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Bentley For Men Intense REVIEW with Suzanne of Nezbar

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Text Comments (26)
Gunguy 83 (1 month ago)
I wear this and the women love it. That’s all that matters
steven vega (7 months ago)
Bentley Intense is a powerhouse scent, it should applied very carefully, 2 light sprays the most and it will last at least 8 hours plus! As always, a great review Carlos.
Nicky T (7 months ago)
Amazing scent , smells niche quality to me ...
silverss onyoutube (1 year ago)
This smells amazing . The problem is people don't trust fragrances made from car manufacturers seriously.
Jithesh Kumar (1 year ago)
like to see susane in more videos she looks pretty...............!! :-)
C. Coyle (1 year ago)
I've found anything made by Nathalie Lorson tends to be very well made. The Bentley line is fantastic
Neal Francis (1 year ago)
This is niche quality
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
Neal Francis Agree!
jarez1966 (2 years ago)
im surprised that no one mention the Bentley intense smell like D&G The One but a much better version.
Nicky T (7 months ago)
jarez1966 I agree. After an hour it smells like a niche quality version of D&G the one
Ryan Frazier (3 years ago)
This one is a winner imo.. for me it's kinda hard to detect after awhile while wearing it. but the compliments I get remind me it's still going strong. Great vid!
Ryan Yoder (3 years ago)
Great review and it was also cool to get a womans perspective on things as well ! :)
MACETON (3 years ago)
I was on the fence on this one but after this i got to get it, i got azure and love it. hopefully you try some of the other bentleys, thanks.
+MACETON I hope too. Thanks so much for watching :)
Billy Calzone (3 years ago)
Two big thumbs up from me for this frag. I do agree with your descriptions but I also get somewhat of a chocolate vibe going on as well along with a very slight iris type note peeking in sometimes, I don't know what is causing that but I absolutely love this one.
+Billy Calzone Appreciate your input, and thanks so much for watching
Albert Ferro (3 years ago)
Great video!! Carlos,I am glad u enjoy this fragrance Thanks again for sharing this video👍
+albert ferro My pleasure, and thank YOU! :)
Redolessence (3 years ago)
Excellent review!
+Redolessence Thanks buddy. Nice to see you stop by :)
Jim R (3 years ago)
Excellent review and I very much enjoyed the setting along with your guest host, Suzanne. Okay, I know Bentley Intense garners a lot of love within the fragrances community but, to me, it's a mediocre light-incense fragrance and not a top-tier incense fragrance such as Sahara Noir, Kabul Aoud, Kalimantan, Myrrhhe Imperiale and a few others in my scent arsenal. Offhand, I would place Bentley Intense on-par with Mauboussin M Generation and Azzaro Visit (two other discounted incense fragrances that I like) and it's a solid deal on the discount market. I'm glad that I can reach for it from my scent armory when preparing to engage the ladies...well, that along with bringing my Cupid's Arrow in hope of getting into a physical altercation using a friendly weapon. :D So Suzanne says, "...It smells like the boyfriend I would like to have"...yet, she would recommend Bentley Intense for her husband? Yikes! Apparently, y'all live pretty fast in the big city. What happens in the Village, stays in the Village. lol Just kidding! Enjoyed the review!
She's a good girl. I'll attribute it to being nervous being recorded ;)
Jim R (3 years ago)
+Brooklyn Fragrance Lover It was hard to miss...
+Jim R You caught that huh????? LOL. Thanks for watching Jim :)
Lillian Holloway (3 years ago)
Lol, bergamow!
+Lillian Holloway I know! Facepalm

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