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Suicide Forest in Japan

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Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The Aokigahara Forest is the most popular site for suicides in Japan. After the novel Kuroi Jukai was published, in which a young lover commits suicide in the forest, people started taking their own lives there at a rate of 50 to 100 deaths a year. The site holds so many bodies that the Yakuza pays homeless people to sneak into the forest and rob the corpses. The authorities sweep for bodies only on an annual basis, as the forest sits at the base of Mt. Fuji and is too dense to patrol more frequently. Originally released in 2011 at http://vice.com Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Watch the last VICE Presents here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Presents-011 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (48017)
crimson caster (7 hours ago)
I didn’t come here because of Logan Paul, i come here all by myself, these days, I found out how cruel this world is, how the world turns and how the people looked at you. I can’t think clearly and my thoughts become cloudy. I don’t know which is good and which is bad. On this day, I already made my own timer. I set 5 years to decide whether to do it or not, and 5 years to execute. So i have to live a little bit longer.
ThePurpleFox 878 (18 hours ago)
I’ve been thinking about suicide recently....
TOXI_ MUSIC (20 hours ago)
富士の樹海(青木原樹海) Mt.Fuji of jukai(Aokigahara-jukai)
Mystic Flower77 (22 hours ago)
They shouldn’t have showed the barley blurred pictures that’s so horrible
Ly Le (1 day ago)
the forest it look so sad and i feel sad for all people that suicide rest in peace
Xd Cluckzey (1 day ago)
Hold up how could this do get deleted
Joseph Payan (1 day ago)
Well Japanese people kill dogs and burn them alive so I guess Japanese people should die
Idf Matkal (1 day ago)
Wish I could be at this Forest and Volunteer and stop those suicides or help in anyway no one should take his own life,it been given you once for a reason!!!!!,Go talk about your problems,don't find the easy way out,and if you feel it's a bit rough,take your time to chill and organize your thoughts but remember there is a hope always for better future and for a better life!
Ava Brosdal (1 day ago)
Why did he bring a camera? 😂
Henry Miles (1 day ago)
Shouldn't there be like a 24/7 police patrol around the area to prevent more of them from committing suicide??
ballsdeep 69 (1 day ago)
If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?
Catfish Unknown (1 day ago)
Nobody: Logan paul:
SOS : (1 day ago)
I'm getting chills..
ShinyPikachu (2 days ago)
I would like to go to the forest and take my own life there.
danwaltz315 (2 days ago)
this video is fairly sad.
Faaaaaake if it was real the video wouldn’t of been made it would of been removed and Restricted
The merry Marauder (3 days ago)
Who else is here because of Logan Paul?
My “favorite” youtuber went there and he did an oopsie
Minecraft Jack 33 (3 days ago)
Jack skellington was in there
Probably shouldn't say that but.... yeah 🤣
Akin Ola (3 days ago)
Stupid ass people y don't the government put cameras law enforcement military out there to prevent people from killing themselves. Retarded ass culture
Argel Joseph (3 days ago)
Man does people are skilled climber
Daniel Nunez (4 days ago)
same forest as the logan paul video
why the heck would someone want to commit oof?
Killer X (5 days ago)
Of nothing good ever happened to make something good
Turtle S (5 days ago)
Oh so they’re not gonna talk about the fact that this has more dead bodies than Logan’s vid you serious?
not theodore (5 days ago)
"die heroically by commiting suicide" Im pretty sure shisui uchiha did that
Mathena Claire (5 days ago)
4:25 but why did he enter
Corgi Fan (5 days ago)
I can't even imagine someone crying in the forest... 🌲😭🔪🌲🌳🔦😱🌳 I'd hug him/her... '^ '__-T~T I'll give them as much love as possible, 🤗😘💓❤ I'll find them their family photos, video clips, video call them so they can see the son's face surrounded with the forest in the background.. 📱 I'll find inspirational quotes, youtube channels on the internet, EVERYTHING to help... 😓🙏
This man has balls to go here if I were within 100m of that forest I’d sh*t myself And credits for the camera man
Ahmad Shumayal (6 days ago)
So welcome to Athiesm?
Eric Fortney (6 days ago)
whoevers grandpa this is youre lucky af
ʂıƈƙ ცơყ 666 (6 days ago)
I saw Logan Paul.
123 456 (6 days ago)
I met a guy in Blackpool who saved me. I can’t remember his face because I was so distressed but he was a good guy.
Ya Mum (6 days ago)
Logan Paul
scooby dooby (6 days ago)
Logan Paul entered the chat
KawaiiAllison O,O (7 days ago)
7:39 That is Jack skelington (Idk if i spell his name right))
Sascha Bach (7 days ago)
That's what atheism does.
xoKiarnaHxo TikTok (7 days ago)
I was bullied in year 6 which was 2 years ago. I had these “friends” and one day I’d be laughing and being stupid in class with them and he next day they’d be teasing me. It got to the point where whenever they said something rude to me my eyes would burn and tears would come uncontrollably. I would get home every night and my mum would ask me how my day was and I would burst out crying. One day it was really bad and I got into our car and she asked me how my day was. She saw how upset I was and she took me straight back to my year 6 teacher who is still the most amazing person on earth. It became a routine. Everyday we would talk to my teacher. There was other girls that they would pick on but I guess I was the “main one”. I hated seeing them bully other people so I’d stick up for them, but I never stuck up for myself. They’d put me down about everything. One day we got our assignments back for “around the world” a country brochure assignment and they told me they hadn’t got even 50% out of 100, then they asked what I got so I said I got full marks and was very proud as I’d always put my best effort into it. They said that it because I was a suck up to the teacher and I was just bragging. So I burst into tears in front of my whole class. I ran out of the classroom and went up to our oval and chilled there for a bit. That lunch I was eating a cheese and bacon roll and they kept going on and on so I moved to a different, isolated spot, they would always follow me. People I loved told me “don’t give them a reaction and they’ll stop” boy were they wrong, if I ignored them they’d get worse. They followed me to the spot I was in and I had my hands over my eyes cause I was crying. I got so angry and fed up that I threw my cheese and bacon roll at the worst bitch, sorry for swearing but idc anymore. One day I tried to kill myself,kets just say I didn’t want it to be painful so I held my breath until I passed out, it never worked so I tried about 2 more times within that year. I wrote a note and gave it to my mum, she said I was overreacting and she never understood that I was serious. I was silently begging for help. “People who want to kill themselves do it immediately” she said. That’s when I felt that I would give up. My mum- the person I loved most didn’t believe my woes. The girls in my class had a group “counselling” with a lady called Dani. She helped at school but not when she wasn’t there. I started having private talks with my teacher, then I accidentally told her that I wanted to die. She hugged me as I cried. I finally found someone who I could trust. A few days later in the morning before 9am we had a meeting, her me and my mum were there, the bullies were listening in on us outside the classroom. That lunch they were questioning me “why are you depressed or whatever?” They asked so I yelled back “I want to kill myself, you bitches” and they ran off and told my teacher that I wanted to commit suicide, but it wasn’t a helpful and sympathetic act it was an act to make themselves look innocent and get out of trouble. We went to year seven and I had overcome being depressed by spending time with family. I wanted to give up but I knew that I was put here for a reason. I kept going and look at me know! I have a boyfriend I enjoy year 8 and I don’t even see those girls anymore. If I could do it so can you. If plan A doesn’t work just remember you still have 25 letters left. Even if you can’t talk to someone you love try your other close people because I found hope and a new love in my teacher and I will be forever grateful. YOU DESERVE THE LIFE YOU WERE GIVEN ❤️❤️😁😘😇
Izzy Oldman (7 days ago)
Lgan paul woz here
User14674 (7 days ago)
I don’t agree at all with vice showing pictures of victims, it’s not necessary and it could encourage people.
Ezequiel Daboin (7 days ago)
Bullying is something totally disgusting and there are people who commit suicide because of it, and it is a reality. But also on the other side of the world where there is poverty, they see suicide as the only option to end the pain, I saw my mother being about to die without me having money to pay for her operation, my father going to another country to look for a better life for us, my sister suffered seizures and the treatments were not available in the country, I was 18 years old, I did not do anything, I was a person supported by my parents and I felt it was a burden. I had the feelings for the floors I felt that all this was going to be eternal and if to this we added my suicide my family would be totally devastated. Every night I cried before sleeping, I talked on the phone a lot with the chicha that I liked at that time and thanks to it it made me distract myself from my problems and for that I thank you very much. I say that if you think that it is only happening to you, look around you and you will see people with worse problems and with much more encouragement and it would be like a lack of respect, you have to be stronger! I say that this is the problem of American families, they raise their children like little angels and they do not prepare them to live the real world and when they collide with life, they think that it is a very big problem and that there is no solution. create a self-esteem and never let yourself fuck for others and not fuck them
Max Michaels (8 days ago)
This is survival of the fittest the strong mind survive the weak ones die
Adrienne Allen (8 days ago)
Very sad.
Chuy Morales (8 days ago)
Your brunien Uncle (8 days ago)
Who’s here after Logan paul
EzeegamingE (9 days ago)
"It says do not enter as you can get easily lost..." *Goes over the line anyways*
EzeegamingE (8 days ago)
+an extremely unnecessary long name Oops. Thank you for correcting me
EzeegamingE he’s a professional, he knows his way in the forest, he’s been doing this for many years
Legend Is Hyper (9 days ago)
That doll brought chills up my spine
Mao Law (9 days ago)
For every human being reading this comment , I hope you're feeling alright and if not please fight still because life deserve it .. I love you all you little bastards :D
Young Savage (8 days ago)
I Still Want To Dead
John Steve (9 days ago)
Out there somewhere in the place is a person who will find you and you that person. Together you will find a life full of love together. Please do not give up, the best is yet to come.
John Steve (9 days ago)
I think this Japanese man is one of a kind. It is not his job to do what he is doing, but he cares, allot ! That is something we don't always find anymore. I pray he finds our Heavenly Lord Father and believes in Jesus Christ so that he can help others find their way in life.
Euphorious (9 days ago)
*_I have a reason why they do it in that exact forest! Since hey are sad, they want to be forgotten, when Mount Fiji erupts, their corpses would burn into ashes and never be seen again. That's why I think that._*
baek's christ (9 days ago)
But how were the clothes still on the skeleton?
joerich_ ct (10 days ago)
In russuia if they want to die they eat bomb or landmine
JASON McGrath (8 days ago)
oh do you mean middle east
Muffin The Muffin (10 days ago)
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he prevent the necc I'm not sure what I'm doing...
Triston Ong (10 days ago)
Spoilers: at 16:44 they find a skeleton.
Roxy Elizabeth (10 days ago)
I think the guy in the tent vomited suicide .. I mean it's obious
Mark Eswards (10 days ago)
Logan Paul entered the chat
HAPPY 8BALLPOOL1209 (10 days ago)
I I I have been cutting for a long time now I know life is going to get better somehow and in someway that will see the mistake they made but remember your beautiful the way you are cutting won’t solve your problem life will get better I promise I love 💖 you your beautiful and unique
(10 days ago)
+HAPPY 8BALLPOOL1209 *I shuttered. *I was... better. 1) *You're 2) *You're 3) Some people don't believe in god and will literally start a comment war because of "this is what god made you so you still believe in a god?" type of stuff. Oh, and *.I love you 4) Double space 5) *You're. "In somebody's life" 6) Same stuff about god
HAPPY 8BALLPOOL1209 (10 days ago)
I stuttered I was scared to say this but life will get better 1:your beautiful 2:your here for a reason 3:god loves you I love you 4:you are speacial to everyone 5:your the most important person in anyone’s life 6:god makes people so they can live a happy life
Mah Bhalls (11 days ago)
We are all connected. We can never be alone. Because you feel alone, remember, there are people who feel the same. Let it be known that you are loved. Even by hearts that feel they are alone. Stop the redundancy of emptiness by knowing and believing that you are a gift simply because you are alive.
GamerDominic (11 days ago)
Heh I’ve seen lots of corpses at funerals And not
Jagi (11 days ago)
I guess I'm going to cry.
Jack Perelli (11 days ago)
This video is still viral in 2019
Ronald Charan (11 days ago)
I would not want to walk that forest at night. Must be haunted with all those poor , tortured souls.
Nathan Innes (12 days ago)
It doesn't end the pain it's makes it worsh because when people see it they feel the pain for the person
WestCoast Productions (12 days ago)
If your Thinking of Suicide Call or text the Suicide Prevention Center If you need help or if have Suicidal thoughts call-1-800-273-8255. Don’t Keep Suicidal thoughts to your self Talk to someone who can help you.
Oisin Emerald (12 days ago)
This man is so wise like
Who Elvis is watching in a year off of Logan Paul found a dead body in that Forest
Isabel Martinez (12 days ago)
what a beautiful wise Asian man
Aaron Bryant (12 days ago)
I took that beta alanine that you gave me and I started to tingle and I was like OH SHIIIIITTTTT
Gian Albino (12 days ago)
Logan paul discretion advised
Isaac Perera (12 days ago)
Hi logan pool 2.0
Kevin Rishi (13 days ago)
Anyone know if there are any animals there?
karl bahena (13 days ago)
Logan Paul brought me here.
Keppey (13 days ago)
This dude seems really down to earth. Probably the best guy in my opinion to document this place with respect and precision. For once i would say good job vice, for a good and respectful program.
Why would people kill them people love them
Obliviously Dope (13 days ago)
I just searched Logan Paul why did this came out
Junior James (13 days ago)
Why can they show dead bodies of sucicide victims but Logan Paul gets shit for it ?
unlucky 27 (13 days ago)
He's very respectful.
Kalong Awie (14 days ago)
DSBM, idk
Patson Lim (14 days ago)
well watch a real life tv show and see who is stronger make sure you understand that its your life your playing with
Ota Cat (14 days ago)
I cried a few days ago when I told someone about my suicide attempt. His comment was "I'm like if you really wanted to die why did u do it in a way that wasnt garenteed" It was genuinely hurtful.
SuperSassy (12 days ago)
im so sorry they did that . i love you so much please don’t try it again
• Limassoleon • (14 days ago)
Remember that at least someone thinks of you positively or loves you. Suicide is never the answer.
Muldan Rahmat (14 days ago)
Dead The Answer
Kfc Y DC (14 days ago)
I looked up Logan paul
Alex알렉스 (14 days ago)
Even if you try suicide kids... You will think you’ll go to heaven But killing your self is harmful to god So your gonna be in hell
Xeng Xai Lee (14 days ago)
I can sympathize with those who had lost their lives. Society doesnt give a damn who you are but what you do. For a example you are working 18 hours a day just to finish a assignment that is due within 3 days and only 50% done. Knowing your gonna get fired and replaced. Parents say they only want your happiness, in truth they want you to work/study hard so you can make them happy, but what about yourself ? What do you want ? As time goes on by we are multiplying by the day almost 8 billion people in this world and resources are getting scarce by the day. History remembers the living, leaving behind a legacy that is spread through by words, writing and action. In death people will forget who and what you are a loving son/daughter father/mother friend/ co worker and so on. You are just a NAME and a body just to fulfill someone else desires. A NAME that could be used for someone else. A forgotten legacy only to be remembered as something else. As I too thought of suicide.
Mac Fun (15 days ago)
My friend suicide there for not giving his kit kat back.
HOBBIT cadillac (15 days ago)
anyone else wants to end it all for the memes?
HOBBIT cadillac (15 days ago)
back when vice was still good
Branden Drew (15 days ago)
i know about that place it is string
Akankshya Barua (15 days ago)
*you think you die alone, but that's not true * hit me hard. Because that is the ugly truth, ending your own life doesn't end the awfully aching pain it just passes it to not a person but everyone around you.
RasseBoi (15 days ago)
Logan Paul: it's free real estate
LE5E1 (15 days ago)
It says not to enter, Because you can easily get lost But the man enters the place like he doesn't care.... . . . This man is so good at making things the opposite way
Kitty Tom (16 days ago)
*Logan paul has entered the chat* *Suicide has entered the chat*
Zelda’s Knight (16 days ago)
Japanese Suicide Forest: *exists* Logan Paul: It’s Free Real Estate
Will Roberts (16 days ago)
that was awful life is to good to cut it short
leo leo (16 days ago)
Wait where is Logan Paul at?
Maya Limbu (17 days ago)
Only the weak and coward try to escape the pain by suicide
Martin Jr. Corona (17 days ago)
This come up when I searched up logan paul Wonder why 😂😊😀😃😄 XD XD XD
Thrx Wolf (17 days ago)
Haha. Well, I don’t think suicide is right. It doesn’t hurt you after death, but it hurts the people who care about you. So, grow up, try to fix your problems, you know.
Zero. (17 days ago)
Its so creepy
Kokoro Tsurumaki (17 days ago)
The moment someone commented on your suicidal posts, just to stop you from doing it...means that you're not alone, and those strangers care for you. So face your life with courage even just for them...a more happy future is about to come for your life, and you just have to wait.

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