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Last of the NYC Leathermen

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The Eagle NYC is the last great outpost of New York's gay leather scene. Once the hardest, burliest, most cruisinest members of the gay community here and everywhere, Leathermen's ranks were hit especially hard by AIDS in the 80s and 90s. Where the side streets of the West Village and Chelsea once swarmed with glistening, hairy chests and bulging jeans, like some neverending Tom of Finland mural, these days the scene is but a faded denim shadow of its former self. Since finding a solid clutch of Leathermen in New York nowadays is harder than getting a leprechaun to make eye contact with you at the Central Park Ramble, we went into the Eagle, basically the Leatherman's Alamo, to meet the surviving members of this once-mighty subculture and learn the tricks of their rough trade. Please be mindful of the hanky code while watching this video, and, of course, no khakis, sneakers, or fragrances. Hosted by Thomas Morton | Originally aired in 2007 on http://VICE.com Follow Thomas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@BabyBalls69 Watch Sneaking Into North Korea: http://bit.ly/Sneaking-Into-North-Korea Subscribe to VICE: http://youtube.com/vice Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (1449)
Angel Renteria (1 day ago)
I feel like this is exclusively for white gay men
BroccoliQueefed (2 days ago)
They censored his beautiful firm butt? Really? 😕😕
_Isolde (2 days ago)
The Judas Priest song Raw Deal is surely inspired by scene - and obviously Halford's fashion choices...
Matt Lime (3 days ago)
Thomas is just living a full life
Yup, been here many times. It used to be like Caligula up in there when it got busy and you could find a corner by the pool table or elsewhere. hahahaha
Johnny Li (9 days ago)
7:10 did he get bit by a vampire?
Volley Goodman (10 days ago)
I was there in the 1970s. It is so silly to see these young men all playing dress up and oooing and ahing about it! I even did it. It took forever to get the outfit right and then get the act down. Talk about high school girls!
Brandon Kizart-Haynes (10 days ago)
I didn't care for Thomas's eagerness to either overdramatize the seediness of the leather scene or belittle it with unfunny, cheap jokes. It was clear he hadn't done his research beforehand so a lot of his 'reporting' felt like knee-jerk reactions. Plus, I didn't see him attempt to connect and get to know the people in the scene, just an attempt to gawk at what they were doing which rubbed me the wrong way.
i saw a furry pride magnet in the elevator
Seth Fry (10 days ago)
bull419 (10 days ago)
These Leather men were fucking punks, don't even dare compare them to the Hells Angels, these assholes used to catch terrible beatings when they walked through the Fulton projects of Chelsea, Manhattan in the 1970s, Gays ruined Chelsea so fuck them and this video.
Paul Christman (11 days ago)
I know that megabutch voice of Christophe's makes MY nipples hard!
Philip Varga (11 days ago)
Those upstair bathrooms left scar on him
Rhena Chase (12 days ago)
This is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. Repent
Kuopio55 (12 days ago)
yeah so rude and yet they speak like bitchy girls.......
superfluous pastry (17 days ago)
Tough guys? LOL I guess when you live in NYC these days you don't run into many real tough guys to contrast these men with. I live in a semi rural part of Florida and these leathermen have more in common with 18 year old girls named Brittany than most true tough guys. The world has become some feminized that these men, with their masculine costuming and tattoos, can actually come off as tough guys to the majority of viewers. It's surreal. They're gay men with leather, tats and that have very loose morals (not to mention rectums)
superfluous pastry (17 days ago)
Leatherman beauty paegent! lol Fellas, this is why I cut my ties with the bear 'community' in the late 90's when they started having bear beauty contests which is and was the most anti-bear as you can get. Bears were the alternative to the widespread superficial pretty boy twink scene which continues to dominate gay culture. Bear beauty pagents is when the bear movement jumped the shark. It's a bunch of bearded ladies in man drag these days.
Rumple Stiltskin (17 days ago)
Soy Boy, Hells Angles wanna-be's. Leather is so passe'. If nice smooth and sweet smelling leather makes their dicks hard, I can just imagine what the whole cow would do for them.
Melody Montana (17 days ago)
They love the smell of sweaty scrotum...gets them giggling
Daniel Clarke (18 days ago)
I really want to join the leathermen when I am older
Miren Summers (19 days ago)
shame he got rid of the haircut, it really suited him
Troy Anderson (21 days ago)
God 'IS' Love ❤ The Almighty God loves all of his children . His judgments are righteous. He loves the sinner but rejects the Sin . Holy , Holy , Holy is thy Lord Almighty. "Praise God " Therefore you must know that Sin is an ABOMINATION to the Lord. And "No" sin shall Enter The Kingdom of God . 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 King James Version (KJV) 9 Know ye not that the UNrighteous shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither the sexually immoral, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of our Lord Jesus and by the spirit of God. 🔊 All must "REPENT"/ turn from sin to enter thy kingdom of God. "JESUS" is the Redeemer of sins, The "Only" way to the Father in Heaven... God loves you... ❤
Rhena Chase (12 days ago)
Unfortunately most humans love living in darkness. Keep spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth will set someone free before the door closes. Keep the faith brother. Remember, Noah was right and every man, woman and child was destroyed. We are soilders fighting a battle, not of flesh and blood. So put on the full armour of God. We will have the victory through our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Eriika Ampora (21 days ago)
All that leather... Ooh la la... <3
Moments with Jenya (22 days ago)
Atlanta has one too
Steven Proffitt (23 days ago)
Well thank you
michael preston (23 days ago)
Notice the ''gloryholes''
jlafunk (23 days ago)
I'm glad you did this video. Leather men have had a special place in the LGBT community and I've always enjoyed going to Leather/Levi bars. A note on "poppers:" Originally it was Amyl Nitrate and used for Angina. Because it acts on the smooth-muscle tissue (especially in the arteries and veins) it creates a changing in your oxygen level and gives a euphoric effect. Also, since your anus and throat have smooth muscle tissue it helps to relax those muscles and get things into places you might struggle with otherwise. These days in the US it's Isobutyl Alcohol and it's that good for you but you can order it from over seas as Phenyl Nitrate (It's a cousin of Amyl). Don't use poppers if you are taking blood pressure meds or an erection medication such as Cialis. The drop in blood pressure can cause you to pass out or worse...
Flibbertigibbet6 (23 days ago)
Sex with a leather bear must sound like: *SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK!*
Isaias Ramos Garcia (24 days ago)
beter to have a belt behind the balsack
Isaias Ramos Garcia (24 days ago)
i am for luminous places
Isaias Ramos Garcia (24 days ago)
nor the lack of light
Isaias Ramos Garcia (24 days ago)
i dont like leather fashion
Andi Pandi (24 days ago)
reminds me of the good old days when gays were sweet and innocent - only dressing up outrageously - not demanding that some poor demented christian bakes them a wedding cake..
Emily Gonzalez (24 days ago)
We have one in Houston too. ❣️✨
Alex Rivers (24 days ago)
The barber did a really good job
Christmas Trees (24 days ago)
I am unclear as to whether the interviewer in this video is gay or not ?
Christmas Trees (24 days ago)
female here. a friend took me to a gay nightclub when i was in university. i had to go to the bathroom really badly but when I went to the woman's bathroom, it was dimly lit and full of men. I tried the mens bathroom and it was the same. I had to hold it in and find a coffee shop nearby.
Edward Harshaw (24 days ago)
BlakeGM (25 days ago)
I thought this was going to be about people in New York who make leather jackets
Axel Leon (25 days ago)
I went to a similar club in paris called le depot that if u have never been its a must, i felt like home but i agree its not for everybody, things can get really intense really quick right beside u lol.
Axel Leon (25 days ago)
Fk thats a good makeover and the best part it was free lol, i would love to go there for educational reasons of course :p
catmaster17 (25 days ago)
We need a follow up video or something, this was very interesting and cool to learn. (still hate that he shaved his head, that barber did a really nice job on him, kinda rude if you ask me but what evs)
Lee Morris (26 days ago)
Seriously it was never a good look, tacky and not sexy in the least..
Bluesidian (26 days ago)
thank god that embarrassing​ crap is dead.
Cee (27 days ago)
Can you please shut the fuck up with this title? my friend invites me to leather night every fucking week. last of some vice bull shit
KIETA L-ASI (27 days ago)
I want a haircut now
KIETA L-ASI (27 days ago)
Am I the only person who got turned on by this 🤷?
Jorge Gonzalez (27 days ago)
Never been to a leather bar, too shy and chicken shit. I like the look though.
l0vemisfits (28 days ago)
Why did he cut his hair the second time
nycruise (28 days ago)
Have spent many a great night at the Eagle (including as producer of a run of Doric Wilson's classic "Stonewall Rebellion" play "Street Theater"). I also know two of the bartenders really well: 1) Jonny O ("Saint" disco-phile who I've spent many a "Saint" party dancing with) and 2) "Greg", the hot muscle boy/guy. That said, the Eagle is but a pale remnant of the true NYC Leather scene. The most intense leather bar was "The Spike". Now THAT was a Leather Bar. The "Doms" ("Dominants"/"Tops") were grouped in one part of the bar, with their leather caps and other leather attire (many shirtless), while the "Subs"/"Bottoms" wandered about. I made the horrible mistake of simply chatting up a "Dom". He started asking me questions about what I liked, and when I didn't respond with "Sub" answers, I could tell he was getting pissed. I quickly excused myself for wasting his time. BTW: Mr. Twinkie reporter needed to lose that used t-shirt. Show some flesh dude! Ever seen those nudie pix of "Harry Potter" actor Daniel Radcliffe? My God - I think they broke the internet!
marcus lohorn (29 days ago)
went to this bar a month ago. it is NO LONGER a leather bar,, as everyone parades around in polo shirts and penny loafers,, and on a saturday night too,,, even the infamous bathroom is monitored for sexual activity and if discovered is shut down. Officially its still a leather bar, but from this old school leatherman it is NOTHING but a twink bar now.. I advise everyone who is a leatherman to stay away or get sprayed with the cologne thats everywhere in this former shell of its leather history...
Dude I think these guys have the big gay
bubba luv (1 month ago)
i went to a leather party once, fucking dark as fuck, its what men descend into when there are no checks and balances, this kid is called ice cream
Ricardo Vieira (1 month ago)
trash world and insane person
D Stuart (1 month ago)
I love the Eagle in NYC, but wearing leather is so over. Guys just look silly and fetishized. It's like pseudo-masculinity, like the whole bear fetish thing. I like guys who don't need to rely on some affectation to feel validated as a guy. It's like the fat, unhealthy older straight men that buy Harley's and pretend they are Easy Rider, but they work for Xerox. Let's just be authentic and stop hiding behind some weird device or clothing, right? Give the leather budget to Human Rights Campaign instead.
John Cass (1 month ago)
John Cass (1 month ago)
RL (1 month ago)
Thomas is liking this- it is erotic you know.
joe blow (1 month ago)
ah the memories........ram rod, mineshaft....sigh
NOAH BLAKE (1 month ago)
Butt fucking werewolves 😂😂😂
william thompson (1 month ago)
Just strange ! What mo can be said !! Strange !!
Clark F (1 month ago)
Jake the leather bar barber did a fine job
Yoda Man (1 month ago)
"we like the natural smell of a man" aint that the truth. i mean you know...ya gotta take a bath. dont just be running around smelling like vinegar and onions every day....
stewtube1 (1 month ago)
"Protocols" - For those who sadly lack originality and individualism.  A Secondhand Life is Oh So Lame, be it through religion, club mentality, or any other type of ritualistic cult. I cry for my gay brothers who don't have a mind of their own, or an original thought in their heads... just trading one "group think" for another. Not being uninhibited as the old knee-jerk buzz term tries to suggest, or that I "just don't get it"...just an existentialist who follows his own true nature void of conceptual man-made instruction from anyone. A novel idea, huh? Wanna get closer to REAL ??? ...try giving individualism a whirl for a change...
toomuchtime (1 month ago)
Is the current eagle a new location because I've never seen the elevator or the barber shop. Because know kocks is way more sexual.
Alex Strucker (1 month ago)
Why did he shave the top of his head? The barber had much better taste than him!
Bolsheviki (1 month ago)
A Gang of Butt-Fucking Werewolves
Bona. (1 month ago)
Are they gays?
Joseph Svennson (1 month ago)
Hahahahahaha Thomas is a freak
daveheel (1 month ago)
i'm gay and i don't get the leather fetish scene but to each, their own.
GrizzlyClaws (1 month ago)
jacker372 (1 month ago)
Poppers is isopropyl nitrate, what it does is lower your blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure actually won't see a benefit from using poppers as the most it would do is normalize your blood pressure.
Maunster! (1 month ago)
Amyl nitrate is another type. I stopped using amyl nitrate because I always ended up with massive headaches.
Awww NYC
abcdefg hijklmno (1 month ago)
Enjoyed seeing a snippet of leathermans world. Nice people.
BroccoliQueefed (1 month ago)
Have never understood the obsession with leather. It kind of stinks
Barry Rosen (1 month ago)
james c (1 month ago)
Thought all of those guys died from AIDS back in the 1980's & '90's.
Max Lawless (1 month ago)
Not a place to get stuck in the K-hole.
Damian Rhea (1 month ago)
Is there any leather dyke? I guess most gay men nowadays follow the trend of veganism.
Howard Conover (1 month ago)
Sounds like a way to sell lots of leather $273. for a vest? Guess it's all about how it makes you feel. poker's lounge.
DJ Trevi (1 month ago)
Fuck that, the Cock was the place to be!
AzizAli (1 month ago)
I appreciate how they preserved their masculinity while identifying with the LGBT community, they seem to resemble the kind of men not easily intimidated and who don't mind riding another man or a woman, because they're simply expressing their male nature. I only hate the promiscuity and recklessness predominant in these societies. If men, especially homosexual men, do not discipline their instincts and balance it with a feminine aspect or presence (in the most metaphoric sense possible); they will fall into the limbo of sensual pleasures, and that easily happens because gay men can't procreate and instead impregnate the void, which repeats the cycle again. A womb will receive and procreate, that's just how it is.
Tom Thumb (1 month ago)
love it! omf Thom is terrified after that gentle "ritual" haircut. i think losing the Harry Potter doo was a great move. Good on you Thom for digging deep and venturing where "few men have gone before" & producing a great doccie.
black lightning (1 month ago)
And straight people say gay men are not tuff... They fuck men up the ass..!! Thats the toughest thing i know.... Straight men what do you want. : ow i want a woman with curves. Soft skin. Smell nice soft hair... Got a nice dress on.. . Gay men what do you want. Ow i want fuck a man up the ass. 😁
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
As a 45 year old straight and hot woman II’ve always been apart of the gay scene since I was 17 . I’ve partied in gay venues in Paris , Barcelona, Mykonos , Los Angels , Miami , New York Sydney the list goes on , etc . I’ve always found the bear and leather scene intriguing however the men have no interest in me being there no matter what kind of low profile I give . I understand, but I still find it all intriguing like I’m witnessing a secret sex cult I’m not suppose to lol 😂 anyways my point being , is whatever floats your boat boys I’ll support it ! Don’t mind me I’m just in the corner sipping on my beer and doing a popper ! Lol 😂
Truth Seeker (14 days ago)
Kate B. I asure you I go to girl bars too ! My sister is a lesbian and so is one of my best friends ! Stop being so hilariously salty ! You need to stop trolling and judging ! Sorry you have such disdain for straight people . I dont take it personally. This is your issue , not mine 😂
Kate B. (14 days ago)
+Truth Seeker whew chile, everything you said was typical straight woman in gay space rhetoric. Just glad y'all don't really like our girl gay bars. Y'all don't be in the few we have left.
Truth Seeker (22 days ago)
Roland Baldwin you’re awesome 🙌🏻❤️👌 I might take you up on it ! You just made my night with your comment !
Truth Seeker (22 days ago)
Kate B. That’s not my case I assure you ! I am a blast , I’m open , fun , share interests with the gay culture and I add spice to the mix . I’m the token straight chick who finds the culture safe and liberating . I feel safe because no man wants anything from me other than good conversations , dancing , laughter etc . But with all this being said there are ofcourse there are gay men , who want absolutely nothing to do with a woman which I respect and don’t push my friendship on anyone . It’s sad , sounds like you may be one of those judgey souls who doesn’t trust straight women to truly enjoy and respect your sacred space and just want to enjoy the music and atmosphere as much as you . Btw If I , as the straight woman want to make it all about me Like you just stared , I assure you if that was the case , I would be hanging out in a straight bar trying to get attention from straight males . Think about that one . I’m the rare one who goes to the gay club for all the right reasons not for attention but to feel like I’m with my tribe . Anyways all my best ! Sorry you’re such a judgy hater
Truth Seeker (22 days ago)
young google it ! It’s amazing 😉
Roger rtewwr (1 month ago)
" can I try the ball stretcher on " how sanitary
Roger rtewwr (1 month ago)
"deepest darkest subculture" hardly....
Buster Brown (1 month ago)
I kind of super love this niche counterculture. It reminds me of "club kids" before club kids even existed. Now if you'll excuse me I gachi muchi.
Legintown (1 month ago)
Lillie Atkinson (1 month ago)
I liked the hairy potter hair
Andrew Phelan (1 month ago)
He looked so uncomfortable, I'm not even gay, but bro u signed up for this
John Doe (1 month ago)
They’ve all ODed. Or minds are rotted from meth.
msxmargo (1 month ago)
Thad looked very interested to me , especially w the ball squeezer ban$
Eric Mitchell (1 month ago)
Fuck yes P.I.G pride integrity guts
alex bade (1 month ago)
it is fair to say that this is just a small part of the gay culture ... most gays would feel very out of place in these sort of places.
Max Salgado (1 month ago)
As a gay guy when I come across these men, I run! I'm scared...lol! xD
Oscar Santiago (1 month ago)
Leather men are hot!!!!!
Liam Murtezaoglu (1 month ago)
The haircut is a God-send.The second one... hmm
Fahad AlFahad (1 month ago)
Oh boy what happen to you there 😓 poor boy 😬😂 u have to be gay to understand what happen there ❤️🏳️‍🌈
LeFat (1 month ago)
you can "smell" the superiority in the straights talk about our culture as if they were doing us all a favour by accepting us can get so irritating...i wouldn't let harry potter over clean my boots
HarryIsTheGamingGeek (1 month ago)
Weird and gross, but good for them.
xadam2dudex (1 month ago)
Poppers were an Rx used for heart patients ( angina ) and can be dangerous ... non-Rx versions came out called butyl nitrite and aren't as strong they are marketed as room oderizers to get around the medical issue... a red hanky in the left pocket means you want to fist someone .. pink you're into toys and blue you're looking to get blown
muzzy 420 (1 month ago)
I just want too clean Thomas's glasses....ugh. lol

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