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All About Lead Mandolin! by Sam Bush

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Here's a sample lesson from All About Lead Mandolin! - Fiddle Tunes, Rags, Waltzes, Solos and Variations - Taught by Sam Bush. Catalog number DVD-BSH-RL22. https://www.homespun.com/shop/product/all-about-lead-mandolin/ Includes music and tab
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quigley 45-100 (6 months ago)
Sam uses D'Addario Monel Strings to give that sound. A special string which also resists any finger acids. A brighter sound by comparison.
randy jones (1 year ago)
Man..thats one great mando..what a sound..better than any loar..I be heard.r
battlehrfred (2 years ago)
SWEEEET 100-100
Adam Paul (8 years ago)
@CGiordano464... I would assume he changes strings after every show as hard as he plays...
Charlie Giordano (8 years ago)
question. is just that he probably puts on new strings like once a week or is ther a way to keep your strings sounding this tinny?

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