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Inside North Korea (Part 1/3)

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Text Comments (18541)
Paul Schaefer (4 hours ago)
Negruto1080 Rubio (5 hours ago)
Still dreaming about the tea girl in 2019
The One The Only One (6 hours ago)
I feel b ad for Pun Yun Chi
Milkman4279 (6 hours ago)
I wonder if tea girl has any idea that a bunch of horny guys in America idolize her.
Actuallyundead (9 hours ago)
imagine tripping on acid in north korea
damien morrow (12 hours ago)
YumYumGiveMeGumGum (13 hours ago)
this just looks exactly like the Earth Kingdom.
jamiemb (14 hours ago)
#FreeTeaLady :‘(
mzsov (15 hours ago)
Hmm, am I missing anything? He said they we not allowed to bring anything, not even a camera, so has this been filmed? Using a portato?
General Kienzent (16 hours ago)
The Korean War hasn’t ended there’s just a seize fire
Ryan S (19 hours ago)
When she asked, "if you want cofffee?" then you could have entertained and said yes. It's a rarity for her so even though you don't drink it just accept the offer to empathise with her situation. Fuck sake!
Prøxy W3K (20 hours ago)
When vice wasn't overly preachy far left :/
Guido Manchetti (21 hours ago)
Tea girl is the kind of thot I could tolerate
Wendel Cleghorn (1 day ago)
8:57...world record for number of people yelling ‘wazzzup’.
Luke Fry (1 day ago)
I wish you had had a tea or coffee from the poor lady, would of helped her a lot i am sure.
alex pratt (1 day ago)
alex pratt (1 day ago)
ok whats this ladies obsession with splinters is she a troll or just stupid lolol a shell wouldnt splinter above the captains head there re windows all around what would the shell splinter from??! also how the fuck would they even know lol
alex pratt (1 day ago)
north korea has a military force of 5,889,000 soldiers lol thats less than the population of most american cities lolol we would run north korea over in 10 minutes in a non nuclear war and we would destroy them in nuclear war as well they dont stand a chance fuck i bet me and a few thousand rednecks could take the north korean army out lol they are starving not well trained at all and use poor quality ripoffs of Russian guns
Peter Niemczyk (1 day ago)
What Korean song do they use in the beginning?
- A13X - (1 day ago)
what a dime that tea girl is
Jack schaefer (1 day ago)
18:09 what the name of the song?
Rien Kukumber (1 day ago)
The tea lady seemed like a nice person 🤷‍♂️
Bruwer van Vrede (1 day ago)
Man, I miss Vice.....
TheTomm101 (1 day ago)
tell me you snuck pun yun chi out with you
Tentacles45 (1 day ago)
is this what the interview was based on??
Erik Truchinskas (2 days ago)
If the rooms werent bugged and shane was alone with her do you think she would want to have sex? I mean think about how long it must be since shes gotten laid if ever
Dankmemes21121 (2 days ago)
Lmao the guys that broke into the North Korean camps in Russia ( the reporter, the camera man, the police chief and ‘the fish) should break into North Korea itself and save the tea girl
Euphoric Master 421 (2 days ago)
Creepy to imagine whapt happens behind closed doors there.
Tavish (2 days ago)
Damn that Poor Tea girl.....someone like her would have a Good job here and she could choose between all the men who want her but in North Korea she has to sit in a stinking Soviet era hous for 10 months and shitty pay....
MagnumPineapple27 (3 days ago)
Having Crusades by Fucked Up playing throughout much of the first leg of the video is pretty fitting.
Odz Official (3 days ago)
I say we get Delta, ST6, SAS, KSK, and every specialist branch from Russia to go in and get tea girl out!
TheHumpjbear (3 days ago)
Fuck man, this video makes me even more upset about that state of Vice now days. This is still one of the best and original documentaries on YouTube.
Jonathan (3 days ago)
Jesus save the TEAGIRL!!!
Roman Reigns (3 days ago)
i find their marching oddly satisfying
Tea Girl is waifu
Mister K. (4 days ago)
The Tea Girl is like, you’re coming back, right?
George Mulligan (4 days ago)
One of the most dangerous place on Earth. LOL. Moron
Gamerz Grip (4 days ago)
Tea girl just shows you how much they want to embrace life but are held back . Really sad
spartanRS (4 days ago)
North Korea have special treatment but only for american visitors.
SPErickson (4 days ago)
So how can any person watch this series and still find any positive traits in the outcome of communism?
lee clement (5 days ago)
maybe we should just submit to glorious LEADER KIM JONG UN
Jayhob Ackluhammad (5 days ago)
if they're still technically at war with America, why don't we take the fucking war to em and finish it. stupid fucks, i'd accept a draft 100% proudly if it meant raiding north korea, liberating their ass, and leaving the country to the civilians. then probably rinse and repeating because they're all so brainwashed they accept their slavery and dont know what freedom is fucks! USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA
soberpunk (2 days ago)
"Raiding" the DPRK would be a phenomenally stupid idea. They have one of the largest military forces in the world. "Raiding" the DPRK would result in thousands of Koreans losing their lives. They've got missles pointed directly at Seoul. I don't know what the right answer is but running in and fucking shit up would be a terrible idea.
Jay Clover I (5 days ago)
Shane Smith = North Korean God. End of story.
Why didn't they copy and paste the 50 cal machine gun. and other weapons onboard
Jyoti raj (5 days ago)
Its like listening some kind of jokes.
rangerunitnumber 47 (6 days ago)
10:37 "Come in Tokyo" LOL
Jack hoef (6 days ago)
Poon yoon she HAHA her name is poon
King Louie (7 days ago)
Funny how so many have guns but yet won’t take out the leader for their freedom.
Filthy Fucktard (8 days ago)
When did this happen? It's posted on Dec 19th 2011 2 days after Kim Jong Il died.
santiogo369 (8 days ago)
When he said "there's never anything normal that happens in this whole country" I couldn't stop myself from laughing
Joshua Lazarre (9 days ago)
Los Illuminados (10 days ago)
17:42 What song is that?
John D.Rambo (13 days ago)
Wonder what would happen if you flew a drone over there lol
Alex J Tanguay (13 days ago)
Pun Yun Chi is adorable we must save her 😢
Ayush B (13 days ago)
15:13 captured by our "semen" Lol
Zoltan Csikos (15 days ago)
Comment section is filled with cringe-worthy, sweaty 14 year olds thinking "tea girl" wants to waste time with them. Such cancer.
Zoltan Csikos (15 days ago)
Wish I hand't clicked on that "FIGHTLAND" annotation, what a fucking moron Sascha Matuszak is. VICE is such a retarded Leftist degenerate shit-box organisation. Ready to celebrate when it collapses, haha.
graduation bear (15 days ago)
It's this empty feel that scares me like they go into so many area that look like idk like LA but it's completely empty
Edward McGuckin (15 days ago)
Goddammit Pun-Yun-Chi, I ain't even met you and you're a heart breaker.
Salah Hamdi (16 days ago)
pun yun chi😭😭😭😭
Sam Bassett (16 days ago)
Sam Bassett (16 days ago)
Jay Walking (16 days ago)
Save the tea girl at least!
mikey fry (17 days ago)
This reporter is funny as fuck from Spain 🇪🇸 all other countries are run by little girls
Justin Heretotroll (18 days ago)
That lone game of billiards took 47 minutes.
Roland Ceu (19 days ago)
They didnt chrck that u had a camera?
iSlayNubes :/ (20 days ago)
Is this the 7 part doc. But in 3 parts ?
Leyla G (20 days ago)
The DPRK survives from day to day on a shaky armistice agreement from 1953. The American ferocious military forces and those of their NATO allies have totally destroyed, bombed to rubble and ashes North Korea at will, killing one third of her population, between 1950 and 1953. US-NATO did this despite North Korea’s offer to surrender long before the country was but a heap of ruins. Killing for spite, indulging in and enjoying the causing of horrendous suffering and death, is the sadistic and satanic way of the west. This must be said and never forgotten
Daniel Sothen (21 days ago)
Fuck north korea I would scalp kim jung un
Noneyalls Biddness (22 days ago)
Yeah it's a shame....cause communism is so vastly superior to capitalism. If only they'd implement it correctly....like if Jesus was running it....oh wait....I forgot to imagine no religion too.
Kris B (22 days ago)
I used to be a coffee man. Now I love tea.
meetul gupta (22 days ago)
Can someone please tell me how he managed to record all this if they are so strict about no cameras? Cant be all from a hidden camera in cameraman
Emanuel Tovar (25 days ago)
Fucking Shane really did just go to NK
prince RaH (25 days ago)
Shane Smith is dope
Brandon Dao (30 days ago)
What’s the rock song?
Chiquitito Esmith (1 month ago)
Typical Redneck, been told since the get go "Dont point your finger" and what's the first thing he does ? He's pointing his finger everywhere.start WW3 will you.
Maria Kelly (1 month ago)
Now I'm going to be up all night wondering and hoping that Pun Yun Chi is still alive in 2018 and if she's okay.
CorporalPoon (1 month ago)
before vice turned into vox and buzzfeed
Btw. Air koryo. Which is the only north korean airline. Is the only 1 star airliner in the world. The shittiest airline in the world
Matt Black (1 month ago)
Vice news are you nuts? you're just as anti-american as this whole story.... possibly worse than the North Koreans
Unemployed Fukra (1 month ago)
Well america should take care of it own shit rather worry about northkorea...
J-Nope (1 month ago)
BubbleGumBabeFace (1 month ago)
Man they're really proud of capturing that tug boat eh?
Andre Te (1 month ago)
bucket list entry #1: playing billard with the north korean tea girl ^.^
LlTEsama (1 month ago)
That poor tea girl, you could tell she was sad when they left. That was probably the most fun she had in years.
Dan Batista (1 month ago)
You crazy as fuuuuck #ShaneSmith . Awesome risk taking docu bruv!!! Probably why your a fkng gajillonaire nowadays
We gotta go back to end that stuff maybe not kill anyone just give them all weed and McDonalds naw mean 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Jonathan Jelliff (1 month ago)
drodv12 (1 month ago)
Chum Lee from Pawn Stars head ass boi.
Jonathan Jelliff (1 month ago)
Pun Yun Chi (the tea girl) looked truly sad when Shane said no, but we can see he did eventually buy something. This is one example of how not all North Koreans are bad, but just in a bad situation. I think it is mostly in the government brainwashing to keep the income within themselves. Pun Yun Chi was kind of sad. I pray for her.
Voytev DV (1 month ago)
• @ canadian political corectness turned off comments? • • •
Voytev DV (1 month ago)
@ • Canadian political corectness turned off comments? What about muslims nowadays?
Carlos Gaitan (1 month ago)
That Tea girl thoooo 😍😍😍😍
silver scape (1 month ago)
Oh the irony of bush saying someone is evil....
Natsuki (1 month ago)
Jonathan Jelliff (1 month ago)
At 18:18 there is the tea girl that a lot of people are commenting on. They want to free her from DPRK.
Rahoul Rai (1 month ago)
they dont even have youtube. i feel bad for the people
Cronch food (1 month ago)
Why the soundtrack so good though?
Nicktorious (1 month ago)
I came to watch a video about Nort Korea and what I found was two retards who can't play pool.

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