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Inside North Korea (Part 1/3)

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Text Comments (18396)
Brandon Smith (3 hours ago)
How do you do they get all these videos when they are walking around when they said filming is illegal?
Brandon Smith (3 hours ago)
How did they document and record all this if they were only allowed to bring in a point and shoot?
skins4thewin (2 days ago)
This was so pointless. Why don't they ask some ppl some damn questions?
smores (2 days ago)
i wanna visit North Korea just so I can sip tea and play games with that tea girl
china sucks69420 (7 days ago)
Shane fucking sucks at pool
Shane Daniel (13 days ago)
That lonely north Korean girl at the end would have gotten the D!!!
Erik Ahl (15 days ago)
Fucking commies
Village Balli (15 days ago)
Imma marry pun yun chi
Kolo Kolko (15 days ago)
Can someone please can tell me how can I find the music of the tea girl at 17:43
i think our government killed the people of north korea a long time ago.. that’s a ghost town.
Hoodie Alien (18 days ago)
Give me a .50 CAL, Kim Jong un at a 1000 meters, and hold my beer, I’ll free tea girl for us.
Quarter (19 days ago)
Why mondomedia save this playlist
themonsteraddict MMXVI (21 days ago)
Tea Girl is best waifu
darren campbell (23 days ago)
oatmeal (23 days ago)
The poor Tea Girl.... We must save her.....
Trifon Spartan (25 days ago)
Song at 17:43 is named pyongsublime
troll lord (26 days ago)
north korea land of crazy ones
troll lord (26 days ago)
the ship tour guide is beautiful i wish she could give me a blow job
An Drey (19 days ago)
C'mon bruh
유상우 (1 month ago)
i can understand because I'm 'south'korean
Tim Falardeau (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHA ! ! ! Tea Girl looks so disappointed with he says no to coffee! Poor people... So starved in every way... Food, attention, etc.. Fucking hostages...
Nx Doyle (1 month ago)
Barely a minute in and two inaccuracies. 1) 'Nobody is allowed in' is untrue. Just pro or to this I watched Michael Palin in NK. Christopher Hitchens went to NK. 2) KJU is undoubtedly the leader, but there are quite a few high ranking members of the military who also wield power.
Boblob Chippymig (22 days ago)
Nx Doyle this was before North Korea opened their borders for tourism
jeff wrench (1 month ago)
jeff wrench (1 month ago)
I wonder what he meant when he described the food as fried matter? Like I know this means it's bad but describe a little better as to what it is.
ObFxW (1 month ago)
can someone explain how there are no cameras allowed but they got this footage , how?
Poco Loco (1 month ago)
How did you film this without a camera?
“Axis of evil”?? Just means they aren’t under the control of the world system and the evil Rothschild synagogue of satan banking!!!👹 You have been suckered in ! By false patriotism !!! Wake Up People!!! In Jesus Name!!! You will call good-evil and evil- Good!!! USA is so corrupt totally ungodly!!! You think you are rich!?
Dizzy F (1 month ago)
It’s amazing how coherent G W Bush sounds, given the Trump administration of 2018
Adamski Terranski (1 month ago)
Music 1:46 ?
Agamemnon Butterscotch (1 month ago)
13:05 "Peopla"
Gresham Veazey (1 month ago)
Anyone watching in 2024?
Austin Craig (1 month ago)
Only if Pun Yun Chi the Tea Girl knew she was famous in America...
Austin Craig (1 month ago)
I can understand the propaganda & why they hate Americans. I don't understand why we as Americans are imperialists though. Lol
Austin Craig (1 month ago)
'The finger point that started WW3'
Don Houri (1 month ago)
This is went Vice meant something
CheeseGlace (1 month ago)
"its invincible power" yet the country is so underdeveloped it doesn't even have the technology to mine the trillions of dollars worth of resources they sit on.
Ew1128 (1 month ago)
When your country's proudest moment is capturing an American spy vessel, you know your country is pretty depressing.
imChanse (1 month ago)
Jack (1 month ago)
That last bit in the tea room was so surreal.... I can’t believe how much nothingness there is in North Korea. I saw the photos that NASA posted of NK at night time, less than 1% of the entire country had electricity and lights running, yet they have like the 4th largest military in the world... absolute madness
luke A (1 month ago)
be so awesome to fuck that north korean chick, the ultimate revenge.
Jamiethor101 (1 month ago)
this is the vice i want to see not this new hippie shit
th jame (1 month ago)
Watched this 4x.... its a classic. Back when Vice wasn't feeding corporate garbage to bitchy non-binary millenials. I want the old Vice back!
Gay Panda (1 month ago)
Terrible country, good marching
Haha Yes (2 months ago)
Miss this risktaking vice not the new weed life hack vice
Chris Wright (2 months ago)
poor tea girl - she must have been sent to gulag after the NK saw this vid. Fking irresponsible Vice.
Ricky Ray (2 months ago)
What kind of meat do these people eat? Fish? Any chickens or cows?
Ricky Ray (2 months ago)
der korern peopres army disprays its invirncuble pewur
Snot Aike (2 months ago)
Pun yun chi just wanna party
Isaac Woolley (2 months ago)
Song at 18:00
What’s the name of the music in the background from 9:08 to 9:40
Ethan Storm (2 months ago)
tea girl trying to be the first north Korean to get a K1 visa
love always kate (2 months ago)
tea girl seems nice
Seany Time (2 months ago)
Should of banged her
Gabriel L (2 months ago)
the true hero is the guy who filmed all this
Lillith Kagari (2 months ago)
It's really sad that Pun Yun Chi won't get to experience fun like we do HOLY CRAP THERE ARE WEBSITES DEDICATED TO HER
Slayer Slim (2 months ago)
I came to talk about tea girl and every One is talking about tea girl
Slayer Slim (2 months ago)
The chick at the tea shop is fuckin cute. Shes probably some higher ups grand daughter. I would do her.
誰もが死ぬ • (2 months ago)
That girl was so lonely I feel sad for her
AlmightyShak (2 months ago)
I wonder what the tea girls up to now
我是镍跌 (2 months ago)
danger stranger (2 months ago)
What do these people do when there isn't the one American or outsider tourist. Do they seriously just wait around or do they have other jobs when no "tourist" arnt around. It's a very unusual place
Naji (2 months ago)
You couldn't pay me a million dollars to go there!
Naji (2 months ago)
Lmao between watching the honor killings epidemic and now this.... I can honestly say... I am proud to be an American
Gorilla Monsoon (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song that plays when Shane boards the Chinese plane to DPRK?
housearrestband (3 months ago)
I feel so bad for Pun Yun Chi.I wish Shane could have bribed someone. got her out of there and give her the life she deserves...I wonder who she is doing today this is an old video
Yugoslav Meme (3 months ago)
13:05 “Korean Peopla Army”
Tournel Henry (3 months ago)
I have to admit. I won't mind dating that Tea Girl *LOL*
Sandy the bunny (3 months ago)
0:25 funny march
Fuckyou18 Fuckyou187 (3 months ago)
The tea girl is so beautiful, how sad shes just stuck there smh . i hope shes ok and knows that i would marry her in a heartbeat
King (3 months ago)
Cupriferous Catalyst (3 months ago)
Fuck, that pool game followed by the ping pong match almost brought me to tears. They both seemed to genuinely be having fun, and it just makes me think of all the people of North Korea who presumably just want to live a happy and healthy life and would probably love to meet more foreigners. Yet, their leader tells them that all of us in the west hate them, and then both sides start escalating to the point that Donald and Kim are threatening to nuke each others nations. All because of a few angry, wealthy men in power who can't get along.
Chiyoko (3 months ago)
That last part - you get a private hostess to entertain you...North Korea style! >D
Timmy Stitch (3 months ago)
and they are now ruled by the a dead man
THE DEM (3 months ago)
This video is sow cringe
Miguel Gutiérrez (3 months ago)
This dude has balls of steel
melissa matsuoka (3 months ago)
whats the song at 17:43?
Humanforfreedom 95 (3 months ago)
"you have to sign this thing to say, I'm not bringing in anything." no where in the world that lets you bring in narcotic and explosive and undeclared food that nothing new there either
b3rtne (3 months ago)
That tea girl was wanting some bullshitter Shane dingus.
Delicious DeBlair (3 months ago)
Those poor people suffering under that fat little fucker and his dead father all that time [sad eyes]
king of Kings (3 months ago)
I bet the tea girl is really good at all thoes games but is told to let them win
mangiapetardo mangioskij (3 months ago)
19:51 They aren't even able to make a pool table.......
Jay (3 months ago)
Aw she seems so nice that last lady ! :)
T G (3 months ago)
There are so many old, stupid cuckservatives who think China is no different than North Korea. In 1980, maybe it was. But for those cuckservatives, it is 1980s forever.
T G (3 months ago)
The tea girl is pretty. Almost like an isolated Rapunzel in a way. I wonder if she has any sex life at all.
human (3 months ago)
Some Alice and the wonder land shit
Punit Sharma (3 months ago)
I am sure he would have banged that tea girl off camera 😂😂
Cali Cam17 (3 months ago)
Bruh There March On Point
eti king (3 months ago)
i hate northkorea
T G (3 months ago)
How did they not get caught filming?
T G (3 months ago)
North Korea still seems better than any society that black people create.
Dresden Tulip (3 months ago)
Sad upsetting. You can definitely how happy Pun Yun Chi was just doing simple things with the reporter, and how sad she was when they left.
Su Zan (4 months ago)
The US are imperialists without most of us, especially lower level military, realizing it. Interesting fact - did you know the Jews (fake Jews) led the Communist Bolsehvik movement, so they really control Communist countries? The same Jews control the world through banks, and rule the Western countries with their parasitic capitalism and brainwashing media and academia. Look at who owns the TV networks and over 96% of all media - Jews! It's all a staged thing, to make us think they are our enemies, Divide and Conquer! So we don't look at the real enemies. Don't get me wrong, the North Koreans don't have a great life, but the ones who create this situation are the Jews! North Korea would not exist without Jews. Read "Money and Power: The Secret History" by Steven Sadlier. Watch the 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman (a Jew) about the real reasons for WW2 and WW1. The world's eyes need to be opened. Stop believing the programming they feed us.
Jay Jay (4 months ago)
Poor young lady has no idea whats out there or does she. She seemed sad and curious with a fake personality. I think they liked eachother.
James Thunderhawk (4 months ago)
There is tours available to north Korea
UrMoNdAyMoRiNiN (4 months ago)
I wouldn’t be surprised if every tourist, because you must be accompanied by a NK guide the whole time, only alone when in your room, that they have cameras and mics in every chosen room for tourists. Crazy
skitzo 2494 (4 months ago)
5:00 Why can't you point at anything?
Katie Kat (4 months ago)
skitzo 2494 that can come across as aggressive, and at the DMZ, ya gotta be chill af.
Catalyst Breaker (4 months ago)
Free the tea girl man .....
Steven Munson (4 months ago)
Did Mao Zedung meet Kim ill Sung ?
jamesbat09 (4 months ago)
That tea girl is kinda cute man, and you can tell she was disappointed when he said no to the ginseng/coffee request
SUB C (4 months ago)
RedB3 (4 months ago)

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