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1959 Grundig Micro Transistor Boy AM Radio

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A 1959 AM transistor radio with a speaker dock made by Grundig in West Germany. A re-badged version was sold in the USA in 1960 by Columbia as the Transistor Convertible. I have a video of the Columbia version here http://youtu.be/YONWlsl54zU About those colors I mention: I found a 1959 Grundig catalog online which explained more. The Micro-Transistor Boys (without accessory dock) were available in three color combinations: coral red with light gray; velvet gray with light gray; and blue with light gray (mine). Docks were sold separately. The dock's description didn't give a color selection, but I see photos of gray and red docks on RadioMuseum, no blue docks. Here's a Google Translation of the ad in the brochure: "Thank you .. I do not smoke ", many will say who see the Micro-Transistor Boy for the first time. It is barely larger than a 25-cigarette pack, and it makes such beautiful music. Specifications: 6 transistors; 2 diodes; Medium wave; 5 circles; 75 mW push-pull output stage; ferrite antenna; permanent dynamic speaker; 9 volt battery. Plastic housing with extendable leather strap. Listener port for small and home speakers. Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm. Available in coral red with light gray, velvet gray with light gray. blue with light gray. Micro-Transistor Boy: 116 Deutschmarks (without battery) Carrying case: 2.9 Deutschmarks Small earpiece and hook #204: 7.5 Deutschmarks (When using the listening port the main speaker is switched off automatically.) Home speaker for Micro-Transistor Boy: The micro-boy is simply inserted into this additional speaker and is readily standing before you a home receiver with the corresponding high sound volume. 34 Deutschmarks I don't understand the "5 circles" translation after medium wave. The word in the catalog is Kreise. If anyone knows, please add a comment explanation.
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