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http://www.volcomfijipro.com On June 8th, 2012 in Tavarua, Fiji the worlds best Competitive & Big Wave Surfers met in the line up of Cloudbreak after the Volcom Fiji Pro World Tour event was called off for the day. What came of it was one of the greatest paddle-in days of all time, further pushing surfers' limits and imaginations. - Music - Song: "The Gate to the Temple of the Ocean King" Artist: Flood Release: Volcom Ent. Vinyl Club 0016 http://volcoment.com
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Text Comments (171)
srbhr (27 days ago)
99.9% of YT video music is horrible.
FETH (27 days ago)
4:00 is that real, the most amazing wave that i have never seen, even tehaupoo
Micha Smith (3 months ago)
Those guys are so lucky they didn't get caught inside on that wave at 4:00 That is the power of God saying that I am the boss and no one is ever going to Surf Wave like this because it's going to kill the first person that tries! Just the lip is like 15 ft V thick The Whitewater is like a 10 story building. That's a once-in-a-lifetime wave we will never see anything like that again that's a freak
Micha Smith (4 months ago)
LAPO'S insane drop in is so f****** heavy how's that bottom turn in the barrel!!
Edmund Wong (4 months ago)
Luckest surfers alive to have had a chance at waves that epic. Unbelievable. I would like to see how deep someone could get being towed in on a rocket of a board going balls to the wall.
Sean O'Brieon (7 months ago)
That wave at about 4:00 in..,!!!...That is Tavarua straight mutating ..!!!....Incredible!!
Sean O'Brieon (7 months ago)
I love the way the wave wraps in on itself.... You can really go very deep on it, and still make it...
Rob Hofer (7 months ago)
...goofyfooter’s paradise!
Jay J (7 months ago)
That very first wave, what's the point? Could have taken off 50 metres further back on a bodyboard anyway.
basant vimal sharma (10 months ago)
Boats are disturbing the surfers.get out.
Keith C hungry (10 months ago)
Kerry Emmerson (1 year ago)
4:00 that is hands down the heaviest over the falls I've seen in a lifetime of watching s... Fuck, did that guy survive that?
Michael Bolam (1 year ago)
Fuck with this music hard
Amit Naamani (1 year ago)
Unreal rides...and the last wave by navarro what a killer
Alonzo Kratzer (1 year ago)
Best surf film ever
Gregg Smith (1 year ago)
I would give my left ball for just one, probably lose the right one in the process, but would be stoked for life
Will Pigott (1 year ago)
kid gloves (1 year ago)
Waaau! Most amazing barrels I have ever seen..!
C Moon (1 year ago)
4:o7 death pit Healy,my man, how did you not get sucked over???
Micha Smith (3 months ago)
C Moon whoever that was is down at the bottom holding the reef for dear life
Trey Wiese (2 years ago)
that was fucking mental.
Sean O'Brieon (2 years ago)
That Wave at 4:04......(!!!!!!!)!!.....wtf!!!.......
contraversialmusic (2 years ago)
That is soooo sick. Watched it several times over the past several years and always has me hooting. That Reef Mc wave, gulp!
Cave_Rock_ Croc (2 years ago)
Uncle Ramon is on a tear brah' !!!
Birdy Wirdy (2 years ago)
that clean up set, holy shite
Sean Wyseman (2 years ago)
Nice shots but the music sucks. I don't mean the music itself is bad but it doesn't suit the material. Emphasizing the danger and trepidation of the sport without expressing the phenomenal grace, strength, beauty, and skill you are witnessing -- is like going on a date with an amazing woman and then talking about car racing through the entire date.
Jim Sharer (9 months ago)
works for me!
First Last (1 year ago)
a slow, dramatic, 'beautiful' song would not have fit this video. Save that music for the movies that are supposed to be a work of art. its not about the split second they have to make a decision or the 'meditative place' their mind goes to during a long wipe out or you flying a fucking wing suit, NO ONE CARES AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIDEO OR THE MUSIC THAT GOES WITH IT and for sure no one cares how your music correlates with your surfing. This is raw footage of a huge, fast, intense monster of a wave, the music fits the intensity perfectly.
sam hirshfield (2 years ago)
I see what you're saying too, just surfed yesterday and probably would have benefitted from relaxing haha anyways kudos
Sean Wyseman (2 years ago)
+sam hirshfield Music is always subjective. If I was a lot younger I may have a different opinion. 20' is close to the max size I've surfed. Also had a closer call in that storm surf. I might have used that music when it was landing on top of me when my tube closed, ride was over. That I would say was maybe hard core in the way your music depicts. When I'm on the board I just don't have any of that heaviness and foreboding danger I get from any heavy metal. Getting pounded under water in a shallow rocky zone maybe. Usually I'm hyper relaxed rag doll under water too so I don't pull any muscles. For me surfing is never about foreboding danger. I don't think of it that way. But hey I get what you're saying.
sam hirshfield (2 years ago)
I surf nearly daily actually. Never been in anything close to this size though, maybe double overhead. I agree that when you're the one surfing you have to relax to avoid making things worse. But from a viewing perspective that wave is insanely hardcore. That's why people shout from the channel when their boy is in a 20 ft tube. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
Liran Ziv (2 years ago)
0:25 cant believe he did it excellent !
Edwin Feliciano (2 years ago)
Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Hebrews 12: 14. Amen. Today is the day of salvation. 2 Corinthians 6:2. Amen. Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1. Amen.
Julian Lucas (1 year ago)
Edwin Feliciano Jesus sucks cocks in hell
martin torres (3 years ago)
Love it remember me río nexpa that kind of waves
saintseiyaliveaction (3 years ago)
the wave at 4:00 is one of the heaviest tube i've ever seen... it's a shame that nobody was on the right position to catchit...
Micha Smith (3 months ago)
That wave would've killed someone! Even the May 2018 swell didnt produce power like this . That wave just Rises up and just throws the biggest lip ever.. throwing out so far this has to be the scariest wave I've ever seen in my life you could not survive a wave like this getting caught by no way That's a type of power no one's experienced ever it's a scary thought
Jim Corey (4 months ago)
Holy batcave batman...you could easily get lost in that cave and never be found again. Unreal
Luis Alberto cortes (4 months ago)
First Last (1 year ago)
it looked unrideable. look how fast it was sucking up and with all that back wash
Joey Theile (3 years ago)
Put the speed on 2x. The song is so much better.
Miguel Costa Rodrigues (7 months ago)
This is some epic thrash metal instrumental. You a faucking bauss, bro
HispaWispa • (8 months ago)
And it shows the wave at real speed
S J. (2 years ago)
2x. better to be precise.
Bradley Trent (3 years ago)
BTW, where was Kelly Slater, did'nt want any.....
Marcus Teblano (4 months ago)
He was in the booth commentating.
Thats the best surfing footage I have seen in a long time. Gave everyone some glam. Not whipper snapper hotdog surf, straight up all day balls to the walls. Excellent job Volcom and friends. Keep it coming..........
Laurent Outang (3 years ago)
Best wave in the world with Teahupoo and Pipeline.
Tom M (3 years ago)
Fuck the Brazzo's and their 2 ft close out beachie airs. This is real fucken surfing.
79pejeperro (1 year ago)
What an asshole. Brazilians would rip here too.
M Dean (1 year ago)
Mike N. (3 years ago)
+Tom M yeee mang!
Jymmy Jams (3 years ago)
that session never gets old.....
antsaw187 (3 years ago)
4.00. FUCK
poppy deanda (3 years ago)
Paul Robinson (3 years ago)
Jesus Christ Almighty
surfinmuso (3 years ago)
That last wave-Ramon Navarro, should be rated as one of the best barrels ever.
Stopthegreed (2 months ago)
Biggest load of nonsense. Gullible much?
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kid gloves (1 year ago)
Great zombie jesus I agree!
Robby Wilski (3 years ago)
@4:00 the biggest peeler ever seen, you could almost do a floater on it. Newer video now shows who caught the biggest best one seen here but cut short for some unknown reason seen at 2:44 
futronixindustries (3 years ago)
Justin Russell (3 years ago)
that air drop
Jason Johnson (2 years ago)
Justin Russell if he could a pulled up under the lip, it might have been one of the better ridden waves of all time. although he DID ride that wave and one sickest recoveries I've seen.
Nicholas Kiefer (4 years ago)
Definitely one of the most insane captured days in surfing history -- gigantic, PERFECT Cloudbreak. The guys who were out there that day were blessed indeed. Thanks for posting!
nigelpar (1 year ago)
Nicholas Kiefer: Damn you really are a date puncher aren’t you? Faggot biatch.
tubacity66 (4 years ago)
Giant machine!
pbaylis1 (4 years ago)
Music fits perfectly.
77Cfriend (4 years ago)
Richard A. Sockey IV (4 years ago)
"When you see socks at the store. Buy him a new shirt." (Smiles)
Richard A. Sockey IV (4 years ago)
"Absolutely the best waves in combination with the very best surfers that has ever been assembled." (Ajay)
wjb96707 (4 years ago)
BRAAAAA!!!! so crazy! ive watched this clip a thousand times... adjectives fail to express just how insane the footage from that day really is!!! truly truly historic day for our sport! and whoever edited this clip paired it with the absolute perfect music track!! bravo...  and thanks for sharing! aloha!
Eric Lightman (4 years ago)
Who was on that last wave?
Wayne Neylan (4 years ago)
I was homes !!!
A Bl (4 years ago)
Ramon Navarro
Comments111 (4 years ago)
11 dislikes? Really?
wjb96707 (4 years ago)
Theyre not surfers for damn sure! Such a killer clip! Every single second! Theres zero filler!
Richard A. Sockey IV (4 years ago)
"When harvesting humans, wrap two of thy firm digits about their puny skulls and thus whip the body once before freezing." (E.T.)
Violeta Gerginova (4 years ago)
Невероятно красива забава с гигантски вълни!
Todorka Kralcheva (4 years ago)
Много прекрасно!
Richard Koll (4 years ago)
Ya Jensen!! Stylish Look back on a bomb!!!!
Nino Achcar (4 years ago)
- Muito impressionante o tamanho combinado com a qualidade das ondas. - Os caras então ! ! ! - A intensidade e dificuldade tambem são notáveis ! - Surf muito "casca grossa" ! ! !
Qais ' Zix (4 years ago)
Whaat the hell is that thing at 4:00
Kapahi 746 (2 years ago)
wifey I would of too. Actually I would of shit myself in fear XD
bi0008 (3 years ago)
+Qais ' Zix That's 20 ft.
Nicholas Evans (5 years ago)
think what if..............5 wave set on the head! I would rather just shoot myself in the head and die. 
daylo games (5 years ago)
Oldmancrazy (5 years ago)
guido dee (5 years ago)
I'm not calling myself a professional surfer.. that my tour has the worlds best surfers. They simply had prime conditions to elevate their status. This situation was presented in 1974 (Smirnoff) and they held the contest. Those surfers now part of surfing legend. These guys passed it up. What I do or won't do does not change the fact that these surfers belong in gay porn. Perhaps you would like a supporting role? Have a nice day.
First Last (1 year ago)
They did not have the right equipment. They all had short high performance contest boards. Boards that could not come close to handling the size and power of this day. All the big wave chargers and dudes who were prepared had their guns and thats why you see the same people getting waves. Heard that in an interview some where, i think the webcast from that day.
Martim Lucena (5 years ago)
Who are you again? You would have squirted enough diarrhea out of your ass to feed the entire food chain around Tavarua Island had you come within 1/10th of a mile from this break.
Chris Ryan (5 years ago)
waves of their lives
viktor dias (5 years ago)
Surf casca grossa ! insane
guido dee (5 years ago)
There is about 3 notes in this music.
guido dee (5 years ago)
For everyone of those ASP guys who did not go out in this surf they need to get off the tour. Maybe they are better suited to do ass fuck movies.
First Last (1 year ago)
They did not have the right equipment. They all had short high performance contest boards. Boards that could not come close to handling the size and power of this day. All the big wave chargers and dudes who were prepared had their guns and thats why you see the same people getting waves. Heard that in an interview some where, i think the webcast from that day. Show less REPLY
Shawn Farden (5 years ago)
Or Hawaii either way!!! Enjoy your troll career! Congratulations on being a total douchebag
Shawn Farden (5 years ago)
OOHH TROLL BURN!!!!!! im gonna be so sad all day because some troll who doesn't even surf called me a faggot, here I go crying myself to sleep!
Shawn Farden (5 years ago)
yeah but noone was on it you, i was referring to the fact that Reef caught the biggest bomb that day you KOOK
Adam Papanestor (5 years ago)
Stoner metal and surfing go hand in hand....Flood rules
MutilateYOU (5 years ago)
Medina made the finals for this contest...2 different styles, both are the future of surfing, including others. Give him some time and maybe he'll get used to heavy reef breaks. Not everyone in the world can charge these waves
clarkewi (5 years ago)
Amazing ride. That wave going square at 4:00. What can you say???
MelonCiego (5 years ago)
Ramón Navarro got the best barrels IMAO.
Titan (5 years ago)
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Bruno (5 years ago)
gringo invejoso é foda kkkkkk chora, enquanto voce ta invejando e jogando youriding pra dar um snap medina ta ganhando as baterias contra slater com seus ''airs reverses'', seu lixooo
pbaylis1 (5 years ago)
4:00 beast.
JP Peruzzo (5 years ago)
Naturally these are the best waves . But... this sound is very good !!
Samuel Baughan (5 years ago)
Medina made the quarters at pipe.... Can't really argue with that, bet he rides barrels better than you kook
all things electric (5 years ago)
medina was out there actually. he got worked but he was still out there. half the top 34 werent there including kelly. but gabe was.............
MrMarclev (5 years ago)
Was that Dewey Weber out there?
Gavin Mitchell (5 years ago)
I reckon I could play that song after 23 seconds of Guitar tuition even though I have no hands. SHUT THIS NOISE UP!!!
A Bl (5 years ago)
4:46 O my god that barrel!!!!
its very very beautiful song...
Seth Kiefer (5 years ago)
cocoro221 (5 years ago)
Reef Macintosh Hands down !
hynskindivah97882 (5 years ago)
MyGenericYTC (5 years ago)
June 8, 2012. A great day in the South Pacific. Amazing footy, amazing song to accompany the amazing footy! Enough said, now everyone get up and get in shape to surf! Once again, enough said! Mahalo y paz!
denny beck (5 years ago)
the unridden beast was never ment to be ridden. It came threw just so nature could say no...No you dont own me yet! almost though.
Fred Keeling (5 years ago)
hands down worst song I've ever heard.
southernether (6 years ago)
TheTrex39 (6 years ago)
who is this group?damm dis guyz rock!!!
dudewhatthehellman (6 years ago)
ah, marketing.
I saw John John out there charging! But where was Medina? Maybe the wind wasn't right for "air reverses".
TheDrumma13 (6 years ago)
hahah i would have shit my pants if i was in the water and that wave came at me
Dr Martin Robson (6 years ago)
surfing history
Shawn Farden (6 years ago)
ofcourse Reef caught the biggest bomb
lostsrfn (6 years ago)
stole my words. holy sh*T thats rediculous
Qais ' Zix (6 years ago)
4:00 Heavy.... No takers eh? :p
Marco Rodríguez (6 years ago)
BMXSchultz (6 years ago)
Dark thick barrels......living the life

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