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FUNNIEST MONKEYS - Cute And Funny Monkey Videos Compilation [BEST OF]

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Funny monkeys in this funny monkey videos compilation. Cute baby monkey and funny adult monkeys videos. Orangutan, chimp, capuchin monkey and more. Thanks for watching! Here's our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MashupZone/ And be sure to subscribe and join the fun :)
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Text Comments (821)
Nicholas Baptista (13 hours ago)
3:00 That's literally me
TheBioBeast (1 day ago)
Let go of that fucking watermelon right fucking now. Seriously, lady.
Tiana Morishige (3 days ago)
2:52 When I Play with water 3:00 WHEN I MAKE A FORTNITE DANCE 2:51 Mmm makeup
Ashley Coronado (4 days ago)
2:58 me irl
Miguel Messi (4 days ago)
Daniel Yuwell (4 days ago)
6:00 ASMR
Poison Ivy (4 days ago)
1:38 I literally thought that was a child for a second
_SeAn_ (4 days ago)
The one in the water was the funniest to me
axe utare (4 days ago)
I want monkey
Banana 2 :3 (4 days ago)
I just love monkeys,i have a 1 month old monkey in fact
ismailAx2011 (4 days ago)
Spinning pool gorilla is the most aesthetic thing I've seen in a while.
Extraflamefire (4 days ago)
I need one 🐒
Bleach 1 (5 days ago)
I want a friend monkey cuz i have no friends ;-;
Andaman Production (5 days ago)
Monkeys and chimps are my favorite animals
Marisa Jess (5 days ago)
Hold up this seems a lot like my brother... Guess my brother is a monkey 🐒
PYRO (5 days ago)
They are evolving
Lovsukka (5 days ago)
2:51 😂
Loga Vicky (5 days ago)
Caesar would be proud of them😢
karl nukka (5 days ago)
I'm starting to think monkeys are smarter than us...
Arch Neme5is (6 days ago)
Planet of the apes confirmed
Cory ty (6 days ago)
Cory ty (6 days ago)
Ezio Orser (6 days ago)
10:06 omg that’s so cool
Joe Freeman (7 days ago)
I didn't like this. It was just monkeys in clothes or being made to do things they probably didn't want to do.
2:55 me on a Friday afternoon xD
LPS Doggy Girl (10 days ago)
I like the part when the chimpanzee stole the lollipop
Xiaoying Lin (11 days ago)
At 3:00 that gorilla is phyco
THEMAZZE (12 days ago)
That gollria secretly wants to be a dancer
Mary diaz (12 days ago)
Ivan Deephouse.Leica (13 days ago)
Scheiss Tierquäler
울우 (15 days ago)
Why isn't kevin hart on here
Jonathan R (16 days ago)
Anybody know the outro song??
Absolute Zero (16 days ago)
Awwww now I want to get a Monkey when I grow up
Llaytonp 29 (16 days ago)
4:05 they should make and asmr channel like if you agree 😂
Gavin Smith Vlogs (16 days ago)
3:02 whenever I wake up take a shower and hear mom yell. Snow day.
Sweety Jain (16 days ago)
Alex Fliptastic (18 days ago)
2:58 my friend is sleeping and I am under the covers legit crying
Thatmonkeyluke (18 days ago)
No need for chains
Thatmonkeyluke (18 days ago)
2:37 funny af 😂
Drizzy Danielle (21 days ago)
you know you suck when you lose in ping pong against a monkey
Jake Shumka (22 days ago)
2:30 just a man and his son
MrWestcoast52 (22 days ago)
Monkeys not domestic pets...everyone who put their in clothes or shit like that are assholes
GingerBreadMan1178 (22 days ago)
2:56 that gorilla reminds me of Terry Crews the moment he started dancing
RedYoshi800 (23 days ago)
Daym I want a wheelbarrow full of orangatangs
im a the mash mallow (14 days ago)
Ikr it'd be amazing
Achiq Yaku (24 days ago)
Como los primeros hay muchos 😂😂😂😂😂en los trenes , en los restaurantes, hasta en las casas , en la mesa mientras comes...
Lyanna Saylor (24 days ago)
when then monkeys ever shave 😂😂😂😂
1RenMaster (25 days ago)
Ахах бля кто от павера
Sielle H (25 days ago)
There just like humans except they can’t talk
Faby Fabian (25 days ago)
у павера кавун пиздят аххаахахаххахах
чисто стил и павер ежий
yung footy (25 days ago)
Цыгил мочь
Lafayette !! (26 days ago)
Why would people dress them up in clothes and make them house pets?
The Gaming PandaXL (29 days ago)
Haha harambe. Tornado PLUSSSS ULTRAAAA
Monkey Life (29 days ago)
lovely monkey
Rahul Giri (29 days ago)
bhut aachi thi
Kadeplayz (30 days ago)
Why do these remind me of hominids
yuvi channel (1 month ago)
2:16 😂😂😂😂
Madison Gilliard-Davis (1 month ago)
This made my day
Winter MSP (1 month ago)
1:36 why so cute
Kaitlyn plays Roblox (1 month ago)
Annddd like
Slawomir Szymczyk (1 month ago)
2:55 this was what DanTDM reacted to it was Winston play of the game
Slawomir Szymczyk (1 month ago)
Littrely their so smart
one_kaden (1 month ago)
Cousin: You're too big to swim in that pool. Me: 3:01
White White (1 month ago)
mabjan and noorjan
Dark vortex (1 month ago)
6:20 monkey asmr?
Shauna Martin (1 month ago)
I feel bad got that monkey who was holding the mans hand and tried to get close to everyone else and they just back away😭😭 he looked so sad
top TV (1 month ago)
Monkey protects the cat with dog!!! :)))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g1Eug7ih2o
Alessandra Salinas (1 month ago)
2:52 Me when im in PE and thinking about taking a shower
Drowning Paint (1 month ago)
When monkeys start taking over the world who's fault is it gonna be?
blue dragon (1 month ago)
Dam gorilla you so happy 😁 XD
BBatgirl Forever (1 month ago)
This y I love monkeys so much there cute and funny
deecyra (1 month ago)
most funny ig most just piss me off xD
s h o o k e t h 101 (1 month ago)
6:57 just let go of the damn watermelon and let the poor monkey eat in peace
Reggie K (1 month ago)
4:30 is exactly why most people shouldn't be allowed pets
Lizaree MSP (1 month ago)
they are being forced to do dis i think
Douglas Gonzales (1 month ago)
soooo funny
emluca123 (1 month ago)
Cruel not funny
JQ4444 (1 month ago)
1:38 :))))))))))))))))
The first one though 😂
ge oj (1 month ago)
Good monkey
alvas recorded (1 month ago)
good. smart monkey
PENTA RENGAR (1 month ago)
2:57 ME
Margerina Rios (1 month ago)
Isaac Churchill (1 month ago)
4:08 is not cute
pk news with lucky (1 month ago)
yayay (1 month ago)
Imagine the person who destroyed me in coc is a monkey!
Ellaphant Girl (1 month ago)
THIS IS SO CUTE! Monkeys are officially my new fave animal
Hi the Retard (1 month ago)
ChemicalFX (1 month ago)
First clip is awesome ASMR!
BurningPillow (1 month ago)
Can you imagine how it would feel like to be a small monkey and seeing a giant hairless monkey (Human) for the first time? Us humans are like the size of Transformers in the eye of a small monkey. Of course other animals that are smaller than us would see the same thing but monkeys are more intelligent and at least you can imagine how it feel to be a monkey.
Manuel Martinez (1 month ago)
5:50 Black man eats pussy
Mendes Ponch (1 month ago)
The gorila in the pool, LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sunil Rana (1 month ago)
Hlo drtyyhjj
Arne Karl Wehmeier (1 month ago)
Anz plays video games (1 month ago)
2:58 me in a pool
eudamus (1 month ago)
Monkeys are more intelligent than us
bOx 6 (1 month ago)
Monkeys could be the next humans 2:58 maybe
Vene Ficus (1 month ago)
even monkey, they made looked like a prostitute (the one with wig and makeup) hahaha
LyshPlays (1 month ago)
Monkeys will learn to speak English and use 20th century technology and will evolve and take over the world

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