he had money and jewels. 2pac saw how much of a simp biggie was for Faith. She didn't genuinely love him so that's why she slept with 2pac while biggie was in the house. Biggie was infuriated because like all dark-skin guys when they get somebody lighter than them, he was overly confident and got slapped with a reality check. He got so mad that he had 2pac killed because his soul was shattered and 2pac rubbed it in his face when he came out with "Hit'em Up." Then dark-skin guys had the nerve to defend Biggie and make excuses talk'n bout some, "that was over some gansta ish." The crazy part is that the same dark-skin guys who'll call Drake "soft and fake" because he light-skin be the same guys saying 2pac and Biggie is the hardest rappers ever. That's hilarious because 2pac went to acting school with Jada Pinkett and he never gets called out for being fake. I guess because his acting career wasn't as successful as Drakes was that makes him a "real one," right? 2pac is on film when he was 16 years old looking and sounding like a drag queen (yes you can go youtube it. The guy had the wiz khalifa dye in his crazy hairstyle back then). Then he verbally admitted that he was soft and the girls didn't want him and that is the reason he switched his style up to the "thug life" image. Yet, Drake was simply being himself and y'all call him everything under the sun for attracting pretty non-black girls and light-skin girls just by being himself, huh? You see, the light-skin chick know she can't ever have that type of control over the light-skin guy like she do the dark-skin guy simply because they are both light-skin (no this is not an invite for dark-skin women so don't get excited. Y'all are not an option at all). Therefore, he will never be desperate enough to stoop that low for light-skin or non-black women. She hates that she can't control him. That's why it's music to my ears when she say's "I don't like light-skin guys, I like dark-skin guys." What that translate to is, "I'm pretty and I can control dark-skin guys with my skin alone, but I hate the fact that my "powers" won't work on a light-skin guy, so, I'm going to try and make him jealous in hopes that he come crawling to me like the dark-skin guy does." Sure, you're beautiful, however light-skin guys have access to "every man's women." Take a minute and let that sink in sweety. You might want to go back to the drawing board. Let's not even get started on Nino. I mean he had "a 50 million dollar a week business reduced to rubbles" all because he was so jealous and envious that he couldn't get a light skin girl to GENUINELY love him. It's crazy because Allen Payne's character had his back and came up with, and Nino still shot him. "Am I my brother's keeper?" LMAO, yeah right, we'll see if you my brother when I get pretty girls and you don't. Then we'll see the real dark-skin guy come out. I'm sorry but I'm failing to see how you guys are better than light-skin guys? Looks like y'all are the guys that are not "in style".....And y'all will never be in style no matter how much Bobby Smurda coons in front of white folks to get on. Godfrey you should not throw stones when you live in that fragile glass house of yours. You do not want it with us like that playboi!!!!
Kenesha Beckford (9 hours ago)
I'm from the state that is ILL. ~Common
amber alexander (14 hours ago)
I'm am cracking the fuck up
shawn hurd (14 hours ago)
He is not a where you of self hate sad wake up black people
Saurischian Designer (16 hours ago)
I feel like the self hatred is actually worse the lighter you are. I'm half white and half black so I'm not black enough for black people and not white enough for white people. Especially since my personality and tastes lean more towards the white side, black people resent me for that. But because I'm only "white on the inside" I don't really fit in with whites either. I understand the other guys self hate. I feel it every day. I've tried the skin bleaching stuff too. It works but I have sensitive skin so it just damages it. I'm just screwed either way. 😂
And i like how you assumed that "I assumed that half black people can't be self hating." I didn't say "half-black" people can't self-hate. I just know light-skin people ain't finna bleach they skin to express their self-hate if they even hate themselves in the first place. Ain't enough money in the world to convince me on that one. Come on na, that would be like taking sand to the beach. That's what dark-skin guys do. I see you're one of them special kind of stupid people. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me you tried selling a fur coat to a grizzly bear in the summer time. Why are y'all always trying to sell that "dark-skin snake oil" to naive light-skin people? Always talking about a "field and a house" and the "white-man." Hang that tired crap up. Funny I don't never hear y'all complaining about y'all ugly daddy and ugly mama that made y'all ugly ape-face butt. Oh that's right, it ain't gone draw attention that y'all can use to "guilt trip," so y'all keep that part on the hush. I swear desperate and pathetic. SMH, I swear boy, y'all "reaching" abilities knows no limits when it comes to trying to assassinate light-skin guy's character. Man you guys are extremely desperate to get that "pretty boy" out of the way in hopes that she'll GENUINELY choose y'all over us. You sound just like Godfrey and I bet you look like him too. Y'all try way too hard.
Saurischian Designer (7 hours ago)
I like how you just assume that half black people cant be self hating. I can't convince you that I'm a mixed race person. But I've been bullied by blacks and whites alike for being mixed. I've been bullied just for being mixed, I'm tan not dark and not white, I'm in between. I Was simply Voicing my experience. No need to come down so angry dude.
STFU with that "wishful thinking." You are not light-skin. You are a dark-skin guy who think he slick by using one of your many fake youtube accounts. You are trying to act like you light-skin and projecting how you want light-skin people to feel about themselves. Just because you're really dark, does not mean we are any less black. You just need to accept the fact that black comes in many shades but everyone knows only the light-skin blacks are the beautiful blacks while the dark-skin blacks are the ugly blacks. Dark-skin blacks are the only people who bleach, so don't try and use your fake account to create the illusion that we would stoop that low in life. #youtriedthough
Regular Guy (16 hours ago)
Sammy Sosa didn't have self hatred... He had vitiligo, which is a skin condition...... Please read, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/vitiligo/symptoms-causes/syc-20355912 .... He lightened his skin so it wouldn't be spotty... Michael Jackson, had the same skin condition...
Bret Hairston (20 hours ago)
Godfrey has the best interviews
Justina Jackson (21 hours ago)
Godfrey, cut it out. The latin culture do not refer to someone as dark as you are as, moreno. You are refered to as negro. Nice try! Why don't "practice what you preach" and start loving yourself? #youtriedthough #holdup waitaminute #lookatyou tryingtobeslick
Ancient Hebrew (1 day ago)
all the biblical prophets including christ was black. that dude is clearly retarded.
Tina's baby girl (1 day ago)
I'm so sick of this skin color thing. Mixing races will never produce whatever you already are. Mixed children are beautiful but so are unmixed. Like he said, be proud of who you are.
Sam Woods (1 day ago)
I knew I ignored that interview for a reason. the vibration of fuckery is strong with that rasclaat
Jackson Hole (1 day ago)
Half the time he's annoying and the other he's funny.
Brandon Hobbs (1 day ago)
Vlad ain’t gon interview about self hate... he kno what will lead to. And he know he can’t stomach havin to admit that much honest introspect
Madyss (1 day ago)
Nigeria 🇳🇬!!!!!
Matrix Theory (1 day ago)
Godfrey been working his arms out
God // (1 day ago)
The evolution of Racism has now convinced black people to hate themselves without the white men inputs.
Tito Grass (2 days ago)
Latino community STRAIGHT nicked named my Mom NEGRA for being brown.
Alicia B. (2 days ago)
Godfrey is soo right, you don't have light w/out dark! I live near Wrigley now and Garrett's is still on point of course they're still all downtown or in the malls but it's worth the commute!
H Berry (2 days ago)
OG Geek (2 days ago)
He looks like the Son of Clayface from Batman animated.....
Jessica Holguin (2 days ago)
Why am I getting notified on this again ffs it's 4 days old
bigsmilie07 (2 days ago)
Charlamane did it 2
Robert Williams (2 days ago)
Albino gorilla🤣🤣
twinkle cruz (2 days ago)
Well, this is a curious approach. But is it really possible to see your skin lighten within the first 2 days? If you're curios and want to make it happen, look for Kandy Lumizore's website for a home-made formula that always works.
Sho Jo (2 days ago)
Just went and looked at a before and after picture with Sammy Sosa after he bleached his skin. Holy fuck he looks horrible!
Mel Woods (2 days ago)
He's beyond self hating... He's retarded 100%
OKay Gee (3 days ago)
Perfect smile! Great skin! Godfrey just does Not AGE!
Jasmine Georgie (3 days ago)
BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! Don't let anyone tell you different. 🤗😘
Adwoa (3 days ago)
Luv godfrey!
Pardon The Truth (3 days ago)
That young rapper glock is his name I believe; he is boarder line retarded. Hakuna Muhimu
celeste harvey (3 days ago)
Godfrey is the best!
edge O (3 days ago)
I got sad watching this... I wish I was darker actually they gonna hate us anyways
steph87tube (3 days ago)
Sammy looks kinda like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars...
Dave Its1ne (3 days ago)
Vlad want him to rip ol boy up, but he did it right ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
brandon Sims (3 days ago)
Thomas Kelley (3 days ago)
That nigga is in the sunken place, fuck that fool
DJVlaq TV (3 days ago)
Yo Corey Holcomb said Godfrey was a beast on da football field! Ask bout dat shit Vlad.
Junior FlyBoiiAnt (3 days ago)
Walked right passed this muthafucka about two weeks ago 🤦🏽‍♂️
Yvette Yvette (3 days ago)
His complexion is so beautiful tho. 🙁
Hollywood Mpressive (4 days ago)
😂😂😂 “you lil black bastard” lol
Grum Pee (4 days ago)
Haitians are the purest Africans out of Africa.
Mars Lovejoy (4 days ago)
Facts Sosa was a handsome dude when he was brown. Now he looks like a whole ghoul out here.. NYC
MrAlex3132003 (4 days ago)
yes, that skin lightening is fucked up outside of America.. but them Indians are living the life here in the USA, making $$$ as engineers
Moustafa Mahgoub (4 days ago)
there is (fair & lovely) it was a brand in where I am from(Egypt) it was so famous that I used it once because their ads where all over the place and basically saying you are dark you are shit .
Danny Wilkes (4 days ago)
What percentage of affluent dark skinned black men have a girlfriend or wife their complexion or darker? About 1%. Subconscious self-hate is an epidemic in black America.
War Princess (4 days ago)
Africa isn't a country but okay.
Thomas King (4 days ago)
Glocknine is a Country ass Nigga
Popperz and Weird S*x (4 days ago)
Ironically Papa Doc Duvalier appealed to his blackness!
Young Forever (4 days ago)
Fact: white people fear a planet full of dark people
3rdEye Girl (4 days ago)
I knew a girl who was light skin. She had two daughters. The. Eldest was dark skinned and the youngest was light skin with a “nicer grade of hair”. She totally mistreated the dark skin one to the point where everyone saw it and knew why. Yes, the daughter also knew why her mom treated her that way.
Nicoleflygrl81 (2 days ago)
3rdEye Girl Because pple like you keep saying “Good hair “ as if something is wrong with kinky hair and dark skin🤷🏾‍♀️ .. keep the self hatred going smh
ZeenyteTV&Films (4 days ago)
Blacks ,asian, Latinos, Indians, all have issue with dark skin for some reason.😂😂😂
Kenith Bolston (4 days ago)
It's depressing to see all these dark-skinned Jamaicans dark-skinned Dominicans and dark skinned American black people bleaching their skin because they are ashamed of how dark they are. I am as chocolate as they come and you'll never ever see me bleaching my skin because I love the skin that I'm in
Savage Soul (4 days ago)
Malcolm X's Father, a proud Garvite, used to treat Malcolm kinder than his older brother who was darker. On the flip side, his mother was harsher on him than he was on his older darker brother. The interesting thing about this is that their father was a dark man while his mother (sometimes even mistaken as being white) was light. It happens even in woke families.
KSLAY1911 (4 days ago)
Dude is so damn funny
Jerome Marshall (4 days ago)
Gotta go to the right Harold's. But now they want me to get some Garrets
condohatesme (4 days ago)
“Ohmigod, I loooove Garrett’s popcorn!”
Henny LeBeau (4 days ago)
that's crazy. I wanted my son to be darker than me. my bm only like 1 shade darker than me. he looks my complexion. it's cool. brown skin bastards
Roger Williams (4 days ago)
The skin lightening is for the brainwashed. Smh...
Roger Williams (4 days ago)
"Ain't THAT a bitch?" That says it all.
GRAY WOLF (4 days ago)
Self hate has to be taught....you dont know your ugly til someone tells you.
NUCA (4 days ago)
Eff WGN for taking Underground off the air.
SoulKing (4 days ago)
Love yourself. Not let anyone define you. He was right on point.
Yarah Ban Yasharahla (4 days ago)
Fair doesn't mean lighter skin, it means beautiful
1tmproductions (4 days ago)
When Vlad asked would he want his kid to be his complexion, when he looked down. Yeah he comes off as an ignorant grown man. But you have to ask what happened to him as a little boy that produced that. What made him look down and look at his skin and ponder that question and after a few seconds respond with "It's a once in a life time thing" while trying to smile. What I got from it is "what I experienced in my life, I'm not go watch my kid go through." Can you think of how many girls called him ugly and black. I never once heard someone say "your ugly light skin azz" growing up. We were programmed with that foolishness. Now women have turned it around and love dark skin guys. I'm brown skin so I never had an era where women were on me for complexion but that's where self love and confidence come in. Build yourself up on inside. Obtain knowledge. Set parameters on who you are as a person. Sharpen your intellect. Do all these things and of course be concerned with your appaerance. But if you don't do those other things and the first time somebody knocks your appearance you become this because you have nothing else in you to stand proud on.
Uh Huh (4 days ago)
Yo does it really take white person validation for us to believe our shit is beautiful... And dat lil nigga lord have mercy
David Swam (4 days ago)
Indian guy: "Let me get the light and lovely please, thank you." I was dying 😂😂😂
Hunter Rainault (4 days ago)
This sweaty muthafucka again.
Mark MM (5 days ago)
Always refreshing to see Godfrey. You represent not just Chicago but all us Africans. 👍🏾👍🏾✊🏾✊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Lucky A (5 days ago)
That nigga Sammy looks like Ricky Ricardo
Angel E. (5 days ago)
Glocknine is such a handsome King...such gorgeous black skin...hes so fine...I hate that he cant see his rich African beauty 😢
Oliver Lacey (5 days ago)
Harold's ain't poppin no more. Its Marlo's Chicken! Ex Harold's employee
DORIAN PRIME (5 days ago)
If you self hate you basically are a mental slave to others
Krit indica (5 days ago)
Put the whole interview up Vlad! Quit pump faking!
Action Scott (5 days ago)
I feel So sorry for that kid 🙁
Georgia J. (5 days ago)
Omm Sammy does look like an albino gorilla 😂😂😂💯
Noir Pryde (5 days ago)
Fuck Chicago
Shawn Henry (5 days ago)
I feel like Godfrey should have his own podcast and just talk bout stuff
Putty Kat (5 days ago)
The rapper see his self as ugly and that’s so sad. Self hatred is horrible.. And not being able to articulate why he feels that way makes him seem ignorant. You literally see the psychological damage.
MrOnyxRock (5 days ago)
Godfrey's right. I've seen that happen in families where they treated the darker child worse and praise the lighter one. And not just with black people either.
Sho Jo (2 days ago)
MrOnyxRock what you said happens at such a high percentage it's ridiculous. I've personally witnessed this with cousins, friends, etc.
KalphaO (5 days ago)
Ugh... I should've known Godfrey was a Northsider. What a shame
Robert Del Rosario (5 days ago)
💯💯💯❗❗ very true Sammy Sosa looks weird as fuck
David Forth (5 days ago)
Rashida Ali (5 days ago)
Black is beautiful,,
Danny (5 days ago)
Thanks Godfrey!!!
woke ninja (5 days ago)
Real shit I'm proud of my skin tone.......straight badge of honor
Ren Matitchll (5 days ago)
All I. can think about is him dancing to that African music in Soul Plane & Snoop Dog telling him to turn that crap off. Glock 9 is an IDIOT!! Love yourself black people.
Basketball God (5 days ago)
He stupid. I Kno two Brown skin people have a dark baby. The baby got his genes from it's grandparents who we're dark.
Jeff Futrell (5 days ago)
Godfrey got the best interviews
Steril&Feral (5 days ago)
I love what this guy is talking about, because it happens all over countries with dark people and colonial histories. Pinoys buy into that shit too. Its fucked up, but its just one small hurdle to a Black planet that is coming no matter how much poison they put out there. Well, actually it will be more like a Chinese & Indian planet, but Indians can be some HELLA BLACK people on the EurAsian side of the world, but over here in the Western Hemisphere, we are becoming Hispanicized everywhere, and they can be some HELLA BLACK people. There are Indonesians, Polynesians and all kinds of Dark Skinned People mixing it up and making the whole world darker. It can't be stopped, it can only be embraced. Its sad to see that one young Brother hate'n on his skin tone so much. Really a bummer, because I don't see that at all. We need to not be ashamed of how we were born. Thats why theres all this tranny shit all over the place now. Its ridiculous. Too many people being ashamed of who they are. All it does is help China, Russia, India & Brazil beat us.
King Lord Jesus (5 days ago)
I know a woman who was treated badly by her mother. She had 4 kids and only 1 was light-skinned. She treated the light-skin child horribly. Basically, she took out her anger that her mother did to her on the light child. It's a very sad state of affairs. The kid is beautiful but has zero self-esteem.😢
Suga G (5 days ago)
Is hilarious listening to people in America waste their time talking about colors of skin. This shit never ceases to amuse me. Did you know... Outside of America, nobody cares about that? 🤔
Javier Vlogs (5 days ago)
Black Men always saying how beautiful black woman are and call them there Queens👸 and all sort of shit , but as soon as they get some real Money they get the lightest or whitest Woman on the Block Lol 😂 so Godfrey stop you ugly U SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️
Exactly, they be using those psychological tactics neg lighter skin people. That's why they be so quick to play the victim so people will feel sorry for them. Women see this from a mile away and she identifies her simp. Then they make a secret "behind close doors" that as long as she don't mentally castrate his ugly ape-face self in public, he'll do anything for her. Dark-skin guys don't have anything to lose, so that's why he always trying to play tough and act hood for street cred because that brings clout which translate to fame. The one or two light-skin chicks that they do get be well aware of the power she has over dark-skin men. That's why it cracks me up when I see a dark-skin guy with a light-skin and then have the nerve to say "light-skin girls want dark-skin guys." No dude, light-skin chicks want desperate guys and dark-skin guys are the most desperate guys on the planet and everyone knows dark-skin want to be light-skin and have light-skin kids but we know they can never admit that to anyone. That's why he's always jealous and envious of the light-skin guy. Dark-skin men need serious counseling.
Javier Vlogs (5 days ago)
Godfrey is funny as fuck !! But he one ugly ass lol ...I love how only Black ppl tell each other how beautiful they are , but deep down always trying to get lighter even painting there hair yellow lol
I know right? They be thinking they are so slick. I just let them keep talking and enjoy the show. Then they stoop so low and start playing the victim on everything to force just give in and pity them.
Donte Henderson (5 days ago)
Godfrey is becoming a legend

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