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The YouTube Star Who Kills Animals For Fur

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For nearly 250 years, the Canada's fur trade was a thriving industry that played a major role in the creation of the country. After decades of suffering from an anti-fur image problem, Canada's fur trade has found a new market: Thanks to China's booming middle class and Russia's luxury-starved oligarchy, the industry that founded the nation is on a comeback. In the first episode of our new series CANADIANA, VICE travelled to the Northwest Territories to meet a modern day fur trapper—Andrew Stanley, the Metis YouTube star who's become the unlikely ambassador of Canada's trapping world. We visit Andrew's remote cabin in the northern wilderness to go full tilt into the Canadian trap life—trapping beavers, skinning an otter, and learning the best way to deal with two frozen 160-pound wolves infected with mange. CANADIANA is VICE Canada's new show where they explore the further reaches of their home and native land to find the strange and fascinating stories that make this country unique. Up Next: The Mexican Town That Fist Fights to Summon Rain - http://bit.ly/1Mirkjo Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (2279)
Faith A (1 day ago)
So he traps animals and skins them but then he has a dog well that makes sense doesn’t it , how disgusting
Faith A (1 day ago)
This is disturbing, how can he even do this , horrible human being
CBVTV (26 days ago)
I like it .. living the life .. I try to do similar but along ways down south
john c. bryant (1 month ago)
Any anti that want to threaten Andrew better wear there big boy panties if they go after him. You won't return to your cozy life.
Martin Watters (2 months ago)
ANDREW is what this country WAS BUILT ON and buy the way it,s what MADE our nation and founded our territory.This is the real world and this is a real man. Walk one day in his shoe,s and you might learn a thing or two if you could or are able to.GIVER ANDREW AND STAY WILD DONT LET EM TAME YOU.
Viking Bear (2 months ago)
All I have to say to this man is good luck, good trapping and be safe out there.
Seb (3 months ago)
Its kinda sad that that’s the only job that’s fun to him is killing animals..What’s wrong with people
Skylar McMeans (4 months ago)
God put animals on this earth to use for resources. He gave them to us to do as we please. If you dont want to eat animals, then dont. If you dont want to use animal fur, then dont. But stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone else
Craig Hinton (4 months ago)
I don't have a problem with hunting , fishing or trapping .
Gregory Maier (4 months ago)
Fair & impartial! Outstanding video my brother......thank you!
suthern savage (5 months ago)
thats a good ole boy right there
Iron Dragon Outdoors (5 months ago)
What is this guy's youtube channel, I'd like to subscribe.
Iron Dragon Outdoors (4 months ago)
Thanks, I actually found it a little after I posted that.
HexrMage (4 months ago)
Paul McKenna (5 months ago)
Dark Penguins (5 months ago)
Tina-Ann Lamarche (6 months ago)
Right canadian . Fkin hng on n give er
bali song (6 months ago)
people who want to kill others should be baited in, setting them up to make their attempt, and then shoot them dead in self defense, like the pos's that they ARE.
Random Bandicoot (6 months ago)
I guess you could say you missed that beaver by "one beaver hair".
jim hurley (6 months ago)
Great documentary
Buck Antler (6 months ago)
Fuckin beauty, this guy
Woxineau Crows (7 months ago)
My Grandfather was a very good trapper and his brothers were the same all 4 of them did taxidermy as well when they hit the shores of Toronto in the 1920s and moved North to the Muskoka's for al their lives. Today I love to watch them Live as I have Never killed a critter except for a chickadee when I was first shown the gun for hunting. I Never shot again except targets and people who get to close =) A Man has a right to do as he wants as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and this guy is very respectful but doesn't understand how FEW critters are left =((( I hope a Grizzly scares him out of the bush for good. Like Whale hunting all these practices are so outdated they should be banned and FUCK the CHINESE let them farm their own~ Im a chef all my life so Im no dummy if you kill it-eat it~~~
George rosado (7 months ago)
Man..this was a nice one to see..thanks abunch for posting vice
Vince C (7 months ago)
Fur is beautiful. What this man is doing is noble work. Stupid AR people are very far removed from nature. He is not killing endangered animals. His life is in perfect harmony with nature. Animal rights is a stupid idea. Go hug a lion. See what happens.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
Vince C Bro, you would love my channel. 😎😆
Rabbix Edwards (8 months ago)
2018 And people still want to walk around wearing a dead animal's.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
Rabbix Edwards That's because it's a natural, high quality, renewable resource. You can wear plastic garbage if you wish, but it's not good for the Earth.
OGSpaceCadet (8 months ago)
PETA kills more animals every year than this guy could do in ten lifetimes. Nothing wrong with an honest living.
Michael Rosso (8 months ago)
hunters and trappers do more for the environment,t then PETA, bleeding hearts, or vegans ever have.
Michael Rosso (6 months ago)
thanks for the suggestion!!! subscribed
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
Michael Rosso You would love my channel. 😎😆
Jonny Santos Reyes (8 months ago)
I prefer wild fur rather than farm raised fur The animal had a good life even tho I don't really want to care about it I'll wear it
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
Jonny Santos Reyes Yep!
donald plank (9 months ago)
Fur ain't been worth Jack since 2016
Lloyd Woodward (10 months ago)
Animal are here to eat and SKIN. Thanks, sorry snowflake.
Herman Redic (10 months ago)
This guy is my hero
Thuy Quảng Đức (10 months ago)
He is what the world thinks of when they here the word Canada.
fernando torrera (10 months ago)
Avid hunters and proffesional trappers ironically are one of the active groups interested in conservation. The trapper has a financial interest that the animals he kills have a clean large environment, as well as hunters they enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hikers and climbers are not enough you don’t need as much land to enjoy a pretty bike trail as you do to sustain healthy populations of wildlife. You will also notice the trapper at the end killed and burned wolves with mange. Mange is highly contagious and destroying wildlife infected is the fastest way to prevent an outbreak. Hunting parks in Africa also use hunters to kill old, sick, and or dangerous aggressive animals, as well as money to maintain the parks. Responsible hunting and trapping should be encouraged as they keep away poachers who are people who really give no fucks about the environment
josh mckinney (11 months ago)
dude has skills
DingleBungus (11 months ago)
Is this dude fucking around. No way his accent is like that naturally. He's over playing it isn't he?
DingleBungus (11 months ago)
0:25 is this probably one of the greatest intros I've seen in my life!
pendejo298 (11 months ago)
These two are the ugliest people ive ever laid eyes upon
Saban Gardner (1 year ago)
7:01 "Ya see this here? That's 1 beaver hair" hahahah fuckin dying😂
Carmina Sandel (1 year ago)
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RowdyRides (1 year ago)
That part of the world theres few opportunities to make a wage to live on. Fur trapping is how they stay alive.
chillitz (1 year ago)
"fukin hang on fukin give er" this is the most Canadian sounding guy ever
mik b (1 year ago)
for 250 years........its 2017 ....start growing some pot pls
FosterKid (1 year ago)
Why do animal rights activists focus on trapping and hunting when farmers are raising cows to eat them
ZeeZee Zputnik (1 year ago)
I get it that these people have a 'tradition' to keep, or whatever (!) But we have fake fur now and cold-resistant clothing... We really don't need to wear real fur coats anymore. People only buy fur now for vanity reasons, and that's why I find it unacceptable- these animals are dying needlessly for someone's vanity.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
ZeeZee Zputnik You wanna wear plastic garbage that you put in the landfill after a couple of years? Fur is a natural, sustainable, and renewable high quality product that lasts decades.
Frog Princess2 (1 year ago)
That's a lot of backy in that tub
Frog Princess2 (1 year ago)
The only things wearing fur should be the animals, I would make a very slight exception for the people within the arctic who have worn fur out of necessity for thousands of years. They've eaten the animal and used its fur and their dogs would eat any leftovers. I only then agree with it if the animal is shot and killed instantly with absolutely no suffering. Traps cause horrendous painful deaths where the animal literally starves to death with a severely broken leg. Some animals have been known to bite their leg off to escape from the trap and that would be agonising. No animal should ever feel pain at the hands of humans. If you must kill then be ethical and learn to shoot so you know you can get a 'head shot' first time.I'm disgusted that in the U.K. fur has made a comeback, having been taboo for so many years.
Sheogorath (1 year ago)
Lol he drowned a beaver
DarkR (1 year ago)
Is this really crazy or something?
Slim Young (1 year ago)
All of the cosmetic products are tested on lab mice, but does that mean Women should stop using foundation? We are all hypocrites, its not ok to wear fur but its ok to wear leather products. We can't eat dogs but we are eating pigs and cows every day. Media and the public can say whatever they want, but I think if you had just one piece of meat for meal in your entire life,that means you are guilty. So check your self. fuckin hypocrites.
Slim Young (1 year ago)
And don't forget about all the medicines that have been tested on animals.
Mohammad Alsabah (1 year ago)
Why did he not skin the wolves
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
Mohammad Alsabah They had mange. They have to be burned to keep from spreading it.
mokapaige (1 year ago)
I don't see a problem with people doing this in the past since we needed it to keep warm, but now a days (which by the way what I'm about to say is cheaper too) we have other alternatives in place that we can use such as faux fur.
Lucien Kaczmarek (1 year ago)
Do you think you will go anywhere nice when you die, you fuckin scum of the earth ? Hope you die in excutiating pain, REAL SLOW .
a singular marijuana (1 year ago)
Lucien Kaczmarek says the person who wants him to die a slow painful death
badomen15 (1 year ago)
Wow what a dumb guy, if the plane from 1940 wasn't safe It would have crashed a while ago ... jeez
Hannah Avery (1 year ago)
Andrews the man trap them furs yah
Jeremy Burri (1 year ago)
Ķlqlķlllķllķkkĺkl vv
samuel byron (1 year ago)
This is retarded you know lots of people do what he does its not like not its uncommon.
PotatoLad Gaming (1 year ago)
As long as people aren't hunting endangered species, then I don't see nor have a problem with it. This man is making his living doing this, so props to him. Animal rights activists are scumbags anyway. Fuckers are like animal Nazi's.
Sierra0253 (1 year ago)
Something's fucky.
Abel Abernathy (1 year ago)
you shouldn't have titled it that way....
thicc boi (1 year ago)
i don't see why everyone gets so pissed about this he is only doing his job ya don't get pissed off at a soldier for killing humans
Itzel Marie (1 year ago)
When he cusses I loose it 😂 he seems so innocent but at the same time he's smart
Liam Neeson (1 year ago)
To all animal rights activists trashing this guy fuck off, this guy is trying to make a living lile everyone else just he hunts animals for there fur which is fine because most likely your ancestors did it too, furtrapping is what's Canada is built on!
samuel byron (1 year ago)
The comment section is filled with retarded vegens shame on you evil vegens for eating all the poor little animals food
samuel byron (1 year ago)
How is this supposed to be shocking this is normal all people who live in the country do this what about what happens to dogs and bears in china?
samuel byron (1 year ago)
This is dumb
Prairielander (1 year ago)
My uncle used to be a fisherman and would go seal hunting in Newfoundland. I know people complain about catching the seals but there are plenty of them. Many fisherman would die seal hunting and most had too to survive during the winter. Newfoundland used to be really poor and a lot of fishermen were not even paid. You were just given salt and supplies for your catch.
Rick Roder (1 year ago)
keep on young fella. im okder now n still doin ut. yup. give er
Erated78 (1 year ago)
Andrew rocks as does his way of life. I see nothing wrong with what he does and more power to him.
JussTreddn (1 year ago)
Until the anti-crowd consumes only synthetics there's no moral leg to stand on. Threatening a human being for harvesting a tree while sipping on a tea made from dead plants killed for the purpose of their consumption only shows how derelict they are. Threatening a human being for taking wild animals for whatever purpose isn't any different. Who can really say which species from which kingdoms contains life more worthy than any other? One thing is evident from these people by the threats they wager; that they hold more value of their own ignorant opinions than they do for "life".
Chris Gilliam Trapping (6 months ago)
JussTreddn The synthetic products damage the environment. Better to use a natural, sustainable, renewable, high quality product like fur and leather.
Raymundo Gonzalez (1 year ago)
thats a piece of shit!
J Med (1 year ago)
If the animals weren't culled,then there would be mass starvation if there was too high a population to sustain themselves. Judging by the area hes in,plenty of wildlife from what I can see.Hes native,doing the same thing the tribes have done since creation.I cant see any environmental damage. The man is supporting himself and not on benefits.He is improvising and doing what he has to do.
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
he doesn't hunt the same area consecutively...he respects the animals cycles and allows them to breed. He doesn't hunt young animals on purpose and dispatches them as quickly as possible. Him and his ancestors have been doing this for many years. He's a good man.
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
fuckin hang on and fuckin giver'
hardcore hunter (1 year ago)
I grew up trapping, I really respect that guy for the amount of time and work trapping nowadays isn't even worth it. he just makes enough to g e t by
matthew otto (1 year ago)
Andrew is the shit!!! I watch all of his videos, glad to see Vice went to see him and give him some love! Just realized it was posted a year ago, and Vice you should change the name of the video to a visit with Andrew of the north or something a bit more respectful to Andrew...
ManicheanWarrior (1 year ago)
God bless him ! He's nobody's suck up.
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
yes we could prevent this problems by going vegan
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
+SerenityNow I don't care how you live I just don't want animals killed.
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
The Vetheist fuck right off. You can chose to live how you want but don't push it on other people please.
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
how can you do a violent thing humanely?
CavemanJoe (1 year ago)
Cove Did you make it to that cocksucking contest you were training so hard for at the truck stop?
Cove (1 year ago)
I kill retarted humans and where them
CavemanJoe (1 year ago)
The Vetheist Intelligence has nothing to do with your argument. You have no purpose here other than spouting your 'beliefs' about your 'feelings'. Your willful ignorance is an embarrassment to actual environmentalists everywhere. I deal in facts, so if that's too much for you, you're welcome to listen and learn.
JussTreddn (1 year ago)
It's over so fast in a 220 or 330 conibear... far more humane than what most wild creatures endure looking for their next meal. It's nearly instant peace.
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
+CavemanJoe I can tell your intelligence level is of caveman
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
thanks Jesus that beaver escaped
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
+SerenityNow wait, because I think harming animals is wrong I'm the morbid one
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
The Vetheist I've seen a number of comments from you now....maybe you have some morbid fascination with this lifestyle and that's why you watch the entire video....you're the sick one
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
this guy is sickening
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
+SerenityNow Torturing and killing animals is makes you a good person?
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
The Vetheist Yes...you are the morbid one. Don't watch things that bother you so much. Many people enjoy the way he lives so why do you come here and shit on him and other people. Get the fuck out of here if you don't agree with it. He's a good person.
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
+SerenityNow Yea, I agree so let the animal live his life
SerenityNow (1 year ago)
The Vetheist Whats sickening is your inability to let people love life in the way they want.
MR.RANDOM (1 year ago)
what a dickhead
OutdoorsUnlimited 101 (1 year ago)
I've been subbed to this guy for ages
Roosk1 (1 year ago)
Kissing Bandit (1 year ago)
The first time I met Andrew I was looking for a video on smoking moose meat.....I was hooked on both....careful don't burn your fkn eye ballz! Haha
Daisy Mouri (1 year ago)
This man is a hard working, dedicated professional. He is great! I'm a big fan. Love Charlie the dog!
CavemanJoe (1 year ago)
+la Sa Stupid shit like that is why nobody talks to you in person.
la Sa (1 year ago)
Daisy Mouri yes love the dog but don't give a crap about the other animals he's killing. you are a speciesist congratulations
tyrone keeper (1 year ago)
Thanks for doing this! Vice!
Ontario Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Nice title for the video.... Completely erasing any chance of having a real dialog about the Trapping industry, Culture and frankly the livelihoods of thousands of Canadians who are, by right. Through hundreds of years of wars and dialog going to continue to trap fur. You want a example of media propaganda? But Andrews Channel is by far my favorite Youtube channel LMAO Fucking eh bud
Chopperwrench1975 (1 year ago)
Props to him for living and doing such hard work to subside. Loving how so many people who live the comfortable life and hide behind a keyboard attack this behaviour. It show your true colours. If I had an opportunity to live out in the bush I would jump on it.
samuel Sessock (1 year ago)
Just an FYI for people who don't know: the fur market is absolute garbage rn. Fur prices are soooooooo down. Don't let this make you think that fur harvesting is easy money because it's really not.
Parker Schuh (5 months ago)
Hey when the price goes up the it will be worth it again
Jonny Santos Reyes (8 months ago)
samuel Sessock From what I see it's going up Canada goose needs them coyotes
Germán Rivas (1 year ago)
Frankly, there is more cruelty and less pro-environment thinking in the cotton and soy industries, although the oil industry. Something that many green people depend on.
Germán Rivas (1 year ago)
What you say is BULLSHIT, full of bias, you are not the majority and the argument that is not useful is just your opinion, the fur and leather are materials (although biodegradable) with a long span of life if proper care is given; the materials you speak about (fabrics) are expensive if they are of high quality and this arise another problem (aside of the low quality of the most), most of the industries of fabric are in the third world, work abuse is common and although the growth of the industries are base on the degradation of the soil, the apparent economic resources (vegetable or petroleum based) although very costly in many terms (economic, ecologic, cultural...) are based in a culture of consumerism where the fabric is detached as anything and if it doesn't end in places as Free-town surely most of these cloth end as contaminants in the ocean. You are the example of what I say about the hypocrisy of the population that believe that contaminating and wasting resources and sustaining industries of countries that do not care for the biodiversity and the quality of life of their citizens is less cruel than the natural act of depredation, it's childish, and in fact, the industry of peltry in Canada or New Scotland prove that there is a way to kill the farmed animals quickly without any pain at all, even the trapping industry is very quick in that if the proper tramps and snares are used; depredation should not be considered cruelty for the simple fact that most animals die at hand of other animals and normally their deaths are very painful, it's the natural cycle of life and that's why we have to be mature about that fact, the fact that we can't go through life thinking that we levitate and our action don't have consequences, it's about to be mature about the drama of death an sustain a proper control over any industry that involve living beings, because they are resources and by that, wealth. thinking that killing animals to use them as a resource at the level of psychopathic torture is another bias (although reveal that you consider the meat industry as something horrible, you are vegan though. I mean, it needs a reformation but is not bad), this could continue ad infinitum but I've made my points very clear. I have to say that I am with you in that of being conscious of what we buy though.
la Sa (1 year ago)
Germán Rivas they are all issues. and as a vegan and environmentalists I buy all my products consciously, how and where they were produced and developed. as for fur, it was useful for people thousands of years ago where they NEEDED to use animals fur (even though I still think it's extreme and barbaric for that time as well) but since we have developed material that mocks fur to keep warm or any other materials for that matter, it is unnecessary and cruel to keep doing this ESPECIALLY for such a capitalistic reason, just for profit. that's all it is. people live their money. it's sad that they have to rely on the lives of innocent beings to make money. there is no consciousness and selflessness there. it's all materialism.
Timber Runner (1 year ago)
as with all natural resources they need to be managed. so that you dont over balance the system. when done properly you make the animal population healthier hence stronger
Crappie Fisher (1 year ago)
Andrew did those wolves a favor by killing them to die from the mange is a terrible way to go.i have trapped coyotes here in Ohio that did not have a hair on their bodies covered in sores their tale chewed off by them as short as they could reach nasty fuck in shit I tell ya lol Andrew is the real deal !
hardcore hunter (1 year ago)
Christopher Hughes I shot a fox the other night that had about 3/4 of his hair gone only had some hair on his neck and head...talk about some nasty shit. I was deer hunting and the only reason I shot em was put put the hideous fuckin thing out of its misery
Nick Bloom (1 year ago)
"looks like it was made in the 1940's, I don't know how that makes me feel safety wise". Ok, first thing you said it yourself, it has been flying for probably 60 years or so. If anything should tell you about reliability it is something that has outlasted millions of people lifetimes. What is with Vice news journalists and having zero sense of the world. Are they all just from deep cities or something?
Nick Bloom (1 year ago)
+Leroy Spires Agreed, they need to not only get out in the wilderness but they need to spend time learning it... It amazes me how out of touch they are with reality.
J Animaal (1 year ago)
Can't believe all of the idiots that are against our lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with hunting and trapping. None of the species we hunt and trap are remotely close to being endangered. Hunting and trapping does more good for the health of our country's wild animals. If there were no hunters and trappers the same amount of animals would die from starvation bcuz there's only a certain amount of natural food in an ecosystem. Not to mention the fact that in this video he took out two wolves with mange and destroyed them for the well being of all the other animals. Anti hunting animal activists are as sad and dumb as they can possibly get. Hunting and trapping is here to stay so they'd better find something else to protest and rebel against! Goodbye and happy hunting!
Keegan Townsend (4 months ago)
I agree
hardcore hunter (1 year ago)
J Animaal they'll never understand bro, their wittle feelings will always trump the facts.
Sammy Andrews (1 year ago)
All the people who think that its animal cruelty. I shoot rabbits and wallaby for fur/meat and sometimes just for fun.Now go complain about the coffee industry who uses child slave labour!
Ovalbalka (1 year ago)
Keep working, it is hard to find a job you like, harder to find a life style you can live.
_ PMC27Outdoors _ (2 years ago)
sadly fur prices are at its lowest now
Crappie Fisher (1 year ago)
_ PMC27Outdoors _ fur will go back up when trump is in all of the sanctions will be lifted
Fizz Dash (1 year ago)
Good hopefully that means the industry will deteriorate
Living Life2thefullest (2 years ago)
Trapping is a way of life if you don't like well then good for you.
Flutor (2 years ago)
Who else loves that intro
Tim Henry (2 years ago)
awesome. this guy is a man. you can't murder animals. wow.
LilFluffBall (2 years ago)
People need to learn that trapping helps regulate the animals. Much like humans we breed out of control and like everything it needs regulations, those who are saying oh its cruel. Its not. Trapper for 8 years so come at me.
DeathSeekerism (2 years ago)
Thank you for your service.
Safiye Sultan (2 years ago)
rabbits have great fur, skin them they reproduce fast

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