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Australia's Deadliest Soldier: The Killer Commando

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Paul Cale was sergeant of the Second Commando Regiment: an elite branch of the Australian Defence Force that suffered more casualties than any other Australian military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2013 he made headlines when it was revealed he stormed an enemy compound and strangled a Taliban leader with his bare hands. In the years since his service, Paul has developed a new instinctive model for close quarter warfare titled Integrated Close Combat, a method that has been adopted by elite special forces around the world. WATCH NEXT: The UK's Scariest Debt Collector — https://youtu.be/TUzlmWWdjEQ Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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VICE (7 months ago)
Meet Commando Paul Cale: a founding member of the Second Commando Regiment, an elite branch of the Australian Defense Force who suffered more casualties than any other military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. WATCH NEXT: Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMMXuKB0BoY
Luke Cusack (28 days ago)
Yeah great our Australian commandos faces are out there for the terrorists to see and track down
tony red (1 month ago)
+Fat Chili I'm sick of people telling me I know Jack Shit because I've REALLY never even met him. I've looked everywhere in the white pages for years and I still can't find this guy to see if I do know him. Has anyone got a photo of him or anything?
x x (2 months ago)
KO clips I believe in a white Aryan race ! 👍
KO clips (2 months ago)
+x x why is ur name white power
x x (2 months ago)
God bless the A.D.F. , 👍 💖 👌 from a fellow Aussie !
TenMinute Meditations (3 days ago)
If he's getting 2-3 hours sleep, then he's not better and needs extra support. Also glad he's not a primary school teacher, stick to choking out consenting adults, I'd say. Weird video.
that guy (5 days ago)
Finally vice made something interesting
Mayweather 56 (8 days ago)
What a documentary and what a man
Mary Jane (8 days ago)
melting pot of cultures, cull the punjab child molesters
Free Man (9 days ago)
Founding members of 2 Commando were Ex 3RAR, Broken and Busted and the sick lame and lazy, and Chock-os. (Reservists)
Free Man (9 days ago)
Post scriptum, VICE is SIN!!!!!!!
Free Man (9 days ago)
What he didnt say was the average Afghani is the size and weight of a Young Australian Girl about 60 KG if they have eaten unless they are a Chief. Google tribal Afghani's. I beat the living shit out of 4 rugby Players at Wadonga in 1999 when the attacked a woman who was a friend of mine, all were soldiers and i knew them and they were all 30 KG heavier than me and still are. Lead with a Knee if you miss extend the leg and if you still miss keep running Hit and run. No Ninja pajamas required. Male Country average height / weight / BMI Afghanistan 1.65 m 61.5 kg I was 1.5 kg out not a bad guess based on seen pictures. Average height of men and women worldwide - WorldData.info https://www.worlddata.info/average-bodyheight.php
Free Man (9 days ago)
This is a child explaining Physics. Getting kicked in the head and having rounds fly past your head, the legs off a claymore cut the air and remove the hair off the side of your head i will take any day of the week especially considering it was a 7 on 2 fight. Passing in and out of consciousness momentarily as you fight to stay consciousness to get out of harms way would be terrifying if not the norm. Talking tough with a Empirical advantage storming Farmers Homes to install a Federal private debt Based Socialist Birth certificate Bonded slave Pharasean system wiped out 2 thousand years ago, only to be resurrected out of idiots egos for Pride, Pride comes before the fall pride is Ego. Ego is the Demon. Ex 3.
Trent Kaschube (10 days ago)
I didn't have to go far to lose apart of myself there's nothing left
varun009 (11 days ago)
American parents: you wanna go to school? Kid: NO! American parents (lying): You won't die!
Eddy9412 (15 days ago)
he looks like an australian joe rogan
joe Nir (16 days ago)
Sal Vong (18 days ago)
NS P90 try stop me 🤝
speeddude_YT (21 days ago)
Gridlock and Mozzie lol
II WOOFY II (22 days ago)
What about my boy mozzie
Nathan EverLast (25 days ago)
Hi mate im worried for our people, Our Software is Now American Software , Our communication with 5G is American owned and now Ive just found out our own prime minister owns his own church, connected to Hillsong and Christianity with half a billion followers... Im not against religeon but our leaders should be of Neutral thoughts and not tended towards one side... Thankyou for keeping us Safe and making this country the best Country in the world even though most dont realise how good we are.. THANKYOU SOLDIERS... DID YOU KNOW WE CAN CURE PTSD - I STUDY NIKOLA TESLA AND ADVANCED PHYSICS IN MY SPARE TIME, SELF TAUGHT..
Ryan VanGelder (26 days ago)
Love Australia, 🇦🇺👍💪🇦🇺, he's crazy tho
C Man17 (1 month ago)
Ever thought how much Vice is showing and uncovering. But there will always be world's more hidden away from us. Good job Vice, your input is greatly needed and appreciated.
Lil Pump (1 month ago)
So this guy actually teaches the SAS close quarters? Even though he was part of the base army not special forces. That’s pretty awesome.
Lil Pump (21 days ago)
Wait what type of special forces? Australian because aren’t the Australian special forces not the SAS?
E K (21 days ago)
He was special forces but not SAS.
ZHI PENG CHEN (1 month ago)
bet this guy strangles at least a person every day
SCRAPPY DIGG14 (1 month ago)
Dang this dude is extreme
Pepperoni Playboy (1 month ago)
...but are you deadlier than Mozzie???
cereal water (9 days ago)
Pepperoni Playboy hahahahahahaha
Albanian SAS (1 month ago)
Australia's deadliest soldier is under arrest in NZ, cuntbags.
90 days (1 month ago)
Loll is there an Albanian sas. Isnt that the british who have sas?
Tyestor (1 month ago)
Sahelium D (1 month ago)
Captain Australia.
wal (1 month ago)
Loved the interview about the Soldier, Shame about the Journalist trying to undermine him. These Soldier's have been through Hell just for the Selection Process to be a Commando. The Physical/Mental Hurdles you have to go through just for Selection is Insane.
Alex Sharp (1 month ago)
vliegendehollander (1 month ago)
Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is... it's the only answer.
Patrick H (1 month ago)
If someone ever asks if they can choke you out, just say no lol
Caius Jones (1 month ago)
Operation burnt horizon
Oliver Corfield (1 month ago)
Yeah mate I’m going to join the Australian Army regardless but geez mate this shit’s scary. I don’t want to come out all fucked up, I just want to do my job but still be functional at the end of it. I hope it’ll all work out.
hanscombe72 (2 months ago)
That story of the father and son. Right there is a lifelong case of ptsd. I hope he is looking after himself. Because these guys either deal with the trauma as an illness and have it treated or they do themselves in.
Eclipse YT (2 months ago)
I applaud the 2nd commando regiment for their work in keeping Australia safe but where you said it has seen more causalities and death in the Australian defence force is wrong. Over 100,000 Australian soldiers have died in combat compared to the 2 commando regiments 41 and 261 wounded, but the more violence part is more likely to be true in more modern warfare (Post WW2-Present). Fighting at Gallpoli and WW1 in general was brutal, but with the regular army they have fought some pretty hard environments like Vietnam, Tobruk, Battle for New Guinea. Its not the Australian Military has the wrong information, Its Vice who has presented and misread the information
fuzzX (2 months ago)
Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi
k (2 months ago)
Mate say thank you to the Rothschilds for making a fake war. For Oil Drugs Depopulation Gold Land
onzkicg (2 months ago)
These Australians special forces are ripped & huge!
Steve Rogers (2 months ago)
I can relate, it's been over 18 years and I still don't sleep much 3-4 hours a night if I'm lucky.
ChasenBTC1 (2 months ago)
7:09 Why would he take his suppressor off?
Js äV (2 months ago)
He shot a man for holding a phone and no said weapon? I call that a war crime and this thug should be in a steel cage after a fair trial.
ZMJAY (2 months ago)
So, his entire unit could have been merked if he didnt do that yaknow.
James Ray (2 months ago)
Some people get bullied and learn martial arts... Some people get bullied and dress as a fluffy animal... Different ways to deal with bullying. Thanks vice. ;-)
KO clips (2 months ago)
One of the reasons why i want to join the commandos
kokorasdixoskokora (2 months ago)
Didn't know kano joined the military
billy 201 (3 months ago)
yep.. thats my dad
DETECTIVE BEAR (3 months ago)
I wonder why he took off his Suppressor after killing the IED guy. Biggest respect to the fellas from 2CDO/1CDO and SASR
Adam Annear (3 months ago)
No-one who has any sense of respect, character and decency likes or wants violence / fighting etc. Sadly it is a part of life. It is sad and not ideal. But it is required at times to protect those you love, whether it be family, community or country. Personally.. I hate conflict. Grew up in an abusive family but if anyone threatens or goes to touch my now family etc, will not hesitate to do what is necessary in the situation to protect them and minimise the threat. Theoretically, my thoughts are it comes down to understanding power. Power is not bad, (or in this case the use of force to subdue an opponent/enemy/threat) but it takes maturity to understand when to use it, why and to exercise force with wisdom, unemotionally yet regretful of the situation. It is easy to sit back as civilians and point the finger at defence forces as the problem (who by the way are public servants who have willingly signed the potential of their life for their country,) when their are in fact so many other surrounding factors at play (politicians, country agenda's, social climates, clash of cultures, worldviews etc). On another note.... Worst "reporter" I have ever watched.. so biased, doesn't present all sides accurately and only intent on spinning it his way. Ugh. Terrible. However, Serious respect for the Sgt who gave so much of his time, energy, life, to serve our country. He did his job, unfortunately the untrained, foolish bloke asking the questions could give him the respect to do his job correctly.
Ross .Summers (3 months ago)
I just can't take Australians seriously
Space NEXT (2 months ago)
Uncle Gus (3 months ago)
4:19 Cranbourne... What a softcock, I grew up in Frankston.
Caught By Blayze (3 months ago)
Some people might not know this but some soldiers minds break from wars
Isaac Burrows (3 months ago)
Here I go killin again
90 days (3 months ago)
This guy is a sheepdog. Not a wolf, not a sheep but a sheep dog.
Iasiah Alofivae (1 month ago)
90 days how do you think battles are won? Fight fire with fire
rick hall (3 months ago)
This guy gets how you deal with Islamic Supremacists.
tasr (3 months ago)
Legal murder 8.00
Azim Qureshi (3 months ago)
RIP for the young boy and the camel. This is why we need violence to fight back whatever evil there is inshallah
Azim Qureshi (3 months ago)
Azim Qureshi (3 months ago)
“You want to end evil people, but you don’t want to become evil doing so” I respects this and anybody intelligent thinks like thiso
MTB Rapture (3 months ago)
This reporter starts off by saying he has lived a life of violence, but when he interviews the soldier, he doesn't speak like he knows violence. He is very naive.
Michael Jones (3 months ago)
That IED story had me shook.. its so indiscriminate, poor mother :( .. there is literally no benefit to violence either (other than ridding planet of bad people), but I hope one day we can all live in peace without any fear of terrorism regardless of where we go on this planet.
ItzCoopzFtw (3 months ago)
"You talk to them in the same language they speak" I have to agree with that statement. I was bullied for 4 years. It only took me beating up the bully once to never get bullied again.
Jay William (3 months ago)
Vice reporters are not worth pissing on
jay bomb (3 months ago)
Onya mate. Luv ya stuff. Cheers from aussie granny...
Fabzil (3 months ago)
Back in the Vietnam war, the Aussies SF were one of the happy fews who actually ambushed the Vietcong
tony red (1 month ago)
+Mark O'Cain Spot on Mark.
Mark O'Cain (2 months ago)
It was a strange admission later on at the end of that conflict that the Australian forces worked more through planning, strategic execution of missions and stealth. US policy at that time was generally full noise, brute force which ended up getting a lot more allies killed that should have been the case. Australians had honed their skills in jungle warfare during interdictions in Borneo and Malaya (now Malaysia) and learned a lot about dealing with Guerilla outfits. US forces brass at the time weren't too interested in hearing what they learned. That said, That war took advantage of well-meaning soldiers to fight a questionable conflict. In my eyes it should never have happened.
squidgymop1 (3 months ago)
Cranbourne haha I've lived here my entire life, yes it is a shit hole
Koko Kamel (3 months ago)
end bad people lol bitch am dead this guy is really funny well i wish you a very sad life it's not shocking he joined the army to become better killer so not news
LeftoverCrass FPV (4 months ago)
true Crusader talking to the enemy
UberCainWA (4 months ago)
SF: I love strangling people Presenter: Heh heh
R0gue0ne (4 months ago)
Sharifuden. Seriously - Don't fuck with JJ. He's not a cage fighter. He's not a gladiator. He's a professional killer. If you ever appear in his target set - pray it's swift.
TheWorlds Greatest (4 months ago)
Is he good at Cod 4 though?
Sands Real Estate West (4 months ago)
I completely AGREE with his take on BULLIES... You MUST beat their ass... That's their language. The host is stupid. Love & kindness unfortunately doesn't stop bullies. History has shown this. But there's a delicate balance on inflicting NECESSARY violence on a violent person and not becoming violent yourself.
Jeremy O'Brien (4 months ago)
This has got to be the best Vice piece I have seen. Emotional, well-told. The reporter here is really good.
Freelance opportunist (4 months ago)
He strangles Taliban leaders for breakfast
Timothy Roach (4 months ago)
Is this filmed at Spec ops Paintball at Springhill?
Angus Brown (4 months ago)
"You wanna go full unconscious? It's funny! It's funny! It'll look great for the camera!... ...I love strangling people." - DEFINITELY Australian! Haha
nathan Perez (4 months ago)
We found the Australian Chuck Norris
mpumi (4 months ago)
BJJ tops as the most effective martial arts
VB Stubby (4 months ago)
i'd buy the bloke a beer
Vote For Pope (5 months ago)
0:44 joondalup Mcdonalds live down the road from there
f0rumrr (5 months ago)
This is a very wise man. Regardless of what you might think of him he speaks the truth. The western world would not exist without people like him. Someone willing to kill to defend our right to be better then everyone else.
WICKED MAN (5 months ago)
Ive never served in the Military due to being rejected by my Asthma. My friend served in British Army and lost men under his command. I realise now that War is not fun or exciting like in the Mivies or Games, it’s brutal and life changing event. Respect to those who never come back or changed forever.
11Alpha (5 months ago)
Never heard of her.
Ho Lee Phuc (5 months ago)
Commander: Did you came here to die soldier? Aussie soldier: Nah mate, just came ere yesterday
Chris Huang (27 days ago)
Let me correct this Company Commanding Officer: Sergeant Cale, have you fixed your beret, polished you parade shoes and ironed your service dress? SGT Cale: But sir we're in Afghanistan, I have another patrol in 40 minutes CCO: Well then have you ironed your multi cam combat fatigues, washed your helmet cover, and cleaned your gun? SGT Cale: Sir I just came back from a 38 Hour patrol, I don't have time I need some rest CCO: You are the biggest war criminal of them all
bank3r (28 days ago)
+Shnorpel a hundred people didn't feel the same way.
Zlick (1 month ago)
JetGames246 (1 month ago)
Just no that’s not even funny and so unoriginal
Makoa OG (3 months ago)
Hulagu (5 months ago)
killed a taliban with his bear hands? god damn!
cyberfood3 kingcy (5 months ago)
10:47 I thought he was a dick head but then this part changed my mind.
Amar Tamberou (5 months ago)
So basically if we purge bad people they wouldn’t be any or they would be less
Born Justice Rule (5 months ago)
this is a MASSIVE commercial for this guy's business.
Lil Kanga (5 months ago)
Show them, Paul, your our Legend
John Kiely (5 months ago)
InfiniteWonderz (5 months ago)
far out just shoots his way into a compound like a bad ass and then strangles the taliban leader, that is aussie badass
Jonathan Davis (5 months ago)
This host is shit..
Christian W (5 months ago)
Consistently, VICE manages to get level-headed guys on to interview and then have their own reporter say dumb shit. Is it just stupidity or are they just playing devil's advocate?
TheMrmoc7 (5 months ago)
Is there a place for state sanctioned violence? Am I supposed to believe this was an intelligent question?
czr7j9 (6 months ago)
he comes from Cranbourne not far down the road haha
Sk0lzkiy (6 months ago)
There is merit not only to state sanctioned violence but to violence in general and it won't disappear even if we try as hard as we can. It's as natural to animals as photosynthesis to plants lol
mesticoprincesa (6 months ago)
take a shot everytime you hear the word 'violence' in a broad aussie accent
enelio farina (6 months ago)
Jose Ryan Quiatchon (6 months ago)
right Australia. Somalia and African countries have a more deadlier reputation than these guys.
Jamie B (6 months ago)
4:19 me in gta
TacticalResponse (6 months ago)
this guy
Ed Evans (6 months ago)
The War in Afghanistan was for the control of Poppies. Another Wall St War. Not since Alexander have the Afghanso been beaten. The British tried twice and failed. These people are without peers. Modern warfare cannot defeat these mountain men. They don't understand the word surrender.
Silva Dos Santos (6 months ago)
He is rite, mma ain't violence, it's a sport.. And that "machado gi" shows that he is "de verdade" in jiu jitsu

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