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Australia's Deadliest Soldier: The Killer Commando

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Paul Cale was sergeant of the Second Commando Regiment: an elite branch of the Australian Defence Force that suffered more casualties than any other Australian military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2013 he made headlines when it was revealed he stormed an enemy compound and strangled a Taliban leader with his bare hands. In the years since his service, Paul has developed a new instinctive model for close quarter warfare titled Integrated Close Combat, a method that has been adopted by elite special forces around the world. WATCH NEXT: The UK's Scariest Debt Collector — https://youtu.be/TUzlmWWdjEQ Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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VICE (2 months ago)
Meet Commando Paul Cale: a founding member of the Second Commando Regiment, an elite branch of the Australian Defense Force who suffered more casualties than any other military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. WATCH NEXT: Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMMXuKB0BoY
Man Ofwar (15 days ago)
+James Duffy You didn't listen, go back to the first 30secs of the clip...
frogsgottalent (1 month ago)
ALL Australians with a brain should read " The lnternationalJew " by Eric D. Butler. Stop selling out Australia for theSynagogue of satan mafia and theirCOUDENHOVE - KALERGIplan, that is also being carried out in Oz.
Myd Nyt3 (1 month ago)
Captain Price
HarleyToHell (1 month ago)
Wako Zako Commandos are not SASR, they’re separate entities in the ADF.
168natasha (1 month ago)
Might not be a matter of quality of training but a matter of how dangerous their missions were and where they went was versus other squads. Maybe they were consistently sent on the hardest missions. I dunno just playing devils advocate here.
11Alpha (7 days ago)
Never heard of her.
Ho Lee Phuc (8 days ago)
Commander: Did you came here to die soldier? Aussie soldier: Nah mate, just came ere yesterday
Hulagu (10 days ago)
killed a taliban with his bear hands? god damn!
cyberfood3 kingcy (12 days ago)
10:47 I thought he was a dick head but then this part changed my mind.
Amar Tamberou (12 days ago)
So basically if we purge bad people they wouldn’t be any or they would be less
Born Justice Rule (15 days ago)
this is a MASSIVE commercial for this guy's business.
Honesty Works (16 days ago)
this kid is a terrorist in the making. his eyes give him away.
Lil Kanga (17 days ago)
Show them, Paul, your our Legend
John Kiely (20 days ago)
InfiniteWonderz (20 days ago)
far out just shoots his way into a compound like a bad ass and then strangles the taliban leader, that is aussie badass
Jonathan Davis (20 days ago)
This host is shit..
Christian W (21 days ago)
Consistently, VICE manages to get level-headed guys on to interview and then have their own reporter say dumb shit. Is it just stupidity or are they just playing devil's advocate?
TheMrmoc7 (21 days ago)
Is there a place for state sanctioned violence? Am I supposed to believe this was an intelligent question?
one_shrubbery (22 days ago)
Fun drinking game: take a shot every time someone says violence.
czr7j9 (23 days ago)
he comes from Cranbourne not far down the road haha
Sk0lzkiy (25 days ago)
There is merit not only to state sanctioned violence but to violence in general and it won't disappear even if we try as hard as we can. It's as natural to animals as photosynthesis to plants lol
mesticoprincesa (25 days ago)
take a shot everytime you hear the word 'violence' in a broad aussie accent
enelio farina (28 days ago)
Jose Ryan Quiatchon (29 days ago)
right Australia. Somalia and African countries have a more deadlier reputation than these guys.
Jamie B (30 days ago)
4:19 me in gta
\Tactical Response/ (1 month ago)
this guy
Ed Evans (1 month ago)
The War in Afghanistan was for the control of Poppies. Another Wall St War. Not since Alexander have the Afghanso been beaten. The British tried twice and failed. These people are without peers. Modern warfare cannot defeat these mountain men. They don't understand the word surrender.
thyago santos (1 month ago)
He is rite, mma ain't violence, it's a sport.. And that "machado gi" shows that he is "de verdade" in jiu jitsu
darren knight (1 month ago)
Typical left wing interview, no clue pseudo idiot , go meet the taliban and ask them some questions
Ming HUANG (1 month ago)
What a fucking bloke, big respect
Brett Cook (1 month ago)
Dude is fucking raw.. as an individual.. he is a mans man... but as far as “special services”.... nothing compares to the U.S. Navy Seal AS FAR AS combative tactics and extensive training that lasts a lifetime.. there is no human based unit that is as efficient and deadly as the U.S. Navy Seal...... that’s factual.
Brett Cook (11 days ago)
Thomas Baker the British SAS is considered the Elite of the Elite... I still think that numbers matter... we have Navy seal.. green Beret.. delta force.. U.S rangers... I mean it goes on and on....... if A foreign entity decides to attack our defense that are combative forces there are units that will answer.. that is why the United States of America’s military force cannot be reckoned with... as dumb as I think that it is as an American how much we dump into our military.. it’s just so much that it can’t be defeated at this point in time it’s a force to be reckoned with and if there’s not one group that can beat you then there’s another group that can beat you to that group can beat you did not then the next group will beat you.. basically what I’m saying is there’s too much special forces in the United States military.. it is too funded.. and that’s coming from American.
Thomas Baker (11 days ago)
+Brett Cook Navy seals look like wimps compared to the British SAS. Don't forget that time the Australian SAS had to rescue US navy seals.
Brett Cook (11 days ago)
Thomas Baker I am not saying that individual units can’t be badass dudes and take the lives of US special forces.. but overall.... that’s laughable.
Thomas Baker (11 days ago)
Dude, foreign militaries and special forces can be equal to and greater than their US counterparts. Have a bit of respect.
Jesus (1 month ago)
This guy's my favorite
theebondetamp27 (1 month ago)
LOL. A drop bear or a cassowary would cut through this guy like a hot knife through butter
the bad guy (1 month ago)
SJ (1 month ago)
Pakistani reporter has a funny dress sense
Robert Ellwood (1 month ago)
What a soy boi.
hype 23 (1 month ago)
thats what you get when you invade innocent countries
Trushal Patel (1 month ago)
Exactly! talking to bullies never does shit. you gotta hit em back! well said mate!
Some Day (1 month ago)
Real life captain price
Lael Hansen Toe Sucker (1 month ago)
This man the type of person to have a flash back when you open the door
WTF (1 month ago)
this should be a sorta series
Pat Mar (1 month ago)
this is really lame....
Ben Hunt (1 month ago)
Me after one fortnite game.
Jolly CoOperator (1 month ago)
Fuckin crazy Ozzies I love it!
Ye4rZero (1 month ago)
Frankly I think it's a crime that we lose more servicemen to suicide than combat, imo these are no different than if a soldier came home wounded and died for lack of medical care. I know an ex-sas guy.. he's not doing great.
fordskool (1 month ago)
Jim H (1 month ago)
Wolverines! Yankee go home.
Swear (1 month ago)
Now I like to feel how to be strangle by Commando Paul Cale. (No homo)
jpgrygus (1 month ago)
No one individual is ‘superior’ in war.
Dutch Bishop (1 month ago)
He’s frickin Slade Wilson!
ItzJustZac (1 month ago)
I literally personally know this guy. He one of my dad mates and he’s a really good guy.
The bloody Aussie mate (1 month ago)
I reckon we should leave the Middle East all together let them destroy each other
Bigbad wolf (1 month ago)
The locals all left for Europe..
sande1212 (1 month ago)
The reporter looking suspect ?!! you working for taliban braa ??? haaa ??!!!
Emz Wills (1 month ago)
we fight,,im glad Australians are our brothers..
B0p G0d (1 month ago)
Still can't beat Emus
Mark (1 month ago)
Sometimes I watch vice clips. And wonder if the interviewing could be better.
Peter GNG (1 month ago)
I gather by your choice of ensign you're a UK Special Boat Service lad ???
Jimmy Hernadez (1 month ago)
Dam guys I just watched the video it's not a kangaroo
stefan goatmoon (1 month ago)
its fun that every ''life is shit because they got bullied'' story has that plottwist of people who become the greatest people and one of the mentally strongest. i have a lot of repect for the people who went to similar stories like him
Kentucky Chicken (1 month ago)
That’s less than an hour away
Plank (1 month ago)
"Deadliest" huh.. Feed him to the Emu´s
Archie Dela Pena (1 month ago)
Delta Company 2 Cdo represent!!👊
Mick Sydney (1 month ago)
Thanks for your service mate ,
stepan varycek (1 month ago)
Typical vice bs clickbaity 'journalism'. The headline presents the video about the commando, and the story is made out to be as a personal journey into violence, colored by first hand 'experiences' , which it isn't. There is very little of the actual commando in this video, just enough to verify what trained government(army) fighters can do. Immediately the focus is transferred in to the situation in Afghanistan which is questioned by a professor. This propaganda piece is condemning the western presence in Afghanistan, and portraying the western soldier as the bad guy. Don't fall for vice's propaganda.
Kingy88 (1 month ago)
Western presence in Afghanistan IS a bad thing, no question. I respect our boys who fought and died in this war, but the west had no place there. Young boys sent overseas to kill and die fighting an enemy the US created. The US literally armed and trained mujahideen fighters in the 80s and replaced Afghanistan's secular relatively progressive government with a brutal Islamic theocracy that forces women to cover themselves, kills gays and funds terrorism. Tell me again why western interference is good?
Anodyne Melody (1 month ago)
"I love strangling people" ...I know he said that in a half-joking, playful manner, but still there's another half to that statement that is all-too-well grounded in truth, that's frightening.
Reece (1 month ago)
''You want to end evil people, but don't want to become evil in doing so.'' Oath
kylepg_45 (1 month ago)
I've met this guy in real life
Julian Miller (1 month ago)
Not all hero's wear capes
Daniel Fry (1 month ago)
It's all well and good listening to this guy until you remember that most western military interventions are for economic gain not the security of the home countries. Soliders are tools being manipulated so their country can grow richer, the tools just believe they are fighting for some greater good.
Joemammasdaddy (1 month ago)
would you rather be behind the gun. or infront of it. hard yo be in the middle
John Doe (1 month ago)
An Australian soldier sees a US soldier sitting on a rock leaning over and cleaning his rifle . Australian soldier : Hello mate ! . american soldier - " we came her to die " . Australian soldier - " oh really mate , We got here yester-die ! "
Ryan M Prower (1 month ago)
i fucking hate this reporter feeling like he's so smug and has the answers to everything man, i wouldnt mind putting him in their shoes
jbrujones (1 month ago)
1:00 minute ad? whats up with that ho sht Vice?
Judge Holden (1 month ago)
everyone at vice should hang themselves
Nathan Deman (1 month ago)
"I sleep fine, I have no nightmares. I just take drugs to help me sleep"
Kayden Jones (1 month ago)
new r6 op
VorticoseComb1 (1 month ago)
This guy is great. "You wanna feel unconscious? Come oooooonnnnnn it great"
12GauGe MonKeYGaNg (1 month ago)
Woooooow!!! Hes a blackbelt under the machados!!! Thats a bad ass achievement in itself!!!....
Alex Bennett (1 month ago)
Pretty sure the SASR are our deadliest soldiers. They would kick a commandos arse in. But do not be fooled, commandos are badass and highly trained, just not our best.
Jade Woods (1 month ago)
Paul Cale you are fucking hero and inspire me to be a better man,thank you for your sacrifice,God bless you and your family.
Jaime Mares (1 month ago)
Captain Price in real life🤘🏽😈
Just me Just me (1 month ago)
This paul guy might be sf in Australia but his burning need to intimidate an obviously already scared journalist is really chumpish behavior. I've met, practiced with, sparred and competed with retired and active duty sf guys from the Korean war, Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan, there are patterns I notice. The well respected among their peers have no burning need to intimidate anybody, even less so a journalist that's already scared. All the guys I've met have a clear distinct switch. Switched on to perform a task that requires it and their entire demeanor instantly changes and every ounce of focus they have gets directed to the task. When the task is done the switch goes off and it's back to regular joe. This guy's switch is either on the fritz and goes on partially on it's own or he enjoys intimidating journalists. Unprofessional behavior is chumpish behavior. This guy is supposed to be a founding member of their sf groups ?I just looked up Australia's sf, and what I found explains it. First... The annual warrior competitions held every year with sf teams from around the world competing. The last time 2nd Commando Regimentzzz (Australia) competed was 2011, they have not showed up since. The Australian sf is rocked with multiple scandals from execution of detainees to commandos flying a nazi flag on combat patrol. This is a direct quote from the article about Australia sf "noxious climate of leadership failures, unaccountability, and even of criminal misconduct had made the Special Operations Command a greenhouse for systemic dysfunction." Read it here https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/08/14/the-abuse-scandal-rocking-australias-special-operations-forces/ So if mr. cale is a founding member of 2nd Commando Regimentzzz that explains why their foundation now isn't solid. Professional behavior stems from a solid foundation. SF members are supposed to be intelligent operators of solid character. That is what the the Australian sf members should expect and demand from themselves.
Money is the motive (1 month ago)
When killers go commando 😂
Danny Archer (1 month ago)
Reporter, such a homo. Bless him
Danny Archer (1 month ago)
Reporter, such a homo. Bless him
Danny Archer (1 month ago)
Thank you for what you do.
Mr dark Death (1 month ago)
This nibba be flexing on school violence rules
odinsmeadhorn (1 month ago)
If you're anti violence its because you've been conditioned to think that way.
dogleg 1957 (1 month ago)
Their several views on how people deal with extreme violence and compensate for it justify it. His is dealing a quick death .... Hes not torturing the person. Not taking their soul. When the fog of war becomes overwhelming, some go to a familiar area... Like the mountains overlooking a large City.... Looking down at the millions of people oblivious to others give you a surreal feeling that you play just a Designated role in the ecosystem of life. It's not wrong or right taking a life it's just a natural progression. Just how some people deal with it
Lilun Lee (1 month ago)
More of this please Vice. Stop with the politicking.
PANZER (1 month ago)
Australians Know nothing about violence they talk about how everything can kill you there LOL i bet they wouldnt last 2 days in the frozen north................. Wasnt Oz a dumping ground for all the criminals in the UK?? And this guy is talking about violence and choking out people, why doesnt he join YPG???? Oh right thats because he wont get paid and will probably die fighting on an even battlefield with his enemies not chasing down taliban junkies with $20,000 worth of gear and 30 other people backing you up yeah sounds real tough to me
AKlover (1 month ago)
We haven't decisively concluded a conflict much less a war since WW2, trying to be "Nice" and win the hearts and minds does not work. If you are not committed don't go to war but when you do act decisively. We napalmed and used white phosphorous on civilian populations during WW2........ and the war was decisively over in 3.5 years. We have been in Afghanistan for 16+ years to little or no effect.
AKlover (1 month ago)
Government's fighting wars are profitable for contractors. 2 solutions make the Legislature declare war like they are supposed to so all the politicians are on the hook and use Mercs where possible who have their own separate logistics. Government logistics are probably half the costs, we should not need 19 assholes to support 1 actual shooter.
BOSS Le (1 month ago)
AKlover wars is profitable. In our society/capitalism, the way of the is money. People would do anything that can make money.
vandoo66 (1 month ago)
Actually, you want to be turning to your military everytime you need it; wether it is every 5 min or 50 yrs is inconcequential. Liberal “ scholars” like this professor are the root cause of militaries increased professionalism at keeping real things hush.
Jon Chu (1 month ago)
@13:34 - This guy gets it! Month-long naps ftw
30 seconds forced adds....DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Bob Riley (1 month ago)
Whats deadlier this guy or a red back spider
Tristan Has Gay (1 month ago)
Finally, something ACTUALLY good by vice
Ville Ahola (1 month ago)
holy f*ck violence against bullies... man is 100% correct. Violence doesn't decrease bullying... it ends it. I was bullied for most of my childhood school years and then as every man in Finland I went to army and let sum it up: I borderline broke one guys fingers of dominant hand and smashed a second dude into lockers hard enough for the whole barracks to hear. The end of anyone being an ass hole against me. I also sort of developed taste for brutal self defense and started practicing martial arts after the army. I'll teach my kids to fight.
Ville Ahola (1 month ago)
Go get help. you obviously have unresolved issues you weren't able to work out on your own. You millennials have it all yet you don't see it from you bitching, being offended and attacking others. I'm no badass, I do what needs to be done. If ass whoopin' is absolutely required I'm ok whit it.
Brock Rutledge (1 month ago)
ha yeah mr. badass tell us all about it you probably still get bullied by kids younger than you keyboard warrior at its finest
Kyle Dixon (1 month ago)
Wait vice? Is this the same vice that spams my Snapchat with “difficulty being transgender in today’s world” that vice reporting something on war? Wow
Fuzz Buzz (1 month ago)
randy couture twin🤣
Mike (1 month ago)
Embrace violence, violence = survival
David Ilea (1 month ago)
I bet this dude would get his ass kicked by an emu.
Michael Gonzalez (1 month ago)
The most dangerous dude in Australia.. And he doesn't even have a six pack.. That should tell you something.
youtube user (1 month ago)
that was one funny triangle choke, guy never passed-out.....
andeusmc (1 month ago)
"State Sanctioned Violence" I love it.
Harley Breakout Guy (1 month ago)
vice is fake news just like cnn

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