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How to talk to girls at a House Party

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Game Grumps played House Party and I want to get some click bait. Enjoy! Twitch Live Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/paymoneywubby Patreon Link!: https://www.patreon.com/paymoneywubby Mail Address: PO Box 1225 La Mesa, CA 91944 Subscribe! http://goo.gl/Cqrqt9 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/paymoneywubby Twitter: https://twitter.com/paymoneywubby
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Text Comments (257)
Capt.Nebulace (19 hours ago)
I love that song you got in the background at the beginning.
Kingsley C (19 hours ago)
Crazy awesome (1 day ago)
Man nothing is better than a ginger fucking girls in video games
Ur mom gay lol
Mimi S (3 days ago)
God DAMN I need a man like wubby
Ethan Rast (3 days ago)
Your videos really make me think... about ending it all
Ethan Rast (3 days ago)
Your videos make me feel better about myself And I wanna die
xAlphee (4 days ago)
Sean McKenna (5 days ago)
Who does daddy live with? I'll suck your dick better than that slut and I won't interrupt your titty rape videos because I respect you. She sounded fat too. Papiiiiii no.
V. Czop (5 days ago)
i am going to fight you for the title of top ginger. Stupid fucking chubby ass tj miller ass bitch
Pokela012 GD (6 days ago)
How to "talk" to a girl at a house party
Chris Carpenter (8 days ago)
I'm gonna go cry in my shower for an hour
Dwayne Ford (8 days ago)
Music is a cover of Shiki No Uta
Freya Andersen :D (8 days ago)
Uuuh ew
Shauna Crosbee Wilson (9 days ago)
7:11 that bit of food in your teeth oil
bruh. 000 (9 days ago)
"Lets keep this pg" and it's age restricted.
Speed Cola (10 days ago)
Age restricted 😂😂😂
Eric Van Dusen (10 days ago)
The fucks up with the shirt?
Tri polowski (10 days ago)
Play roblox
RANDOM LITTY (11 days ago)
Do we know what his girl looks like??😂
Jeralt Of Rivia (11 days ago)
Lol that face zoom gets me every time!
ItzTheJackal (11 days ago)
7:15 orgasm.exe has stopped working
ShadySpaghetti (11 days ago)
Was that some samurai champloo I heard there in the beginning?
Savannah Cooper (13 days ago)
I wub u wubby. Dorky cute. And you make me lol
Aiden Zulaica (14 days ago)
That sneeze 7:39
Emilio Ferrer (14 days ago)
I bought that game :)
David Bradley (17 days ago)
3:31 woah vickie
Andrew Long (17 days ago)
I wanna eat your sisters ginger cunt
RaiseTheApple (17 days ago)
I love how the video talks about a house party, but there’s no house party in this game
b p (18 days ago)
Wow paymoneywubby looks like he actually showered today
MeditateWithMike (18 days ago)
Lucas Osco (18 days ago)
This is my new favorite channel
Bloody Crocs (19 days ago)
Clean me oh holy one
Lexiouse (19 days ago)
why can i see only 3 fps there
Ken Kaneki (19 days ago)
Ariel p06 (20 days ago)
You're stunning
daveythehand (21 days ago)
Casey. Nose. Totes.
Brandon Anders (22 days ago)
Love your music selection man..that intro is smooth...nujabes or samurai champloo lol can’t remember which but good song
iPumped (22 days ago)
Idubbs hasnt made a video for a while so i came to this channel
Darth Vegas (23 days ago)
How to start a conversation with a girl: "show me dem big anime tiddies".
Dana Kuniholm (24 days ago)
this is the right place.
ayeapprove (24 days ago)
7:40 nice snot in your mustache dude ok you ate it....
Silv3rbl4d3 (25 days ago)
"Keep it PG" yeah ok lol
CaddyKiwi (25 days ago)
Beep_Boop_Beep (27 days ago)
what. the. fuck. did i just watch
Austin Michael (27 days ago)
Who the fuck makes this kind of game
Melissa Hanson (28 days ago)
Why did you ask your sister to come in the room???
Seong Rho (29 days ago)
Oh my god, I fucking love you for that intro music. <3~
Brandon D (1 month ago)
You need to put your pp in your "producer's" vv and make a ginger bb!
Pig man 09 (1 month ago)
Noahh Jepsen (1 month ago)
that samurai champloo end song at the end of the video was wholesome
Louie Dane (1 month ago)
i absolutely fucking lose it when you put on your headphones
Anonunu nums (1 month ago)
Ohh boy this kid knows some dope as shit hip hop. Mad respect for the nujabes intro music.
Poison Senpai (2 months ago)
oshit, that samurai champloo OST in the background <3
Ashton Cunningham (2 months ago)
im live right now looks at the date what 4 month stream wow
ellie__elizabeth (2 months ago)
I love that you just have a bottle of ibuprofen next to your computer
Sell Stuff (2 months ago)
Best part of Wubs is when he slaps those cans on. Ughhhh
Kaelah M. (2 months ago)
is that fuckin samurai shamploo music in the background?
Paul Joseph (2 months ago)
blatantly steals franku gestures
Paul Joseph (1 month ago)
dooder idk man i wish i had fine china in these ears. nice try doe
dooder (1 month ago)
blatantly steals fine china to put in his ears
Joshua Hamilton (2 months ago)
Well I'm fully chubbed
Soni Pejčić (2 months ago)
07:11 You have some dog shit in your teeth.
Humanoid Model #421 (2 months ago)
Is that your sister? She's cute, can you ask her if she'd like to break into Madison's house with me?
Jmich96 (2 months ago)
i b u p r o f e n
K.A.C Music&Art (2 months ago)
Hey do you have the link to the song used in the beginning? That sounds like a sample from me and my brother's Shiki No Uta Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PsG3ycLx3o
Notna Reee (2 months ago)
You sir are the funniest motherfucker on youtube, the haters have very tiny testicles with no hair and have only ever seen cartoon pussy
DeanRendar84 (2 months ago)
Mrs. Krabapple: "She's fakin it" Also, I luled at the bulk costco PM pain reliever pills conveniently at the desk
Jeanette Marrero (3 months ago)
Lol fuck man this is some great content!
Jessie Waters (3 months ago)
I see you forgot to change out of your blue lives matter cosplay
Raptus (3 months ago)
i bought this game on steam for $15. took me three tries to finally get to bang that vicky babe. once i finally think im about to get a piece of that sweet low res ass, turns out steam censors all the nudity. what a waste of an hour lmao
Cosmic dark (3 months ago)
You know what I just got back from a house party and I wish I watched this. I wouldn't have had to sit in the corner milking a beer for 2 hours. Thanks.
Potato Productions (3 months ago)
I mean, or you could just love someone unconditionally and then just kinda drift into having sex while you're hanging out with them at your place.
Matthew Virgo (3 months ago)
Wait, did you stream pikmin?
Kat69kat (3 months ago)
I spit out my fucking milk. Holy shit
Captain Planet (3 months ago)
let me eat that ass wubby
BigBlueChocobo (3 months ago)
any one has a link to the intro song?
skandalust79 (3 months ago)
AztecFitnessGodOfGains (3 months ago)
overclockeador (4 months ago)
7:41 good lord above!
Abraxis729 (4 months ago)
Is that Shiki No Uta from Samurai Champloo as sax?
Seong Rho (29 days ago)
Abraxis729 It’s Shiki No Uta Nujabes cover by ThisIsJBird.
ZiFFA 23333asvdiids (4 months ago)
I have a nice wardrobe,whould you came inside for a small talk?
bonefifty m (4 months ago)
5:50 fun fact: "Muschi" means pussy in German
Jack Brazier (4 months ago)
Why is the FPS so horrendous?
onkel (4 months ago)
I live with my parents and I don't appreciate the volume levels of this video >:(
Bob Ross (23 days ago)
onkel sounds like a personal problem my dude
Luke Faber (4 months ago)
I just went to your twitch and you weren't live. Why lie to me? Im hurt
Bjørn Zeiler (4 months ago)
So happy I stumbled upon these from reddit. Quality shit my dude XD
Dr Dog the soft (4 months ago)
cant believe your girlfriend is cool with that lmao
vickxp gamer (4 months ago)
Your lucky at least you get do that shit and not worry about losing you gf of wifu
Yy Person (5 months ago)
Where is the uncensored version
Chief Dionte (5 months ago)
Woah 9 dislikes I gotta make that 10
NMG Irish (6 months ago)
Thicc Nigga (6 months ago)
Spit in my spaghetti you cunt
Tachanka Groyper (6 months ago)
The important thing here is why is the framerate so fucking bad? Shitty optimization.
trunks v2 (6 months ago)
Samurai champloo outro 🌸
Khris Thib8 (6 months ago)
I encounter your YouTube account through gotdrums and i prefer your channel to be honest because you say fuck up shit and that is really funny i may sound little stupid what i just said lol quote wubby" wait it is getting good"
wski (6 months ago)
Wubby I hate to say this but I don't want to watch your videos anymore because... In one of your videos, u said the word "virgin" as an insult. I have suffered from virginity throughout my whole life and that really hurts when someone is lacking so many brain cells that they cant have the slightest empathy towards people like me who haven't had sex yet. I demand you to remove that video as quickly as possible. Hope you learn from your mistakes and grow up.
Will Powers (6 days ago)
Peace cunt bitch
bruh. 000 (9 days ago)
Bye bitch.
Callum Robertson (2 months ago)
Highly butthurt
Noob Trader (3 months ago)
goodbye nigger
Smearing Nutella onMyAss (7 months ago)
Dropped a jar of pickles while watching this ... wtf mate my mum is gunna be pissed!!! Btw I like your content wubby😎 #WUBBYCULT
hollow (7 months ago)
DestinyJona (7 months ago)
Ur so hot ❤️
King.Andy (7 months ago)
Who else came here from GotDrums, wubby can u please so vrchat videos your literally the funniest dude on vrchat
CRANTIME (7 months ago)
I had to turn the friggen sound down so my roommates didn't think I was spankin' it in here
sean conway (14 days ago)
dannooooooo (17 days ago)
hahaha im at work and just got some weird looks. didnt help that i quickly turned the volume down like a sketch bag
ItsNotAustin (18 days ago)
+Michael McCallum More like what Co workers at a new job hear me doing
Michael McCallum (19 days ago)
+ItsNotAustin imagine caring what people in another hotel room hear you doing
Keera Slagle (1 month ago)

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